7 Things I Wish I Knew In My 20's

10. des.. 2018
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I sometimes think back like “I wish I knew that at 20…” or “Imagine where I would be now if I took more action…” and “If only I bought bitcoin when it was $1…”
I’m sure you’ve all been there
This fueled the idea of today’s video
7 tips that I wish I knew when I was 20, now in your hands to implement!

0:34 - Point #1: Constant Criticism About You Is Probably True
1:09 - Point #2: 90% Of Negotiation Success Is In Starting It
2:13 - Point #3: Scarcity Is Often A Sales Tactic
3:26 - Point #4: Arguing Over Life Philosophies Is A Waste Of Time
4:27 - Point #5: Value Experience Over Theory
5:37 - Point #6: Remove Lies Of Omission
6:36 - Point #7: Growth Comes When You Do The Opposite
7:59 - Foreign Channel Announcement
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  • #1: Also applies to compliments. If multiple people say that you're intelligent, you probably are. #3: Overall, don't act because you feel that you have to. I made quite a few mistakes because I thought I had to act quickly.

    hackermanhackerman2 timer siden
  • So I should take drugs? I'm joking btw 🤣🤣

    Lauren BaxterLauren BaxterDag siden
  • "Growth means doing the opposite." So you're saying I should start smoking, and not going to school?

    Aminata AbdouramaneAminata AbdouramaneDag siden
  • Unfortunately English is my foreign language.

    john k.john k.3 dager siden
  • Number 8 you needed to know. That if you dye your hair green and put some white paint on the face. You became joker :D and ofc red smile

    Juscius BarberJuscius Barber4 dager siden
  • Costa Rica is awesome but definitely not as great as America...try to make your dreams happen by living there...the opportunities just aren't there...yes there are better places than others much like people...

    Dr LongusDr Longus5 dager siden
  • The opposite of not taking drugs?🤔

    tikto.olatikto.ola7 dager siden
  • This video actually helped me turn my life around. So grateful that such free content exists in the world.

    Ila TyagiIla Tyagi7 dager siden
  • do you get your water from the fountain of youth

    El AlvEl Alv8 dager siden
  • Kinda good , kinda not

    Danny C. JewellDanny C. Jewell10 dager siden
  • I'd love to help you out with spreading the information as your videos have helped me a lot but I really don't think dubbing is the best way to achieve this. Being multi lingual, interacting with multiple cultures on a regular basis and having used your videos to improve myself I can confidently say this. Parts of what you says can apply to one culture and not to another. Apart from English most other languages I know are Indian, they differ in culture along with the language. For example, what you said in this video about explaining your life philosophy to others, in my mother tongue(Malayalam) no one goes about telling others how to live as it is considered a farce. In North India, where most popular language is Hindi, people frequently ask each other and revere those who explain the same along with a touch "cosmic power". This message you intend to send to them would need to be worked upon in each of those language if you desire an equivalent impact. For me, I just use what I need and keep to the side what can't be used. It has been very effective for me.

    Jerin ThomasJerin Thomas11 dager siden
  • lol dancing is for women. Bro dancing is for getting women... nothing is sexier than a man that can dance

    Lauren JamesLauren James11 dager siden
  • Visiting and living there are 2 different things: your speaking very ignorant and narcissistic about how America isn’t the greatest. Most people in bad countries want to come and live in America. No other country has the constitution we have.

    Jon FarrellJon Farrell13 dager siden
  • As for #7 its true, if you're in this videos age range while its drastic an option to give you an out is always enlist in the military. Regardless of your gender if you are single and feel like your stuck in a dead end job or you know you want to go to school or even stopped and still want to continue consider joining. It can be hard adopting a radical change in life style but it will definitely put you in a new environment and if you do a little research or ask for help can help you pick a set of skill that you can then use for later on. Now when I say this I mean specifically dont join and think I want to go infantry then well unless you want to be security or work for private arms contractor (can't think of the term) that won't help develop future applicable skills in the civilian world. As a young 21 year old at the time of joining it gave me access to complete health care, (Active Duty) a bank system that made it very easy to take out a loan in order build up a credit score (Navy Federal) and a place I never thought I would live (Personal). It was the right choice for me and pulled me out of my mindless routine of hey I got class today then work after and then work all day tomorrow and class all day the next day, my point of working full time and going to school full time where I didn't want to deal with people besides those I did on the regular. It gave me a place where every couple weeks I'll get an NCO to ask what's going on and provide a stable support system that if there are any life questions that are currently even out of my realm maybe even theirs they can continue going up that support chain to find someone who does and then they can help me. This is probably the biggest help as it definitely extended my line of support past my parents, internet and group of daily regulars who were in roughly the same position as I was. Now while I'm not actively trying to sell this path (maybe a little depending on your situation) its mainly just me recounting my experiences for the past year. Now its not all good times either there is a certain amount of BS that goes along with joining the military in general but it wasn't any worse that what I had beforehand and at least now I can have a way to try and figure out why its like that to a certain extent.

    Evan ZablockiEvan Zablocki16 dager siden
  • Thank you so much for sharing these lessons! How amazing is it to have learned them so early in life. Every single video of your channel provides a ton of value, great to see!

