How To Be Effortlessly Charming In Any Conversation

10. aug.. 2020
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Jamie Foxx is insanely charismatic. Some people mistakenly think that he's just an over the top comedian. While Jamie sometimes uses physical comedy, he's a magnetic storyteller and an amazing conversationalist. He can even lead a conversation just by listening and asking the right questions.
Today we're going to break down a few of Jamie's habits, and how you can use these habits to become funnier, more magnetic, and a more likeable listener.

0:00 - Intro.
0:43 - #1: Set a playful tone from the start.
2:45 - #2: Use a self burn with no heat.
4:23 - #3: Tell present tense stories with a variety of voices.
6:00 - #4: Use a "cliffhanger" pause.
7:50 - #5: Be a likeable listener.
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  • If I start doing this doesn't it mean I m not the way I m and I m fakeing things for attraction I mean its not real me I like to be silent around people I dont how does things work out

    Musadiq AhmedMusadiq Ahmed16 dager siden
  • Why do I care if someone is confident. Good for them. Idc what people think. They can think I'm insecure. Makes no difference to me.

    chad beatschad beats25 dager siden
  • I dont find him magnetic or funny at all.

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  • If you ask me what's better than Jamie's social kills, id tell you the editing on this video. This is impressive work.

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  • I love these videos. They're my daily go-to to feel good and hope I can be a stronger person. Thanks for bringing me this feeling 💚

    Anthony R.Anthony R.26 dager siden
  • Instead of asking things like "did that feel good?" Ask "how did that feel?" Open ended questions about people's feelings on certain things, especially positive things, will bring a lot more interest and emotion to your conversations.

    Waking Up To LifeWaking Up To LifeMåned siden
  • Here's a tip for using what they're teaching here: Try it out when it doesn't matter. People watching may find themselves training for something specific, but you will find value by using these tips in everyday life, like when you're buying something at the gas station. That clerk isn't your boss, or a girl you like, or someone you think you need to connect with, but they will give you solid feedback on how your conversation is going. I want to know if anyone is doing this...I'll tell you my experiences. Talk about this in the replies!

    Daniel KhuuDaniel KhuuMåned siden
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  • Ok... I can totally make fun of my self, that's easy right... but when he said "burn with no heat" all my self deprecating jokes just went to waste

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  • I have seen very fewer movies of his but i can confirm he is a gr8 actor and best for acting a innocent guy

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  • Jamie Foxx is an incredible actor. Very profound and inspirational. Shout out from Jamaica.

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  • A lot of black people in general are very charismatic

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  • Take lots of iron supplements. That will make you more magnetic.

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  • All great advice, but I’d use the phrase “talk about” sparingly imo. Sounds very “interview” like, and that can kill the mood quickly. Would make sure it’s used on a question topic that’s guaranteed to land, and while using a lot of enthusiasm/genuineness like Jamie.

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  • I dont know why, but being a magnetic person would be one of my worst nightmares. I hate constant attention to me. I enjoy being in the background all the time. And I'm not even afraid of talking to a ton of people and I'm confident enough to face a crowd but only if the situation requires me to do so.

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  • 0:43 - #1: Set a playful tone from the start. 2:45 - #2: Use a self burn with no heat. 4:23 - #3: Tell present tense stories with a variety of voices. 6:00 - #4: Use a "cliffhanger" pause. 7:50 - #5: Be a likeable listener.

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