5 Psychological Tricks Sociopaths Use To Manipulate You

3. feb.. 2020
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It’s scarily true that powerful psychological tricks can be used against us to make good people do bad things.
So in this video we’ll be looking at the realm of persuasion that some call brainwashing to explore the psychological tricks cults, sociopaths, and manipulative others use to make good people do bad things. Hopefully these red flags prevent you from falling victim, either in a toxic relationship or from a predatory organization.


1:59 - #1: Separating you and replacing the family unit.
4:38 - #2: Lingo that disguises what is truly happening.
6:11 - #3: They demonize the asking of questions that threaten their authority.
8:11 - #4: Games or tests that reward obedience.
9:29 - #5: Your own desire to be fair is often used against you.

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  • Manson being jailed is complete BS tbh, he never killed or ordered the murders. If he had a better lawyer he would be a free man

    Thule GezelschapThule Gezelschap9 minutter siden
  • This applies to the Democrat party.

    Paul SkopicPaul Skopic59 minutter siden
  • Politics

    s sanduss sandus4 timer siden
  • please check out the Dokkodo The Way of Walking Alone by Miyamoto Musashi

    stuartstuart4 timer siden
  • This is a really great video! Sometimes it's not easy to detect manipulation, especially with people we already trust. Thank you for looking out for us!

    Jianimal GamingJianimal Gaming5 timer siden
  • All of these tricks describe the Jehova’s Witness cult almost perfectly....

    Silver77cynSilver77cyn6 timer siden
  • What is huge today on social media is forced positivity. The amount of times I have been attacked and verbally abused for daring to voice an opinion that goes against the status quo. Herd mentality has always been rife and theres now this forced morality code you are expected to follow. Ironically the abuse I have received makes my original independent thought and opinion completely negligible by comparison.

    Visions of MadnessVisions of Madness7 timer siden
  • Basically the same techniques used by ALL religion. 😶

    keeceflykeecefly7 timer siden
  • Charlie was a good guy. Never hurt nobody. There was no "The Family", he just . . . . knew lotsa people. Bugliosi's case reads like a "Scooby Doo" plot.

    No DiggityNo Diggity7 timer siden
  • Self love? What is that and do I deserve it?

    Jacqui ShimminJacqui Shimmin8 timer siden
  • The irony of identifying all these red flags then using almost all of them in the ads inserted into the video to get you to buy things or subscribe lol

    KefkaPalazz0KefkaPalazz09 timer siden
  • Sounds like SJWs on twitter

    Aeric VaughnAeric Vaughn9 timer siden
  • This seems to describe BLM and Antifa to a tee.

    Simon ClarkeSimon Clarke12 timer siden
  • Sounds like the tenets of the plandemic that we are all living through.

    martinhousemusemartinhousemuse12 timer siden
  • isn't this *exactly* what 'the left' do? they turn average humans into cult members

    Andy ManAndy Man15 timer siden
  • I feel like you posted this video in order to gain a "toxic" relationship's that you cause on your own

    Heather WalekHeather Walek15 timer siden
  • Damn ! The last mention

    DSRP 64DSRP 6415 timer siden
  • Thanks for this

    DSRP 64DSRP 6415 timer siden
  • 4:44 Sounds like... Scientology! I believe they are also called supressives or SPs or Suppressive Persons. Interesting.

    Giant BoogerGiant Booger18 timer siden
  • in modern days any religion is like that lol brainwashing even non believing ppl to accept idea that you gotta respect peoples delusions lol

    Eva HeelsEva Heels21 time siden
  • As someone who survived a cult... this resonated

    MScandiffio87MScandiffio8723 timer siden
  • We can use this for positive reasons.. just narcissists corrupt it... this is what works in people.. if a selfless person did this in the attempt to earn profits for the collective than we can encourage in a win win way that makes people successful and more effective as an entrepreneur! This is how a karate school can bring out the best by letting them get out of things because their resistance reveals the kinds of burdens they ultimately wish they didn’t have because they have tried to reach their highest potential by themselves and came to the Group because they want to transform themselves into a more competitive component. They accept they are in their own way. We have conflict that is us vs ourselves and we need help to overcome our own objectives. You just have to choose wisely in giving others that power over you but someone is worthy and we call this person sensei or master.

