3 Types Of Jokes That Make People Dislike You

18. mai. 2020
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Ellen Degeneres has been getting a lot of hate on the internet recently.
This video isn't meant to be a commentary on her, one way or the other, but after seeing those hate videos, we thought you might want to know the most common types of jokes that make people dislike you, and some of the jokes you can make instead to make people like you.

0:14 - #1: Sharing their sensitive information to get a laugh.
3:53 - #2: Making jokes designed to make the other person feel guilty.
6:10 - #3: Teasing someone of lower status than you.
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  • WOW!!! i disliked and unsubscribed, for going after a good person who helped many people unlike you did nothing .

    Success AttractorSuccess Attractor7 timer siden
  • Never found Ellen funny.

    K SKK SK11 timer siden
  • I’d stop using celebrity examples, as I could care less about them. Go ahead Ellen, rip em apart.

    Kyle DerringerKyle Derringer11 timer siden
  • Bro people literally laughed at the same Ellen and Taylor clip, but now that everyone hates Ellen, everyone hates this clip

    Rania MRania MDag siden
  • I will do a Mastermind Class. Limited edition.

    Dr BDr BDag siden
  • I may be wrong and correct me if i am and i HATE jimmy but that was a game s where they had to do things like that because it was a topic.

    Ajay HarryAjay HarryDag siden
  • How did Ellen ever become popular in the first place? I know that hindsight reveals all but did her fans just ignore all these red flags because she has some dorky dance moves? This video is the most of the Ellen I've ever seen, but this is just pure cringe.

    J SJ S2 dager siden
  • Jimmy Kimmle is evil

    Cord BullardCord Bullard3 dager siden
  • Mariah is bitchier than Ellen so she won’t dare, not because of ethics

    w0bblyd0inkb0inkw0bblyd0inkb0ink3 dager siden
  • Personally I don't care about their personal lives when they sing or when they act is the only time I'll pay a little attention to them other than that I don't give a s*** what they're doing in their personal lives they're not normal people like we are so whatever is going on in their lives has absolutely nothing to do with me and mine and if you don't want somebody to do talk s*** about you don't tell them the s*** that you don't want them to talk about you're in the spot like what did you expect and that's just how Ellen degenerate is she's mean and likes to pull up dirt about everybody and and throw it out there to make you look bad I don't know she thinks she's funny but seriously she's not

    Barbara LoneroBarbara Lonero4 dager siden
  • I have never liked her she is an immature child none of her jokes are funny I'm sorry she's just f****** weird looking came out of the woodwork one day and I've never thought she was funny in any way at all I certainly haven't washed your show and I won't I don't know where they hardly get these people from and shove him in your face and tell you that they're funny because they're not

    Barbara LoneroBarbara Lonero4 dager siden
  • Ellen Degenerate

    bradOLF pittLERbradOLF pittLER5 dager siden
  • ellen: hi audience: HAHAHAHAHAHA

    violet.violet.6 dager siden
  • Emotionally intelligent people are rare

    American LogisticianAmerican Logistician6 dager siden
  • I don't think Ellen cares about discomfort. If she did, she would've realized all this a long time ago/acted upon what she noticed.

    Jacob CooperJacob Cooper6 dager siden
  • I learned in Hunger Games that show hosts are vicious I can't see any difference in here

    Hobo CollectorHobo Collector7 dager siden
  • From a very young age I found her to be fake and manipulative it’s not changed it’s gotten worse . She is in her way out no doubt .

    Lance UppercutLance Uppercut7 dager siden
  • Fun fact: the audience had guns held to them to make them laugh forcefully

    Not ImposterNot Imposter9 dager siden
  • I've hated Ellen for so long, I can only go "see! I knew it!" through all the video.

    Angarsk100Angarsk10010 dager siden
  • Number 1: Narcissistic assholes who don't even know you and insult you and then say "it's just a joke bro!"

    Cod4 WiiCod4 Wii10 dager siden
  • If she’s so uncomfortable of her exes, y are 90% of her songs about them

    ebuss 16ebuss 1610 dager siden
  • Great video. On another note, lets stop celebrity worship.

