5 Common Phrases You Should NEVER Say While Flirting

8. april. 2019
811 085 Ganger

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There are no classes in school that teach you how to flirt, and unfortunately what that means is that when you go out into the world to do it, sometimes some weird things can escape your mouth.
Which is why in this video, I will be giving you five things that you should NEVER say when flirting, as well as some things that you can say instead.

0:16 - Phrase #1: “That person is…”
1:19 - Phrase #2: “That’s amazing!”
2:41 - Phrase #3: “Do you want to go out sometime?”
3:37 - Phrase #4: “Can I get your number?”
4:34 - Phrase #5: “You would look better if you…”
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  • If she likes you she does and if she doesn't then she doesn't. It's not rocket science. When you walk on eggshells the type of women you'll attract will be the ones who will use you for a free meal.

    BobBob5 dager siden
  • WTF is the S word?

    Frost D.HFrost D.H8 dager siden
  • Okay but why is hia mouth so big?

    Mario SuarezMario Suarez13 dager siden
  • Heyyyy *wink* I'm single but ready to mingle!

    The GamersauresThe Gamersaures18 dager siden
  • All I do is say I got light up sketchers and she waterfalls

    Rodney HillRodney Hill24 dager siden
  • Wait, whats the S-word?

    Youknow GahsighYouknow GahsighMåned siden
  • This dude has huge mouths

    KlemenKlemenMåned siden
  • Whenever I use tips from videos like this I feel like I'm acting out a show for the other person

    Mandy YoungMandy YoungMåned siden
  • about #5: in the 1st year i was with my gf, she asked me "what do you think would look better about my body if it were different?" So i thought long and hard to come up with something i cared absolutely nothing about. However she did cry a lot after hearing i didn't like the way her labia stuck out of her outer lips. Despite talking about it and working it out, even used it as one of her arguments why we shouldnt be together anymore 5 years later. People really do keep their emotional associations once they're set, guys!

    Mortophobe:GamingMortophobe:GamingMåned siden
  • what about "you'd be a lot prettier if you took your COVID mask off"

    The Ark-Ham SandwichThe Ark-Ham SandwichMåned siden
  • People who are amazed by simple things make me wonder. "How's your burger?" "This burger is amazing!" Really? You're amazed by a burger??

    Antonio GuerreroAntonio GuerreroMåned siden
  • You're smile is the definition of beaty

    Seham FadulSeham FadulMåned siden
  • Is it wrong to ask “can i slide into your dms?”

    Mimo MamamoMimo MamamoMåned siden
  • What';s the best way to ask "Do you have AIDS?"

    IfthakerIfthaker2 måneder siden
  • 1. If you’ve shown your intent at at the beginning of the interactions at then shoulder be seen as creepy because your not hiding anything 2. The screen shot of this video says don’t says “what your number “, then tells you to say it when you’ve made plans 3 . We add msg people on social media how’s that any different than a phone number But hey what do I know lol

    Geoffrey TesterGeoffrey Tester2 måneder siden
  • How about instead of superfluous compliments, a little curiosity? Ask questions. The weirdest thing to me when chatting with people is I'm asking about them and their world and they don't respond with questions back. Curiosity is king. If you aren't curious, I'm going to stop being interested pretty quick!

    Dylan GoldenDylan Golden2 måneder siden
  • "hey i lost my number, can I get yours?" "what?" "Hi i dont think we've met, I'm Charlie." "what?" "Do you speak English?"

    BrayjsAnimationBrayjsAnimation2 måneder siden
  • Wait, what's the "s-word"?

    BlaQBlaQ2 måneder siden
  • Am I the only one who finds him freakin adorable?😂😂❤️

    Erza ScarletErza Scarlet3 måneder siden
  • So if you use “That’s cool.” For situations when you don’t know what to say but you don’t think negatively of the comment as sort of a shrug off that sounds needy?

    Flutenany IdkFlutenany Idk3 måneder siden
  • I’m a dude and i get you’d look a lot better if you smile all the time

    That guyThat guy3 måneder siden
  • How many Sociopaths Have you trained?

