How To Be Charming In Any Conversation

27. juli. 2020
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Hugh Jackman is one of the most charming people in Hollywood. The best part about his style of charisma is that once you get it down, it’s effortless. Specifically, Hugh has 6 habits that make him charming to almost anyone he meets. After you learn a few of these habits, you can go into any conversation with confidence, knowing you’ll find it’s easy to make people smile, laugh, and love being around you.

0:00 - Intro.
0:40 - #1: Reframe the situations that make you nervous.
2:04 - #2: Be contagiously positive.
4:10 - #3: Give yourself permission to admit to emotions beyond happiness.
5:03 - #4: Own your flaws and don't be afraid to talk about them.
6:37 - #5: Tell sticky stories.
7:47 - #6: Make the people around you feel special.
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  • Does anyone know what event the clips are from with Hugh dancing and singing with the men in tuxedos and the ladies in red jackets?

    B BB B17 timer siden
  • Me in an interview now... Interviewer: y dont u take a seat Me: u know, i think it's better for us both if i stand

    Yellow PineappleYellow Pineapple19 timer siden
  • Happy confidence? What you're seeing is an attention seeking narcissist getting exactly what he wants; to be the center of attention. Wouldn't you be effortlessly happy if you had exactly what makes you the most content? HJ didn't choose performing because he's introverted and shy. He chose it because he seeks, indeed needs, to be admired by multitudes of complete strangers to feel fulfilled. That's narcissism defined. He's not alone, Hollywood is bursting with this personality type.

    E CE CDag siden
  • No one told her she was like a giant grape.

    justynjonnjustynjonnDag siden
  • Wondering how many aquarius watched this? Trying to learn how to act "normal" lol.

    Felipe PedrazaFelipe PedrazaDag siden
  • if you want to be better in social interactions start doing daygame

    natanima tadessenatanima tadesse2 dager siden
  • I use to be able to do this naturally but my brain rewired itself not to after a whole summer being are an energy vampire aka my friends girlfriend now my mind draws a blank when in conversations. What happened why exactly did this happen let me explain her personality she’s complaining boring person who can complain about one person for hours even though it’s not a big deal over the summer I wanted to avoid talking to her but now I can’t talk to anyone for long I draw blanks.

    Year 2021Year 20212 dager siden
  • Librans r the most charming star sign!

    Boston LincolnshireBoston Lincolnshire2 dager siden
  • Bollox. If he didn't look like Huigh, he couldn't be Hugh.

    FoobsTonFoobsTon2 dager siden
  • How to be as likeable as Hugh Jackman: 1) be hot 2) become a movie star...... Honestly, nobody finds it enduring or relatable when Tom the Uber driver let's himself be emotionally vulnerable or when he doesn't flaunt the wealth and fame that he doesn't have.

    Shawn SnowShawn Snow3 dager siden
  • How to be charming 100% of the time around women. Hold your big red Ferrari keys in your hand and jiggle them around casually.

    Alex TaylorAlex Taylor3 dager siden
  • Hugh Jackman seriously strikes me as an adult(er) Tom Holland

    Ricardo RodriguesRicardo Rodrigues3 dager siden
  • Dunno to me every situation he's in seems super cringe

    Rainbow SamRainbow Sam5 dager siden
  • Hugh Jacknan definitely knows how to connect. Whenever someone is genuinely interested in connecting the rest beautifully unfolds. Usually when I am interested the rest is interesting. Most of us if we’re being filmed or interviewed we will bring up a more charming self. I wonder Is that who we really are? I agree that eye contact is super important and supports connection with another human. We all can be a lot more charming if we hang out with people we enjoy being with. Blessings to all on this fun journey, Truth and Love to you 💝🙋🏻‍♀️

    Beverly PascoBeverly Pasco9 dager siden
  • Step 1 be attractice

    Stammering101 22Stammering101 2215 dager siden
  • As an autistic person it's really helpful. Everything about interaction, that's speaking and carrying yourself, comes natural for some a lot of people, and all of that is something I have to learn manually. So these videos really helps me learn to be a person.