    Dot Connector17Dot Connector1720 dager siden
  • And this video only has English sub(the one that he is speaking)😂...I can translate this videos in my language easily can I sign up since its not for free?😬🙃

    Sahar NorooziSahar Noroozi20 dager siden
  • Can anyone please elaborate on 7. is it true?

    Liam dabrowskiLiam dabrowski20 dager siden
  • #1 is also true with good things you hear about yourself. I know it's a problem for me and many others to believe compliments, but if you hear it a lot maybe it's ok to accept it.

    MikeMike23 dager siden
  • are you...not in your 20s?

    palmer491palmer49124 dager siden
  • your brilliant. thank you x

    Luna FeythLuna Feyth24 dager siden
  • Finally a person that admits a college degree is nearly useless to the real world.

    KennethKenneth25 dager siden
  • “Lies of omission” Spoken like a guy who has never been married. ;D

    John DoughJohn Dough26 dager siden
  • Experience is truly another way of learning.

    Catholic Chroma ChannelCatholic Chroma Channel26 dager siden
  • a 20 year ish acting all grown up and charismatic is just sad. You cant fake it you gotta earn it through blood and tears in the life!

    SLKZSLKZ26 dager siden
  • I'm 21 years old Asia man. This video is really for me.

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  • I'm 22 so this is really helpful. Thanks, man.

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  • God man this is such great content, I’m 22 and so fortunate to have stumbled upon this video

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  • Costa Rica? You also talk about having lived in Brazil in a different video, serious question for you Charlie; how many places have you lived in and what is your experience? I'm really curious because I think that something like that as far as traveling goes might be useful for my own life. If you have a video just talking about that stuff it would be awesome to see. Hope to hear from you at some point, love your content by the way.

    Jordan FeltJordan FeltMåned siden
  • Charlie, I admire how driven you are on expanding your channel beyond America. Way to go!!! All the super successful people I have met across the globe have been walking on the strait and narrow path. They all have the discipline to work on their craft constantly for building an empire. It's very sad that there are more and more young people in America, who are distracted by weeds, alcohol, and drugs.

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  • This video inspired me. I opened up and asked someone close to me to help with my impulsive spending habits. Thank you for the great work your doing.

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  • Fact: you're below 20 when you're watching this comment

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  • @5:07. In North Korea you don’t need to worry about having political discussions at family meals and gatherings because there isn’t enough food to host a gathering.

    That Chess GuyThat Chess GuyMåned siden
  • This has been a huge help. I was doubting myself about moving abroad because my family dont want me to basically.. But as you said 1 small thing wont make the change i need, i need to change my whole life except maybe my career

    Nathan MonsonNathan MonsonMåned siden
  • Im mid 30s but have a fresh start and have realised why would i stay in australia and pay 600k+ for a house when i can move the a country like the U.S. and buy a house for 80k and semi retire.. family dont understand why i want to move, but i do and thats alp that matters

    Nathan MonsonNathan MonsonMåned siden
  • Have you thought about adding light background mood music as you speak? I think there must be a strategy for how you choose to capture your videos depending on your goal for the video?

    Heidi CHeidi CMåned siden
  • how r u 31 u look like my age and i’m 15 but u americans don’t age

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  • I didn't get the 6th point. What were you trying to say basically? To tell the whole truth without leaving out anything?

    Deepthi ChandraDeepthi ChandraMåned siden
  • You're a good egg my man, really. Your channel is fantastic and easy to follow. 👏 From France.

    Daniel LDaniel LMåned siden
  • 1. If you continue to hear something about yourself, it's probably true 2. When it comes to negotiations 90% of success is in starting it 3. Scarcity is often just a sales tactics 4. Arguing over life philosophies is basically a waste of time 5. Value experience more than book smarts 6. There is such a thing as a lie of omission 7. Growth often comes when you do the opposite of what worked before

    Baran NultwintigBaran NultwintigMåned siden
  • Why is your skin so good? Drop the routine

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  • "blazed a different path". i like that, i like that a lot.

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  • Very few subjects books smarts can be as useful as experience but mostly experience more useful also need to balance experience& book smarts as an example doctors have to do residency because experience teaches you to applied what was in book in high tension situations doctors experience daily when both experience and book smarts are in sync is in my opinion where peak efficiency potential is greater than someone with imbalance between too low experience and high book smarts may work ie McDonald's but more high risk situations needs that balance Edit : Experience can increase book smarts and vice versa if you actively participate in experience but book smarts can't teach the experience but can enhance quality of work

    Jerel MarchJerel March2 måneder siden
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  • Hi, hope you are well! =) Your content is great and very inspiring =) When it comes to your question, I have been working on translating NOworld Videos to Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian language. So, if you are interested in approaching Balkan market, kindly let me know! =) Greetings from Mostar! =)

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  • I m 19 and I have felt all of these things myself especially about not blindly following elders.. my mom is ideal but her suggestions have made me stagnant a couple of times. The one I found the most valuable was about scarcity. You're great👍👍

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