How To ACTUALLY Change Someone’s Mind

30. des.. 2019
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Changing someone’s mind is hard. I believe a huge part of the reason boils down to the fact that we often trigger one another’s emotional defenses before the content of our arguments can be evaluated.
That’s why in this video I want to give you 5 do’s and don’ts to actually change someones mind and we’ll be using Steven Crowder’s “Change My Mind” segment to do it .

0:48 - #1: When persuading someone, go slow.
2:10 - #2: Build rapport.
4:08 - #3: Don't use insults.
5:49 - #4: Concisely summarize how the other person feels.
7:45 - #5: Make it clear that you're speaking from your individual perception of reality.
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  • Steven isn't there to change his mind, he's just there to make money off the right wing cucks who watch them, as they type in his comment section "HUEHUE HE OWN DA LIBS"

    darkyperv34darkyperv34Dag siden
  • Do a video on Hitchens, please

    Jesse RukinJesse Rukin9 dager siden
  • The point of change my mind isn't always to change minds. Sometimes it does but the focus is to rationalize opinions on controversial topics

    Payton AxtellPayton Axtell12 dager siden
  • you do realize this how people get shot in public,by trying to force people to change there mind

    Charles DeLiberisCharles DeLiberis13 dager siden
  • Yeah i would love to debate someone in person i think it would be cool.

    Hard Core GamerHard Core Gamer27 dager siden
  • Since a lot of people are talking about this, I always thought the "Change My Mind" thing was more to have his opponent clearly articulate and defend their opinions rather than just screaming profanities and insults, and repeating memes, jokes, and skewed statistics from social media.

    SFxTAGG3SFxTAGG3Måned siden
  • This is a useless video

    The Time NinjaThe Time NinjaMåned siden
  • To a magician rapport is useless? I’m professional magician and the first thing I do is establishing rapport. You can get people amazed or laughing if they dislike you.

    Pedro AmaralPedro AmaralMåned siden
  • Thanks

    Lucelio RodriguesLucelio RodriguesMåned siden
  • Be the change that you want to see. People will follow if they feel that you are sincere.

    Samson the NaziriteSamson the NaziriteMåned siden
  • The point of change my mind is to change Steven crowders mind not for Him to change they’re minds even though he does change minds some time

    Anime lover HAVENAnime lover HAVENMåned siden
  • That professors beard is off the hook!! I'm screen shotting that.

    Dioscuri MasDioscuri MasMåned siden
  • Steven says it over and over and maybe the name should reflect it, but those videos are less for him to have his mind cancer and more for a discussion to take place where both sides can have their viewpoints discussed and be put out in the open for people to see without it devolving into a screaming match and I think to that end he’s done pretty well.

    Judah RiningerJudah RiningerMåned siden
  • Of your videos that I have watched, this is definitely the best.

    descentplayerdescentplayerMåned siden
  • Hip hop wave? I don't belive that is a thing. Lmfao

    CMF1727CMF1727Måned siden
  • As good as your points are, about 60% of the population seems to be incapable of honesty.

    Cannonball BearCannonball BearMåned siden
  • This misses the entire point

    Ian NavarroIan NavarroMåned siden
  • sub 2 pewdiepie 😂😂😂

    Panda girlPanda girlMåned siden
  • It's so strange to hear crowder shoot down any argument used against him that is based on feeling, when he is literally a christian, which is founded on faith (aka the belief without proof)

    Cryptic CobraCryptic CobraMåned siden
  • if that blue shirt guy really changed his mind, that's the first time I've seen a debate have any value in 30 years

    PrawPrawMåned siden
  • I think Stevens fair I think your weak.

    Fiacra DoyleFiacra DoyleMåned siden
  • I like how your videos are apolitical and unbiased no matter who you talk about

    Genesis RailGenesis RailMåned siden
  • I didn't realise that you've showed me on your advert that I am already that man...Thank you so have changed my thinking and my mind set...bless you for your inspiration....