    HousingDinosaurHousingDinosaur3 måneder siden
  • I was texting a girl and she told me about her celebrity crush, I complimented him and said he looked handsome. When I showed her mine, she said that "she's okay". Does that mean anything?

    Victor HopewaveVictor Hopewave3 måneder siden
  • You know what would be way cool, if you start demonstrating these analysis to us with your own exleriences. Im subscribed to you and your content is super unique. I love learning small skills and i think incorporating your content would blow up your channel with aot more followers. I want to see demonstrationsand video of yourself applying these things. Like and comment if you agree. Lets create a demand so that he does it cuz i want to see these examples 👍

    the everythingchannelthe everythingchannel3 måneder siden
  • want to get a number from the girl you like? say this- hey do you like me? if they say no then don't cry just say oh ok well here's my number if you want to text me i guess.. if answer yes-then you could say here's my number if you wanna eat some time

    Carolina DuronCarolina Duron3 måneder siden
  • About asking for someones number, I can totally relate to that. Asked a friend for her number, not really thinking much of it, but despite that she got uncomfortable and I still don't have her number, despite being good friends(we share other friends as well), and it's kinda weird. Probably happened because I didn't have any goal in writing down her number, thus it was kinda just a "why tho"-"why not" moment.

    GobliteGoblite3 måneder siden
  • You know what would look good on you? Me! 😎. You’re welcome

    Ferris 1313Ferris 13133 måneder siden
  • I usually ask questions when a person is telling me a story and bring it back later. The person will start to like my company and then-FRIENDZONED

    Mehak VermaMehak Verma3 måneder siden
  • What the hell is the "S" word?!

    TheHogtalareTheHogtalare4 måneder siden
  • peppa pig

    shannon biggsshannon biggs4 måneder siden
  • imagine how perfect this guy is, knowing all charisma stuff, must be the perfect person, like for real

    AbyssAbyss4 måneder siden
  • You'd look better if you were in my arms

    Haryy PylesHaryy Pyles4 måneder siden
  • Nice video, I agree with your points. Kind of related to the first one, do you think it's a red flag if the guy / girl you are speaking to has never taken down the pictures of them and their ex together from their social media and they aren't planning on it?

    charlielouwoocharlielouwoo4 måneder siden
  • 2nd is so true. I met a guy who was so cute and had an awesome personality but man, he thought everything about me was “perfect and amazing” like all the time, I could do no wrong. It was very exhausting, it felt un-genuine and it turned me off.

    TiedyemoonTiedyemoon4 måneder siden
  • 2:01 yikes I do this to everyone whenever they tell me a story so they know I'm still paying attention. I guess I'm alienating everyone I talk to

    Zero EffortZero Effort4 måneder siden
  • Hey, I have a question about #5. Is "You have such a great smile" *after they smiled* okay? I realize "you're so pretty *when* you smile" is basically saying only when they smile, but is complimenting their smile in general fine? I think even then it's best not to tell them they need to smile that's just weird.

    MQMQ4 måneder siden
  • I feel like im watching national geographic

    Tommy GTommy G4 måneder siden
  • So...I should ask my friendzoned peeps if they want to go out sometime...

    Crowned OneCrowned One4 måneder siden
  • 0:35 the "s" word...Shrek?

  • This guy looks and sounds like Jack Kelso from LA Noire

    syrodsyrod4 måneder siden
  • This guy is probably single.

    N S DistributionN S Distribution4 måneder siden
  • "Micheal Scarn, nice to meet me"

    TameTornadoMCTameTornadoMC4 måneder siden
  • "You clipped your toenails today? AMAZING!!!!"

    Delicate Little SnowflakeDelicate Little Snowflake4 måneder siden
  • Wtf is the S word?

    Frost D.HFrost D.H4 måneder siden
  • Whats the "s"word??