    Nathan RaymondNathan Raymond23 timer siden
  • There are good reasons to use this too

    Nathan RaymondNathan Raymond23 timer siden
  • Amazing, reading the comments. Realized that most of these tactics are being used on us everyday. Religion, politics, and in the workplace.

    MyLessonsTVMyLessonsTV23 timer siden
  • Sounds like what’s happening to the trans community

    kevin millerkevin millerDag siden
  • Political groups! If you only watch or read from a particular angle, your knowledge is skewed. Good info here.

    Robin SiskinRobin SiskinDag siden
  • At school people have walked up to me and placed books in my hand and as I walk away with the book in my hand they ask for money. Then they get mad and ask for it back

    New NoiseNew NoiseDag siden
  • Moonies. Who funded Ronald Reagan.

    Patrick CatesbyPatrick CatesbyDag siden
  • Self love is not the ultimate goal, you shouldnt love yourself if you are hurting others

    Issac ClarkeIssac ClarkeDag siden
  • The analysis of the first two cults is incorrect.

    Bill MolloyBill MolloyDag siden
  • Im a sociopath then. I disagree I'm just a prepared politician

    Jason HJason HDag siden
  • Getting your followers to trip balls on acid while your straight is effective to.

    Etb EtbEtb EtbDag siden
  • Now did Stalin and Hitler made millions follow 5hem?How did one Psychologist (predicted this coming) 50 years before it happwnd?

    Veles PeeunVeles PeeunDag siden
  • Reminds me a lot of Democratic Party aka Cult

    Philly CheesePhilly CheeseDag siden
  • Well done.

    AnAmericanManAnAmericanManDag siden
  • My ex and his family were using these techniques on me and my former sister in law 🤔🧐🤨

    highpeacetesshighpeacetessDag siden
  • no one: me at 3 am:

    harperharperDag siden
  • So you teach charisma ,then you decry it?

    BaritonyBaritonyDag siden
  • Subscribe now- just slipped it in at -point enrollment was being metaphor used as selling

    Ace AdonisAce Adonis2 dager siden
  • I have low self-esteem, but bitter and can’t trust anyone. So I’m safe.

    elchamberelchamber2 dager siden
  • This sounds exactly like the sort of techniques that Ddmocrats use! If you disagree with a Democrat they will demonize you, label you and attack your livelihood! Wake up America, the Democrat Party is the "Enemy Within", they are the force that will destroy our Nation from the inside out, which was predicted by former Russia’s Communist leader Nikita Khrushchev.

    Thom VickThom Vick2 dager siden
  • "The most valuable commodity a manipulator has is your attention." - ÜM

    Müse, Mien, & MachinationMüse, Mien, & Machination2 dager siden
  • And most of this cults come from the States.

    Vladimir PerezVladimir Perez2 dager siden
  • All Trump supporters should pay attention to this ! When it looks like , sounds like and acts like a degenerate sociopathic grifter . Then that's what you got !

    Robert YoungmanRobert Youngman2 dager siden
  • I seriously love this channel!!

    Mariah Nicole BorjaMariah Nicole Borja2 dager siden
  • So... religion

    NickOnComputerNickOnComputer2 dager siden
  • People that proclaim to be leftists really need to see this video.

    Weasel BiscuitsWeasel Biscuits2 dager siden
  • so pretty much all churches are cults... got it "Brother"

    Ife NewsomeIfe Newsome2 dager siden
  • haha this was funny

    rocco masonrocco mason2 dager siden
  • Is it just me, or are these five techniques being used by powers that be regarding COVID? ALL FIVE PSYCHOLOGICAL TRICKS have been used by the so-called scientists and experts, communicated by the media, and fomented by mask Nazi followers.

    Movie MattnessMovie Mattness2 dager siden
  • there is a channel call "carisma al instante" that copy all you videos but in spanish

  • I read, her murder was a sacrifice ritual & that she was involved with, satanic hollywierd. I believe that.