    Steve ClarkeSteve Clarke2 måneder siden
  • That is a very strange clip at 7:42. Crowder has long sleeves on, pantsless and has about a dozen heat lamps on him and Ben. Very strange.

    Daniel VoylesDaniel Voyles2 måneder siden
  • You missed the whole point of "Change My Mind".....

    TheFunnyguy9000TheFunnyguy90002 måneder siden
  • I think u missed the point, the segment of change my mind is not for Steven crowder to change their mind but for them to Change Steven’s mind.

    Rachel G.Rachel G.2 måneder siden
  • Ummm.... the point of his segment isn't to actually have his kind changed..... it's the his "hook" when talking about controversial topics. Also I think the main point is to remind people to have a civil and respectful discussion. IE, not belittleing or throwing jabs at the other side.

    Joel ZabikJoel Zabik2 måneder siden
  • The thumbnail makes Steven look like Tom Hanks in "Burbs"

    Meme Rights ActivistMeme Rights Activist2 måneder siden
  • Did you just use a clip from a PureFlix movie? Oh my god is dead, I love this.

    Gay BowserGay Bowser2 måneder siden
  • Truth is the guy is NEVER going to change his mind and the program is designed to change others minds. It’s best to analyze the statement your given to change is mind about, it’s a bit of a trap

    Nicholas HaleyNicholas Haley2 måneder siden
  • I see whachu did there. Built, concept, pitch, quote, appeal. Nice try Mr.

    GabbaGabba2 måneder siden
  • Russell Brand is a rude bully, and not even slightly funny.

    SJDSJD2 måneder siden
  • 4:50 Crowder starts being a snowflake because he was losing the socialism “debate”. That’s what happens when he makes the videos Live.

    JayJay2 måneder siden
  • I like change my mind. You get to find out what both sides actually think without relying on the media to tell you what both sides think.

    Stephan JoubertStephan Joubert2 måneder siden
  • This showed up in my recommended (I'm subscribed to the channel) and I was pleasantly surprised. I hate Crowder a little less now. Still think his views are generally atrocious, but eh. Love your work!

    Taylor BessTaylor Bess2 måneder siden
  • I don’t agree with most of his stands but I watch cuz he is a great debater and he is so damn funny

    vincent sheinvincent shein2 måneder siden
  • Good film to watch about this topic is “12 angry men”

    Sascha BlumenstielSascha Blumenstiel2 måneder siden
  • Movie? 1:42

    Komail SayedKomail Sayed2 måneder siden
  • Often times in debates it's not about changing the mind of the opponent, but rather the audience. Hence the reason many debates try to get as large an audience as possible. If it really was just about the 2 arguers, they could do that in private and in private, there's actually more possibility of a change of mind due to less pressure in being proven wrong by one person in private vs being proved wrong in front of many people.

    aussj4linkaussj4link2 måneder siden
  • I think the whole point of change my mind is for the audience watching to start thinking.

    ChaimChaim2 måneder siden
  • Someone’s a little butthurt over Crowder

    SymphonicAnarchySymphonicAnarchy2 måneder siden
  • I will say you are misrepresenting Steven crowder. His segment is about some one changing his mind.

    clwillie2000clwillie20002 måneder siden
  • Shut up, we all know we watch Steven to watch Sjw etc react being triggered

    Jashua MartinezJashua Martinez2 måneder siden
  • The whole point if change my mind is to give people an opportunity to change HIS mind

    Zach LehkyiZach Lehkyi2 måneder siden
  • The dude that makes these videos is the most dangerous man in the world

    Tal RoyalTal Royal2 måneder siden
  • This has nothing to do with the ourpose of the video ( which is great) but i just want to say that actually changing the mind of his oponents might not be the main goal of steven, but to show hiw wrong gheir arhuments are so other people will change their mind. Probably

    Ana Lucia CamachoAna Lucia Camacho2 måneder siden
  • So you are saying, that we shouldn't follow the antifa / BLM model of conversation?

