3 Easy Ways To Instantly Be More Attractive

17. aug.. 2020
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Not feeling attractive enough can be a source of insecurity. But luckily being attractive is less dependent on genetics than many people think.
So in this video we’re not going to touch on things outside of your control. Although genes do have an impact, you can make yourself more attractive with the way you dress, your attitude, and your actions. And for fun since season 5 of Lucifer comes out this week, we’ll use his character to show these attractive habits. That said, we’re only going to include what will actually make you more attractive in real life, leaving out any scenes where his devil powers magically make women want him.

0:00 - Intro.
0:48 - #1: Lucifer has great style.
2:06 - #2: Flirting is about having fun.
4:46 - #3: Lucifer has an unshakeable confidence.
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  • My biggest insecurities are my bad posture (my back is the shape of an S, luckily it doesn't show that much with clothes on; also can't be fixed with posture, no matter how much I try), my pectus excavatum (basically a sunken sternum, look it up if you want to know how it looks like) and, just a little bit, my acne. However, I've decided to make the best of it, so when this pops up in conversations with girls I like, I say "well, there had to be SOMETHING, or else there wouldn't have been any girls left for the other boys" and I think that's the kind of confidence Lucifer has and it's a big part of what makes him so attractive.

    Radu2506Radu25068 timer siden
  • I agree with so much except for just walking up to people you are attracted to - especially when showing a clip of a woman in a shop. I wish men would stop bothering women when they are going about their day. The last clip while you were talking about approaching people was so much better when the ladies made eye contact with Lucifer from a distance and made clear their interest BEFORE he walked up to them. Flirting is much more successful if you start before you are all up in their face and get permission and know interest before you even begin walking up to them

    Pam DuthiePam Duthie17 timer siden
  • How to attract woman, be: 1. Famous 2. Rich 3. 8+

    KYR WatsonKYR WatsonDag siden
  • the Zuckerberg part was HILARIOUS! lmao

    Shadowfax ProductionsShadowfax Productions4 dager siden
  • Anyone knows the track to the 'yes!' Scene?

    RandomNetizenRandomNetizen5 dager siden
  • Finally Lucifer is on here.

    DANI M. SagDANI M. Sag7 dager siden
  • I didn't click on this video because of the title. I clicked on it because of Lucifer XD

    Lea EfranLea Efran12 dager siden
  • Craig Ferguson is staged just like every other talk show

    A DubA Dub12 dager siden
  • I totally saw a girl at the gym and was hesitant to approach her on the fact the covid thing is such a social barrier I hope she didn't think that I was not confident enough to approach her. Gyms are funny already about trying to approach women the covid situation is just making it worse. Maybe be I'll see her again and strike up a conversation. If not oh well. No worries.

    Joe TrouttJoe Troutt13 dager siden
  • Flirting for fun. That's one of the best piece of advice. I know I'm not get the girl, I know It almost never works so I just flirt for fun, It feels good to dare and I feel awesome for doing it. Thank you guys for this!

    MuriloMurilo13 dager siden
  • Ay Lucifer

    Hoang An NguyenHoang An Nguyen13 dager siden
  • Why are you changing the thumbnail again and again

    Merric PereiraMerric Pereira15 dager siden
  • Whenever I look at Mark Zuckerberg in a suit I feel like this guy is a upto something.

    ऊँ नमोह् भागवाते रुद्रयेह नमःऊँ नमोह् भागवाते रुद्रयेह नमः17 dager siden
  • GUYS look up mgtow and HYPERGAMY. It answers all these questions.

    DOMINO UKAE The Furry OtakuDOMINO UKAE The Furry Otaku18 dager siden
  • Kinda sad that he always uses zuckerberg as a bad example

    Tired PeachTired Peach21 dag siden
  • What about amanadiel when he tries to copy lucifer 😝

    Kaju JainKaju Jain21 dag siden
  • More lucifer

    LifesAGambleLifesAGamble22 dager siden
  • For anyone interested in men's styling tips, I'd recommend a channel called the Gentlemen's Gazette. Very old fashioned, but once you get past that, there's a lot of timeless tips on how to dress

    GnarwhalGnarwhal22 dager siden
  • Do a video on Damon Salvatore

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  • Hi, can you please do a video on Tekashi 69 and how to be charming when people want to hate you (something like that ). His interviews are very interesting.

