6 Tricks To Read Anyone’s Body Language

3. aug.. 2020
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Fans love Sherlock Holmes for his ability to notice things that most people ignore. While Sherlock is a fictional character, there are ways you can learn to read people in real life to better understand what they’re thinking and feeling without them saying a word. No individual read will be foolproof, but together they can start to paint a picture for you.

0:00 - Intro.
0:56 - #1: Reading other people's interest.
1:45 - #2: Take note of the direction someone's feet are pointing.
3:12 - #3: Read their emotions.
3:49 - #4: Look for micro expressions on their face.
5:54 - #5: Their breathing shifts from their belly to their chest.
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  • Could you teach us how to write anyone's body language?

    George HamiltonGeorge Hamilton15 timer siden
  • Sherlock Holmes is my favorite and inspiration when I have a conversation on anyone. In fact I had used the point you given and they shock every word I said. Thanks for the video guide to improve my skills and I love it.

    Nicoles TimothyNicoles Timothy7 dager siden
  • Hi, can you please do a video on Tekashi 69 and how to be charming even though everyone around you hate you (something like that ). His interviews are very interesting.

    Rocking RondaRocking Ronda26 dager siden
  • This is where 90% of my social anxiety comes from. Being afraid you're reading things that aren't there or you're reading them wrongly.

    Poly LikerPoly Liker29 dager siden
  • I love the book too by Dale carnigie

  • Thank you!!

    Jesse MitchemJesse MitchemMåned siden
  • even a kid could tell how robert was trying to hide the urge to punch the interviewer in the face

    MayMayMåned siden
  • Please make part 2 on this please it helps helps me a lot

    the rockthe rockMåned siden
  • Where is the old presenter? The new one is ok. But the other guy was way better.

    Jay KingsunJay KingsunMåned siden
  • I’m pretty sure the interviewer was purposely trying to get something out of rejection, not just caught up in his words

    Terrell LoeppkyTerrell LoeppkyMåned siden
  • Great video for Reading people. First become an expert at reading yourself.

    ABABMåned siden
  • Ooo I was getting so stoked on applying these to my own bodies observations, cheers for suggesting that mind control is best first and foremost applied to ones self Jocko willink wisdom

    Ras_KrysTafariRas_KrysTafariMåned siden
  • "not every hard swallow is a sign of dishonesty"...lol.....yup some point to loneliness

    अंशुमान अवस्थीअंशुमान अवस्थी2 måneder siden
  • Fun fact about How to Win Friends and Influence People: Charles Manson was obsessed with the book and its the principles within it that he used in order to manipulate people into joining his 'family', sleeping with him or anyone he told his girls to sleep with and killing for him. So yeah its definitely effective lol

    FuriousP96FuriousP962 måneder siden
  • Not every hard swallow is a sign of dishonesty. Yeah, my date was not dishonest when she did that

    Jørgen RamdahlJørgen Ramdahl2 måneder siden
  • I always found Sherlock ridiculous. The way he jumps to conclusions based on observations that could have dozens of other explanations... No idea why people eat it all up and want to be like that.

    rautermannrautermann2 måneder siden
  • Lemme see ur toes

    nate navarretenate navarrete2 måneder siden
  • remember boys , this is just a movie , a very good observer doesnt tell anyone they are good at it.

  • I'm am waiting for you to do a breakdown of Raymond Reddington of blacklist. Great content tho

    Paa FiiPaa Fii2 måneder siden
  • YEEES!! This book is amazing! It change my life, really!

    Racher WichardsonRacher Wichardson2 måneder siden
  • Can anyone tell me who the actress is at 7.04? She looks so familiar and it's annoying me!

    Gecko TimeGecko Time2 måneder siden
  • Excellent advice. I also use this channel to pick Netflix shows I can watch that will teach me inter personal skills while being entertaining at the same time.

