6 Psychological Tricks To Command Respect Instantly

27. april. 2020
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Normally, earning respect takes years of demonstrating high character, but there are exceptions.
That's why in this video I will cover 6 psychological tricks that you can use to command respect almost instantly.

0:16 - #1: Upgrade your thin slice.
1:22 - #2: Physically take up more space.
2:32 - #3: Get comfortable with platonic touch.
3:59 - #4: Don't allow yourself to be cut off.
6:07 - #5: Compliment your competition.
8:17 - #6: Openly share your shortcomings.

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  • 1:52movie name?

    khushwant kumarkhushwant kumar10 timer siden
  • Are you serious...? $600 for the course???... I applaud you.... But really?... I should start making videos of movie characters.... I'm a business man... Calab. Lol

    Wes IsWes Is17 timer siden
  • Peterson and Trump were the two best examples for this video they both know how to get respect yes I different ways however they can take control of a situation through chess instead of checkers

    Tyler BoerTyler BoerDag siden
  • My style is more like Wills, I use humour to swoop in and say something funny usually one or two sentences and get laughs and respect, as appposed to someone that tells a 3 min story that can get long winded

    Ben’s ArtBen’s Art2 dager siden
  • Smh Tony Robbins is 6 foot 6 with a very deep voice that carries so he's gonna stand out regardless. Bad example. Smh

    Tahkeem Hilton_2.0Tahkeem Hilton_2.03 dager siden
  • The one that humbles himself shall be exalted.

    Leslie ThompsonLeslie Thompson4 dager siden
  • 0:00 Brad Bitt

    Anthony TaylorAnthony Taylor4 dager siden
  • Command respect ... and proceed to show us the nastiest Hollyweird Weinstein friends photos

    Suzanne BrunelleSuzanne Brunelle5 dager siden
  • This is such a joke. You're showing these people who are actually egocentric, narcissistic and always have the urge to dominate. All of those people have been too often disrespectful toward others and have some scandals and dark secrets.

    G. M.G. M.5 dager siden
  • I know what the Video trys to tell but it isnt the goal to command respect. Be respected for who u are.

    SkillidanSkillidan6 dager siden
  • Jesus...What an eye opening and excellent video.... I actually clicked on it out of curiosity and boredom yet its an eye opener.... Thank you

    Gabe QuezadaGabe Quezada7 dager siden
  • Respect doesn’t come instantly.

    Fatty wepFatty wep8 dager siden
  • pulling out my Seinfeld fluffy shirt tmro

    RAH CapitalRAH Capital8 dager siden
  • Please dont put will smith on a video telling people how to respect themselves after the ENTANGLEMENT video

    Paul MullenPaul Mullen10 dager siden
  • I would like an online version of these tips, there's no way I'm going to occupy more space in a whatsapp chat lmao

    David KonevkyDavid Konevky11 dager siden
  • you know when in social situations we think about these things .. our minds might get paranoid... the judging, getting respect and all kinda gets cringy yet... it also make something worthful

    Progressive Warrior MonsterProgressive Warrior Monster12 dager siden
  • I need this for my current job. Everyone talks over me.

    Andre's DavisAndre's Davis12 dager siden
  • well done

    Nabeel HaqueNabeel Haque13 dager siden
  • Anyone tried? Willing to share experience? :'D

    Dora NovakDora Novak13 dager siden
  • Literally the 1% who is reading this, God bless you, stay safe, and have a wonderful day 😊(my dream is to become a famous NOworldr) thanks! CLOSE TO 1K

    Athletic J.Athletic J.13 dager siden
  • I’m a 15 year old from the UK so dressing nicer than everyone else is never a positive.

    Sam DunnettSam Dunnett14 dager siden

    JohnJohn14 dager siden
  • Soon I'll graduate as a fully fledged human MUHAHAHA

    LyleDeYoungesLyleDeYounges14 dager siden
  • Well you sure do hate James smit 😂😂 I have seen take him as an example in a lot of videos

    Lakshya BajajLakshya Bajaj15 dager siden
  • Have you ever considered that perhaps obsessing over confidence technique could itself be a form of compensating for insecurity..? I don't think insecurity is a big deal, just genuinely asking...

    mentilly allmentilly all17 dager siden
  • God entered into my body, like a body. my same size. worlds only holy ghost filled man. God attacks me. God rips my face, shoots into mouth, gum disease. Jesus appears.laughs

    God has come into my body, as a angelic fire bodyGod has come into my body, as a angelic fire body18 dager siden
  • So no Joe Biden touching? No, hair sniffing? No, Bill Clinton Hot Cosbys? I became a Democrat to get laid...

    nihl hinznihl hinz19 dager siden
  • Your voice overs are worth a subscription and worth the price of admission. Your voice itself is a million-dollar voice. Your voice should be in movies if you're not

    Sugar FreeSugar Free20 dager siden
  • Hi, can you please do a video on Tekashi 69 and how to be charming when people want to hate you (something like that ). His interviews are very interesting.

