3 Jokes That Will Take Control Of Any Situation

15. juli. 2019
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Very few people can control a conversation better than a comedian. They have arsenals of jokes that put rude people in their place and redirect the flow of conversation. Even when there isn’t a conflict, when a joke lands and everybody laughs - there is a period of space where you can redirect the conversation wherever you like.
In this video we are going to look at 3 specific types of jokes that Russell Brand uses to masterfully control a confrontation on MSNBC. We’re also going to see how you can use these same jokes to confidently steer conversation in your own life.

0:41 - Joke #1: Unpointed wit.
2:38 - Joke #2: Purposeful misinterpretation.
4:20 - Joke #3: Sarcasm.
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  • Example jokes to help you remember: 1. Unpointed wit: "what do you do for a living?" "I am a transportation professional working for a multi national company that specializes in the packaging of enriched grains" "whoa sounds cool." "Yeah, I deliver pizza." 2. purposeful misinterpretation: "I am going to kill a 100 kids and a dog. " "Why the dog?" 3. Sarcasm: Uh....this is a hard category for me, I can't think of anything.

    Abhishek KashyapAbhishek KashyapTime siden
  • If I'm being insulted or disrespected, I get really mad and can't think fast enough, but give me a few minutes to think and I can come up with a zinger. I don't know where Russell stands politically and really don't care. I like the guy.

    linda handleylinda handley17 timer siden
  • this is not helpful at all

    Stephen MorrisStephen Morris19 timer siden
  • I do not find anything to be funny here. Is that some kind of humor that I do not understand?

    Mladen DelicMladen DelicDag siden
  • Friend meditation is meant to free you from aligning with temporary mortal things that obviously unbenounced 2 you, you believe give you value but actually keep you weak insecure desperate fake selfish compressed depressed flat out of control and out of gas sadistic unappreciated and imprisoned to a hell of a self projected material psychological nightmare that only gets worse if your planning on stepping out all Debonair with the wrong information on the dow... much love after lots of pain... Spirit World X

    Christopher s JonesChristopher s JonesDag siden
  • I don't have any idea what this guy was saying.

    Ronnie ChildsRonnie ChildsDag siden
  • Mhm

    XxMysticCubeXxXxMysticCubeXx2 dager siden
  • This video is useless. (Quick - think of something to take control)

    Perry CapitaniPerry Capitani3 dager siden
  • I'm sure this is good info but in all reality some personalities can easily do this. Even naturally quick whit'd people can perform this. In reality though some of us are naturally shy or nervous around others because we're not comfortable with who we are or have the ability to effectively fake it. Cool vid though. And awesome for those who can incorporate it.

    Nakia BNakia B3 dager siden
  • Huh

    Godly Star furyGodly Star fury3 dager siden
  • People commonly critique or criticize others. When they try with me...I use the legendary phrase "Thanks for making me a better person!" It puts their brain in a pretzel state for several minutes... The statement literally acknowledges their criticism but quickly makes them reflect upon themselves... BOOM

    wealthy black manwealthy black man5 dager siden
  • You are talking rubbish

    Philip McArthurPhilip McArthur5 dager siden
  • Boring

    Murat YildizMurat Yildiz5 dager siden
  • Remember when Amy called security to kicked out that guy who shout "show us it titss" ...

    Frank's CastlesFrank's Castles5 dager siden
  • Sorry, Russell Brand is not an example of "funny"...

    testtest5 dager siden
  • 2 minutes in and not to the point yet...skipping

    Dr DDr D5 dager siden
  • "" I am using random scenes of movies and Russell to support the idea that i have any clue of communication." Welcome to my channel.

    Keimpe J. VisserKeimpe J. Visser5 dager siden

    Keimpe J. VisserKeimpe J. Visser5 dager siden
  • "Using uncommon words is a general rule to being funnier in any situation?" Are you drunk? It may work for Russel, but only because his dimwit aura makes it startling.

    210Po210Po7 dager siden
  • this was pointless. i think the funniest remark was winston churchill's.

    yeahboyoboyyeahboyoboy7 dager siden
  • could be the worst video in the history of youtube

    Richard ColeRichard Cole7 dager siden
  • As a British American I can vouch for the comment on sarcasm... As we speak two fluent languages... 1. Proper English 2. Proper Sarcasm.....

    Mattie NormlMattie Norml7 dager siden
  • Wasted 7 minutes waiting to hear something funny only to be disappointed.