    Johann KokJohann Kok2 måneder siden
  • The point on"yourself" ❤️

    meta psychoticmeta psychotic2 måneder siden
  • people emit signals day in and out!

    meta psychoticmeta psychotic2 måneder siden
  • Now i know how to read someones interest... I now know that there are 5 girls who have a crush on me...

    Bladezy_WadezyBladezy_Wadezy2 måneder siden
  • RDJ interview clips made me angry.

    Yogesh NagarajYogesh Nagaraj2 måneder siden
  • Umm... Sherlock Is not fictional Sir

    Blaine CarringtonBlaine Carrington2 måneder siden
  • The book that is recomended at the end is GOLD

    sheepgray08sheepgray082 måneder siden
  • Why is it important to read someone?

    Mad havMad hav2 måneder siden

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  • I am not sure how to implement what I have learned in this video.

    Therese MillerTherese Miller2 måneder siden
  • Watch the Paul Walker documentary and make a video about him

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  • What's the sixth tip? I feel almost like the title is a typo, as five tips are listed in the description and five tips are timestamped in the video.

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  • Am I the only one who watches these videos and actually does the movements unintentionally even when you're telling the truth?

    Jakayla RobinsonJakayla Robinson2 måneder siden
  • That's Dr strange

    Jp JpJp Jp2 måneder siden
  • So I'd been wondering why people never talk to me. Apparently I've been unknowingly broadcasting disinterest or discomfort constantly no matter how comfy or interested I am.

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  • Analyze Marilyn Manson.

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  • Since watching videos like these i focus more on feet and miro expresions even in myself

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  • I lost it when he referenced The Big Lebowski.

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    • Why did you lose it?

      知識napoleon知識napoleonMåned siden
  • 6:45 hey, in your other video, you made it seem like the interviewer did that on pupose. Why change your perspective now?

    Morch RelMorch Rel2 måneder siden
  • The Tom Hardy example is meh.. I'm a bit fidgety, and if I have an object like a pen or something in my hands.. I'll glance at it when I'm thinking or processing what's going on. It can mean I'm distracted as well, but it's not a guarantee.

    ShareXPShareXP2 måneder siden
  • I noticed the part of microexpressions, and I was wondering if you could make a video about microexpressions? There is a series called Lie To Me which is all about it, and also teaches people about it I figured it would be a great thing to make a video about

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  • Many points are from Joe Navarro's book I like this video as it's a quick revision

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  • You become kinda fake after learning so much

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  • Great job.

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  • Where I can watch the season of sherlock holmes because i live in india and I don't want to pay in netflix so can anybody recommend me where i can watch the whole season

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  • Hell yeahhhh i asked for it along time ago mann i love sherlock plus Benedict cumberbatch

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  • Running errands and doing chores?! Some American expressions sound so old fashioned !

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  • No one can read me. I can't even read me. My actions are as surprising to me as they are to you .

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  • To the person who is reading this: You’re amazing and beautiful, stay safe and I hope your dreams come true one day! 🌈 My dream is to reach 100 subs. I’ve been struggling to get there.

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      Lindsey RoseLindsey Rose2 måneder siden
  • The intonation in their voice is also very important. Do you realize when a girl say Hiiii in a high pitched voice; then she is more interested in the guy. Or even when someone makes a joke. The heaviness in their voice highlights the seriousness behind the joke. Usually they wanted to say something serious but due to the situation they had to say it as a joke but unconsciously the heaviness in their voice as they say the joke betrays their intentions

    Coach TCoach T2 måneder siden
  • Poor Robert Downey Jr! He's an open book for each one of us who has seen this video. 😆😂

    UroshmanUroshman2 måneder siden
  • You can read people through their eyes

    Idil LarsenIdil Larsen2 måneder siden
  • I was literally reading the book "How to win friends and influence people" and i saw this Coincidence?

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  • Wow! Very good episode 🔥 !

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  • The show Lie to Me is a great show on micro expressions

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  • Clearly that interviewer ambushed RDJ with topics he was told not to bring up and in a perfect world would have been in for a righteous arse-kicking. In fact, I think I've seen this same guy pull gotcha crap on someone else.

