4 Psychological Tricks That Will Decide The 2020 Election

12. okt.. 2020
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Four and a half years ago I made a video predicting long shot candidate Trump would beat Hillary Clinton to become President. I talked about how he had better slogans, better media strategy, and better zingers.
I’m not making the same prediction this year because Trump’s campaign savviness is no where near where it was in 2016.
But in my opinion, the race is NOT as far apart as the polls show and the messaging in this final stretch could turn the tide. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen 2 more beatable candidates than I did in the first debate
Which is why in this video we’re going to cover the persuasion, political strategy, and dirty politics Trump could use to beat Biden. I also want to show how Biden could use the same to counter Trump and put him away. So don’t worry, no matter who support, there will be something to love and hate in this video.

0:00 - Intro.
0:57 - #1: Trump's position coming into the election.
3:40 - #2: How Trump can attack Biden.
6:21 - #3: Each candidate needs to dictate the core issue.
11:33 - #4: Both candidates needs to speak in sensory language.
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  • Anybody here after the last election where Trump slayed??

    Conservatives Singer Guitar JSCConservatives Singer Guitar JSC2 timer siden
  • No sadam did have weapons of mass destruction lol We know that. It wasn’t nukes but that’s not the only WOMD.

    Conservatives Singer Guitar JSCConservatives Singer Guitar JSC2 timer siden
  • Have early stage dementia and make people feel bad for you lol

    Conservatives Singer Guitar JSCConservatives Singer Guitar JSC2 timer siden
  • Ew. Trump 2020!

    Daniel MendoncaDaniel Mendonca3 timer siden
  • Trump: “Write that down, WRITE THAT DOWN!!!”

    Kevin DurantKevin Durant3 timer siden
  • 13:07 haha you got an asian to spit out corona

    YoshiPeach MarioYoshiPeach Mario4 timer siden
  • Won't work for Trump as he criticises Fauci as well!

    YoshiPeach MarioYoshiPeach Mario4 timer siden
  • Idk man seeing that Biden guy makes me yawn. I’m not even American.

    Vivek TiwariVivek Tiwari6 timer siden
  • This video is either one of the best or worst video of your life. Only the time will tell!

    ベジータベジータ6 timer siden
  • Can you analyze both the Vice Presidential and Final debates?

    King Henry VIII TudorKing Henry VIII Tudor15 timer siden
  • I love Trump I wish he will win

    Fektoria AltunFektoria Altun15 timer siden
  • As much as 2020 has been a rough year the majority do still say that they are better off than they were 4 years ago. Biden's biggest problem is that he is the administration that created Trump. This, combined with oil, economic concerns, etc. give Trump a great opportunity. I think Trump did overall okay in the debate, better than you describe, because he forced Biden to take positions, forced Biden to go off-script so to speak while facing quite steep opposition, and that opened him up to attacks now that worked into the Pence debate and from that the final debate. It was a steady strategy to break pieces off one at a time.

    PunclePuncle18 timer siden
  • TRUMP 2020 baby, Trump has dragon energy, Trump has the great american comeback in him, no to beijing biden quid pro quo joe

    Ren AmamiyaRen Amamiya20 timer siden
  • I think trump will loose because running for office he was saying what he'll do and how obama and the clintons are bad Now when fighting for re-election its his past 4years he has to face. I gotta be honest its looking not so great becuase the dam wall isnt up, Hillary isn't in jail, the spawn wasnt drained, no law and order with all the protests. Also social media really did a lot by getting rid of Info wars and celebrities are very active in supporting Biden

    Karol ClarkKarol ClarkDag siden
  • I like how neither candidate did any of these lol

    Richard Spencer #PichuarmyRichard Spencer #PichuarmyDag siden
  • Actually Trump is using the hard year frame. He is explaining how they had the greatest economy on earth and was forced to shut it down. He pretty much talked about mental health issues stemming from the lockdowns and is actually neutralizing Bidens attacks on Covid by focusing on the lockdowns themselves. I think this is rather effective especially with the fact that he had the disease himself.

    presde34presde34Dag siden
    • You do realize the economy was incredibly volatile? Please look at the numbers

      Jocelyn KJocelyn K5 timer siden
  • Here after the last debate; Trump *HAMMERED 2 HOME*

    Diego TobaskiDiego TobaskiDag siden
  • You predict Biden to win.... *Noted bro

    Temmy DohertyTemmy DohertyDag siden
  • I used to think Bush was worth nothing. Now I can see that he is worth at least a whole family of Bidens. (Which doesn't change the fact that I still believe he s worth nothing.)

    William LucasWilliam LucasDag siden
  • I think the second debate tipped the scales. It's definitely worth analyzing.

