4 Easy Ways To Instantly Look More Confident

20. jan.. 2020
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The Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia is a man of few words, but despite that the is an absolute Beast, and we see that not just through his swordsmanship, but through Henry Cavill’s commanding physical portrayal of Geralt.
That’s why in this video we’ll be breaking down 4 body language tips that you can use to instantly make your body language come across as more confident.


0:25 - #1: Geralt has slow, languid movements.
2:27 - #2: Geralt is very comfortable turning his back on others.
3:55 - #3: Confident people can afford to handicap themselves.
7:07 - #4: Geralt is extremely non-reactive.
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  • DAMN this was interesting

    Joe JoeJoe Joe2 timer siden
  • "you're better off talking enthusiastically about your hobby" Hate to break it to you kid, not every gamer looks like Henry Cavill

    A wild Sisco appearsA wild Sisco appears5 dager siden
  • Or just grow out a Viking beard.

    njv1746njv17465 dager siden
  • Be slow and purposeful Show indifference Don't need people to like you Don't react or be provoked

    Nova SkyNova Sky5 dager siden
  • I am gonna watch witcher now

    Mubeen ShahidMubeen Shahid5 dager siden
  • Zebras are important

    Francisco MaiaFrancisco Maia7 dager siden
  • Being a malevolent predator is profitable in life. Being a benevolent prey is not. That's why if you want to see where all the good people are, all you have to do is look at the homeless people in the gutters of city streets.

    stevenstrumpf7stevenstrumpf711 dager siden
  • Alpha male traits= attractive male traits.

    What Male?What Male?13 dager siden
  • Write your triggers up? Oh, that's easy: 1. Interacting with people 2. 3. 4. 5. ....should there be more?

    Turn the Tv onTurn the Tv on14 dager siden
  • Soooo superman grew white Luscious Hair

    Stanis HolzendorfStanis Holzendorf18 dager siden
  • 🥰

    Rosario EcheverriaRosario Echeverria23 dager siden
  • Shows different animals and the bird to compare Geralt's personality but not a single mention of wolves. Hmm

    Jacob GarciaJacob Garcia25 dager siden
  • Bro can anyone tell this movie name?

    v vlogv vlog28 dager siden
  • People who watch this are pieces of shits

    YaBoii IsaganiYaBoii IsaganiMåned siden
  • ❤❤❤

    Matej MiklošMatej MiklošMåned siden
  • I react slowly and with calm eye contact when someone at the workplace is being aggressive towards me. No difference if its a higher up or a same level colleague. So because I don't bow down to anyone, people call me arrogant. oh well....

    Mela PMela PMåned siden
  • this video is just one big ad

    BrokeCollegeStudBrokeCollegeStudMåned siden
  • Very easy advice for those who are already strong or attractive. Such people already have the advantage. Much more unrealistic advice for a skinny, weak, unattractive nerd. Let them "Confidently" talk about their hobbies and all that is going to do is make them the subject of ridicule.

    Raider RaiderRaider RaiderMåned siden
  • he has withers mutations he cant feel anything ....

    JO JOJO JOMåned siden
  • "How to spin the earth backwards." "Clark Kent is a mild-mannered reporter, but he is actually the lost son of Krypton. In the movie Superman he spins the Earth backwards and reverses time. By watching this movie, you do can learn to do this."

    Tom EvansTom EvansMåned siden
  • A delusionally confident Zebra always turns his back on the lion creeping up in the long grass.

    Richard Du PlessisRichard Du PlessisMåned siden
  • I have this. I guess its good. But i drowned to many times. So maybe that's The problem.

    PU DELLPU DELLMåned siden
  • The witcher is superman 🤔🤔🧐

    T HUDT HUDMåned siden
  • Me: dresses up like Geralt goes outside for a walk to boast my new found confidence, looks and talks to random girl. Random girls phone: 911 whats your emergency.

    Harold HernandezHarold HernandezMåned siden
  • Wait until you actually play the game and find out about the real Geralt..

    Archishman PunjArchishman PunjMåned siden
  • Number 1 look like Henry Cavill

    That JackAssThat JackAss2 måneder siden
  • Stop eating and drinking soy. Quit watching these videos. Hang out with your bros. Don’t get married. Have a good time.

    Dr HDr H2 måneder siden
  • Cocaine eyes? Okay, makes sense.

    AK NaralAK Naral2 måneder siden
  • I wanna see u do a video on zlatan ibrahimovic(soccer player) interviews

    Abdullah IbraheemAbdullah Ibraheem2 måneder siden
  • Have a hairy neck and a low voice to be Confident looking when your 14 years of age ok :)

    Isaac HartIsaac Hart2 måneder siden
  • I think it a promotional video for garrald😀😀

    Anshul Uday TirkeyAnshul Uday Tirkey2 måneder siden
  • Why does the peacock have ITS feathers?

    adrian bucuadrian bucu2 måneder siden
  • I watched this cause of my enemy lo (I have a very weird thing sooo everytime I'm angry and my enemy is looking at me pigeons just come flying around me to make me look cool?)