    BT3701BT37018 dager siden
  • The mathematical study of humour...I find it tedious and droid-like

    AlexanderAlexander8 dager siden
  • Wow. I feel like that time I played golf... I realized how long it was going to take me to get anywhere decent in the game. :(

    Robert HentoshRobert Hentosh8 dager siden
  • So the point is, get the media on your side and any offensive comment is OK, got it.

    DantesPopDantesPop9 dager siden
  • n (this comment made by my Magpie)

    Charles Henry McGregorCharles Henry McGregor9 dager siden
  • @Sean Lunny: you say "Being sarcastic and self deprecating will always win people over." Well, I don't know. I am self-deprecating but everybody still thinks I'm a c*nt!

    Miguel UrdaciMiguel Urdaci10 dager siden
  • I remember a host spontaneously asked a pageant participant, "If you're going to die tomorrow, why not today?", to which the other responded "Well, because you're the one scheduled today. It'll be a bad omen for the audience if both of us die today."

    Jomar HidalgoJomar Hidalgo10 dager siden
  • I beg your pardon! It is not like a second language to us, it is our language. you halfwit nincompoop! Nevertheless, grate video :)

    The Funny OneThe Funny One10 dager siden
  • liar

    Georg Christopher JäkelGeorg Christopher Jäkel11 dager siden
  • I just don't get Russel Brand. I've never heard him say anything I consider funny. To me, he is less of a comedian and more of a public speaker.

    Bruce CarrollBruce Carroll12 dager siden
  • .....so you’re saying there’s a chance. 🤣😂

    Derek HolcombDerek Holcomb12 dager siden
  • Sarcasm isn't Britain's second language. Welsh is.

    redredredred16 dager siden
  • this guy is funny like faulty automatic gear transmission on a car

    Stewie GriffinStewie Griffin16 dager siden
  • Will someone please remind me to watch this at a later date ?

    Edward PriceEdward Price17 dager siden
  • Female minister : " Winston you are drunk " .Winston : " Madam you are ugly , but in the morning I shall be sober " . Class !

    Jack RussellJack Russell17 dager siden
  • Great analysis

    All about lifeAll about life18 dager siden
  • I can't believe he had to explain what sarcasm is (I'm British) I have full conversations where every sentence I use is sarcastic

    pop scratciepop scratcie19 dager siden
  • I think he wants to have russel’s babies

    gabriel mansbachgabriel mansbach19 dager siden
  • This is an excellent subject for a video and you cocked it up with bad examples right off the start.

    troytroy20 dager siden
  • Fun fact: Russell Brand is great friends with Noel Gallagher from the great band Oasis

    NitroCryptNitroCrypt20 dager siden
  • Russell Brand needs subtitles, I can't catch a word he sees.

    Robert OReillyRobert OReilly21 dag siden
  • The strangest video I’ve viewed, since watching Belle Delphine, fill a Human skeleton with animal organs. Ridiculous.

    Newday ManNewday Man24 dager siden
  • conan looks like he has rickets anyway

    Koi589 xKoi589 x27 dager siden
  • I've watched a lot of this person's videos and one of the things I've noticed is that he seems to have a problem with women. A vast majority of the examples of what he thinks people should do are from men and whenever it's about what people shouldn't do he uses women as an example. This is especially true with his choice of thumbnail.

    redplagueredplague27 dager siden
  • Wow this is terrible. The first part was a few words hard to hear much less interpret. 1. Unpointed wit? The Conan example was has become by now the usual self-deprecation. Still a huge rarity in his time; it was just Conan and Howard Stern who made career personas on that in their day, with a slight nod to the wonderful Rodney Dangerfield, who did it beat by beat and who couldn't sustain that level of comic genius for long. 2. Brand simply rolled over people by being loud while ostensibly friendly and moderately interesting. Did YOU find anything he said there interesting? Nobody did. He is an individual machine earning his paycheck by rolling over corporate blather machines. There is a very base cleverness, perhaps, but it is barely distinguishable from bluster plus relentless determination. It is the force of personality against those who, let's be honest about these kinds of shows, have none. 3. Misdirecting -- I've avoided more than one encounter by simply freaking someone's mind out for a split second and causing them to take a space break and come back to the Earth of Normal People for a while. The absurd is life's essence; the ability to turn it into a joke we can share draws everyone into a community that laughs in recognition of our common humanity and makes us less eager to punch it.

    Dingfelder SmurfalotDingfelder Smurfalot27 dager siden
  • That guy is very irritating

    Isaac StimsonIsaac Stimson28 dager siden
  • This video is nothing but a 7:18 promotion for the communist Russell Brand.