    EnceosEnceosDag siden
  • Playing 2:20 at 1.5 sounds like a rap

    Abe the LincolnAbe the LincolnDag siden
  • Who has more charisma?

    brand johnsonbrand johnsonDag siden
  • What do you think about Andrew Yang?

    xayro santacruzxayro santacruzDag siden
  • Oof... You ruined your rep for good prediction instincts. You miscalculated.

    EddieEddieDag siden
  • Trump will win

    Dawn RipperDawn RipperDag siden
  • Reframing criticism vs calling out the dodge Calling them a political opportunist vs calling yourself the mature one Core issues: 1. An automatic winner, 2. Galvanizing the undecided voters (avoid red herring points) Speak in sensory language :)

    J LupusJ LupusDag siden
  • Would love a video on the most recent debate

    Caroline BoerCaroline BoerDag siden
  • I don’t find it strange that Trump hasn’t had the same energy as he did back then. Imagine having so much hatred directed your way after all that work. Trump’s thick skinned, but the hourly attacks must be getting to him.

    Alexander AngelusAlexander Angelus2 dager siden
    • @Jocelyn K I hope he stays strong, but help me out, what’s a “NPD”?

      Alexander AngelusAlexander Angelus5 timer siden
    • Don't worry. His NPD is strong

      Jocelyn KJocelyn K5 timer siden
  • That was really insightful wow better then any pollitical analyst or "journalists"

    Joseph mannixJoseph mannix2 dager siden
  • So Joe should gain the public by using emotional appeals and taking advantage of the pandemic, as he is already doing, and the ignorance of people..

    Mia AlmanzaMia Almanza2 dager siden
  • But it’s true that they spent over 40 million on investigating Trump and he’s still standing

    Dang Khoa VoDang Khoa Vo2 dager siden
  • I think the candidates must watch this video.

    Riad El unicoRiad El unico2 dager siden
  • Watching this after the 2nd debate. Its amazing. The Trump campaign has done everything that you suggest they do as far as making Biden looking like a flip-flopping opportunist. I mean that whole fracking segment was amazing for the Trump campaign, and may have costed Biden the election

    Benson CaseBenson Case2 dager siden
  • The polls are all junk. I would take the poll as a grain of salt. The polls of 1980 had Carter ahead of Reagan all the way up through October and Reagan smashed Carter in a total landslide.

    boostedmaniacboostedmaniac2 dager siden
  • I'm thinking that after last night, your prediction will have changed.....

    Patrick HealyPatrick Healy2 dager siden
  • Biden has no fans, ppl who are real followers go to vote at the end .

    A.M. PhotoA.M. Photo2 dager siden
  • So Biden's best attack is the chaos that is caused by people with the same funding source as his campaign? Corporations fund BLM, BLM funds riots. Corporations fund the Biden campaign so he can make ads about the chaos? Wow, great stuff lol.

    SmurfSmurf2 dager siden
  • When reality become a caricature of a reality TV show then you know that we have officially landed in an idiocracy. I would say that we have been there for at least a decade now, if not longer.

    S. D. H.S. D. H.2 dager siden
  • Well, Trump already got Joe Biden to admit that he wants to end the oil Industry. If that doesn't connect to the voters in the swing states, I don't know what does.

    Stephen A SmithStephen A Smith2 dager siden
    • So true! Finally clean water for Flint Michigan and other areas. That comment got me even more excited to vote.

      Jocelyn KJocelyn K5 timer siden
  • We all know Trump will win.

    Akhil BhargavaAkhil Bhargava2 dager siden
  • What seems to be sadly lacking here is the question of character. Biden has character. Trump does not. And at least 40% of Americans don't seem to have any either, which is one of the reasons Socrates was wary of democracy.

    mjh zenmjh zen2 dager siden
  • One problem: Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimers. My mother has dementia and Biden reminds me a lot of her.

    Laci TheDogLaci TheDog2 dager siden
    • Agreed! Trump has NPD and has trouble forming sentences All Politicians should have to pass some sort of mental testing before being able to run for such an important office for 4+ years.

      Jocelyn KJocelyn K5 timer siden
  • Someone should hire him for their campaign. Facts

    SleepingForest *SleepingForest *2 dager siden
  • If I ran for president, Charly would be my first consultant!

    Martin S.Martin S.2 dager siden
  • TRUMP 2020 pls for all of us

    Taylor WinslowTaylor Winslow2 dager siden
  • Coming back here after the last debate - I think you shall probably make a new video correcting your prediction. Twitter is flooded by democrats admitting they'll vote for Trump after tonight or at least not vote at all. I think Biden singlehandedly lost the election at the second debate.

