5 Common Habits That Make People Instantly Dislike You

6. mai. 2019
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A few recent Brie Larson interviews have caught the attention of Marvel fans. People have asked if the cast doesn’t get along with Brie, and even as an audience member it’s hard to sit through some of these interviews without cringing.
Today I will talk about what you can learn from these situations, and how to prevent yourself from doing specific behaviour patterns, that can make people dislike you without you even intending or even realizing it.

0:41 - Issue #1: Reading negative intent in an ambiguous situation.
1:15 - Issue #2: Sarcasm requires a “tell”
4:33 - Issue #3: Don’t jump on every opportunity to call praise or attention to yourself.
7:15 - Issue #4: You should not try to win each moment of banter.
9:53 - Issue #5: Handling a compliment improperly
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  • that woman will end up alone, lmao

    analogaudio rulesanalogaudio rules2 timer siden
  • I think the problem here is not Brie or any other person not even their lack of sarcasm. Its how this video is focused on people's one sided tiny narrow frames, and lines. The video lacks sarcasm

    Jay PaxJay Pax5 timer siden
  • It's sad how people are attacking Brie Larson, we actually don't know what she is going through or gone through in life. May be she is the most authentic person of them all. But there is no charm in being real, we need to spice up things. She needs some spicy tricks up the sleeves to be liked and worshipped.

    Santanu ChandaSantanu Chanda10 timer siden
  • She reminds me of my history teacher

    RockyRockyDag siden
  • I disagree with the flat delivery. I deal with this daily and I’m just learning there’s more bitchmade than we need.

    The CatspawThe CatspawDag siden
  • Last half of this video is pure fax that hemsworth cheadle interview was cringe and she was being super bitchy

    Oves DuOves DuDag siden
  • Brie Larson watching this like: 👁 👄👁

    Finlay BainesFinlay Baines2 dager siden
  • She comes across as defensive, like she's had to deal with alot of criticism growing up and needing to defend herself - that could be why she's seeing/expecting the negative. Clearly I don't know her personally, but that is my guess. Instead of judging her, be thankful It's not something you have to heal and have it all over the tv. Grant her some compassion and grace y'all...

    Leanne ChristiansonLeanne Christianson2 dager siden
  • I'm GoInG tO waTch tHIs WiTh a StRaiGht faCe I said.

    Tobi ArabaTobi Araba2 dager siden
  • do louis tomlinson cos he has the most sass ever given to a person and he delivers it flat and not rude like how??

    Lillian AlvarezLillian Alvarez2 dager siden
  • Hit like if you think Charlie has a crush on Russell. He's his go to example in every video

    Anas BilalAnas Bilal2 dager siden
  • I relate to Brie. I was normal once but then I became an emotionaless robot who is perceived as a rude person through no fault of my own

    Anas BilalAnas Bilal2 dager siden
  • Who the hell is Brie Larson?

    John OJohn O3 dager siden
  • Bri’s reactions seem scripted, but if not she reacts like a trauma victim.

    kevin millerkevin miller3 dager siden

    q7winq7q7winq73 dager siden
  • It's not bree , but Ferguson master of conversation who brought best out of her.

    Bikramjit Singh SahniBikramjit Singh Sahni3 dager siden
  • I think people are too sensitive. Brie is not worrying about 2nd and 3rd order effects, she's just talking.

    Kenneth CoppleKenneth Copple4 dager siden
  • This anaylsis failed, I understood all her humor. You didn't because you're insecure and easily hurt.

    Sam FisherSam Fisher4 dager siden
  • She’s masculine instead of feeling inspired by masculinity she’s intimidated

    Coco MochaCoco Mocha4 dager siden
  • Brie is a snoot

    ScottScott4 dager siden
  • I'm from the UK and I sort of agree to some extent about us having a more flat sarcasm but IMO it doesn't matter you know what to expect with a Brit. Brie being American she is expected to have a less flat tone so she is either pissed off and trying to hide it with a passive aggressive and awkward response to every answer similar to a lot of professional athletes in sport who have a vendetta against the media or she is trying to copy us Brits which I highly doubt is the case. Luckily for us as a nation have mastered the art of flat (dry) sarcasm same can be said for people in most of Europe trust me it isn't just a British thing. We detect the subtle difference very easily. She just looks pissed off in that google thing using a tone that clearly shows an attitude problem, I like a girl with attitude but she can leave the feminist crap at the door.

