7 Reasons Ben Shapiro Is So Dominant In Debates

5. nov.. 2018
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How Jordan Peterson Wins An Argument:
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Arguments can be real tricky at times.
We’ve all had that moment where we have great points and feel like we’re in the right, but once we start conversing and expressing our opinions we either look like a fool or a bully.
How can we effectively win an argument or a debate?
We’re going to breakdown some of Ben Shapiro's debate tactics and techniques so you can win an argument, even if you’re wrong.

01:11 - Technique #1: Catching Non-Arguments
01:55 - Technique #2: Getting Emotional
02:40 - Technique #3: Pushing For Specifics
04:07 - Technique #4: Ben Knows His Arguments Inside And Out
06:02 - Technique #5: The Use Of Snuck Premises
08:35 - Technique #6: Moving From The Abstract To The Concrete
09:45 - Technique #7: Emphasize The Conditions That You Would Agree With Your Opponent
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  • Reason 8 he only debates college kids rather than other political opponents who are the same age

    Jacob SJacob S25 minutter siden
  • What if my opponent already watched this..?

    Carla GanzoCarla Ganzo2 timer siden
  • When you’re close friends with the student he roasted in #3

    Dylan SandlerDylan Sandler20 timer siden
  • I'd like to see ben vs jordan Peterson

    Legendary DarkstarLegendary Darkstar20 timer siden
  • Dominant against college folk who come to his lectures wasted.

    NeoLegendXNeoLegendX21 time siden
  • I hope he runs for president some day!

    SundaySchoolNetwork.comSundaySchoolNetwork.comDag siden
  • Two weeks later: *Watch Ben Shapiro DESTROY Charisma On Command With FACTS And KNOWLEDGE.*

    The Mustache DudeThe Mustache DudeDag siden
  • Mannnn, u can't win against BEN

    Karan KothariKaran KothariDag siden
  • So if the unborn human is not a baby, what is it?

    ladillalegosladillalegosDag siden
  • Ben would debate you content creator that you are wrong in some of your analysis.

    Danish BreadDanish BreadDag siden
  • The reason he is good at debate is because he is in the right.

    Danish BreadDanish BreadDag siden
  • He’s very smart that’s why

    Al DashtoAl Dashto2 dager siden
  • "Facts dont care about your feelings" - Sen Bhapiro

    iMammothiMammoth2 dager siden
  • Not that I care to research all his debates but, all of Shapiro’s arguments I’ve heard rely on correlation=causation. When he gets called out on it, he just switches topics or adds another point without addressing the counter point. IMO he’s really good at talking circles around people. That doesn’t make his arguments truthful tho.

    Pguz24Pguz242 dager siden
  • I would argue that bens answer on the abortion issue is not a snuck premise, as he is defending his arguments Internal consistency and why he does not support planned parenthood even though he does not mind birth control/ contraception.

    Joseph LyversJoseph Lyvers2 dager siden
  • Ben speaks a lot Truth, this is good for being dominant in a debate.

    w84qw84q2 dager siden
  • Charisma?

    Bill FisherBill Fisher2 dager siden
  • This man is the michael jordan of political debate

    evil Angelevil Angel3 dager siden
  • He is top of his class in Harvard and he talks facts faster than most rappers nowadays.

    wagagagaggagwagagagaggag4 dager siden
  • Lol "dominant".

    chester lestrangechester lestrange5 dager siden
  • Short answer he's right wing

    Pantherboss1668Pantherboss16685 dager siden

    William IannucciWilliam Iannucci6 dager siden
  • Weirdly enough i automatically did these things in my recent debates.

    Pierre-Martin FrancoisPierre-Martin Francois6 dager siden
  • I believe you can never defeat an intelligent person advocating for the truth. Jesus won all his debates, but during his time was looked has a failure.

    Pierre-Martin FrancoisPierre-Martin Francois6 dager siden
  • Everybody else just plays games around Ben

    Zuffin -Zuffin -7 dager siden
  • He's how i imagining myself doing a debate in the shower

    stare into your soulstare into your soul7 dager siden
  • he is highly intelligent and articulate for one so young.

    Ian KingIan King7 dager siden
  • 0:57 legend has it that the guy is still in the census beauru looking for the statistics on divorce

    Raffy SungarngarRaffy Sungarngar8 dager siden
  • I love Ben Shapiro.