    James DavenportJames Davenport2 måneder siden
    • @Helgard Wagener Thank you! I knew I'd seen that guy before.

      James DavenportJames Davenport2 måneder siden
    • He did it with Quentin Tarantino too!

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  • Did anyone else feel like they were REALLY off the mark with this one? Most of these tricks are just plain wrong, or old myths that people used to believe. I'm guessing maybe they're just really eager to put out consistent content but didn't have any ideas? Really hoping this is just a mess up and not an indicator of the channel's decline.

    David DavidsonDavid Davidson2 måneder siden
    • Yes, exactly! And I was surprised by how uncritical most of the audience took it. There are so many people nowadays arguing they can read anyone by just looking at the signs that were shown in the video (which can be caused by a whole bunch of totally different reasons) when in fact humans are just terrible at telling lies. And this makes me scared.

      Dishonored4437Dishonored44372 måneder siden
  • thanks for time stamps

    supsupb0isupsupb0i2 måneder siden
  • Agreed! That Dale Carnegie book should be mandatory reading for anyone who deals with the public. I've read it numerous times!

    Marlar HouseMarlar House2 måneder siden
  • Gosh I love the sherlock clips

    Erialc1111Erialc11112 måneder siden
  • Why did I start hating COC now, because I don't think one needs to manipulate people to be charismatic, but you can be charismatic by not caring about it ( really not caring and being on your own just happy )

    Gaga KGaga K2 måneder siden
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  • I wish I could actively practice these techniques, but I get too distracted with trying to make a conversation😂

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  • "People point their feet towards the things/people they like" That's the reason why a dead guy at a funeral points at the sky

    Pedophile FurryPedophile Furry2 måneder siden
    • Lol

      Fariha SultanaFariha Sultana2 måneder siden
    • Best comment

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  • I read How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie my senior year in college. As I began to apply it’s principles to my everyday life I saw a huge leap in my popularity. Each new friend I made reinforced my ability and confidence level so that when I joined the workforce as an independent CPA I could talk to a CEO or a apprentice plumber with equal ease. I took each new meeting as an opportunity to expand my network and business contacts. It works!!

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  • Even before this I was pretty good at reading people but with this God Tier

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  • Yes! Finally, a Sherlock vid...

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  • You mentioned people stand ridged when they're uncomfortable. Subconsciously I somehow always knew this tell. There was a girl in High School that I was interested in. We talked a lot, we got along well, and there were other tells as well that I was picking up on as well. She was making eye contact, but would look down at my lips while I was speaking, she'd giggle nervously, and her cheeks would flush. Me being the teenage boy filled with confidence, I broke the touch barrier by taking her hands into mine while subtly implying that she should follow me down a hallway before classes started for the day. Instantly, she seized up. She went ridged and her smile dropped. I thought I had misread the situation. Unfortunately, I read it correctly the first time. It was years later when she told me over Instant Messenger that she had a crush on me, and she thought I wasn't interested in her because I let her go after she seized up. Morale of the story is, when someone is uncomfortable, it's not always for the reasons you think. Turns out she was preparing herself for a serious make out session, and I read it as her getting ready to tell me I was in the friend zone. Such is life...

    InEccessInEccess2 måneder siden
    • Aww that's kinda... :(

      forgetful strangerforgetful strangerMåned siden
    • Arent you thinking of maybe getting back to her?

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    • I’m not sure to congratulate you or send my condolences

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    • I started dating a girl and on our 2nd date, we were on a Ferris wheel, I reached over, put my arm around her and tried to pull her closer. She stiffened up so I backed off... We spent the rest of the evening together and I didn't do anything, she seemed stiff for the rest of the evening. When I took her home, I walked her to the door, I think I kissed her on the cheek and said, "Thank you, take care!" She stopped me. She told me that she really likes me, just sometimes has trouble letting people to get close to her. She ask me to give her another chance. We dated for 5 years after that!

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