6 Signs Someone Secretly Likes You

24. aug.. 2020
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We’ve all been there before, you’re talking to someone you like and you can’t quite tell if they’re flirting with you or just being friendly. You might feel this uncertainty when talking to someone you’ve just met, or maybe with someone you’ve known for a while but have trouble reading. Either way, in this video we’ll go through 6 subtle signs you can look for to figure out if someone is attracted to you.

0:00 - Intro.
0:49 - #1: Watch for preening.
2:21 - #2: Pay attention to a drag or lingering touch.
3:18 - #3: Focus on frequent, unnecessary little touches.
4:29 - #4: Look for the direction someone points their body.
5:42 - #5: See if they lean their body towards you.
6:48 - #6: Notice the "smiling eye dart".

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  • Don’t give me hope

    shabz30shabz304 timer siden
  • The woman perpendicular to the chair... if she faced the audience wearing that short dress... the audience and TV viewers may get to see more than she intended them to see. Perhaps she knew that? What female celebrity wouldn't know that? And, normally... it's customary to face the person you are having a conversation with.

    Patrick ArmstrongPatrick Armstrong5 timer siden
  • I just tell them no.....I don't need the aggravation anymore.

    John SmithJohn Smith10 timer siden
  • TIL: women are very attracted to Craig Ferguson for some reason

    Butt SoupButt Soup12 timer siden
  • What does it mean when she hits you with the bear mace while recoiling and frantically punching numbers into her phone? I feel like things are really starting to happen 👍

    manifestgtrmanifestgtr15 timer siden
  • I’m just here for the comments

    Xbox AceXbox AceDag siden
  • The Craig Ferguson show is not a good show to go by as almost every celebrity actress when on that show and and the gig was for women to flirt with Craig Ferguson.

    Jason MartinJason MartinDag siden
  • 90 % of men will NEVER pick up on any of these signs.

    Greg AndtrwsGreg AndtrwsDag siden
  • Junk science.

    Jeff HookJeff HookDag siden
  • Hand holding, so lewd!

    Santino EspinozaSantino EspinozaDag siden
  • Who is the actress at 1:04?

    Sumit XSumit X2 dager siden
  • Craig Ferguson gets so much poon he must be shooting blanks 💦💨💨💨💨💨

    Matt DubyaMatt Dubya2 dager siden
  • Craig Ferguson ghost-edited-and-produced this video

    Morgan DMorgan D2 dager siden
  • but is she into you? again, you can't really tell.

    oh shitoh shit2 dager siden
  • Altenate Titel: signs I‘ve never seen

    Eifer A.Eifer A.2 dager siden
  • All valid., but when it comes to tv shows like that it seems pretty staged to give it a spice.

    Cris5598Cris55983 dager siden
  • If you screw then you know....

    WaterDoc SWaterDoc S3 dager siden
  • You don't need signs you just need to tell people if you like them or not that will make things a lot easier.Body language is a myth it's not real.

    Carl GreeneCarl Greene3 dager siden
  • If she puts her foot in my crotch, is that a sign? 🤔

    RaptorJesus720RaptorJesus7203 dager siden
  • This turned into a Craig Ferguson highlight real quick

    Jesse LindquistJesse Lindquist4 dager siden
  • Craig Furguson had an old traditional man voice and mordern women like traditional men

    Almighty Black DollarAlmighty Black Dollar4 dager siden
  • She seems nervous in that clip 1:47

    Almighty Black DollarAlmighty Black Dollar4 dager siden
  • And we all know number 7: When the hottie across the room just stares at you as she drools on her new blouse..

    keltoikeltoi5 dager siden
  • This asian nurse at the hospital I work at is always welcoming me with a poke, grabbing my hand or brushing my abs with her hands for split 4 sec but shes always (anime type happy) so it's still confusing to me plus she never has a serious conversation with me just mostly jokes.. (rub 1 off I guess)

    HybridHybrid5 dager siden
  • From now on his name is Chad Ferguson.

    HiHi6 dager siden
  • Step 1: Be Craig

    i_R0ki_R0k6 dager siden
    • They're doing a bit. As they noted in the video, Actors dissect elements of attraction like crazy and can consciously perform them, which is why so many of the examples are from films.

      Pixel Cult MediaPixel Cult Media4 dager siden
  • Nobody could ever like me

    Reverend MarvelousReverend Marvelous6 dager siden
  • What about if she is in a relationship?

    somuch somuchsomuch somuch6 dager siden
  • nope

    Jerry D BrownJerry D Brown6 dager siden
  • Craig Ferguson is probably getting paid a lot of money in those people on their show getting paid a lot of money so they'll do whatever you want them to do it's for the money it's not attraction or love

    Joe KellyJoe Kelly6 dager siden
  • Let's don't use Craig Ferguson okay he's a doofus Craig Ferguson is a doofus

    Joe KellyJoe Kelly6 dager siden
  • Damn, don't wanna think of what gals husband thought after seeing his wife not able to control her Hormones

    Achi2211 EAchi2211 E6 dager siden
  • OH, so no one likes me then, thought as much 😔😔😔😔

    craig kindredcraig kindred8 dager siden
  • 7:35 “CU” hahahahah

    Fernando RechiaFernando Rechia8 dager siden
  • Strippers do all those things.