    Jake RobertsJake Roberts8 dager siden
  • Number one reason is he debates collage kids 😂 the one time he gets asked questions by a smart person in the bbc he leaves like a little girl

    Khaled JarrarKhaled Jarrar9 dager siden
    • If you’re referring to the old guy who constantly down talked Ben, never let him speak his mind, constantly jabbed at Ben by proclaiming that outrageously false titles of the media against Ben are true - then you can see why he left, no benefit at all

      Adi AdiAdi Adi4 dager siden
  • Ben Shapiro is someone elses mouth piece

    I hate Everyone with passionI hate Everyone with passion9 dager siden
  • You should listen to James O'Brien

    Skar 108Skar 1089 dager siden
  • Me - I use Axe shampoo because it smells good. Beb - Let me tell you why Old Spice is better.

    Thaddeus EsThaddeus Es9 dager siden
  • I have never seen Ben Shapiro really listen to his interlocutor and try to understand what it is they are saying. Instead, it's all about publicly humiliating and "destroying" them (and to be fair to BS, he admits this). No problem: but you might as well watch a guy who has been playing chess all his life beat a junior high school kid in 7 moves, for all it teaches you about wisdom and truth, which is nothing.

    Richard GrahamRichard Graham9 dager siden
  • Debating Little Ben is as easy as being to the right of Bill Clinton and you win. I would destroy little Ben. He's for mass immigration which destroys everything else. Debate over.

    Ward MWard M10 dager siden
  • But did you know?.. His wife is a doctor

    QuackedDanielQuackedDaniel10 dager siden
  • Nah, I hate watching him, I really want him to punch everytime he opens his mouth. He is just so disrespectful in his debating style, he almost never let's his opponent come to make a full statement and belittles their person on occasion.

    Melinda MüllerMelinda Müller10 dager siden
  • the crazy thing is, is that i bet he doesn’t even notice he does all of these things. he’s THAT good

    Danilo MontecinosDanilo Montecinos10 dager siden
    • Yes I could imagine people who take time to answer can think about these things but he's just too fast

      violymviolym8 dager siden
  • It seems like just the specifics of the argument being stated are "snuck". When a fetus is aborted he says a baby is killed. If you disagree with that statement, say something to rebut it or move on to the next point.

    Matt FordMatt Ford10 dager siden
  • Step 1 debate college students

    omar dagr8tomar dagr8t10 dager siden
  • I never realised how much shapiro looks looks like Roger federer

    Breslin FamilyBreslin Family11 dager siden
  • Ben Shapiro is russ limbaugh with a harvard law degree and a brief case packed with debate tricks. He's a bright fellow but far from the only person to ever read a book. google his 11 debate tactics then, watch bill maher effortlessly handle boy wonder. It reminds me of Newt G. another untouchable conservative /repub savior, genius. rise like a rocket drop like a media rock.

    Maurice drewMaurice drew11 dager siden
  • Fetus and personhood lmfaoooo tf are you talking about bro

    JJ GuapJJ Guap11 dager siden
  • Why the hell did the bishop in chess move like a rook

    TheDragonReborn 76TheDragonReborn 7611 dager siden
  • You people don't understand: *This is a channel about charisma, not about factual correctness.* *Ben Shapiro is a funny guy, but he is so goddam awful when it comes to arguing against positions his opponents actually hold. Why does charisma matter if someone is wrong? So much for "facts over feelings".*

    Hi ThereHi There11 dager siden
  • The ONLY successful tactic that Ben uses when he "debates" is that he speaks extremely fast. Speaking this fast makes people have to hang on to every single word he states in order to understand what the hell he is saying. Making people hang on to his words prevents people from being able to think of a rebuttal in the instant moment and him speaking fast is why people have a hard time to debate him. It's NOT that Ben has a solid argument that can not be debunked. It's because after the other person has been able to process what Ben had been spewing 100 MPH by that time, him or the "debate" moves on. Not allowing the other person to be able to process everything he has said and then allowing them to rebuttal. This is the reason why Ben comes off as such a "good debater". NOT BECAUSE he spews facts. People tend to interpret that if a person speaks really fast then that means they know what they're talking about and then it leads to the listener to believe what the fast talking person is saying. But in reality, all that is really happening is a "mind game". It's basic psychology!

    Bernie CruzBernie Cruz11 dager siden
  • Mrs. Dry Shapiro. He's a joke.

    Babalon SpeaksBabalon Speaks12 dager siden
  • My brain is so small to understand any of this

    Romilda PearlRomilda Pearl12 dager siden
  • Shapiro is a dominant cocaine talker.

    andrea renee smith-hallandrea renee smith-hall12 dager siden
  • Why the hell is Ben Shapiro being used as a positive example on a channel about charisma? The man is about as uncharimatic as they get. His own catchphrase is “Destroy your enemies”. How on earth is destroying your enemies in any way charismatic?