    Raymond XLRaymond XL10 dager siden
  • I'm proud to say that I've never watched an Ellen show. Does any guy?

    matt Smatt S11 dager siden
  • Don't tell Tommy to get his shine box.

    Jon GilbertsonJon Gilbertson11 dager siden
  • Ellen: *jokes* Crowd: forced laugh Guest: visible discomfort

    Daniel ChoDaniel Cho11 dager siden
  • You have fantastic content and this is an amazing channel. Keep up the good work! Subscribed!

    Jesse ReitbergerJesse Reitberger12 dager siden
  • Man I clicked on this cuz I was curious but who tf fr watching this? If you wanna be funnier or kinder just use common sence

  • Ellen degenerate.

    Deutschland Über AllesDeutschland Über Alles13 dager siden
  • Ellen is bullying people on the alter of humor sacrifice...

    Bob WagnonBob Wagnon13 dager siden
  • Oh my... I frequently make jokes like Jimmy Fallon does... like, "oh how was that fun party that you didn't invite me?" and I do that really out of fun but I just realized how uncomfortable that is. Now I know why I have no friends.....

    Kelly SongKelly Song15 dager siden
  • this is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than charisma matrix

    Jonathan SJonathan S15 dager siden
  • Ellen Degenerate.... Creepy person.....

    Nocan TellyaNocan Tellya15 dager siden
  • Leave people better than you found them.

    DaveMartinCanuckDaveMartinCanuck16 dager siden
  • If Taylor didn’t want anyone asking about her past relationships then maybe she shouldn’t be writing entire albums about them

    Sack the BastardSack the Bastard16 dager siden
  • 5 Common Habits That Make People Instantly Dislike You

    The Wise DuckyThe Wise Ducky16 dager siden
  • These talk shows are becoming increasingly embarrassing n humiliating

    Dominic HaertigDominic Haertig17 dager siden
  • I came back just to watch Robert Downey😂

    Abdullah AftabAbdullah Aftab18 dager siden
  • knowing the back story about what ellen is now... makes this video EPIC.

    Chris KingChris King18 dager siden
  • What movie is that with that blonde woman?

    Rock BlockRock Block18 dager siden
  • Ellen has a convo with her guests like friends would thats y she interrupts sometimes. Also ari is always like that

    lilmillilmil19 dager siden
  • I dont understand why people hate ellen

    lilmillilmil19 dager siden
  • Her past crew deserves hate, not ellen.

    lilmillilmil19 dager siden
  • All Hollywood is toxic.

    Gary RussGary Russ19 dager siden
  • who really needs a video to point out these people were being horrible?

    semen simonsemen simon19 dager siden
  • This actually says a lot about Ellen. She has a sociopathic lack of respect for personal boundaries, which could explain how such a toxic culture was able to spread in her workplace. These things are often top down.

    IconoclasticnationIconoclasticnation19 dager siden
  • Ellen was never funny and not that great host everybody raved about

    Paola R. L.Paola R. L.21 dag siden
  • Welcome to show biz ladies. As a celebrities you have to give the people what they want.

    Master of MusicMaster of Music22 dager siden
  • Dakota Johnson is a literal queen.

    whereare _theavocadoswhereare _theavocados22 dager siden
  • Ellen makes most of the examples no wonder we hear she has problems at working

    Jeff MusyokaJeff Musyoka23 dager siden
  • only conan not mentioned in this video. he is pretty good at keeping line but make it funny

    xylytolxylytol23 dager siden
  • Did he say Jimmy Kimmel was more popular than markiplier.. because.. no lol

    Courtney ECourtney E23 dager siden
  • 85% of comments: Yo, celebs are still human beings too the other 15%: But they got money tho

    CabbitCabbit23 dager siden
  • I'm more surprised swift and grande didn't just storm off the stage. I know I would, no matter how important ellen is. Btw, to see talkshow host done right, just watch craig ferguson....

    CreatipCreatip23 dager siden
  • Your (mis)understanding of totem poles needs more research.