    Rocking RondaRocking Ronda25 dager siden
  • The woman characters are attracted to him because that's what's in the script. The only thing causing it is the writers.

  • What are "devil powers"? I've never heard of them.

  • I find "I'm rich" works wonders.

  • Trust me guys “NO FAP” will change ur personality more and more

    Road RomeoRoad Romeo28 dager siden
  • Who else came here for lucifer?

    Billie EillishBillie Eillish29 dager siden
  • Hello drug dealers!

    Wallace AugustoWallace AugustoMåned siden
  • Step 1: be attractive Step 2: be attractive

    anxemanqanxemanqMåned siden
  • #4 Farting really shows her your confident and what you ate that day.

    theshadowtalkstheshadowtalksMåned siden

    Gabriel AngGabriel AngMåned siden
  • Lol. give me a way to make millions and i'm instantly attractive. Not saying that women are gold diggers. Probably the only way a woman can feel her child will have a great life.

    Prateek JevoorPrateek JevoorMåned siden
  • i clicked the charisma university link, but i'm worried by the endlessly long landing page ntrying to sell sell sell the product. the sheer length of it shows a lack of confidence normally seen in scam pages. this is a red flag for me. i'd have joined today if the page didnt have the exact look of a scam site.

    Mortophobe:GamingMortophobe:GamingMåned siden
  • We need one on Hank Moody from Californication

    Hemanth VenugopalHemanth VenugopalMåned siden
  • You r sooo wrong for 1:18 😂🤣😂🤣😂

    Afia KAfia KMåned siden
  • Add one stylish accessory: Buttplug, Cockring Am i doing this right?

    Rapportus5Rapportus5Måned siden
  • Lucifier does not seem charismatic to me.

    J DogJ DogMåned siden
  • Louis Litt is a sexy man.

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  • I love how you seem to include Craig Ferguson in many videos..... MASTER of flirt

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  • What a great video!! So much knowledge to apply on a daily basis

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  • How to be attractive: Step 1 Be attractive

    NotPeterParkerNotPeterParkerMåned siden
  • Cannot believe u showed Louis

    Adam GulamhuseinAdam GulamhuseinMåned siden
  • Omg I wasn’t expecting Zuckerberg laughed a lot

    Swadesh KarkiSwadesh KarkiMåned siden
  • Just be confident bro

    Jack StewartJack StewartMåned siden
  • I like this series , with tv shows main characters ! Next should be Jax Teller, from Sons Of Anarchy .

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  • you know what wasn't attractive? season 5 part 1 of lucifer

    Calvin WangCalvin WangMåned siden
  • Lol Mark Zuckerberg was indeed a good example

    Akankshya BaruaAkankshya BaruaMåned siden
  • Damn it!!! Now I have to avoid dangerous criminals too??? Well, there goes my Wednesday...

    MKSMKSMåned siden
  • It's only working because it is scripted and on television.😉😂

    MKSMKSMåned siden
  • Clicked because of Lucifer, stayed because of tips

    Ivan ReynagaIvan ReynagaMåned siden
  • I surprise my self how confident and charismatic i get at times and others times I get shy and un interesting, wat am I? -B

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  • Wanna see this same exact video, but instead of Lucifer it's Ralphio from parks and rec.

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  • Worst scenario: You: “I don’t think I’ve met you yet!” Them: INSULT You: SMILES “Thank you!”

    Joseph WolfsonJoseph WolfsonMåned siden
    • I died too hard to this lmao

      Billy LiBilly LiMåned siden
    • great point!

      Dan PeniaDan PeniaMåned siden
  • Can you do a video on how to be like lucifer Morningstar and how he comes up with such good responses 😁

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  • Confidence goes a long way! Takes you to new levels!!!!!!

    We Alive and LivingWe Alive and LivingMåned siden
  • What i get from this, A nice, great, awesome, time worthy TV show.