    Rocking RondaRocking Ronda23 dager siden
  • The problem with this video is that is very unrealistic. You cannot command respect, you earn it.

    Jake RussellJake Russell23 dager siden
  • Stand taller Me (is 5 feet): you mean stand on my toes?

    KopieKopie24 dager siden
  • Tony Robbins looks like a gangster with really good manners but also expressive. You even forgive him when he cusses

    Daboe KroontjasDaboe Kroontjas27 dager siden
  • One time my neighbor was telling coworkers how my dog was attacking his dog, we were standing in a line waiting for the next movie to end bc we worked at the movies. I took initiative by stepping out of that line and saying this “ my dog is just territorial, also it takes two to tango “ he agreed right after. But if I hadn’t stepped in people woulda thought my dog was vicious

    I’m The Evil TwinI’m The Evil Twin27 dager siden
  • Hand signals, granpop taught me that😥😥

    white rabbitwhite rabbit27 dager siden
  • So if two or multiple people talk at the same time, it's he who spoke with the most, power/conviction who typically gets heard????

    Louis LockeLouis Locke27 dager siden
  • Taking up more space IS domineering, and touching can offend people from Asia or northern Europe. Even here in the USA, it can bother people. The part about ignoring cutoffs and interruptions is good advice, but Jaden Smith is a little kid who shouldn't be there anyway, so nobody's going to take him seriously.

    MondoBenoMondoBeno27 dager siden
  • This applies to both genders?

    Cassandra De AlbaCassandra De Alba28 dager siden
  • *Bonus:* • Projecting your voice from your diaphragm rather than your chest to make your voice fuller. • Brush your teeth, and smile showing them even if you don't have perfect teeth • Direct eye contact • Standing closer to people • Lengthen your gait, and walk straight with chin parallel to the ground • Avoid sarcasm, dirty jokes, and don't say a comment that could be interpreted offensively My favorite: *STAY FLUID* When talking, walking, gestures, and body language, keep it all at a steady pace, as if you're swimming. If someone talks too much, interject your opinion. If someone talks too little, then ask them different questions until you find their 'spark'. Great video!

    SatanSatan29 dager siden
  • You need to find some decent human beings as your examples.

    Stephen LacherStephen Lacher29 dager siden
  • Yeah, Opra is great at connecting people, as in connect young girls with Harvey Winestein.

    Stephen LacherStephen Lacher29 dager siden
  • What does thin slice mean?

    M FarM FarMåned siden
  • What? No! Don't touch people without consent to 'command' respect. If you don't care about respecting people's boundaries, at least care that you'll be seen as attempting a 'power-over' thing and even worse, as a creeper. Also, let's talk about gender differences here. Men have been taught to take up space. Easy to see in body language (legs open = a typical way to sit vs. in women, legs crossed). Actually, one way to command respect is to share the space you take up if you are a person who is naturally inclined to take up space, back off and take a collaborative approach, giving each person a chance to be in the room.

    Michelle MoschkauMichelle MoschkauMåned siden
  • 6:42 Just saw happy of fairytail

    Harry AdamasHarry AdamasMåned siden
  • What was the movie with the guy with silver hair?

    Stoned ApeStoned ApeMåned siden
  • Get a gun

    the middle manthe middle manMåned siden
  • my past is a prison that haunts me and I don't know how to escape. I am powerless. grief is the ocean I am drowned in.

    Lavender VioletLavender VioletMåned siden
  • When I see people taking up more space in areas like the skytrain and such, I see them as a buffoon who thinks he owns the planet. They give off the message that they have no regard for other's space or boundaries.

    Lux MeowLux MeowMåned siden
  • "Tricks" is right. Be present and yourself. Nothing is stronger than the unbearable lightness of no need.