    Otter 420 DrugStoriesOtter 420 DrugStories4 måneder siden
  • Men stop seeking approval from women in 2020, no free attention either, no likes, no emotional tampon, no time! 10 messages at most to arrange a meet, or ghost the conversation

    Day NightDay Night4 måneder siden
  • Much appreciated :)

    Andras LibalAndras Libal4 måneder siden
  • Never make look like everything the other person says for you is an order or you show you will accomplish other person desire like almost immediately, this will turn you into the most beautiful friend/slave they have Give yourself time, if you wanna do that, make it look like a surprise, but don't make it look like you are "surprising" always, just when you see the other person really really really hyped for.

    InnerEagleInnerEagle4 måneder siden
  • All your videos are amazing!!!

    Mattias ÖhmanMattias Öhman4 måneder siden
  • That story was insane!

    Ordinary ThingsOrdinary Things4 måneder siden
  • I always feel weird when I guy tells me he likes my smile when I just met him! It’s kind of creepy like he doesn’t know how to flirt! So do t say that guys when you just met someone! Be playful first and compliment on things we are talking about! Only when we are actually going out it’s good to give those compliments..

    Anna Written backwardsAnna Written backwards4 måneder siden
  • Whats de S word?

    Anna Written backwardsAnna Written backwards4 måneder siden
  • To summarize the 5 things for you: 1. My butthole is REALLY itchy. 2. Does this look/taste/smell infected? 2. I hope you don’t look like your mom one day. 3. My first kiss was from my priest. 4. Do you like my Hitler mustache? 5. Your brother is super cute! Can I get his phone number?!

    Stewy RogStewy Rog4 måneder siden
  • When you approach someone you don't know and have never talked to, don't you think that asking them to hang out right away instead of asking for their number is a bit too much starting off? They don't even know you so why would they make plans with you right away?

    JESUS IS LORDJESUS IS LORD4 måneder siden
  • Wait But I must practice 6ft social distancing I kinda need to use their a number.

    Zachary SalasZachary Salas5 måneder siden
  • Yeah, asking for the other's number right away is obviously not a good move. That's something for later. But i was now wondering... What would be the psychological effect, of giving the other person your own number after saying something like "I can give you my number if you wanna stay in contact. You can call me anytime!". Would that scare people away or simulate a feeling of reliability and acceptance towards you? To me it feels a bit like a gamble... But i am not an expert.

    Kainos TeleosKainos Teleos5 måneder siden
  • I'm glad you didn't make the last one about sexism or something, which a lot of people seem to do for some reason. I've been told to 'smile more' and it's kinda weird. You're basically telling me i look like a downer, and why do you care?

    Paul KeiserPaul Keiser5 måneder siden
  • I’ve learned that women don’t like when you smell them and say you smell just like your mom. Especially when you come out from under their bed when they’re sleeping

    DylliPickle aDylliPickle a5 måneder siden
  • S word?

    Greg HouserGreg Houser5 måneder siden
  • Thing to say: エッチしよう?

    Satrick PtarSatrick Ptar5 måneder siden
  • if a guy told me to smile more i would punch him in the face

    Adda ElliottAdda Elliott5 måneder siden
  • The hyper gesticulation is so distracting. Good info, though.

    Rational CoderRational Coder5 måneder siden
  • I don't really know how to flirt, so I don't. Women can't be pleased by men anyway.

    Truth ArtisticTruth Artistic5 måneder siden
  • shave

    RogerRoger5 måneder siden
  • Once you have a good conversation going Just open the phone to the dial pad and hand her the phone. Or open to Instagram search and she’ll know what to do. Works every time.

    Catluvr88Catluvr885 måneder siden
  • It is amazing u showing ur 3 fingers from the other perspective -)

    marian maslakmarian maslak5 måneder siden
  • i wanna be your boyfriend dude haha

    brandobrando5 måneder siden
  • What's the s-word?

    Keylup VeintisieteKeylup Veintisiete6 måneder siden
  • Okay what is the "s word"?

    504Ever504Ever6 måneder siden
  • I honestly never heard another guy actually say to a woman “you’d look better if you smiled.” I’ve only heard that in movies/t.v shows.