  • Are the elites and their media not doing this on a mass scale ? Basic communist playbook

    Lebohang MachabaLebohang Machaba2 dager siden
  • Do you want me to "enroll" by "subscribing"

    gerad doylegerad doyle2 dager siden
  • They usually working hard to built their charisma. And Charisma on Command is best tools for it.

    NeirdNeird2 dager siden
  • The worst thing about being manipulated most of your life, is finding out yourself years later because noone told you that you were being manipulated. My mother which i thought loved me only manipulated me into thinking that she did. And this saddens me to the core, i didnt even notice my dad supporting me through all 12 years of manipultion after they divorced. Turns out my mom cant keep her own life in tack, so she makes everyone else help her. Not until now have i realised my dad is simply a loving and generous man. And so have i been, ill keep doing that but from recently and forward only to people that can give true love and passion with no hooks or hidden needs. Life just became wonderful, and once again i feel like i can have raw emotions without subconciously hiding them. Thats all, hope yall can find peace in this manipulative fiesta

    WexrimWexrim3 dager siden
  • I will make an empire in debate club

    Cash WaldrumCash Waldrum3 dager siden
  • This is a tutorial for gas lighting and the MO of the woke movement.

    xwingloverxwinglover3 dager siden
  • Another wannabe Jesus.

    Offtrailed DinoOfftrailed Dino3 dager siden
  • I’ll add these to my arsenal

    CorasCoras3 dager siden
  • Sounds exactly as Trump and Fauxnews. And him using twitter 24/7 to scream out his beliefs and control his followers.

    Olof FOlof F3 dager siden
    • NPC: orange man bad beep beep.

      Mrr ReddyMrr ReddyDag siden
  • This video sounds like 2020 democrats

    Sarah PryorSarah Pryor3 dager siden
    • @M And you sound like someone who apparently didn’t graduate from elementary school.

      Sarah PryorSarah Pryor3 dager siden
    • And You sound like a douchebag trumper

      MM3 dager siden
  • This sounds a hole lot like political correct speech.

    Allen L. JamesAllen L. James3 dager siden
  • Prince Harry should watch this ( Yep I’m talking to you MM )

    Mad MaxMad Max3 dager siden
    • Lol what

      MM3 dager siden
  • I...may be a sociopath. I do most of these things and don't even realize I'm doing it most of the time.

    tracainetracaine3 dager siden
  • Start at 1:43 to skip the college filler

    wolf and foxwolf and fox3 dager siden
  • Omg I’m a cult

    Godly Star furyGodly Star fury3 dager siden
  • Who else watching this to try and see if they have sociopathic tendencies..?

    Hidden HandHidden Hand3 dager siden
    • You need to watch a video to see what you are? Lame

      MM3 dager siden
  • Finna use this for personal gains now

    ABZ SatanfromtokyoABZ Satanfromtokyo3 dager siden

    Casey OrtegaCasey Ortega3 dager siden
  • The democrat party are now using these tactics

    Luke LabareLuke Labare3 dager siden
  • Just a few bad apples eh, Sifu? I hope someone knows what I’m talking about.

    Prakhar SharmaPrakhar Sharma3 dager siden
  • It’s crap when other groups other than the church use these tricks, when it’s others it’s a cult or communist.

    Sunday afternoon At homeSunday afternoon At home3 dager siden
  • "Games or tests that reward obedience" So literally 80% of long term relationships with women in the US lol

    jj3 dager siden
  • Guyanese?

    Wayne SmithWayne Smith4 dager siden
  • Sounds like the Democratic Party and progressive liberals

    chris chicochris chico4 dager siden
  • I do all of these things. Wow, I’m terrible...

    J ChristmasJ Christmas4 dager siden
  • #2 describes the current state of the American Democratic Party.

    J ChristmasJ Christmas4 dager siden
  • Your body language tells a lot. Your personal life shouldnt be shared freely with anyone.

    Robin ZukoRobin Zuko4 dager siden
  • The religion I believed in for 28 years of my life, is by definition, a cult!

    freddy2ntfreddy2nt4 dager siden
  • My mom-- 1. Go to your room. 2. Stop playing with your woowoo. 3. Because I said so, that's why. 4. Finish your carrots and only then may you have ice cream. 5. Tell your sister you're sorry...Now! Conclusion: All moms are sociopathic cult leaders.