    2012ouroboros2012ouroborosMåned siden
  • Yeah, dont ever touch me

    yettiluch1yettiluch1Måned siden
  • Excellent. thanks

    lisa hindlisa hindMåned siden
  • Using these techniques to teach these techniques while using these techniques to advertise your courses? Hella smart bro.

    NoIdeaNoIdeaMåned siden
  • What if you're just a rich blowhard who lies every time you open your mouth ...you'd respect that right lol ...Trump supporters are suckers!

    Rik WilliamsRik WilliamsMåned siden
  • Yeah rite dress like a fictional character in a movie!! Have you ever seen what these actors dress like in real life? Dude shut the f..I up you ninny.

    Richard TschidaRichard TschidaMåned siden
  • Trick number 7: Don't go on NOworld Rewind.

    Class ActClass ActMåned siden
  • I don't touch other people.. and expect the same from them.....

    Blind BobBlind BobMåned siden
  • fog tony robbins, the snake oil salesman,he tells millions how *ALL* of them will win the lottery; fog him,and all stupidos,like him, they need to go back to school and study *STATISTICS* ,and stop robbing poor folks with weak minds.

    Jose PeixotoJose PeixotoMåned siden
    • he must be laughing all the way to the bank getting paid all that money to blow smoke up peoples asses

      MooseNGooseMooseNGooseMåned siden
  • When somebody interrupts while you are talking, just punch him. That will command instant respect !

    M KM KMåned siden
  • your voice is so annoying

    Vampires CryptVampires CryptMåned siden
  • Easy for Russel Brand to take the lead if he is the only male, he is hopelessly narcissistic, and usually high. Liquid courage and no competition is low hanging fruit

    All Night RoosterAll Night RoosterMåned siden
  • People that sit behind desks all day don't intimidate me. I think It's probably because I'm 6'2" and built like a farmer. As a canadian I've seen bears up close and they didn't try to kill me. Humans just don't intimidate me, maybe if a cop/soldier was doing it. maybe.

    eric dietzeric dietzMåned siden
  • starting a conversation by witnessing the other persons efforts in being on point with _ looks, handle, experience, and words everything else is bla-bla-bla from there! the interesting part is you can make the answer, the moment/ the momentum by being interesting that takes practice and practice makes perfect.

    i-thal hawkinsi-thal hawkinsMåned siden
  • What exactly is your cred here, “thin slice?” You’re how old exactly? You’ve done what in life so far? You use MOVIES for examples? The rest of us live in a harsh unglamorous world and aren’t guests on talk shows or ACTING in MOVIES. Seriously, dude. And advising to touch is like begging for trouble and lawsuits. Too, you use TRUMP as an example? SMH

    Daniel O'RourkeDaniel O'RourkeMåned siden
  • "Most westerners are uncomfortable with platonic touching" I thought I was the only one who observed that.

    Muhammad GbadegesinMuhammad GbadegesinMåned siden
  • 2:06 what's the tv series/movie name?

    SAMSAMMåned siden
  • religiously watching these videos because I'm training to become a teacher this year and am a 5'2 brown hijabi with a baby face and quiet voice

    Habeebah KHabeebah KMåned siden
  • The last person I want touching me is Oprah.

    Moogan StookerMoogan StookerMåned siden
  • always when i try to get respect. Everybody just laughs, they always just think its funny. i was kinda the funny dude in mid school but i am not anymore and not all of them relase that.

    Eeli VainikkaEeli VainikkaMåned siden
  • I wonder how "Compliment your competition" changes when the competition today i.e. The Far Right is so factually incorrect on so many levels that to acknowledge them would be to give acknowledgement to absolute falsities?

    Jason ReaganJason ReaganMåned siden
  • The idea of people wanting tips to be anything but themselves I just can't grasp... how about being authentic? Insecurities, vulnerabilities and shyness are part of life and some people think it's cute and charming. People watching this are probably 80% men wanting to date fitness models. I mean, it's ok if you do, not my business... but if what you want is a genuine connection for who you really are inside, just be yourself please... nobody has to "command" respect in life to be appreciated.

    Vip3reVip3reMåned siden
  • 1:29 Excuse me, but isnt Tony Robins over there a DESPERATELY unlikable person? I go to great lengths to not spend time in the same room with people like that and I would CERTAINLY not hire one. "Owns the space around him" Christ, what a cartoon character.