    Ric RickyRic Ricky8 dager siden
  • Bs cherry picked examples

    Zdravko MomciZdravko Momci8 dager siden
  • I just discovered this channel a few days ago thanks to YT algorithms. Wow. Your narrative and proper examples in video are just amazing. Subs for interesting vid! :)

    Daniel JabłońskiDaniel Jabłoński9 dager siden
  • I notice changes in weather patterns, I notice animal tracks, I notice bad draftsmanship of product, but I have never noticed signs of someone being attracted to me.

    Ben DoverBen Dover9 dager siden
  • Damn this is basically how men always think a girl wants the D just because she was nice enough to say Good Morning lol. She asked to borrow a pen, she wants the D! Lol

  • Why the hell is everyone attracted to Craig Ferguson!?

    Coltyn SeifertColtyn Seifert9 dager siden
  • Wouldn't it be easier just to ask the girl if she likes you????

    Gary SpearsGary Spears10 dager siden
  • This girl walks by me sitting in truck every morning in tight shorts. She hikes them up shorter as she passes me everytime. I'll be looking for suttle signs going forward.

    MayonRMayonR10 dager siden
  • Lol was it just a thing for beautiful women to flit with Craig Ferguson?

    Matthew SommervilleMatthew Sommerville11 dager siden
  • why the hell did you use actors as examples? why the hell did you use movies ? Its all a controlled environment, and scripted. What/

    Trevor LeFilesTrevor LeFiles11 dager siden
  • why not just name the video "6 signs why someone secretly likes craig Ferguson"

    coldblackfirecoldblackfire11 dager siden
  • 6:23 the virgin Conan vs the chad Craig (sorry Conan)

    Durmomo0Durmomo012 dager siden
  • What is with Craig Ferguson.? Apparently being a dork works on the ladies. I am in!

    cforte0423cforte042312 dager siden
  • That's the thing I've noticed about Craig he's really a chick magnet without even trying. I bet you could him and Chris Hemsworth in a room and he's still get all the girls.

    Zero ToleranceZero Tolerance13 dager siden
  • What’s the movie at 7:19? Looks so familiar and 90s

    TBass050TBass05013 dager siden
  • The title should be "everyone is attracted to craig"

    ThePopsersThePopsers13 dager siden
  • want to be attractive.... Get fit, get healthy, get a good paying job.... yeahhhh you'll probably be able to get anyone 2-5 points above your own attractive level, all the way down. Disagree? Well, okayyyyy, you do that. Also helps to not be a db. p.s. Confidence... fake it til you make it, and if they won't love you, someone better will. Even if you get rejected a thousand times before one says yes.... guess what... you win. Disagree? Okay... you do that.

    Viking Ghost 117Viking Ghost 11714 dager siden
  • You forgot the 7th, when somebody is shy (but in love with you) it will start acting awkward, maybe stutter, will avoid looking at you directly and even will look like is trying to avoid contact with you (from fear of not been able of retaining himself)... so by all this signs will seam like that person doesn't like you when in fact they are totally into you. So it all depends on what kind of person it is. 😜 I know this from first person experience as when I was younger and totally in love with a girl every time she appeared in our group of friends, from a state of total relaxation, outspoken and extroverted I will automatically get into a state of total introverted out to the point of panic 😂😂😂

    internet4u.ro/ magazin247internet4u.ro/ magazin24717 dager siden
  • I love the Gal Gadot face when she realizes she’s on camera and shouldn’t be pining over Pine.

    Mitch KaniaMitch Kania17 dager siden
  • So yeah, none of these have ever happened to me even once, so... sounds about right.

    Kevin WalterKevin Walter18 dager siden
  • Lol your a hater Stop giving away our secrets 😂 Hes Dead on with this... On an obvious level ...

    John MakrisJohn Makris19 dager siden
  • I think her legs are perpendicular because she's wearing a dress, don't you think so too?

    John MuhlwaJohn Muhlwa20 dager siden
  • damn! the comment section of this channel always makes me laugh. hilarious guys

    N3v3r8ackD4wnN3v3r8ackD4wn21 dag siden
  • 1.1 million views. Just saying

    Callum SmithCallum Smith21 dag siden
  • That is all set up

    jjtothebjjtotheb25 dager siden
  • I m ugly, does that matter???

    Deepu DevarajanDeepu Devarajan25 dager siden
  • Hell, I'm a woman and I wouldn't mind being Craig Ferguson!!!...lol🤣

    T.T.26 dager siden
  • Who is that blond? WOW!