    Ian JehleIan Jehle12 dager siden
    • AAAAAAAEEEERRRRRIIIIIIEEEESSSS!!!!! Destroooooyyyy my enemies, and my life is youuuurs!!!! -Kratos

      Kyren RameyKyren Ramey12 dager siden
  • You should make another video like "Why donald trump will win the election"... hehe

    The ProgramThe Program12 dager siden
  • he looks dominant because he's not debating philosophical people.. theyre just normal people who cant debate he chokes when debating philosophers

    Hellfire8899Hellfire889912 dager siden
    • @Tia Toshi you can watch him with Sam Harris lol, whats there to hate..

      Hellfire8899Hellfire889912 dager siden
    • Hater alert

      Tia ToshiTia Toshi12 dager siden
  • So the snuck premise in this video was obvious that ben Shapiro is often wrong, but because of a disclaimer in the beginning the viewer is supposed to believe complete lack of bias. Interesting tactic🧐

    bigburdibigburdi12 dager siden
  • I hate this guy 🥴

    Yacine RmYacine Rm13 dager siden
    • @Yacine Rm i know you were talking about him lol, and yeah he is. can prove him wrong at anything??? would like to see you both talk hahahaha

      pickelrick 1pickelrick 111 dager siden
    • @pickelrick 1 im talking about ben shapiro and no he is not right at almost anything , thank you .

      Yacine RmYacine Rm11 dager siden
    • because he is right at almost anything??? yeah.... you are really insecure you know 😂😂

      pickelrick 1pickelrick 112 dager siden
  • As expected, the #1 thing you need to do is gain knowledge. Of your points, and their counterpoints. Don't be a soldier about to cross a blind hill, be an eagle seeing everything.

    Zachary DunnZachary Dunn13 dager siden
  • Legend has it that Ben and Pee Wee Herman are the same person.

    gr lgr l13 dager siden
  • He dont want to debate sadhguru. 😂he's gonna regret is damn bad.

    Sumon BasnetSumon Basnet13 dager siden
  • Ben is good at rhetorical tactics but his logic skills are infantile he could convince you that doing meth is a smart idea but that won't stop your teeth from falling out

    Joey FaulknerJoey Faulkner13 dager siden
  • The way that Ben constructs all his arguments is all based around logical format so when in the 1rst reason you contradicted yourself when you said "isn't based on logical full prove" because the way the argument is constructed can only have the questions and answers of a logical result.

    frostyx channelfrostyx channel13 dager siden
  • Ben Shapiro is sooooo overrated

    Teddy the best bearTeddy the best bear14 dager siden
    • i know right? dude is just thinking.. so rare those days from some reason.

      pickelrick 1pickelrick 112 dager siden
  • Shapiro will run for president someday. Mark it down 10/13/20

    Chad Inc.Chad Inc.14 dager siden
  • 'the reason he is dominant in debates'...in america - no decorum, pandering to people who speak the loudest even if they're talking rubbish. Doesn't work anywhere else i the world. Hey I guess America dominates the world series of baseball too! Americans love to dominate in areas where only they are playing.

    comedyfishcomedyfish14 dager siden
  • I don’t think ben could become president because people can’t except the truth

    Liam MTGOLiam MTGO15 dager siden
  • 13k dislikes liberal down ez

    copter 420copter 42015 dager siden
  • Ok this is epic

    ________________________________________________________________________15 dager siden
  • because his wife is a doctor

    Robert Downey PooperRobert Downey Pooper15 dager siden
  • One reason why ben Shapiro is so dominant in debates: He is correct

    phxntkmsphxntkms15 dager siden
  • You sound like Ben Shapiro.

    Bonnet BasketfulBonnet Basketful15 dager siden
  • Ben is correct, every time

    justin gauchejustin gauche15 dager siden
  • He's afriad to debate Nick Fuentez.

    Dave CDave C15 dager siden
    • your brain: dosent want to=afraid bro you really want the actual list of leftists who are ACTUALLY afraid to debate him?

      pickelrick 1pickelrick 112 dager siden
  • fax dont care about your feelings 💯💯

    HDMI 延HDMI 延16 dager siden
  • Nobody is impeaching Trump . Hillary is going to prison soon.

    Grybauskaitės Pakaliku KlubasGrybauskaitės Pakaliku Klubas16 dager siden
  • With Andrew Neil Shapiro broke all his own rule, he met his waterloo. He did no research his adversary.

    yinkoosyinkoos16 dager siden
  • Just go with the truth

    BeeArtBeeArt16 dager siden
  • Having an opinion doesn't mean you're right. It means you have an opinion. People being offended need to learn that

    Sapphire Sky824Sapphire Sky82416 dager siden
  • Here is the mistake nitwits like Bill Mahr makes - because he is moderately successful in the entertainment industry he mistakenly believes he is smart.