    Somewon YunoSomewon Yuno2 måneder siden
  • so what you are saying is, you will never change someone's mind online in the comments! Well that will save me a few hours per week.

    shouldsleep1shouldsleep12 måneder siden
  • most people are too prideful to have their minds changed

    stickystick105stickystick1052 måneder siden
  • I think it's sad we need a tutorial on how to change someone's mind. In the perfect world, saying the truth and clearly showing evidence and proof for it, should be all that's necessary.

    CapyBoi-7CapyBoi-72 måneder siden
  • Your title is flawed though. His title is change MY mind. He is going out to hear other beliefs and rationalize them through convos. He not doing it to directly change the minds of the ones he sits with.

    Dakota JamesDakota James2 måneder siden
  • That girl that had balls was kinda cute lol I do notice Crowded brings the "punch line" later. It's usually unsuspected.

    Clarence MClarence M2 måneder siden
  • Where I come from, it's very common to ask where people we just met are from. Then we tell them what we know about the place even the language that they speak sometimes. I just realized it serve to build rapport with the strangers.

    April YaniApril Yani2 måneder siden
  • 4:22 Steven did that because the white shirt guy was acting disrespectful and uncivil since the beginning of the conversation

    Cups EditsCups Edits2 måneder siden
  • If 2 in a debate "go slow" on each other?

    SamarSamar2 måneder siden
  • Steven does not say he wants to change minds, he wants other people to change his is unfair to try to show that he is not that good at changing minds when that is not his real goal...

    Luis SerranoLuis Serrano3 måneder siden
  • What i dont like about Crowder, is how invasive he is physically while talking to people.

    Gmail AccountGmail Account3 måneder siden
  • Change my mind (but I actually won't change my mind lol)

    A very handsome ChileanA very handsome Chilean3 måneder siden
  • step 1. Look opponent in the eyes step 2. Remove pants step 3 *assert dominance* 7:35

    ZeenixZeenix3 måneder siden
  • Debates don't exist to change your oponents mind. They exist to present your point of view and that you are able to defend it. Crowder usually just shows you how the "I have two semesters of gender studies I know everything" crowd melts when you put them in situation when they have to defend ideas instead of repeating them.

    Nazael RahlNazael Rahl3 måneder siden
  • hes more so doing it for discussion, but i still like the video

    aiden nelsonaiden nelson3 måneder siden
  • I very strongly believe that in order to change someone's position, you need to give them the same respect that you are demanding they give you. This is unconditional. This means that if you are arguing with a flat earther, you need to be actually willing to change your mind given the right evidence and arguments. If you are LGBT, which i fully support, you need to be willing to change your mind in order to win a supporter.

    TafellappenTafellappen3 måneder siden
  • 2:45 bruh

    John Donrick ZernaJohn Donrick Zerna3 måneder siden
  • How to change conservatives' mind: use logics, facts, and stats. How to change liberals': nah, you can't. They are so open-minded that there is not enough facts and stats to fit in there.

    Minh VuMinh Vu3 måneder siden
  • I'd say 74% of the views here are husbands who try and win arguments with their wives. 23% are the wives training. 3% are like me, trying to get smart.

    somelamename how about mr.jukeboxsomelamename how about mr.jukebox3 måneder siden
  • For me, subjectively speaking, building rapport, if there is a political view behind that, is *DEMAGOGY*, especially if there is a depreciation of arguments with sometimes, false counterarguments.

    Gatos y té.Gatos y té.3 måneder siden
  • Awesome thank you so much for this video.