    Dimitar KaloyanovDimitar Kaloyanov2 dager siden
  • I respect what Trump has been through. An impeachment trial immediately followed by covid-19 then race riots, the election. It's insane. If he still has the energy to run, I think that shows something. I don't think Biden would have to go through that and if he did, he wouldn't hold up.

    Eric BrownEric Brown2 dager siden
    • True. NPD is quite powerful.

      Jocelyn KJocelyn K5 timer siden
  • Am I the only one to think that Trump watched this video before heading into the 2nd Debate??

    Tony LouisTony Louis2 dager siden
  • Also bin ladin helped

    SkellyySkellyy2 dager siden
  • Trump watched this vid before going into the 2nd debate 🤣🤣

    Orko BairagiOrko Bairagi2 dager siden
    • Sams

      Cameron HeatonCameron Heaton2 dager siden
  • Do you have top 10 good books to read about working on conversation skills

    Carlos De La TorreCarlos De La Torre2 dager siden
  • I would say that Biden’s decline is one that concerns me much more than that of Reagan’s Biden’s aggression against the voter base isn’t one that looks all that pretty either, unfortunately

    AustrichAustrich3 dager siden
  • Bush is a criminal

    mizadi2017mizadi20173 dager siden
  • If Trump wins it's by policy, his past promises kept and his future promises. If Biden wins is solely based on getting Trump out of office, but they also need to keep promises too which may be more hard to live up to based on their current plan. So we'll see what happens on November 3rd

    Jon ScottJon Scott3 dager siden
  • 13:17 in my opinion his approach there was a bit too vicious and just feels awful. I’m voting Biden despite being incredibly anti-lockdown but I’m not happy about any of this

    Poltergeist MPoltergeist M3 dager siden
  • of course none of this accounts for Trump's frontotemporal dementia, steroid rage, and personality disorder

    Top Hat 21Top Hat 213 dager siden
  • Can you do a video predicting who will win 2020

    Tommy Joe MusicTommy Joe Music3 dager siden
  • can you talk about Gary Yourofsky

    LEELEE3 dager siden
  • Do you expect the election fraud argument will prevent people to vote for the Democrats? Deels like it would raise a bar to vote for them if it would unleash a discussion about election fraud.

    Mark BakkerMark Bakker3 dager siden
  • Enter Hunter Biden's emails...

    SJASJA3 dager siden
  • 3:00 bruh trump has already attacked dr fauci and scientists

    Fish BurgerFish Burger3 dager siden
  • Place your bets now!

    Edward NunezEdward Nunez3 dager siden
  • Biden won't win.

    master106 gamesmaster106 games3 dager siden
  • that lowkey music in the background made me check a few times if there is something actually playing outside of my headphones lol

    itsthehawkeitsthehawke3 dager siden
  • You better change your mind and publish a new video brother. You didn’t consider Hunter Biden’s emails and his connection with Chai ☕️ yield poor on graphic activities

    Daniel SantanaDaniel Santana3 dager siden
    • Yeah, and now that those videos have been publicly published on a Chinese website.

      ベジータベジータ6 timer siden
  • You are correct to call out Critical Race Theory. CRT is absolutely insidious. Antifa has already let slip that they will ramp up chaos if Biden wins because the democrats as a brand is sheer weakness.

    Darth PlatoDarth Plato3 dager siden
  • Trump will win again.

    BrijeshBrijesh3 dager siden
  • Hey, you might have already thought of the idea, but had you considered making a video on AOC? It feels like you've done a lot of vids on right wing commenters and politicians, and it might be a good idea to balance it out. Plus the recent Among Us stream she did provides plenty of clips for you to use.

    MDoorpsyMDoorpsy4 dager siden
    • ew

      excretor inveteradoexcretor inveterado2 dager siden
  • Immovable object meets unstoppable force: most disappointing president in all of history meets least exciting candidate.

    JohnJigglywigglyJohnJigglywiggly4 dager siden
  • Elections aren't about me & what I want - I'm not choosing who's going to be MY president, I'm trying to choose OUR president. I treat it like what it really is - hiring someone to do an important job that takes many different traits & skills. My research focuses on facts about each candidates whole life. I ignore all "campaigning", opinions & emotional arguments. I DON'T CARE what party someone belongs to; I look for the person who's most likely to be objective & fact based in their treatment of ALL Americans & in the solutions to problems.

    green birdgreen bird4 dager siden
  • @charismaoncommand Could you do a charisma video on Boris Johnson, our Prime Minister in the UK?

    Rupert Davison Meditation, Self-Help & AdventuresRupert Davison Meditation, Self-Help & Adventures4 dager siden
  • You forgot that the chaos are happening in democratic run states and democratic run cities, and Trump has been emphasizing that point nonstop. So that really isn't that much of strength for Biden. That being said, people do generally think that the president has more power than he does, whether or not Trump has done enough to explain the situation to the people is uncertain.

