How To Avoid Embarrassing Yourself In An Argument - Ben Shapiro

3. juni. 2019
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A recent Ben Shapiro interview has gotten a lot of attention. In case you haven’t seen it, Ben Shapiro got into a heated argument with BBC’s Andrew Neil, and eventually walked out of the interview.
Now, Ben is no stranger to these kinds of arguments, so it was surprising to see how many people thought that he lost, or was even quote unquote “destroyed.” So in this video, we’re going to break down what went wrong for Ben and talk about four things you can do to avoid any embarrassment in an argument.

0:39 - #1: Body language & speech patterns
3:03 - #2: The way that you answer questions
7:32 - #3: Your mindset going into it
11:06 - #4: What matters is who acts like they are winning
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  • Andrew Neil is a liberal BBC hack who doesnt try to hide his bias. Let the media act impartial again and then maybe people will give a crap about them

    Justin KorchokJustin Korchok12 timer siden
  • To be fair to Ben nearly ALL political tv is rude. They won't let each other speak.They talk over each other. It'# aggressive. It's about who can throw one under the bus quicker with questions, rebuttles and verbal attacks. Political tv is NOT the place for reasonable, respectful, and honest discussions. That's why Ben acts the way he does. Did it work on this show. Apparently not. But it's worked on others. Political tv is very cut-throat. Even this dude resulted in insults. Everyone who thinks Ben "lost" are just keeping their political spectrum glasses on. They want him to fail cuz they disagree with him. They don't see how the other guy is smirking and resorting to insults as well.

    yellowleafyellowleaf3 dager siden
  • I love your videos!!!

    ladillalegosladillalegos3 dager siden
  • Oh he has never even had an interview like that before. He debates inexperienced kids and his interviews in america have just been people stroking his balls telling him how smart he is. He has not once been in a situation where he has had to defend his points to an experienced intellectual. Until this. And the outcome was very predictable.

    chester lestrangechester lestrange4 dager siden
  • While in most cases the commentary is correct, in this particular case had Ben tried to be funny about issues that are extremely important and dead serious for his target audience with uncompromising stances on the same (abortion, Israeli-Arab conflict), "winning" the "debate" would have cost him far more than it did "losing" it since he would have lost a great deal of credibility and therefore audience that way. He lost because he did not have a meaningful fact-based answers to some of the questions asked, opted to go ad hominem and then left. Everything else is just makeup.

    VersusARCHVersusARCH4 dager siden
  • I saw that interview. Being a Brit I obviously know Andrew Neil, but I've also watched a whole heap of Ben Shapiro vids, so feel I pretty much know where he stands. Unfortunately it appears that Ben was totally unprepared for this interview. Didn't have a clue who Andrew Neil was. Didn't seem to understand the notion of playing "devils advocate" (which is what Andrew was doing). If he'd just done a bit of homework first, he'd have realised that Andrew was probably on the same team. Andrew Neil asking the hard questions was supposed to be a prompt for Ben to put his own case forward. Instead, Ben just got offended and felt insulted. That's when it all fell apart. Calling Andrew Neil a Leftie was also a big mistake, because anyone that knows Andrew realises how rediculous that is.

    Ken FullmanKen Fullman5 dager siden
  • Ben is a child at times- arguing, name calling, dismissive, insulting.

    diane DONOHUEdiane DONOHUE5 dager siden
  • Sure he lost this debate but have you seen the guy's track record? I'm pretty sure he knows what he's doing, one hiccup doesn't tell me he embarrassed himself.

    Masen BrownMasen Brown8 dager siden
  • Ben Shapiro is a classic Karen. Not even Todd. Just, Karen

    Laniakea -000-Laniakea -000-9 dager siden
  • What about being authentic and just answering the question truthfully? No wonder politics has become a huge turn off for the populace.

    SvendBosanvovskiSvendBosanvovski10 dager siden
  • As a motivational speaker, i'm actually thinking that you've lost it

    Kevin Theil SørensenKevin Theil Sørensen10 dager siden
  • I LOVE your channel, yet Ben says things you would never dare to say!!

    Kevin Theil SørensenKevin Theil Sørensen10 dager siden
  • I don't understand; Ben owned it!

    Kevin Theil SørensenKevin Theil Sørensen10 dager siden
    • Ben owned it? At the very end he boasted his popularity and had to outright say he was winning. It doesn't paint a picture of a very confident man.

      Bella SBella S8 dager siden
  • Do people really care about Ben Shapiro's embarrassment ? He's embarrassing period!

    andii doodeandii doode10 dager siden
  • "lighthearted way" and "a genuine smile" are the things that are entirely alien to Ben.