    David SopwithDavid Sopwith24 dager siden
  • I believe self-deprecating humor shows a lot about a persons care for others feelings. I do it quite often and I even do it when I don't know the person. If someone is being rude or just blatantly mean I'll step in and make a joke about myself that's so devastating my ancestors notice it, and more often than not the person being picked on will get a laugh and feel the attention shift to me and the bully won't feel targeted.

    True BiasTrue Bias24 dager siden
  • I agree, but those ladies in the beginning of the video came exactly for one reason to that show: to reveal private things in order for more clicks, sales and publicity

    Linus 6626 FeynsteinLinus 6626 Feynstein24 dager siden
  • how to make likable jokes? joke about yourself.

    monamona25 dager siden
  • Hi, can you please do a video on Tekashi 69 and how to be charming when people want to hate you (something like that ). His interviews are very interesting.

    Rocking RondaRocking Ronda25 dager siden
  • Can you guys cover Princess Diana next? She somehow got the entire world to fall in love with her without making a movie, do an interview and barely without any verbal communication. People of Britain loved her and mourned an entire week for her. There are so many documentaries on her. Even I cant get my eyes off her. I really want to know how she managed to do that.

    Cal Dean RoeCal Dean Roe25 dager siden
  • I have seen Sophia’s husband in more stuff than her

    Daniel O’RayDaniel O’Ray26 dager siden
  • Downy to Jimmy: Omaewamoshinderu

    Alexandra GrassiAlexandra Grassi26 dager siden
  • I didn't always realize Ellen was such a DeGenerate, wait a minute, I think I learned something here.

    Mehul PatelMehul Patel26 dager siden
  • I got a hint for you......dont act like a doctor to your employees. Don't use adrenochrome and be friends with pedophiles and don't enable sexual predators around your staff.....ellen

    Kristofer MilhauserKristofer Milhauser27 dager siden
  • I think these videos are interesting, I just think that you are missing the overall essence of celebrities like Taylor Swift or Arianna Grande when they are talking to Ellen. They are insecure competitors, and they do things to tear each other down. This is functional for society as people that are primarily motived by fame and money will be put in a very dangerous position if they are seen functionally interacting on television. The public would be put in an actual moral position to do everything they can to kick them out of their positions or worse because of the danger of them creating an actual network.

    btetschnerbtetschner27 dager siden
    • Thank you for the video.

      btetschnerbtetschner27 dager siden
  • 1:04 1:40 eminem.

    Vasiliy PapatidiVasiliy Papatidi28 dager siden
  • Something I will never do to someone just to be 'funny' is bring out something about a person that they're embarrassed about or clearly not comfortable with.

    nϒhnϒh28 dager siden
  • She thinks she's that important, that she can say what she wants. Well it's the American public that put her on that pedestal. Time to kick it over.

    Stuart RileyStuart Riley28 dager siden
  • If you removed the audience’s laughter from most of these clips, Ellen wouldn’t be able to get away with it.

    JoshJoshMåned siden
  • Not to defend her but she was like trying to continue the show if you know what I mean

    Lombe BwalyaLombe BwalyaMåned siden
  • 6:40...He should've said "I'm only used to hugging people that I like" or "I'm only used to hugging people who are funny".

    Morty VMorty VMåned siden
  • Michael Scott should watch this video.

    Layla GlezLayla GlezMåned siden
  • It feels awkward just watching this. Just look at how uncomfortable some of these people are because of the questions they're being asked. And honestly...I don't like any of the celebrities being asked questions.

    Tom SawyerTom SawyerMåned siden
  • wait but aren't these rehearsed?? im confsued does ellen change up what she rehearsed with them?

    texas petetexas peteMåned siden
  • markipier is soooo much bigger than jimmy kimmel tho

    louie kimlouie kimMåned siden
  • Ellen is a terrible person

    Jeffrey OndrejkaJeffrey OndrejkaMåned siden
  • Damn I felt bad for Markiplier

    the ok catthe ok catMåned siden
  • Zach Galifianakis laughing rn

    Fardeen PathanFardeen PathanMåned siden
  • I'm not even particularly offended by Ellen's jokes. But she's just not very funny to me.