    The_Final AscentThe_Final Ascent29 dager siden
  • I do all this naturally lol

    chris maunderchris maunderMåned siden
  • So tell me - you do really believe these people think of all these strategies and rules in the middle of a conversation! Well ... no! They don't! Its a matter of intelligence, courage, and sticking to the truth - forget the idea of winning "the debate"!

    Maximiliano HespanholMaximiliano HespanholMåned siden
  • Pls be careful with sarcasm that could make so many things worse

    Seth LouisSeth LouisMåned siden
  • The first guy who is that I’ve seen him somewhere

    MattCMattCMåned siden

      MattCMattCMåned siden
  • Russell Brand seems so hyper that he could be bipolar...... such crazy eyes!

    BethyKableBethyKableMåned siden
  • Damn. i have actually improved. from a robot to almost nailing down most of those most of the time... even though every video is very tricky and i still have lots of work to do yet

    Hamaa7Hamaa7Måned siden
  • He has an Australian smile

    Apples and OrangesApples and OrangesMåned siden
  • 1:12 Nancy Astor: If I was your wife, I'd poison your coffee. Churchill: If I was your husband, I'd drink it. Incredible wit.

    SmartestManSaysSmartestManSaysMåned siden
  • if you don't do any of this stuff naturally...organically simply because you're a REAL character, you have no business using such "tips". Be yourself, PERIOD.

    Manny C WeissManny C WeissMåned siden
  • LMFCO....Russell Brand is spot on funny.

    Mark YandleMark YandleMåned siden
  • Unsubscribed after watching this clip. Just lame. He is not really taking control of any situation there, with his shifty eyes and body moves.

    Vlad TepesVlad TepesMåned siden
  • can't really say this video was good at teaching

    Pitch MeizterPitch MeizterMåned siden
    • not saying video is bad

      Pitch MeizterPitch MeizterMåned siden
  • Wow... I am really, really, surprised that I already do most of this

    sharpened pencils IIIsharpened pencils IIIMåned siden
  • Sarcasm king here. Finding it's a lot harder to do with a facemask on. On the other hand people do as I say since they think I'm insane and not being sarcastic so I got that going for me.

    The Book Was BetterThe Book Was BetterMåned siden
  • Hey, nice content! I really liked your videos, they are very good! Don't forget to look me up to as well and tell me what you think of my channel.

    The Sales GuyThe Sales Guy2 måneder siden
  • Brand about as funny as a hole in the head

    Derek TaylorDerek Taylor2 måneder siden
    • I am glad to read your comment.

      Aus GoldmanAus Goldman2 måneder siden
  • Takes so much energy to try to win every conversation and look brilliant. That's also a lie to ourselves. Trying to be like this is like saying to your subconscious, I'm not a valuable person, and when you think so, energy talk louder than words. When you feel good about yourself, words and gestures will follow your feelings naturally. I know it's sound like a silly quote but "just be yourself" unless something it's really a problem.

    Aldo SAldo S2 måneder siden
  • 💋💋💋💋💋

    arishmarycanadaarishmarycanada2 måneder siden
  • Ok... ilike a double intandra reverse subliminal perspective inducting absurd jokes or.... anything but guay joked like the english guy

    B DumaisB Dumais2 måneder siden
  • *the best argument is no argument!*

    Gerron MarquelGerron Marquel2 måneder siden
  • Hey @Charisma on Command, 90% of this was a sea of white dudes. Diversify babes! Use your platform. When the white men watching this are only seeing themselves glaring back, that's how we start forming biases on who should be taking up space, who should be speaking the most, and who to care about.

    Katie CastlesKatie Castles2 måneder siden
  • When in Rome, do as Romans do. If you're American staying in the UK, just get used to the sarcasm else you're not gonna enjoy that nice cuppa tea before long!

    B. K. HuttererB. K. Hutterer2 måneder siden
    • Australians love sarcasm and seemingly unaware irony about owns self like Brits.

      Aus GoldmanAus Goldman2 måneder siden
  • never sat through an entire stand-up comedy show. never was impressed by these guys. they're always going on about how comedians are "different" - they just have some good writers.

    Anthony ZavAnthony Zav2 måneder siden
  • I have used sarcasm before. It usually just pisses people off.

    glenfoxhglenfoxh2 måneder siden
    • Sarcasm works better amongst friends normally it pisses people off.