    Sweet CupcakeSweet Cupcake2 måneder siden
  • I'm a millennial myself and I wish more millennials took heed to this advice to avoid being quick to anger and quick to trigger. Not only that, but I believe now is the time to look inwardly for answers more often instead of allowing external elements to make you into a person who'll never find real purpose in life.

    Victor RVictor R2 måneder siden
  • How to look more confident. Look like Henry Cavill and have Witcher eyes..... good luck fellas.

  • These comments 😂

    Justin LauramoreJustin Lauramore2 måneder siden
  • man plese do a video of takechi kovatch from altered carbon

    Some RendersSome Renders2 måneder siden
  • Is there already a video about how to control your emotions? If not, I think that would be very interesting.

    Roblox182Roblox1822 måneder siden
  • start putting in yellow contacts to look more confident?

    David WilcoxDavid Wilcox2 måneder siden
  • So lets some up: When people are high or on sedative drugs they look tough... If you feel like a argument isn't going your way, just leave, cause that means you have more power, but ofc remember to move in slow motion... Tell people around you, with the power to bring you forward in the world, that you're are horrible at everything you do, cause that's confidence... This kid is really something els, basically going against everything in the psychology world and replacing it with his bro-science based on movies 🤦‍♂️

    Vikings are betterVikings are better2 måneder siden
  • I'm sorry to say that, but this video is a tottal vaste of time.

    Svajūnas KlemantavičiusSvajūnas Klemantavičius2 måneder siden
  • Does anyone else think this sounds exactly like Jeff Nipard? Speech patterns, the rise and fall, confident end to sentences.

    Robertson Studio WorksRobertson Studio Works2 måneder siden
  • Mask make women look ugly 😂

    sean blandsean bland2 måneder siden
  • Just be confident

    Kye LeeKye Lee2 måneder siden
  • but Geraldt can run his protaginists through with his sword and is quite likely to. you cant do that nowadays

    kodenkan11kodenkan112 måneder siden
  • Lions are bigots, not cool 🦁🦓

    Louise LeiteLouise Leite3 måneder siden
  • Clickbait. Thought this video would bring me yellow eyes

    karnam akashkarnam akash3 måneder siden
  • Absolutely incorrect about the the benefits of peacock feathers

    Billy CarterBilly Carter3 måneder siden
  • So You will make Me more charismatic ? People sell stuff to make men's penises longer ..... Silly ..... I'll bet You move slowly , like a charismatic predator ....

    Steven AttanassoSteven Attanasso3 måneder siden
  • Hmm...

    Kaptan SimavKaptan Simav3 måneder siden
  • 8:42 - bruh, I would have flinched even if it were Donkey Kong

    Crown Plaza Rosemont Hired CCTV Expert Video EditorCrown Plaza Rosemont Hired CCTV Expert Video Editor3 måneder siden
  • Let’s disguise everything as helpful information. Then, ask for money.

    Live & LearnLive & Learn3 måneder siden
  • Be born looking like a literal chad.

    John AlastairJohn Alastair3 måneder siden
  • That's a pretty hard plug for your channel after trying to inspire me and make me feel like it was more about sales then compassion

    AndrAIa LoveAndrAIa Love3 måneder siden
  • "Why does the peacock have its feathers?" That is actually still a mystery in modern evolutionary biology. Mathematical models still can't make sense of it.

    MarblesMarbles3 måneder siden
    • Evolution isn't supposed to make sense

      not an ainot an ai8 dager siden
  • number 2 kinda makes no sense. im confused

    Matt GarciaMatt Garcia3 måneder siden
  • charisma university is the bard's college

    jasonjason3 måneder siden
  • So with this, I can get laid as much and as randomly as Geralt?

    TheAnnouncerTheAnnouncer3 måneder siden
  • We definitely undervalue acting, for lack of a better word, in our culture. It's very easy to write off as manipulative or insincere, but it's also alarmingly easy to forget that if we actually care about other people, we control how we affect them as best as we possibly can.

    Alex BernierAlex Bernier3 måneder siden
  • oh without context those fill in the blanks are such a beautiful thing to my immature sense of humour

    Expired GatoradeExpired Gatorade3 måneder siden
  • Don’t try to look Confident just be confident

    cjtherockmccjtherockmc3 måneder siden
  • If Geralt has super strength and all that jazz. Why the hell is he getting beat up by Elves?

    Jimmy HeuangpangnaJimmy Heuangpangna3 måneder siden
  • *Watches Captain Sinbad Once*

    Abdul Wasay FarooquiAbdul Wasay Farooqui3 måneder siden
  • It definitely helps to show your nerd side when you are built like Cavill. But, do show your hobbies with enthusiasm. Just don't let it be your all.

    JaySharp604JaySharp6043 måneder siden
  • Nothing beats getting up from your seat, scanning the room, adjusting your balls and then walk off like a boss!!

    jtstar10jtstar103 måneder siden
  • Just get that jawline bro.