    Barachel ButlerBarachel ButlerMåned siden
  • Ellen occasionally says something rude, but most of the time she is not like that at all. But that is not the reason for this message. The purpose of this video is to attack celebrities to make a buck. ALL of these charismaOnCommand videos are lead ups to a very long infomercial for their product. Click on the charisma link and you will read page after page about how wonderful their charisma course is. After all your reading you finally get to the punch line. That is, that YOU are SO lucky, that if you act now you can get their online course for only $600. Too much? No problem, you can finance it pay only $100 a month. THE PROBLEM IS, MOST EVERYTHING THEY TELL YOU CAN BE FOUND FOR FREE ON THE INTERNET. Such as making a good first impression, good manners/people skills, or how to tell an interesting story. Isn't it sad that most everywhere you turn on the internet turn into an infomercial?

    Charles PitstickCharles PitstickMåned siden
  • The thing your missing is Ellen enjoys embarassing/putting people down.

    RobRobMåned siden
  • If I don't make jokes like that with my friends they think I'm mad at them

    Jeko MauserJeko MauserMåned siden
  • i missed the time when Ellen was funny

    Никита ФедотовНикита ФедотовMåned siden
  • Had to stop the video when you said "Ellen is good at making jokes" Umm even if an incredibly talented Ghost writer wrote the jokes for her (which they do) she would still find a way to come off as totally lame (which she does).

    s0bads0badMåned siden
  • 2:04 can i get a link for the vid

    Genalle SGenalle SMåned siden
  • oh, the female joffrey from game of thrones?

    Anya RoxaneAnya RoxaneMåned siden
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Ellen is overrated.

    Jamie MJamie MMåned siden
  • So many examples of Ellen. I wonder why? Hmmm 🤔

    gabriel mansbachgabriel mansbachMåned siden
  • This just makes me dislike talk show host even more

    periwinklecheese Star Wars Suppor no matter whatperiwinklecheese Star Wars Suppor no matter whatMåned siden
  • Someone show this to Ellen

    Abdullah AftabAbdullah AftabMåned siden
  • Could you sum up the 3 yellow sentences at the end of your video without the gaps?

    Baky McSimpletonBaky McSimpletonMåned siden
  • When someone says they weren't invited you can say "I was invited" as a joke.

    Masih DevelopmentMasih DevelopmentMåned siden
  • The celebrities already knows the question which they would be asked on the show, so they agree. They don't feel uncomfortable it is acting. And we all know that..... Ellen is hated by totally other reason, some more powerful than her ruined her carrer

    Sport SportSport SportMåned siden
  • I've never watched Ellen, she is a horrible human being.. fake as hell.

    Bobby ABobby AMåned siden
  • Celebrity: Goes on a talk show Talk show host: embarrasses them for better ratings Celebrity: *suprised Picachu face*

    CowboyCowboyMåned siden
  • A week after Mariah was forced to reveal her pregnancy, she had a miscarriage. She had to deal with that in the public eye because of Ellen's mean spirited "joke".

    Chronic RandomnessChronic RandomnessMåned siden
  • Just don’t make jokes that make people feel uncomfortable

    Arthur MorganArthur MorganMåned siden
  • interesting, my friends and I do the "why wasnt I invited joke" all the time, but when an acquaintance does it, its just awkward because they probably mean it....

    KatspearlKatspearlMåned siden
  • Ellen is the new karen

    Kael StefanKael StefanMåned siden
  • taylor couldnt do much against Ellen or be mean to her after than because the whole damned internet would start cancelling her... I remember when that interview aired the media were labelling her as a 'crybaby'. Im like are you ok? would you like to be put in that position?

    Sophie LinSophie LinMåned siden
  • It's not like u and me talking about our ex. Everything Taylor says will be held against her. She literally said she'll get hate mails. Ellen as a celeb should understand more than any of us

    Hiranya FernandoHiranya FernandoMåned siden