    Marc Vincent KlitgaardMarc Vincent Klitgaard19 dager siden
  • So good! Thank you for sharing! My powers are increasing!

    Vladiator VlogsVladiator Vlogs19 dager siden
  • Are most people able to do this naturally? Or do most people have to work at it...?

    Alec MAlec M21 dag siden
  • ❤❤❤❤

    Matej Matyáš Mikloš, The Vegan God Of WaterMatej Matyáš Mikloš, The Vegan God Of Water21 dag siden
  • Taron Egerton is so in love with him, lol.

    Magui SMagui S27 dager siden
  • 1:32 damn that is one dark af movie you clipped hahahaha

    고수빈고수빈Måned siden
  • I want to watch this

    Able StevenAble StevenMåned siden
  • SawpbuhpaampsawpbuhSawpbuhpaampsawpbuhSawpbuhpaampsawpbuhpbuhsawSawpbuhpaampsawpbuhSawpbuhpaampsawpbuhSawpbuhpaampsawpbuhpbuhsaw

    khaled aldoraeekhaled aldoraeeMåned siden
  • Nice points

    Nina SchaeferNina SchaeferMåned siden
  • Show me one Brit that ISN’T charming

    J WestJ WestMåned siden
    • Text him on WhatsApp

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  • Little voice inside my head says, these people are trained like athletes to respond to a mop as if it were a giant. Story telling with lots of action is not natural anywhere but on stage.

    GaryGaryMåned siden
    • +"2"3"4"8"0"7"0"7"6"8"2"9"2"

      akorede akeemakorede akeem29 dager siden
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      akorede akeemakorede akeem29 dager siden
    • there is a love specialist who helped me get my ex back after 2years of divorce

      akorede akeemakorede akeem29 dager siden
    • hello do you need help on how to get your ex back or restore someone you love

      akorede akeemakorede akeem29 dager siden
  • wait Hugh Jackman is charming? Are you serious? Lol is that before or after he calls someone bub and hits them with spikes haha

    Pavel KPavel KMåned siden
    • +"2"3"4"8"0"7"0"7"6"8"2"9"2"

      akorede akeemakorede akeem29 dager siden
    • Text him on WhatsApp

      akorede akeemakorede akeem29 dager siden
    • there is a love specialist who helped me get my ex back after 2years of divorce

      akorede akeemakorede akeem29 dager siden
    • hello do you need help on how to get your ex back or restore someone you love

      akorede akeemakorede akeem29 dager siden
  • Lol I’m so socially awkward. This is like discovering gold!!!

    Chenelle H.Chenelle H.Måned siden
  • Hugh Jackman is a class act- no doubt. If you check out interviews with Hugh and his wife Deborra, you'll see she is far more charismatic than he is. Hugh has often said Deborra is the reason he is as open, charming and real as he is! I wish there were videos breaking down Deborra Lee's gifts with people.

    Chris HolzhauerChris HolzhauerMåned siden
  • I know how to be charming in real life but not in text lmao-

    classy bitchclassy bitchMåned siden
  • I'm watching all these videos to prepare myself for my formal dance that's coming up...I know damn well I'm not gonna dance so I might as well learn how to be a cool person so I can have a fun time with all the other people who showed up and aren't gonna dance

    Kyra HoltsclawKyra HoltsclawMåned siden
  • It's hard keeping up with all these social ques and charismatic expressions just to make someone like you.

    SaJJi CuhzSaJJi CuhzMåned siden
    • Doing it to make someone like you is usually the wrong approach, because you‘ll fully depend on the other person’s reaction and get demotivated very quickly. If you do it to improve how YOU feel in social interactions, you‘ll enjoy the process and be able to focus on one thing at a time with more ease. Building YOUR confidence and authenticity is key!

      EclipseXIVEclipseXIVMåned siden
  • Wouldnt our world be better if they taught this at school 😏

    Mark HeronMark HeronMåned siden
  • Damn I loved Van Helsing.

    Joe RamirezJoe RamirezMåned siden
  • 10:46 what show or film is this?