    Mateusz LeszekMateusz Leszek12 dager siden
  • That’s why Ben shabino only „debates“ arguments he states himself or 19 yo college kids

    Emin KiracEmin Kirac13 dager siden
  • Neil went home that night without even knowing he crushed a mans pride lol

    Filthy OgreFilthy Ogre14 dager siden
  • Honestly, I think Ben is generally well composed, particularly for an orthodox Jewish man (I say this because he has discourse with a lot of people who don't believe as he does). I also believe he is becoming increasingly frustrated and impatient with people understandably so. This is his personality, and I can appreciate that he is consistent. Ben is trained professionally as a lawyer, and he is a social/ political commentator not a psychologist as Jordan Peterson. The media is hugely biased against Ben he has been refused jobs and experienced a great deal of bias and prejudice, he seems to be trying to play the game as the other side plays. Conservatives typically avoid this...

    Tira FaisonTira Faison14 dager siden
  • Yeah, Joe Rogan, the guy that rapid fires a bunch of nonsensical "let's say" hypotheticals at you sure sounds smart to me.

    Văn-Hiếu VõVăn-Hiếu Võ14 dager siden
    • ? He's doing a podcast and interviewing his guests. You want to keep asking questions and hypotheticals because it gives the interviewee a chance to further strengthen their position. Which ironically, is exactly what Andrew was doing to Ben and he thought that Andrew was attacking him and got his feeling hurts.

      Jeffrey IshmaelJeffrey Ishmael13 dager siden
  • No loss for Ben.

    INTOUCHINTOUCH16 dager siden
  • bruh how do u lose an INTERVIEW

    fionafiona16 dager siden
  • Admit it , you are just anti Ben. BTW I wont subscribe,you fast talking, little jittery neuro case

    aj kootsaj koots16 dager siden
  • Andrew Neil was the last impartial journalist at the BBC. He was a great interviewer to everyone, irrespective of their political view point. BBC sacked him recently as he refused to aquiecese and give an easy ride the lefties. BBC is cancer

    Paul AhtonPaul Ahton16 dager siden
  • Can you make a video on how to not breakdown crying in an argument.

    Umberto CUmberto C17 dager siden
  • People who think that the person that is acting like is winning a verbal is actually winning are pretty unintelligent and proves that you don't know what real verbal insults are like, pretending to be winning is rookie strat that most people can see through

    AF57AF5719 dager siden
  • Ben is autistic. Don't be autistic.

    ДесничарДесничар19 dager siden
  • What kind of nonsense is this?

    Matt ThomsonMatt Thomson20 dager siden
  • Legend has that Ben Shapiro won an argument with his Wife.

    Mário RamosMário Ramos20 dager siden
  • Ben dodged Andrews questions Andrew never answered of Ben's questions

    Patrick QuinnPatrick Quinn21 dag siden
    • Because it's an interview.... Ben is not in an position to ask questions there

      DundorilDundoril15 dager siden
  • Ben Shapiro ripped him apart he was talking rubbish BBC and all other types of British mainstream media are on the left so Ben said is right and he was trying to patronise Ben and Ben didn't have it

    Patrick QuinnPatrick Quinn21 dag siden
    • Wow. Do people in the American education system not learn basic grammar and punctuation?

      Bella SBella S8 dager siden
  • Oh come on. He's still young. He will come back stronger, I mean, better, if he learns.

    Eureka AdangEureka Adang23 dager siden
  • i wouldn't say "destroyed" he didn't win, but He didn't lose either. the interviewers goal is to get a good interview, mr. Neil did not get a good interview.

    b-mb-m25 dager siden
  • Does Ben Shapiro have a genuine smile?

    Ham FanHam Fan25 dager siden
  • I think ben was having a bad day tbh

    meanmean25 dager siden
  • This doesn't change the fact that Ben is one of the best debaters out there. He didn't have it in this interview.

    MAGA AaronMAGA Aaron26 dager siden
    • To be honest he hasn't 'had it' in most of his debates these past few years. I used to really enjoy his debate style, but it slowly became riddled with personal insults and straw-man arguments.

      Bella SBella S8 dager siden
  • Good grief Trump was a three year old with a poopy diaper

    Adreinne CobbAdreinne Cobb27 dager siden
  • He never lost the argument.

  • When Ben said " I am popular and you are not" I was like wow

    Trevor WilliamsTrevor Williams27 dager siden
  • This was Ben's only memorable lost and it wasn't much of a loss since he didn't even argue.

    mike sanchezmike sanchez27 dager siden
    • He didn't argue? Well that's interesting.