    JanushaJanushaMåned siden
  • It is almost guaranteed that someone will be comfortable with being touched by a stranger if that person is attractive Only OR it is ur well known to be rich or famous which = rich

    tee tomtee tomMåned siden
  • Sorry, you have to earn real respect.

    shawn arguin sr.shawn arguin sr.Måned siden
  • Touch everybody... and spread coronavirus around. Great move. 😆

    XL Project YouTubeXL Project YouTubeMåned siden
  • Opra may not touch me🤮

    ROETROETMåned siden
  • Enjoyed your video. I'm 73 yds young n it goes to show you, you are never too old to learn something new. God bless u n urs.

    Maw GMaw GMåned siden
  • No don't touch me

    Tiersinski KendrickTiersinski KendrickMåned siden
  • Is this information coming from a licensed therapist? Or someone who just read lots of books?

    Johnny C.Johnny C.Måned siden
  • I hate when people touch me I don’t. Agree with that one

    planner812planner812Måned siden
  • Bulshit

    MultiBgcMultiBgcMåned siden
  • Im really interested in the emotional mastery, might be the first time I’m signing up for something recommended from a youtuber. Thanks man

    TVLouieTVLouieMåned siden
  • Trust me kidoes... That whole touch thing is just creepy. Example: Creepy Uncle Joe . . . For regular people it can get you stomped or in legal peril . . .

    YManCyberDudeYManCyberDudeMåned siden
  • So why are you choosing famous people, and false datums to illustrate points? No tricks here...Tricks are universal rather than placed... Respect is won through authenticity, truth, kindness, and many others virtues! Hercules didn’t kill a lion because he was Hercules, but because that is how the story was written! And now let me sell a nasally self entitled course! Sigh...

    Reece CokerReece CokerMåned siden
  • Thank you!

    Matheus AlmeidaMatheus AlmeidaMåned siden
  • When it comes to Platonic Touch think Biden, but take it down a notch or twelve and stay away from children.

    Albert BlueAlbert BlueMåned siden
  • John McCain and Obama were never opponents. It was a dog and pony show starring two snakes.

    Dual SubstanceDual SubstanceMåned siden
  • I don't have any respect for 90% of the people you've used as examples.

    Dual SubstanceDual SubstanceMåned siden
  • Great work youngster, I love your video. Keep it up.

    Ernesto PerezErnesto PerezMåned siden
  • Oprah Winfrey? Respect? I just need to puke...

    Wolfgang KranekWolfgang KranekMåned siden
  • I already do all this give Respect get Respect if you don't demand it Juan D.

    Juan D.Juan D.Måned siden
  • All these people are able to command respect because they have money and power and they know it. Its called leverage. There are no psychological tricks to command respect, its all about leverage. ALL human relationships are based on leverage. The reason people look insecure is because they are insecure, and the reason why they are insecure is because they have no leverage and they know it. Take those same insecure people, give them all the money and power in the world and see their body language change very rapidly.

    thedoctrine101thedoctrine101Måned siden
  • So us introverts just need to completely rewire our brain and become extreme extroverts. Got it.

    Canyousay ItsjustanameCanyousay ItsjustanameMåned siden
  • respect is earnt, period. it is NEVER COMMANDED.

    rian macdonaldrian macdonaldMåned siden
  • Who subconsciously dresses to fit in? I'm pretty sure we very consciously dress to stand out, because we know it's attention-getting and can be cause for an opener.

    mummyjohnmummyjohnMåned siden
  • Kamala sure looses on #5 & #6 doesn't she?

    dragonfly fabdragonfly fabMåned siden
  • Tony owns the space because he is huge

    Lucas andersonLucas andersonMåned siden
  • i dont give a sh*t of these things at all. Respect from others comes when u really know yourself and therefore u already have the ability to behave naturally. Things will come subconsciously if u let the situation going on without any push. In a more simple way: dont be an assh*le and everything will be fine, and only the right ppl will gather around u. Bummer, magic

    Adam ZAdam ZMåned siden
  • Cool! All I have to do to make people like me is laugh at and point out all my shortcomings! Well I have loads of those! This should be easy!

    The Vagabond Witch in the WoodsThe Vagabond Witch in the WoodsMåned siden
  • Skip the touch.

    S AhmedS AhmedMåned siden
  • Well damn, I’ve been doing these things for years.

    GDB RiotGDB RiotMåned siden
  • Ugh Kanye?

    Hamlet WongHamlet WongMåned siden