    Michael LedgerMichael Ledger4 dager siden
  • I couldn't make it through this video she is so god damn unlikable I made to 8:39, I really tried I went got a glass of water splashed a little on my face and went back at it, 8:47

    Dan SullivanDan Sullivan5 dager siden
  • She might be the most unlikable actress going

    Dan SullivanDan Sullivan5 dager siden
  • Look how bummed Jeremy renner is

    Jayme FortuneJayme Fortune5 dager siden
  • Not gonna lie...I really liked her as superwoman, until this video lol

    Brooke JarvisBrooke Jarvis5 dager siden
  • She's just terrible. That's what "toxic feminism" does to you. "Look, I'm so strong, I'm the most awesome, I'm the best" - nah babe.. you're not, you're just full of yourself.

    kargakarga6 dager siden
  • (Someone) says anything about captain marvel (Brie Larson) is that a personally attack? SJWs have joined the chat

    Pandanoko 2002Pandanoko 20026 dager siden
  • not all the men hating on Brie Larson...

    anoush kaanoush ka6 dager siden
  • You should do a video about Lady Gaga - she is the total opposite of Brie...

    MissNickyPuppyMissNickyPuppy6 dager siden
  • it must have been hard having to work with her. Chris is a good guy who deserved a high paying job to work with her.

    Dandelion SDandelion S6 dager siden
  • the real reason people hated her was that she was a woman, that's just the truth.

    Surela BasuSurela Basu7 dager siden
  • Yes do break down of The British guy

    Sherman DanielsSherman Daniels7 dager siden
  • I love Chris Pratt

    Donna HickmanDonna Hickman7 dager siden
  • British don't need American rules to deliver sarcasm. We have a 6th sense and can detect the aura of its presence.

    J HJ H8 dager siden
  • I dunno. These 'don't dos' seem to work for Trump. And he does them to the max.

    MrMurfleMrMurfle8 dager siden
  • I think it's awkward because I see myself in doing these things 😭💔

    Keamo MusicKeamo Music8 dager siden
  • Can't wait to do the exact opposite of these. Thanks.

    Mark D.Mark D.8 dager siden
  • This is why nobody like Brie Larson

    Joseph PrnkaJoseph Prnka8 dager siden
  • Shes straight up rude! Never liked her

    Jonathan ArokapitiJonathan Arokapiti9 dager siden
  • Dead right in the UK we don't like that comment. If your too thick to know it's sarcastic from the choice of words, god help you, if you need to basically be told it's sarcastic then it kind of defeats the point.

    Paul BartleyPaul Bartley9 dager siden
  • Gina Rodriguez's Wired interview was the same - she sounded so defensive and like she was taking everything as an attack, even if she was trying to be sarcastic. She seems like a nice person, but it was so uncomfortable to watch.

    Norah MyersNorah Myers9 dager siden
  • Dont know how not to be rude? Simple..be quiet and smile like a child

    InspiredInspired9 dager siden
  • Am British, did hate it. You should be able to work out sarcasm without an obvious tell.

    Tristan BealTristan Beal9 dager siden
  • I dont see anything wrong with her.

    Moon ChildMoon Child9 dager siden
  • This is ridiculous.

    Moon ChildMoon Child9 dager siden
  • When she argue with Chris it looks like my 12 year old students who debate on who is the best member of BTS.

    onewinter9411onewinter94119 dager siden
  • Maybe she's INTJ.

    Caz UKCaz UK10 dager siden
  • Don't be sarcastic on a phone call. Mostly ends up bad for me lol

    KD KDKD KD10 dager siden
  • She has the depth of a urinal.