    Curtis TrumpCurtis TrumpMåned siden
  • His life changed after he accepted Hinduism... Now he is at peace 🙏🇮🇳🕉️ love from Bharat (India)

    Utkarsh SaxenaUtkarsh SaxenaMåned siden
  • 01:00 yes! If you’re a man.

    Elizabeth McflyElizabeth McflyMåned siden
  • Guys just be hugh jackman

    Arik HouseArik HouseMåned siden
  • When the editor is HIMYM fan.. Luv that.

    ADELENADELENMåned siden
  • Lol. Stew Jackson. Sounds like my mom.

    Major EatsTVMajor EatsTVMåned siden
  • ''be contagiously positive'' well that did not age well

    ListenchumpListenchumpMåned siden
  • I loved Van Helsing

    Kasara HassanKasara HassanMåned siden
  • He makes you smile without you realising it

    monik Smonik SMåned siden
  • This is such an extraverted world.

    Musically ObsessedMusically ObsessedMåned siden
  • are there anybody know the movie at 10:47?

    Sharon FilbertSharon Filbert2 måneder siden
  • Thank you! In my house, rule 2 is to turn away from your phone. For some folks it's near impossible. Some aren't making many friends due to phone! Bing bing ring ring click buzz FLIP OFF!

    ToniLynn Szwarek QuinnellToniLynn Szwarek Quinnell2 måneder siden
  • Looks🙌 attutude🙌 attractive 🙌personality 🙌 love everyone🙌

    urie p.urie p.2 måneder siden
  • Using actors (Clue is in the title!) as a baseline of analis is a very precarious thing to do . But very clever clickbate to sell your courses to the weak and guliable I must say.

    James AngelJames Angel2 måneder siden
  • Everyone knows someone like Hugh Jackman.

    Jack MarshallJack Marshall2 måneder siden
  • What film is that @6:18

    Games for aDmaGames for aDma2 måneder siden
  • I'm pretty sure datees also want to know if you geniunely want to be with them and don't want to waste your time. Bit of a slip up though "Most people want to hide their emotions to avoid seeming weak. The men we talk to". You have a genuine bias and it's hurting your work.

    Jenn StotlandJenn Stotland2 måneder siden
    • People socialized as women are going to want to hide emotions too, but it tends to be different ones from your target audience.

      Jenn StotlandJenn Stotland2 måneder siden
  • There is contradiction in this video. On the one hand you are told to “be yourself” and on the other you are told to be like Hugh Jackman. The viewer is given a series of mechanical “performance” notes, some almost impossible eg “be a good a storyteller”. This is the sort of “advice” guaranteed to make you miserable because you will be locked in constant “performance mode” eg if you’re a naturally quiet, introverted person you will exhaust yourself pretending your are not. Accept yourself and be in harmony with that. Ignore videos like this- they may help a bit but they mostly lead to suffering.

    schrire39schrire392 måneder siden
  • Admitting to weakness is only positive if you've already established high status. Otherwise people look down on you.

    EH4LIFEEH4LIFE2 måneder siden
    • @EH4LIFE Nope its not

      ApokalypsepleaseApokalypseplease2 måneder siden
    • @Apokalypseplease This is all ego. Everything in the material world is ego.

      EH4LIFEEH4LIFE2 måneder siden
    • Depends on what you mean by admitting weakness. As long as youre are deep in yourself ok with your weak parts and unless youre no whining, complaining and wailing man or woman with the attitude of self pity everything will be okay. High status is just out of your ego mind. And ego is just your thoughts and not reality.

      ApokalypsepleaseApokalypseplease2 måneder siden
  • Hugh is honestly one of the special guys it’s very rare to see a person in the entertainment industry conduct himself with such grace and kindness The way he is with colleagues and especially fans , making them feel included and valued warms my heart A lot of people in the “biz” should look to him and take inspiration on how they conduct themselves , A true one off xxx

    SarahLouise1983SarahLouise19832 måneder siden
  • This is all cool and stuff, but I loved Van Hellsing..

    RedRed2 måneder siden
  • Mmm... I think at 9:11 she gets super defensive on her body language so maybe the compliment was not a smart move. Probably I'm missing something here. Thanks for the video!