    Benny GoodmanBenny GoodmanMåned siden
  • Ancora?

    Carla SecchiCarla SecchiMåned siden
  • the moment princess Diana realized she's married

    不结实不韵味不结实不韵味Måned siden
  • Where are my Bros at who have NEVER EXPERIENCED THIS SIGNS? 😂😂

    Yexxlo SumiYexxlo SumiMåned siden
  • My biggest one is when your watching something and a joke is mentioned and you look at their reaction

    Xavier CastilloXavier CastilloMåned siden
  • So basically I need to become Craig 1st. 😄

    Piyush PunjPiyush PunjMåned siden
  • damn, craig

    Emma BEmma BMåned siden
  • Now I can confirm that in fact no one was ever attracted to me.

    JônatasJônatasMåned siden
  • Damn is miss Craig Ferguson on the late late show.

    K.A.LangeK.A.LangeMåned siden
  • Is the presenter handsome or what?

    Rekik bRekik bMåned siden
  • This is the best video I’ve seen about this topic.

    Stephanie EboweStephanie EboweMåned siden
  • She literally tells you that she likes you. Is she into you? Well, you can't really tell... she might be just joking around you know...

    KleeblättchenKleeblättchenMåned siden
  • Just stare at her eyes while chatting, if she stares back then she likes you. If she doesnt then maybe shes shy or she is not into you

    Ghost BusterGhost BusterMåned siden
  • I just realized my Goldfish likes me

    David ThomspsonDavid ThomspsonMåned siden
  • 2:12 that reminds me

    - Knotocai- KnotocaiMåned siden
  • Craig Ferguson is the James Bond of late night

    Ryan SteinleRyan SteinleMåned siden
  • Gal gadot’s smile is unbelievable.

    iJuStIn23iJuStIn23Måned siden
  • I'm european so I don't get why girls are into Craig, he's literally stereotypical muricans loudmouth that for most part is just loud because he misses actual personality. Oh well...

    wykydytronwykydytronMåned siden
  • The lower lip bite!!

    Savior GambitSavior GambitMåned siden
  • How many Hollywood babes fancy Craig Ferguson ?! My god 😂

    Matthew ShawMatthew ShawMåned siden
  • Or just get abs, a plastic surgery, and a thicker wallet and you CAN be sure everyone is attracted to you. Voila.

    K TK TMåned siden
  • But this help a little

    Prince Glenn Samonte Discover918Prince Glenn Samonte Discover918Måned siden
  • I'm still Shy on people

    Prince Glenn Samonte Discover918Prince Glenn Samonte Discover918Måned siden
  • That 7:00 mark where he total caught her looking and was like "yea I knew it" lol

    alex_ridesalex_ridesMåned siden
  • Seems like Craig Ferguson has a lot of admirers ?!

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last NameMåned siden
  • If they lean towards me it's because of my belly's gravitational pull.

    Miguel de CarvalhoMiguel de CarvalhoMåned siden
  • nice

    WilltalityWilltalityMåned siden
  • There's some good advice here, as per usual. And I like Craig Ferguson, and it's fun to watch all the flirting,,, and he is witty and all that. But make no mistake, the ladies who go on His show know exactly what they're doing there and why they're on the show. so, If you behave very much like Ferguson, in real life situations,,, Don't expect the same reactions.

    Gary GullberghGary GullberghMåned siden
  • What are half of these movie references by the way (asking for a friend) hahahhaa

    JD LintonJD LintonMåned siden
  • Why are all these woman throwing themselves at that interview host? I'm from England and have no clue who he is. He's not even that hot. I'm confused!

    Your comment, makes me comment.Your comment, makes me comment.Måned siden
  • 1. Have an accent 2. Dye hair white/grey 3. Have a late night talk show 4. Invite the hottest celebs to the talk show 5. Smash

    AtotheKs MOEAtotheKs MOEMåned siden
  • Man , i wish i was Craig Fergunson

    Matheus MartinsMatheus MartinsMåned siden
  • Does anyone know from which movie is the scene at 7:30 with Bradley Cooper?

    Paul CPaul CMåned siden
  • bobs and vegene

    shohib 07shohib 07Måned siden
  • well i think its pretty clear why the girls in his show dont point their body/legs towards the audience/camera ... :P just look at their clothing ... :D

    Marcus RMarcus RMåned siden
  • Who’s the girl at 1:45?

    Kevin PazKevin PazMåned siden
  • Is preening the reason all the dudes in the front of the classroom are constantly fixing stuff? They never know when girls are looking at them?

    Merek CookMerek CookMåned siden
  • Sorry but in my 57 Years Women only have Two Signs Of Attraction. The "Size" of a Guy's Wallet and Guy's with scorching Looks. Everything else is out the window.

    Steve WrightSteve WrightMåned siden