      Bella SBella S8 dager siden
  • Dude youre a fruad lol

    The Prototype ChannelThe Prototype Channel28 dager siden
  • Ben Shapiro isn't actually a good debater. He is just domineering, talks fast and spews his own opinions like rhetoric. He is incapable of truly thinking critically because he is constantly in the mind frame of "I'm always right."

    Claire TClaire T28 dager siden
  • Damn Shapiro guess you're gonna have to go on a journey across four continents and do a training montage to get your Argument State back

    BazzralicBazzralic29 dager siden
  • Ben is clueless...

    dulal miahdulal miahMåned siden
  • Ben is an idoit

    Don p HeathDon p HeathMåned siden
  • Are you truly comparing Ben Shapiro with a UK moron ???

    fran collinsfran collinsMåned siden
  • Ben is entitled to smirk or be what he wants to be. Is he supposed to get permission to be how he feels comfortable. ??

    fran collinsfran collinsMåned siden
    • Smirking makes Ben comfortable? That's concerning. I mean, walking around naked outside on a hot summer's day would make a comfortable, doesn't mean I should do it.

      Bella SBella S8 dager siden
  • Neil was duplicitous and not wanting a proper interview. Neil goes for the score of points even if it is bollox he starts. Ben was right to walk out.

    fran collinsfran collinsMåned siden
  • ben is a dolt

    billythedogbillythedogMåned siden
  • This video is training sociopaths to act like a human

    Dylon WrayDylon WrayMåned siden
  • video could be two seconds long: don't be a pseudo intellectual fraud like ben. case closed.

    jane doejane doeMåned siden
  • Ben usually is very good at debating. But the problem is that he didn't know Andrew Neil's style of interviewing. Andrew always plays the devil's advocate and picks the opposite side of the argument to the person he is interviewing - he does it with left-wing and right wing politicians. Also, if you know a little bit about Andrew Neil, you'll know he certainly isn't the lefty Ben tried to portray him as (which is where Ben really lost it imo).

    Antonio AlvesAntonio AlvesMåned siden
    • Well if Ben was good at debating then he would have researched his opponent. That's one of the first steps of debate.

      Bella SBella S8 dager siden
  • What went wrong? Simple, Ben Shapiro is an arrogant, fanatical, pseudo intellectual douche bag who is accustomed to trolling college campuses and "destroying libruls" when he is allowed to set the deck in his favor. So, when he has to actually argue with an informed adult, he melts down like the coward he truly is.

    Despot AirsoftDespot AirsoftMåned siden
  • Ben is just too used to arguments, not gonna bash him about it.

    BarkkBarkkMåned siden
  • British TV must be the best for this kind of thing ...

    Laxey StuLaxey StuMåned siden
  • When you believe someone is on your team, then you're suprised when they are not. That can set you off.

    T WelshT WelshMåned siden
  • He smirks cause it’s funny

    Tigran HakobyanTigran HakobyanMåned siden
    • Lots of things are funny, but there is a standard of decorum that should be upheld during interviews and debates. Smirking is inherently rude and would actually get points docked off by a judge if this was a real debate.

      Bella SBella S8 dager siden
  • Americans aren't used to being interrogated by their journalists

    ciaranciaranMåned siden
  • ben shapiro is just a sad loser

    steven harrissteven harrisMåned siden
  • All the flaws that you call out about Ben Shapiro are the characteristics that we start liking his debating skills. When the opposing party is being triggered by his smirk and when he talks fast but still logical. (talking too slow makes you look like your still thinking the words you're about to say)

    CGNDCCGNDCMåned siden
    • @CGNDC I guess my reply didn't show up for you. NOworld can be finicky, I'll try copying and pasting it now.

      Bella SBella S6 dager siden
    • @Bella S and sorry if I misrepresent you as leftist but leftist always provide empathy instead of statistics. Always give accusation like "Trump Russian Collision Bombshell" without evidence :) which you are also doing atm since you don't provide any source or reference.

      CGNDCCGNDC6 dager siden
    • @Bella S What comment do you mean? there are only 14 replies and you replied 4 times. You didn't provide any "source from politifact" first reply: @CGNDC I don't think I've ever seen Ben Shapiro bring up an accurate and relative statistic. second reply: @CGNDC Not quite sure what visual aids have to do with anything... third reply: @CGNDC 'Seen', as in watched him debate in his NOworld videos. Wow. forth reply: @CGNDC Well, I just did in my comment above. I included a source from Politifact (which is fairly accurate) and details a few times in which Ben Shapiro incorrectly presents "factual" information. And it's kind of funny you say I'm a leftist! *Now tell me where is the "source from politifact" you are talking about?*

      CGNDCCGNDC6 dager siden
    • @CGNDC Well, I just did in my comment above. I included a source from Politifact (which is fairly accurate) and details a few times in which Ben Shapiro incorrectly presents "factual" information. And it's kind of funny you say I'm a leftist!