    Dio TitusDio Titus3 måneder siden
  • "Go Slow" *Smirks in ben shapiro*

    6969 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge6969 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge3 måneder siden
  • I tried all of this on my mom. Spoiler: it did not work.😂😃😂😃😂😃

    dasis terosdasis teros3 måneder siden
  • Great video and very much appreciate the time stamps for the different steps or tips

    NinjaNutz ForFunNinjaNutz ForFun3 måneder siden
  • The point of his segment to get people to change his mind, not to change others'. He just makes it seem that way because his beliefs are firm and backed up. The segment isn't perfect obviously but that's sorta the point, because it's also showing how little people truly understand their own beliefs and how easily or how hard one can be persuaded when you do or don't truly believe in something.

    Hunter O'KeefeHunter O'Keefe3 måneder siden
  • The brilliance of Steven’s Change My Mind segment is that spectators are free to change their own minds without the vulnerability of losing face in debate

    Matthew ChandlerMatthew Chandler3 måneder siden
  • I think the best example for the last point would be the ChangeMyMind on Gun Control where he invited to of the people he talked to to go through the process of buying a gun

    Das KampffredchenDas Kampffredchen3 måneder siden
  • I hope Steven sees this video and uses it to improve

    Das KampffredchenDas Kampffredchen3 måneder siden
  • Wow charisma can actually help you learn by knowing what questions to ask

    CoarvusCoarvus3 måneder siden
  • Steven tries to get them to rationalize their positions, which are often incredibly irrational.

    responsible jerkresponsible jerk3 måneder siden
  • Well Steven’s goal is not to change their mind or they his. The goal is to rationalize one’s own views on the topic.

    Matt WoldanskiMatt Woldanski3 måneder siden
  • he literally says its to change his mind though. yea its his show but it is who sits down that is challenging it in the end

    100GAMESOFDEATH100GAMESOFDEATH3 måneder siden
  • He reminds me of the close talker from Seinfeld lol

    J.P. R.AJ.P. R.A3 måneder siden
  • The entire conversation, debates r used for viewers to change THEIR minds tbh. Sometimes you have to stomp people so hard that it will leave some doubts in their own minds. Giving your opposition some air (agreeing, finding common ground) to breath gave them false hope that they r right.

    Cryptus PrimeroCryptus Primero3 måneder siden
  • Why the hell was Crowder NOT wearing pants interviewing Shapiro? Like WTF?

    keid1020keid10203 måneder siden
  • The first thing you can do is not be a dishonest hack like SC.

    NMEdroneNMEdrone3 måneder siden
  • I tend to say a lot of statements like "I think" "In my opinion" "So I've heard" "according to studies I've read" but they typically get taken as me spouting for-sure facts at people, even though I'm trying to make it extremely clear that I'm not certain, it's just my thought or idea

    FlowUrbanFlowFlowUrbanFlow3 måneder siden
  • I think everyone missed the point of crowders videos. Also the amount of times that guy has been physically attacked makes me side with him. He stands for Conversation over violence

    WhosHereIn2020? _WhosHereIn2020? _3 måneder siden
  • I remember trying to explain to my ex that Ben Shapiro wasn’t really trying to change minds and he isn’t being very helpful with changing the leftist mindset with how he forms his arguments etc. but I never could figure out the correct wording for it and just my argument flopped so thank you very much but sadly you’re a year late lol

    Lydia PickronLydia Pickron3 måneder siden
  • how do they not get angry. how do they remain calm

    metalmaster76metalmaster763 måneder siden
  • Question for #4. In previous episodes (thinking Ben Shapiro, etc) Charlie states that it is important to take note of when an argument is being made behind-the-scenes (I'm thinking specifically the "kill babies" segment from Shapiro). If we don't point those out, don't we automatically seed the argument because we take too long trying to fully understand the other person's point of view ?

    Ryan ChengRyan Cheng3 måneder siden
  • Keep in mind the name of the series that Crowder does is "Change My Mind" meaning he has his established viewpoint and is asking the people that come up to him to change HIS mind.

    Sean MurphySean Murphy3 måneder siden
  • you have to look at the context. this video cuts to insults crowder makes after these people are clearly uncivil and emotionally charged. if you sit down to something like this you simply can't act like that if you don't want to be made a fool.