    S ZS Z4 dager siden
  • Non-Trump Black woman 2020

    Emissary SiskoEmissary Sisko4 dager siden
  • Trump 2020

    B34ST 420B34ST 4204 dager siden
  • 0:59 "He is down in the polls between ****Virus"

    StüpendøusWillStudiøsStüpendøusWillStudiøs4 dager siden
  • Key issue would be China

    Rajeev GaneshRajeev Ganesh4 dager siden
  • Maybe it's a moot point now in a post Hunters laptop world, but who was financing and coordinating, even bailing out rioters and all of the chaos? Even the covid pandemic is really just a "plandemic".. Trump needs to respond to the attacks on his leadership in 2020 by highlighting that it's election year attacks by the establishment, republican rhinos included, who would let the country fail rather than give up power back to the people.

    Chad DurtzChad Durtz4 dager siden
  • The absolute state of America. People would doubt their own mental eligibility to vote if they watched this video.

    Musk MelonMusk Melon4 dager siden
  • 60% tax .

    05Mnch 0505Mnch 054 dager siden
  • And then the hunter biden hard drive arrived.

    Wolf's DenWolf's Den4 dager siden
    • @Ryan Gimeson those 50 million wouldn't have changed their mind anyway.

      ベジータベジータ6 timer siden
    • after 50 million have already voted

      Ryan GimesonRyan Gimeson2 dager siden
  • Honestly nice like-dislike ratio on a political-ish video

    Paakwesi SeisiePaakwesi Seisie4 dager siden
  • I'm just pissed they threw my girl Tulsi over corporate dems Biden and Kamala.

    tfw you eat ricetfw you eat rice4 dager siden
  • So in summary, Trump should double down his antics and Biden like usual should change his stance.

    Vincent ScaliseVincent Scalise4 dager siden
  • Without support of corrupt media Biden loose.

    Sukhrobjon RamazanovSukhrobjon Ramazanov4 dager siden
    • Okay Mr. Putin.

      Jocelyn KJocelyn K5 timer siden
  • well, you guess wrong

    Hùng Đỗ ThànhHùng Đỗ Thành4 dager siden
  • I just don’t understand why Trump won’t remain semi-silent. If the focus was placed on Joe Biden speaking, with effective campaign ads, I think Biden’s poll margin would diminish quickly. But Trump keeps giving sound bites which are used against him. He fails to realize that in 2016 he could attack because he wasn’t the incumbent, but now the roles have flipped. He needs to defend and place the spotlight on Biden.

    Stev21Stev214 dager siden
  • Not trying to be bias but trumps ads keep saying radical left and most don’t care I’m sorry but it’s true

    SkellyySkellyy4 dager siden
    • Depends who you're talking about, there are lots who care, lots who don't

      Red Pill X XRed Pill X X3 dager siden
  • Hmmm, how should I vote ? Should I vote for the traitors to America pushing the man-made global warming scam and Agenda 21 so they can steal America's sovereignty and give control of America to the elites behind the scenes at the U.N. or should I vote for Trump ??

    Rick TDRick TD4 dager siden
  • I think the hunter biden scandal will affect the election

    KasperKasper4 dager siden
  • Looking at all the censorship that is going on tells you what is really going on !

    simon scottsimon scott4 dager siden
  • So Trump to win would require him talking about an abstract concept that Biden has never mentioned, whereas Biden just needs to point out the door and show what a mess things are in?

    GrazikonGrazikon4 dager siden
  • I think it will be close, but I’m hoping and praying that President Trump will pull it off.

    Jeremiah YonemuraJeremiah Yonemura4 dager siden
  • Wait, did he just censored the word Cov-id?

    ThisTroperThisTroper5 dager siden
  • Did I see Ellen Degenerate in this video?? Ughhh

    romans52345romans523455 dager siden
  • This needs more views!

    Saphon KedemSaphon Kedem5 dager siden
  • Anybody else remember how this channel uploaded two videos “ why Trump will win... and why Hillary will win...” and deleted the one from the loser? Or am I falsely remembering?

    Andrew DavisAndrew Davis5 dager siden
  • Damn, they need to hire you!

    DerekoDereko5 dager siden
  • Off topic but Mitt is a total scumbag

    SteveSteve5 dager siden
  • If Biden wins, that's it. America is over.

    Aubert HartmannAubert Hartmann5 dager siden
  • You need a trump playlist. There is none so now I have to find the trump videos. ugh

    ShawN shawNShawN shawN5 dager siden