    Ty ManningTy Manning6 måneder siden
  • My GF: I have such a big crush on Ryan Gosling. Aren’t his eyes just gooorgeous? Me: Yea, I’d f*** him myself. My GF: What? Me: What??

    ghan taukeghan tauke6 måneder siden
  • This guy is the og wingman

    Pratyushraj ChouhanPratyushraj Chouhan6 måneder siden
  • His mouth n lips moving r strangely amazing! Ugh

    ChandlerChandler6 måneder siden
  • There are a lot of flavors? Are you trying to taste them?

    Walker FirminWalker Firmin6 måneder siden
  • This man could eat an entire apple in one bite, and I think that's awesome

    AleksMeetsWorldAleksMeetsWorld6 måneder siden
  • i've said to a girl what's your number straight off the bat - it's the intention of where you coming from that matters.

    ALL DORALL DOR6 måneder siden
  • Yooo

    TheGreenPrinceTheGreenPrince6 måneder siden
  • No offense to this guy I agree with some of the information but I seriously doubt this guy can pull

    TheAtxathleteTheAtxathlete6 måneder siden
  • NOworld search Studio C flirting academy. 😂

    Brumby BaileyBrumby Bailey6 måneder siden
  • It worked like 2 out of 3 times for me. And I'm not a skinny douche either

    Eric RussellEric Russell6 måneder siden
  • This is all obvious

    wb5704wb57047 måneder siden
  • I feel this saves me time from reading the book The Art of Manliness.

    LamLam7 måneder siden
  • The s word? I know I’m guilty of calling other men simps…

    Joshua RoyJoshua Roy7 måneder siden
  • “Are you a single mother?” “No” “Do you wanna be?” 😏

    5th Kie...5th Kie...7 måneder siden
    • After this you should prepare a good lawyer.

      Sergio de BengalaSergio de Bengala3 måneder siden
    • That's positive but.... she would kill you after

      InnerEagleInnerEagle4 måneder siden
  • Wtf is the s word?

    Daniel GlatzDaniel Glatz7 måneder siden
  • You are 💯 about those annoying people who say THATS SO AWESOME THATS AMAZINGGGGG! I absolutely hate being condescended to/fake complimented.

    Amy XoxoAmy Xoxo7 måneder siden
  • Her past matters... she can’t pair bond after just a few partners ... don’t marry gentlemen!!!.. these used up trollops aren’t worth it

    Harry CojonesHarry Cojones8 måneder siden
  • Steven schapiro manages it still

    Tom AndersonTom Anderson8 måneder siden
  • I do all of this stuff already I guess I’ve perfected it 😂

    SkInZ .SkInZ .8 måneder siden
  • Day 7581: Still don't know what the "S word" is

    MozambiqueMozambique8 måneder siden
  • Concrete plan? Hey, we need 35m^3 to fill the baseplate for the house we want to build! Easy

    SuperDeinVaddaSuperDeinVadda8 måneder siden
  • Well you make your intentions clear from the get-go which is what you want to express

    marsmars8 måneder siden
  • Guys, also please stop telling women " you look better without makeup" just stop.

    Antara GanguliAntara Ganguli8 måneder siden
  • Me: so what do you do? are you a student?

    Doom the lastDoom the last8 måneder siden
  • "You look better if" is something I would mever do, but I would really like if someone else does this to me. For some reason I like it when the other thinks about me, thinks with me and that I am able to acustom to the other without quessing. As someone with Autism, it is way more enjoyable if you can trust the other for remarks or compliments than need to doubt yourself for potential things you do not notice, because you get non-concrete hints very poorly.

    Mackthis ArrowhearthMackthis Arrowhearth8 måneder siden
  • I really wish I would have seen this before I bombed things with my crush 🤣🤣 on the bright side I got a second chance so I will definitely be taking your advice next time!

  • don't ask for their number you uncultured swine.. instead say yoooo you got snap??

    Tamara AshTamara Ash9 måneder siden
  • I cant believe people need to be told some of these things

    ZZZZZZ9 måneder siden
  • I got pretty good with smoke signals to get back in contact with any woman I meet since they know I have skills to stay warm during the winter season!

    thi nguyenthi nguyen9 måneder siden
  • I hate flirting

    Idontcare LolIdontcare Lol9 måneder siden