    Rich 0224Rich 022417 dager siden
  • He's arrogant and talks so much that no one has a chance to say anything , this reduces the odds of someone winning a debate against him because he cuts everyone off. Andrew Neil's on BBC put him in his place and Ben Shapiro responds in frustration and immaturity. He goes into an argument or debate thinking he is always right which is a problem, i can't take him seriously , acts like a child.

    DrousoDrouso17 dager siden
  • 4:16 thought that was Kevin from the office

    chandler Raganchandler Ragan17 dager siden
  • shapiro wins because he tells the truth...its that simple

    Tim DixonTim Dixon17 dager siden
  • anything shapiro says i have agreed with,and i have listened to many video s

    Tim DixonTim Dixon17 dager siden
  • I believe Ben Shapiro is a highly evolved sloth.

    pigtosheeppigtosheep17 dager siden
    • @MJBJ93 i said what i said

      pigtosheeppigtosheep9 dager siden
    • What?

      MJBJ93MJBJ939 dager siden
  • We should have a debate on debating. Is the purpose of debating to humiliate your opponent ? To clarify the main arguments in order to make an informed decision by those observing etc ? Does a debate have to have a purpose ? Is the purpose of a Presidential debate the destruction of the opponent ? What is the history of debating, is it relevant ?

    Brendan WilliamsBrendan Williams17 dager siden
  • This man is ridiculous. He's egotistical, arrogant and self-righteous. Regardless of whether or not I agree with his position, I find myself totally turned off by his superior attitude. The true spirit of debate is based on the fair exchange of ideas and a willingness to respect a position that you don't agree with. Something Mr. Shapiro has, obviously, never assumed in his life. Why is he so respected ?

    Joe YodiceJoe Yodice17 dager siden
  • I watching this so i can win in among us

    Petar GačićPetar Gačić17 dager siden
  • Charisma on Command - If you construct an argument using your opponents premise then you are not arguing a point. You are conceding. It is like saying; I'm going to argue that the money I earned is mine by saying the money I earned is not mine. Your "snuck premise" argument is nonsense.

    Muddy PoolMuddy Pool17 dager siden
  • Ben is right in politics. He uses facts rather than lies

    Stoned _Stoned _17 dager siden
  • I don't think his ability to debate relies on tricks so much as on the way he sees reality - facts and statistics, cause and result correlation and the difference between, and relevance of, internal and external truth. Those "snuck premises" described in the video sure are a weak spot though, and I think they should always catch your ear if you pay attention. Always listen carefully to every word and figure out if anything creates a dissonance to you, because if it does then there's a good chance that something about those words wasn't exact. Neutralize this dissonance before moving on in order to get to the truth, because the truth cannot be disputed and is the sure way to be right, simply enough :)

    G SaigoG Saigo18 dager siden
  • Along with all this, he knows the facts

    Jeremy HJeremy H18 dager siden
  • Great delivery of this video. You managed to stay in biased while giving arguments of both side. This is why people are leaving mainstream and joining independent voices they find on NOworld. Good job!

    justin leejustin lee18 dager siden
  • Only “dominant” to those on the right, because, to be very honest, most are ignorant, or uninformed people.

    Cody JohnsonCody Johnson18 dager siden
  • Their money are not their money??

    Yoana DimitrovaYoana Dimitrova18 dager siden
  • "Facts don't care about your feelings" Ben Shapiro

    Estong TigasEstong Tigas18 dager siden
  • He states himself that he wants to embarrass rather than engage or debate.

    gary sofkogary sofko18 dager siden
  • Just the title of this shows: Enemy. He is a bully.

    gary sofkogary sofko18 dager siden
  • 1) talkwithoutusingspace

    KuyperianBereanKuyperianBerean18 dager siden
  • lol 4.09 million people who will never have charisma...

    andrew mckinlayandrew mckinlay18 dager siden
  • Ben Shapiro is the Mike Tyson of radio and debates.

    Mrsean StevensonMrsean Stevenson19 dager siden
  • Ben Shapiro is leaving California because he can't win against educated people. So he's taking his marble to states where his non-stop whining are considered intelligent.

    pick yogumpick yogum19 dager siden
    • Bruhhhhh your IQ is funny.... like you can't even listen to the reasons why he left which all Californians agree plus people who were living in California.

      pickelrick 1pickelrick 112 dager siden
  • you can never ever win any debate against ur parents ...... coz they have special talent to drag every arguments to ur marks ,,,, first get good grades than argue with me !!!!

    Akash LakhatariaAkash Lakhataria19 dager siden
  • I would point out that the snuck premise in his abortion debate is that the decision to abort or not is his.

    Kalinin DippyKalinin Dippy19 dager siden