      Bella SBella S6 dager siden
    • @Bella S stop being a liftist and start including reference or sources on your accusations :) I don't know what debate are you referring to.

      CGNDCCGNDC6 dager siden
  • Andrew Neil is the BEST political interviewer in the UK. I have watched him calmly dismantle the arguments of the left, the right, environmentalists, feminists, race-baiters, Scottish Nationalists, in fact everybody...with equal toughness and fairness, with well researched facts and stilleto-like questioning. I still have no idea what his personal politics are....which is exactly how it should be. Boris Johnson REFUSED to be interviewed by him before our election last year because he well knew the damage Andrew Neil could inflict on his campaign.

    Frogmella SlobFrogmella SlobMåned siden
  • Ben who? Is he from bill and Ben?

    Trevor LintottTrevor LintottMåned siden
  • Ben Shabinooo I am famouuuuuus! lol

    riad johnnyriad johnnyMåned siden
  • It’s a problem of him subconsciously thinking it’s a debate when it’s an interview

    Kilroy was HereKilroy was HereMåned siden
  • Dude, STFU. Ben is Ben. He shouldn’t have to change the way he talks just to make everyone else happy.

    Ceelo MullyCeelo MullyMåned siden
    • It's called having standards. There should be some semblance of professionalism, you give some up to make other comfortable. That's what being a social and functioning human being means.

      Bella SBella S8 dager siden
  • Just gotta love people whose only contribution to the world is to judge others hahaha

    Jayce GamesJayce GamesMåned siden
    • Yeah like shapiro

      R YR YMåned siden
  • I just realised that Ben was wearing a hat the whole time

    KnovenKnovenMåned siden
  • Check out the Know More News channel.

    GrozaaïmidGrozaaïmidMåned siden
  • Ben is an arrogant prick who works for foreign non-American countries and interests.

    GrozaaïmidGrozaaïmidMåned siden
  • Weird to start with body language. His words and tone predicted the posture to follow. Kinda missing the main thrust here.

    Axis Of EnergyAxis Of EnergyMåned siden
  • Ben was debating college students and winning against them. Then he got exposed by a person much more politically knowledgable than college students.

    Sakhawat RahmanSakhawat RahmanMåned siden
  • BBC creep showed his cards early.

    John BurrettJohn BurrettMåned siden
  • Maybe Andrew Neil should interview Jordan Peterson 👍

    Rune ThomsenRune ThomsenMåned siden
  • Why are you such a right wing arse bandit?

    SpoonsSpoonsMåned siden
  • Definitely one of Ben’s worst interactions. But no one wins them all.

    haydenaterhaydenaterMåned siden
  • BIGGEST LESSON OF ALL, know who you're talking too.

    cellan jcellan jMåned siden
  • This is how smart Shapiro is, he didn't know the difference between a debate or an interview, he should go back to debating college kids. As they say if you can't run with the hounds go off and piss like a puppy.

    Bozo The DogBozo The DogMåned siden
  • ooof this interview makes me cringe

    Oh NoOh NoMåned siden
  • Andrew Neil has been in the business dealing with politicians for a long time, and knows how to get around when they refuse to answer a question put to them. Also he treats all from either side the same way, and don't pull his punches either. Why I loved watching him, but sadly the BBC no longer want him there.

    Namu GriffNamu GriffMåned siden
  • Can't wait for the Joe Biden version Lol

    Gregorio PerezGregorio PerezMåned siden
  • only ben shapiro can lose an interview

    a catsa catsMåned siden
  • Ben "I Am Poopular" Shapiro.

    Indio HatueyIndio HatueyMåned siden
  • I love your videos. In this particular case, Ben is not trying to win over his listener. He is intentionally being combative because, as he as stated, the way to argue against people who disparage you, is to call them out on it, which is appropriate at times.

    Matthew BarnishinMatthew BarnishinMåned siden
  • At 3:59 you said that what if Ben had teased Neil for "not knowing how the internet works", but that's not what happened. The videos that Neil cited are, in fact, uploaded by Ben Shapiro. He lied in order to keep his ego intact.

    DiePoopableDiePoopableMåned siden
  • Bless him & his family, My fav clown.

    GGMåned siden
  • Be an upright lobster

    RainFlakeRainFlakeMåned siden
  • Except that wasn't an argument.