    Brian CourtneyBrian Courtney10 dager siden
  • I do those things before I'm about to break up the relationship so they don't feel so sad. Its funny how someone can like love u so much as a partner/employee/friend... and when u say a couple things theyre like 🥴 and then u say "I'm outta here" they're like "good gtfo". Lol

    Never RIPNever RIP10 dager siden
  • i'm often sarcastic. Then finding out later my joke sounds rude and offensive lol sorry

    Rika ShinozakiRika Shinozaki10 dager siden
  • Wow this channel is so good for robots (I’m a robot btw)

    LilPotato2001LilPotato200111 dager siden
  • I’m tempted to take the course mostly because I don’t hate you which is a great sign that the course is good... also because I lack consistency. Even the word, ‘consistent’ made my eyes roll into my head as though somehow ‘consistency’ = ‘boring’ and that there’s something so inherently ‘wrong’ with being ‘boring’, it’s worse than .... I’ve just realised that my daughter has crossed out words on her drink bottle. It said, BE KIND, DO GOOD, WORK HARD, NAP OFTEN and she’s put a line through the first three! Hahaha I thought that I couldn’t love her any more but she somehow just went up a notch.

    Nadine PetschauerNadine Petschauer11 dager siden
  • Simple rule : destroy your own ego. If you do so you don't really need try to defense yourself ever again. Example - I also joke around about myself, which makes it way more acceptable to joke about others too. For instance I may have the face of Brad Pitt, but my body is like Smeagol (LotR). I look like someone who just returned from a 10 year vacation in a KZ-camp...

    Jacob ChristensenJacob Christensen11 dager siden
  • Brie found feminism, when women are feminists they loose any humour and personality they once had

    Mm LochlanMm Lochlan11 dager siden
  • I know this is a good video but she is so cringe and makes it hard to watch

    drsupremo88drsupremo8811 dager siden
  • The other guys hahahah

    drsupremo88drsupremo8811 dager siden
  • Charisma is difficult to master. Let's learn from Chris. I wonder if Bree saw this video 🤔I hope she didn't get upset but instead learned from it

    Jenny MayorJenny Mayor11 dager siden
  • I think I'd rather spend the last minutes of my life with the White walkers, Darth Vader and the Demogorgon than with this woman...

    emembekeemembeke12 dager siden
  • #1 become brie larson that’s it. that’s the list.

    Lily StormeLily Storme12 dager siden
  • A cute middle finger from me to whoever hates Brie Larson :)

    KennyKenny12 dager siden
  • Brie has an eggshell ego and inferiority complex.

    John ClearyJohn Cleary12 dager siden
  • Young Brie and Karen Brie are two DIFFERENT people. Period.

    Orhtodox ShadyOrhtodox Shady12 dager siden
  • Boo hoo ...people don't like me....charisma fail....lol

    nun munun mu12 dager siden
  • Well, sarcasm isn't sarcasm if you need to change everything. At that point is just a joke... and that is a clear sign of lower inteligence...

    ManziManzi12 dager siden
  • 6:00

    shawn burnhamshawn burnham12 dager siden
  • she isnt in any way likeable, shes the exact opposite, and she has zero charisma.

    john jaggerjohn jagger13 dager siden
  • As a socially awkward person I understand her lmaoo. She's not mean she just doesn't fit in. I stopped talking to people bc of this. I gave up on human interaction

    Willy ShookspearedWilly Shookspeared13 dager siden
    • @Rose Ravenclaw I work for myself haha. Always one step ahead

      Willy ShookspearedWilly ShookspearedDag siden
    • you got to build those social skills to a decent level,you don't want to constantly get fired for not wanting human interaction.

      Rose RavenclawRose RavenclawDag siden
    • I completely understand, had the same thing myself. But I found out that the key is to keep trying. Social skills are just a skill. You don't have to be great at it but it can be developed the more you do it.

      HeartsOfLight313HeartsOfLight3133 dager siden
    • Same. I wanna he normal again

      Lil 14Lil 147 dager siden
  • I don’t believe she’s trying , and failing at being sarcastic . I think she’s just truly bratty and self centered with absolutely NO sense of humor.

    Nicole DickersonNicole Dickerson13 dager siden
  • Is it really possible to watch and have the self awareness to effect a change change in ur behaviors?

    francis halloranfrancis halloran14 dager siden
  • So, all five points could be summarized by... don't be a narcissist.