  • Why am I watching this. I'm overly attractive enough

    Danny HassamDanny HassamMåned siden
    • Yeah but you aren't good at grammar, so guess we all have weak sides

      Max HonigMax HonigMåned siden
  • Well is really effective, Lucifer deals with a lot of lersonal issues but this simlle traits indeed help him a lot

    Carlos Santiago AvsNrzCarlos Santiago AvsNrzMåned siden
  • Looks to writing nerds who haven't seen daylight and can't get laid for information on how to get laid. Lucifer is charming and attractive to women because the writers make it that way.

    AboutDogTraining3AboutDogTraining3Måned siden
  • I am only 13. Soon I will ask my dad to pay for that. He says educative etuff is an investment etc. I am looking forward for that. Or I might as well finish the course and getting my money back :) just kidding

    lukas [TRNMT]lukas [TRNMT]Måned siden
  • Eugh I hate lucifer

    Alex McKnightAlex McKnight2 måneder siden
  • 2:40, I think it works for him because he's trying to make her laugh. Doesn't work as well for Lucifer because he just seems like he's messing her around.

    Kiri SeraphKiri Seraph2 måneder siden

    Rajdip ShahRajdip Shah2 måneder siden
  • 😂🤣@1:17

    Ericka BEricka B2 måneder siden
  • awful vid

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  • Craig Ferguson is a bit too creepy/desperate with his female guests? Like every other sentence just HAS to be a sexual innuendo.

    Hax9Hax92 måneder siden
  • You forgot no.4 have good genetics

    Seth KunSeth Kun2 måneder siden
  • One non easy but realistic thing to be more attractive: 'Be born as an attractive person' LMAO...I hate to break it to people

    TheMinarusTheMinarus2 måneder siden
  • I wanna see u do a video on zlatan ibrahimovic(soccer player) interviews

    Abdullah IbraheemAbdullah Ibraheem2 måneder siden
  • That guy is considered attractive? Well then, I feel very confident about myself

    Fahad TariqFahad Tariq2 måneder siden
  • Be attractive to begin with, have money and/or privilege...the end.

    Shuck A CuckShuck A Cuck2 måneder siden
  • Confidence is key in every aspect of life

    Sophia SuerthSophia Suerth2 måneder siden
  • Anyone here taken charisma university ? What did you think about it?

    Allison MaeAllison Mae2 måneder siden
  • I binged lucifer season 5 part 1 in 6 hours in one sitting, I'm sad lucifer season 6 will be the last

    UGOTREKT YoutubeUGOTREKT Youtube2 måneder siden
  • THIS I said it am I attractive now? jkjk

    Fedor RusselFedor Russel2 måneder siden
  • 1:28 I wore a cap for the first time after wearing a winter hat most of this winter and actually I got compliments on both of them, my face is chubby because I was overweight for most of my life and now I am just on the limit from being overweight.. Also I have some shirt which make me look fit even though I still have a little bit of a belly, so I can confirm that there are some small things which can improve your style a lot. Also after Lucifer I started wearing colored suits and shirts at events like he does and I noticed that people saw the difference.. When I was in middle school I wore a lot of large hoodies which made me look like I was fatter than I actually was..

    IlluminatiIlluminati2 måneder siden
  • How dare you show Rick Hoffman as a non sexy man.

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  • "HEY"

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  • An average person cannot flirt without coming across as creepy. It only works if the women are attracted to the men beforehand flirting.

    paul zavierpaul zavier2 måneder siden
  • Finally!! Charisma on Command using LUCIFER to base videos on!! There is so much to take from that series and from Lucifer's AMAZING character. I've been looking forward to this/

    Zohar ElyadaZohar Elyada2 måneder siden

  • How about not wanting feeling attractive?

    Karolina EkKarolina Ek2 måneder siden
  • Yeeaaaahhhh!!!! We need more Lucifer content!! There's a lot of stuff to learn from the character and have been waiting for such a video!!❤️❤️❤️💘💘😂

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  • Your parallels to Lucifer are closer than you think 😂

    Dustin KingDustin King2 måneder siden
  • I feel like I am an attractive person, I came so that I can spot when people are ''trying''! :P

    Aditi MishraAditi Mishra2 måneder siden
  • Netflix shoulda paid you for this.

    NesanoNesano2 måneder siden
  • Charlie, make a video with the types of joke / humor used by the character Lucifer. Who agrees leaves a like

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