    Abdalla OsamaAbdalla OsamaMåned siden
  • Sorry. do you see how sweating the old British guy is? How is he not nervous? Also me: He leaning forward the who time.

    PathfinderGoSlowPathfinderGoSlowMåned siden
  • I really wish that you didn't take this debate out of context either. It's not fair to the people watching this video.

    PathfinderGoSlowPathfinderGoSlowMåned siden
  • He only speaks quickly to get his point across before the other person can interrupt. What is wrong with that?

    PathfinderGoSlowPathfinderGoSlowMåned siden
  • The reason why Ben was got destroyed is because he is *"persona possessed"* !!! And he was trying to take down someone who's old+mature & passed the stage of realization of revelation of personality, thus a sophisticated person. In other words, it's like people who are: *"persona possessed"* vs *matured soul*

    00Måned siden
  • Ben Shapiro never looses. Everything you point out is his strength, not a weakness. He talks fast because these interview are very short on time. So if you need to cover everything you want to cover, you better talk fast. Winning the debate is the goal. This video completely bull.

    Hue MongussHue MongussMåned siden
    • @Hue Monguss only ben shapiro can lose an interview

      a catsa catsMåned siden
    • @a cats Yes, you're right. I agree. He is a genius.

      Hue MongussHue MongussMåned siden
    • genius ben shapiro tries to win the interview

      a catsa catsMåned siden
    • Somebody who gets it.

      PathfinderGoSlowPathfinderGoSlowMåned siden
  • Called Andrew Neil a leftist. He obviously didn't do his homework on Andrew

    Jeremy GobbatoJeremy GobbatoMåned siden
    • He is not a leftist.

      Paul AhtonPaul Ahton16 dager siden
  • I wouldn’t be surprised if we found out Ben was on the spectrum. He can’t control his face, he speaks monotone, he takes everything too literally and he seriously can’t take a joke.

    Emmett OlsonEmmett OlsonMåned siden
  • I don't think this interview was as one sided as everyone says. Both of them made valid points and were duking it out. It was clear however that the interviewer was not there to have a discussion. He simply wanted to damage Ben's credibility and give him loaded questions.

    Lethaniel SimpsonLethaniel SimpsonMåned siden
    • @patrick childs I agree it was a poor interview but I disagree on what you consider the reason. The point of an interview is to try and understand the interviewee's opinion on a certain subject. Neil had no intention of discussing Ben's opinions, and would rather bring up every negative or inaccurate thing Ben has ever said in the last ten years. Also, Neil acts like he dropped a bombshell at the end with the whole, "thanks for showing us anger has no position in politics" when Ben never even made that point. At one point he even said he likes his debates to get heated and passionate. Neil was completely biased and had ulterior motives this entire interview.

      Lethaniel SimpsonLethaniel SimpsonMåned siden
    • Lethaniel Simpson It’s a shame they don’t show the whole interview, but from my memory it was a pretty poor interview. I don’t know who Ben Shapiro is but I think he was promoting his book, he seemed to lose his focus when he was asked to expand on his points on the influence of Judeo Christianity. I don’t think Andrew Neil was intentionally baiting him but perhaps Shapiro is used to a friendlier style of interview in the US. Neil repeatedly denied Shapiro to tangent and eventually Shapiro snapped. Again I don’t know who Shapiro is, but no doubt he will learn from that experience. Again perhaps the UK interview format doesn’t suit him, or perhaps he was having an off day. Certainly he did himself no favours when he tried to steamroll Neil, that sort of combative style doesn’t work here especially against a shrewd operator like Andrew Neil Personally I struggled to understand all of Shapiros points as he talked so quickly, but looking at posters comments he does seem a very popular so perhaps I will look out for him.

      patrick childspatrick childsMåned siden
  • Why does he keep saying 'sir'? It makes him sound like a moron from a backward country...

    tris7tris7Måned siden
  • Step 1: *DON'T*

    CybersorcererCybersorcererMåned siden
  • Am I the only one who doesn't think Ben shapiro talks quickly?

    Unfunny BunnyUnfunny BunnyMåned siden
  • Ben shapiro hates socialism but gets publicly owned

    joaquin pittalugajoaquin pittalugaMåned siden
  • Besides all of what was said in this video... Its also important to actually know anything about what u r saying

    Gabriel Barbosa RezendeGabriel Barbosa RezendeMåned siden
  • Is it just me who thinks that Ben did not loose any argument in any shape or form? I myself disagree with Ben about his pro-life opinions. But just bringing up random tweets from the past is not how one can have a meaningful interview.

    R BR BMåned siden