    Jessie HogueJessie Hogue14 dager siden
  • I wanna kiss her

    LukaDamnLukaDamn14 dager siden
  • She's arrogant and trying hard to be cool or funny

    Angel ValdezAngel Valdez14 dager siden
  • The free videos are always so good, I wonder how awesome the paid one would be!

    Zarif Rafiul Haque IrazZarif Rafiul Haque Iraz14 dager siden
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      Gin GinGin Gin14 dager siden
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      Gin GinGin Gin14 dager siden
    • Do you want your ex back immediately, I know someone powerful who can help you get your ex back immediately okay

      Gin GinGin Gin14 dager siden
  • I watch this many times because I behave like her ..hope I ll stop it for good

    New LifeNew Life14 dager siden
  • She is a deeply unpleasant and unlikable person.

    Jacob GallowayJacob Galloway14 dager siden
  • is video is like when u find a comic book in fallout 4 and u get some bonus to damage

    BenDocBBenDocB14 dager siden
  • just dont care...

    CqrotCqrot14 dager siden
  • Im still to meet a likeable radical feminist

    CowboyCowboy14 dager siden
  • Yeah, Go for the breakdown.

    Tomas ContrerasTomas Contreras15 dager siden
  • I don't take compliments very well. I just make them regret it by saying I know lol

    champe82champe8215 dager siden
  • God damn it, I love being sarcastic with an absolutely blank face. No wonder people hate me.

    András ZiegenhamAndrás Ziegenham15 dager siden
  • My god i always wondered why did i dislike her instantly

    S FS F15 dager siden
    • ✝2⃣3⃣4⃣9⃣0⃣5⃣8⃣6⃣2⃣6⃣0⃣6⃣3⃣

      Gin GinGin Gin14 dager siden
    • Text him up in whatsap

      Gin GinGin Gin14 dager siden
    • Do you want your ex back immediately, I know someone powerful who can help you get your ex back immediately okay

      Gin GinGin Gin14 dager siden
  • Very interesting video. Affirmed a few things for me, taught me a few things.

    Ron SRon S16 dager siden
  • You know when you remember a cringe-worthy conversation that went south like 6 years ago? Pretty sure that happens with Larson every single day.

    JônatasJônatas16 dager siden
  • She's simply not very nice, highly defensive, always seeing the negative in people even when they are attempting to pay her a compliment. All of these are bad traits.

    Alex TaylorAlex Taylor16 dager siden
  • Brie Larson, what a turd.

    Bob DobalinaBob Dobalina16 dager siden
  • Take home message: Muricans are too thick to understand sarcasm

    Stephane HELLOStephane HELLO16 dager siden
  • Angry square

    NareynahNareynah16 dager siden
  • Obviously understands sarcasm.

    Paul BloggsPaul Bloggs16 dager siden
  • Everything wrong with American comedy

    Tiger Spills The WineTiger Spills The Wine17 dager siden
  • It's insane how uncomfortable that interview still is to watch. I can't imagine being there. The black dude looks like he straight up wants to get up and leave.

    UkaUka17 dager siden
  • Chris Hemsworth and Brad Pitt look very similar

    Bon SummersBon Summers17 dager siden
  • See the Manuel Ortiz Show

    Bon SummersBon Summers17 dager siden
  • Its because its all fake and an act.... since she was 4 she has been chasing fame and money..(cuz of her greedy mom) I dont think Brie even knows who Brie is. Because her whole life has been an act.

    MrBeansMrBeans17 dager siden
  • In summary: Episode title Uncharisma on command.

    Sir.Raphim RevelatorSir.Raphim Revelator17 dager siden
  • Wow this chick has serious confidence issues.

    Jason DeRousselleJason DeRousselle18 dager siden
  • 3:18 no its her projection of insecurity.

    growingoaks productionsgrowingoaks productions18 dager siden
  • Help! My boyfriend doesn’t have a tell when he’s being sarcastic... idk what to do 😂

    Olivia DawnOlivia Dawn18 dager siden