    Vincent CusumanoVincent Cusumano3 måneder siden
  • Bruh ya change no ones mind

    Philly TobesPhilly Tobes3 måneder siden
  • Stephan Crowder is the god of effective argument.

    James HedrickJames Hedrick3 måneder siden
  • If you can compare 1 per Center rhetoric to Hitler’s rhetoric then you can also compare conservative rhetoric on immigration to Hitler’s rhetoric. Also you did make a false equivalence Steven, but the other comparison is easily far more accurate. Just sayin’.

    Jean-Luc La RueJean-Luc La Rue3 måneder siden
  • If there’s anyone who won’t ever change his mind it’s definitely Steven Crowder, especially because the purpose of those segments is to reinforce what his audience already believes under the guise of a genuine discussion to conceal his true motives and give himself plausible deniability when anyone challenge him in his true motives, especially because this allows him to keep making money from his audience by telling them what they want to hear. This isn’t entirely related to the video, after this isn’t about Steven’s motives for doing something, (which is money, not that I can necessarily hold that against him, but I can question his dishonest methods) but nonetheless I feel that it’s worth bringing up just because I feel like it and maybe it will start someone down the path to change their mind about Steven’s content, although that’s admittedly not likely to actually happen.

    Jean-Luc La RueJean-Luc La Rue3 måneder siden
  • There is a guy with a cat in his coat

    USAPandaUSAPanda3 måneder siden
  • He does say at the beginning of each episode that it’s not a debate but rationalizing positions. That said, this video is super interesting. Thanks for posting!

    JLinkinJLinkin3 måneder siden
  • I commented on a previous video that crowder is prepared to have these discussions with ppl who are emotional and has the least informed about the topics he wants to discuss. In the change my mind scenarios he is cool calm and collective but in his show he is full of hype with his hype men.

    C. ArndellC. Arndell3 måneder siden
  • So, I read the timestamps in your description. Unfortunately, #4 and #5 have nothing to do with committing to one's impotence to prove and how that relates to absolute truth. I'm sorry, but I'm afraid to say that you still don't get it.

    Matthew WilsonMatthew Wilson3 måneder siden
  • Wow... I am a pretty teachable person and although what I'm about to say sounds counterproductive to what you said, I would have to point out that compared to my experience, what you spoke of never helped change someone's mind no matter how much energy I put into these propositions you gave me. At all times, I never could convince someone and I guess that was more or less because it was on the side of being PC. Now, I see the influence and point of being politically correct, but most of the times you have to put someone else's emotions in front of facts that will never change (Like how a resistor will always be called a resistor- even with sub-types, resistor will somehow make its way into the name if it is a kind or type of resistor) and most of the times facts rule over emotions due to a ton of research and feasibility being done. But the problem with applying to another's emotions is that emotions will always somehow be attached with one's perspective and a perspective will sometimes be extremely warped or even sometimes born without the ability to even have that option. It isn't like you can convince - something a little more extreme here, someone without kidneys to cleanse their blood of toxins by trying to work with and or around their emotions. Sometimes it is just flat out impossible and other times, it can't apply to the general populous because we're not something you can bunch up and think of as numbers rather than individuals who are so different to the point where you would start feeling a bit psychotic yourself just because of how overwhelming it is.

    Adam SchmidtAdam Schmidt3 måneder siden
  • People have the choice, at any time to discontinue their discussions. IF it doesn't 'feel' productive if I were talking to him, into trying to change his mind: Then I'll just stay polite and respectfully leave. It's that simple, and it's the best choice.

    Ut1F70F SinUt1F70F Sin3 måneder siden
  • When you debate someone, you are never doing so with the goal of changing their mind. If that's what you're trying to do, then stop. You are debating them solely to convince the people observing. NOBODY will ever admit they are wrong, it is near impossible for human nature to accept. As such, just debate with the intention of "winning".

    ProdigialProdigial3 måneder siden