    Jim CampbellJim Campbell4 dager siden
  • They are VERY manipulative, but you're mispronouncing "Narcissist"

    Antony DrossosAntony Drossos4 dager siden
  • Jim Jones was a c.i.a agent... it's well documented... do your on research... it's not hard to find...

    Ty TaylorTy Taylor4 dager siden
  • I'm gonna show my mom this video so she'll realise christianity was created by a sociopath

    Nancy DivaNancy Diva4 dager siden
  • Manipulators.. like the advertisers..

    lostro onelostro one4 dager siden
  • So.. like boost mobile.. pc metro does.. slows down my service at end of the month. Or claims I used too much data.. on my unlimited service.

    lostro onelostro one4 dager siden
  • sounds like the team meeting dynamics at most jobs

    Abed HammoudAbed Hammoud4 dager siden
  • CNN does all of this on a daily basis.

    FoetusInYourNoodlesFoetusInYourNoodles4 dager siden
  • Charles Manson was a fictional character played by George W Bush. The Tate murder was a hoax to taint the anti war and peace movements and bring in a police state through the war on drugs.

    jerryjamifyjerryjamify4 dager siden
  • The sad truth is that this is everywhere.

    KrielKriel4 dager siden
    • My soon to be ex wife has worked tirelessly at driving a wedge between my family and myself but to paraphrase Dr. Martin Luther King the truth is light and eventually it always shines thru and exposes the darkness. The darkness in this case was my wife’s lies and manipulation to cause chaos and attempt to control , use , abuse and destroy me.

      Mark A.Mark A.3 dager siden
  • Liberals hate questions😂 TRUMP 2020

    Easy NameEasy Name4 dager siden
  • Watching this video matches exactly what liberal progressives have been doing the last 20-30 years

    Shane StewartShane Stewart4 dager siden
  • at 5:45, are you telling me that Raniere or however you spell it was banging THAT blonde? Revenge of the Nerds, indeed. Are they still in business? Not asking for me, I was just wondering.....

    Brendon WalkerBrendon Walker4 dager siden
  • its funny that he became a biggest manipulator and serial killer by never murdering anyone and only telling the truth.

    Billy But WholeBilly But Whole4 dager siden
  • this is great advise, it will make it so much eser to have my girlfriend under control

    Kirill ObraztsovKirill Obraztsov4 dager siden
  • What is the movie that keeps getting shown with Kevin Spacey? Thank you for your time I see your development.

    Rideshare RangersRideshare Rangers4 dager siden
  • I still think it’s kinda messed up that Manson took all the blame for the acts that his cult committed. We all have personal responsibility and the people who actually did the killings got off. Something about this really bothers me

    Milton WaddamsMilton Waddams5 dager siden
    • @Darren MacWhirter no yeah I understand his role it’s the fact that his hands were not involved in the actual violence. My point is I can tell someone to go do something horrific but the person choosing to follow my directions is the one who is doing the damage and they are ultimately responsible for their actions. It’s just my pov.

      Milton WaddamsMilton Waddams3 dager siden
    • He was their leader

      Darren MacWhirterDarren MacWhirter3 dager siden
  • Hey! Churches, too, do all the very 5 tricks on you.

    Del lerDel ler5 dager siden
  • The founder of Speechify belongs to the pack.

    Holly boopHolly boop5 dager siden
  • Look at every modern military. They have brainwashing down to an art.

    geezusispangeezusispan5 dager siden
    • We've been doing it for a long, long time... I remember my Army days....how great it felt to be "in the center" of that group of young men By your mid-twenties...you start to drift away...wife and kids....normal lifespan evolution transcends "group" needs But...damn....I still miss that feeling And kinda wonder what I'd do....the things I'd give up to feel that way again Could I be the guy turning the valve in the gas chamber? Don't know Could I be the guy unloading the cattle cars? Sure...too easy "Banality of evil"

      not likelynot likely3 dager siden