    Kid BuuKid Buu3 måneder siden
  • Confidence is earned, no short cuts. Put time in at the Gym, put effort into your Career and Education. You will have real Confidence, not just Attitude pretending to be Confident.

    Rock SteeleRock Steele3 måneder siden
  • Geraldt is Witcher of course he'll be confident

    Obeng-Yeboah K.DObeng-Yeboah K.D3 måneder siden
  • Henry Cavill is the key for peace in the world

    Lara LaneveLara Laneve3 måneder siden
  • Seems kind of Jaundicey

    Jack SchittJack Schitt3 måneder siden
  • a super beta voice telling you secrets about masculinity based in a tv show based in a videogame sure bro, i'm trusting you A LOT xDDDD

    Demian FigueroaDemian Figueroa3 måneder siden
  • the turning your back on people is actually a good tactic...especially when it comes to women. It shows indifference and that they are not worth your time! I've done it before and it works like a charm especially when they are still talking and don't know you've walked away until they turn to face you and see you are gone!

    lobostrikerlobostriker3 måneder siden
  • Veterans never tilt.

    Joseph BenedictJoseph Benedict3 måneder siden
  • *joins group project with strangers Everyone: hey Me: *stares with golden contacts "Hmm"

    queen 20queen 203 måneder siden
  • i followed the thumbnail and got yellow eyes, it didnt work

    OnePunchBrandOnePunchBrand3 måneder siden
  • This is Gerald. Be like Gerald.

    Goliath ProjectsGoliath Projects3 måneder siden
  • Ok can you give a mention to JDM's body language andconfidence as Negan from TWD?

    Carson FordCarson Ford3 måneder siden
  • Say, Will you do a video on Trump vs Biden? seeing as you did the Trump vs the Wicked Witch of Washington so well, figure it'd be a good fit to you.

    GrumpywinterGrumpywinter3 måneder siden
  • If someone is completely unpleasant in my presence, i will walk away since I don’t need to put up with someone like that..

    Toy GT86Toy GT863 måneder siden

    Taoken HanmaTaoken Hanma3 måneder siden
  • The Witcher has a similar character to captain Charles Vane from black sails, now i know why he was my favourite.

    Radu AdrianRadu Adrian3 måneder siden
  • 9:20 - BONK..

    Henry van MegenHenry van Megen3 måneder siden
  • Do putin.. seriously an excellent study

    MrDmadnessMrDmadness4 måneder siden
  • You're imaging Geralt is all that because Cavell is just fine, basically

    Be gone Be goneBe gone Be gone4 måneder siden
  • go on a roid circle.

    Martijn BlomMartijn Blom4 måneder siden
  • How to be more confident: Step 1: Be 6'3+ Step 2: Have a jawline sculpted by ancient Greek gods Step 3: Have flawless skin and no facial hair Step 4: Be ripped to shreds Step 5: Be Henry Caville

    Patrick OakleyPatrick Oakley4 måneder siden
  • Girl: Oh hi! How's it going? Me: *confidently turns back and walks away*

    epserepser4 måneder siden
    • But wait 12 seconds before you do.

      p0rt3rp0rt3r4 dager siden
    • hahahaha

      Rollin'Rollin'8 dager siden
  • What I learned: Peacock and Zebra are Stupids 😭😭

    Shivam TyagiShivam Tyagi4 måneder siden
  • Trying to be like a fantasy character who is played and not real seems silly! Just be yourself and gain confidence by doing stuff that makes you proud instead of listening to this fake BS!

    GalardrasGalardras4 måneder siden
  • Slow motion maybe because he’s a 1000 years old Witcher? 💩😂

    Steven WangSteven Wang4 måneder siden
  • Alternatively develop something about yourself to actually feel confident about.

    KingSizeLionKingSizeLion4 måneder siden
  • What if my trigger is talking to people.

    fгоgзгfгоgзг4 måneder siden
  • If I was as attractive as Henry, I wouldn't need any of these principles.

    UltraUltra4 måneder siden
  • I am pretty sure if you have yellow eyes it's either because you are either sick or demon possessed.

    Madara UchiwaMadara Uchiwa4 måneder siden
  • What? Getting orange eyes?

    Madara UchiwaMadara Uchiwa4 måneder siden

    Harold HartHarold Hart4 måneder siden
  • This just reminded me of the horrible casting for Triss.

    myhvmyhv4 måneder siden
  • You should do a charisma breakdown of 2010s Robin Hood, who was played by Russell Crowe.

    The CowboyThe Cowboy4 måneder siden
  • The problem with expressing emotions and shortcomings is its seen as lacking confidence in modern society.

    SK. TrollingstonSK. Trollingston4 måneder siden
  • I'm a casino dealer, i'm gonna start dealing the cards super slow to gain that look of confidence thanks CoC

    ElektrolyfeElektrolyfe4 måneder siden