      Aus GoldmanAus Goldman2 måneder siden
  • Nancy Astor: If I were your wife, I'd poison your coffee. Winston Churchill: *I'm about to end this woman's whole career*

    Tadeáš GubalaTadeáš Gubala2 måneder siden
  • Him: "I feel like a robot who's trying to study humans Me Welcome to my world! (socially awkward)

    Luca AndreaniLuca Andreani2 måneder siden
  • Since when is types of jokes the same as jokes? Being witty isn’t a joke. So Unpointed wit does nothing because that’s not a joke. I can’t defuse a situation saying unpointed wit. And for those reasons it’s a thumbs down

    Chris neoChris neo2 måneder siden
  • Misinterpretation is used in court, when they intend to damage and refuse to protect. -Be it as it may, it's important to use it against them, since, after that , they may try to create control by dissociation.

    iEuno1iEuno12 måneder siden
  • THE MERCENARY 2020 now on amazon and on DVD...............ex 2 Rep

    D LegionnaireD Legionnaire3 måneder siden
  • You misunderstand that first technique. It's defusing a situation by making a joke at your own expense, a kind of joke jiu-jitsu. Conan and most comedian talk-show hosts use this all the time, and it has the secondary effect of showing the joker's own confidence and security, because only a secure person would mock themselves.

    Gregg RobinsonGregg Robinson3 måneder siden
  • Brandt is good looking so can get away with anything. Susan Boyle is fat and ugly so could not joke who way out of trouble because men would just say you are fat and ugly.

    Wayne GatfieldWayne Gatfield3 måneder siden
  • Yeah British people do tend to be a little sarcastic, it's my first line of defence around friends.

    Ly Leheup-LongLy Leheup-Long3 måneder siden
  • my first exposure to russell brand was right before the second semester of my sophomore year of college in the university bookstore when i came across one of his books where he talks about what a sleaze bag he was, and im like, who is this guy? am i supposed to know who he is?

    ketchup143ketchup1433 måneder siden
  • analyzing after the point has happened is always enlightening, but you got it, or not - a matter of education, socialization, individual skills. You cannot train yourself to become more smart

    tonne2009tonne20093 måneder siden
  • I agree Russell is really not funny

    Konstantin skybaKonstantin skyba3 måneder siden
  • 5:11 First language, actually.

    InfiniteCrumpetInfiniteCrumpet3 måneder siden
  • Humans are so strange. This human suit is getting so itchy.

    Shawn HallShawn Hall3 måneder siden
  • Why are you talking so fast? Maybe you have good content but I cannot get it because I feel like a robot is talking to me

    alexandru teticialexandru tetici3 måneder siden
  • I do #1 naturally. It works.

    KyleKyle3 måneder siden
  • Title: Steal these jokes Amy Schumer: *It's free real estate*

    Guitar GuyGuitar Guy3 måneder siden
  • Watching this so I know how to better deal with Karens

    Marrielle ThompsonMarrielle Thompson3 måneder siden
  • Advising people to nick jokes from Russell Brand betrays tragically low standards.

    kelman727kelman7273 måneder siden

    PerryPerry4 måneder siden
  • Sarcasm has its place, but it can get tiresome if you are trying to have a genuine conversation. It isn't supposed to be a substitute for having something intelligent to say.

    kuhnhankuhnhan4 måneder siden
  • 5:37 why did they casually show someone drinking water?

    John SmithJohn Smith4 måneder siden
  • Be careful with guided meditation, you may not like where you end up.

    G R AG R A4 måneder siden
  • Sarcasm doesn't really work in your favor if it's a 1 on 1 interaction in my experience. That only causes resentment and sullies the mood. In a group however, sarcasm can let you shift the room (i.e. the people in it) to your "side" by vocalizing thoughts that they may also have (doing so in a funny manner only makes it more effective), garnering support for you through the positive response from the people around you, resulting the "defeat" of the person the sarcasm is being directed at - by virtue of the room giving you support, they will feel doubt about their position/action that prompted your response to them. It should at least put them on the defensive in that social interaction, and you are now in control of the conversation..

    Not my real nameNot my real name4 måneder siden
  • More into medication than medication

    David ForanDavid Foran4 måneder siden
  • Nah, all that is bs. Try against me smart boy!

    Mr GadgetMr Gadget4 måneder siden
  • Didn't realize meditation had an app. Is there an app that can help my intergestion, because I'm full of you tube advertising & need the toilet. Did that work....

  • I know it's been almost a year since you shared this video, but this socially challenged geek gives you a thumbs up. I tried the "Finish your sentence" technique vs someone who has barreled over me vocally for a couple of weeks now, and he was speechless this afternoon :D I'm editing this to say you have a subscriber as well.

    GmeisterGmeister4 måneder siden