    Daniel MontenegroDaniel Montenegro2 måneder siden
  • We all have this in us... we just belived the lies the devil told us over the years.... we are all awesome!!! I love you all!! Stay awesome people 👏👏👏👏

    Uncle GUncle G2 måneder siden
  • "0:51" Yea i've been getting paid with 𝗣𝗣𝗢𝗡𝗟𝗖𝗔𝗦𝗛.𝗖 𝗢 𝗠 i'm making over $2835 a week with them! ਹਰ ਜੰਤਰ ਤੇ ਉਪਲਬਧ ਹੈ

    Younes marzoukiYounes marzouki2 måneder siden
  • I love Van Helsing... Didn’t know it wasn’t liked.

    Nicholas BullockNicholas Bullock2 måneder siden
  • A truly classy guy. Someone who hasn't let fame and money ruin him. Bravo, Hugh!

    raddguy1raddguy13 måneder siden
  • Hello, I have autism and I usually don't know what to say, to whom and when. Social situations freak me out and I try to hide my insecurities with a poker face. I keep to myself and some people may think I'm a snob. Smiling at strangers doesn't come easy to me, so I'm working on acquiring small talk skills. Please comment below some appropriate questions to ask strangers who work out at the gym. Thank you.

    Rob EvansRob Evans3 måneder siden
  • In this video I just found out Hugh Jackman a singer

    pecks821pecks8213 måneder siden
  • Aussie accent helps

    marisa fewstermarisa fewster3 måneder siden
  • Not me trying to be charming 😏😏😏😏😏😏

    Aliyah RebekahAliyah Rebekah3 måneder siden
  • As an autistic man, I find these videos legitimately helpful. I also sort of feel like an alien watching a homo sapien instruction manual.

    Pineal DreamsPineal Dreams3 måneder siden
  • It is interesting how there are so many HIMYM clips in here.

    Neil MasterNeil Master3 måneder siden
  • I have been binge watching all these videos because the second there's no more online school, I want to the best me.

    Best of Best StudioBest of Best Studio3 måneder siden
  • Most of these videos is about being positive all the time about everything. As a person who struggles with depression, I really would like some tips to work with my negativity, without hiding it when I'm sad or moody, but without being a buzzkill for everyone.

    Sad but LaughingSad but Laughing3 måneder siden
  • Just discovered your channel. Well done on simplifying communication and charisma concepts into tangible methods that others can apply. 👏👏👏

    Thao TuThao Tu3 måneder siden
  • Rule number one: Be more attractive......

    Nick SokolNick Sokol3 måneder siden
  • Basicamente brasileiros estudem CU que vocês serão pessoas melhores kkkkkk

    Jhonson SilvaJhonson Silva3 måneder siden
  • i have watch so many videos of this chennel and i finally realise that we just need to be ourself with some confidance. yanhh nothing else!!

    maahi , 07maahi , 073 måneder siden
  • Do one on Barney Stinson

    Liam FinnLiam Finn3 måneder siden
  • WHAT?! I love van helsing tho. I'm glad i'm overall charismatic, just need to engage my fun, and not be afraid of it. I freeze up whenever fun is involved around other people. I don't let myself have fun.

    Andrew RickardAndrew Rickard4 måneder siden
  • Aries people are so naturally good at this ✨

    M E L _ V O R Y L A N ZM E L _ V O R Y L A N Z4 måneder siden
    • Facts

      RosieRosie2 måneder siden
  • Judging by the thumbnail, I'd guess rule 1 as: Be a rich, famous, a-list actor.

    Sentient EngineSentient Engine4 måneder siden
  • hugh jackman is also an insanely attractive man. no sus

    Nick MitchellNick Mitchell4 måneder siden
  • Just look 85% like Hugh Jackman.

    Sifat ShamsSifat Shams4 måneder siden
  • it's Christmas today 2020 is over yay im gonna learn to be more charming so im good at talking to other human beings

    you meyou me4 måneder siden
  • Hugh Jackman would be perfect for the role of Joel Miller from The Last of Us

    Alec DukasAlec Dukas4 måneder siden
  • Step 1: Have a sexy, foreign accent.

    Freddy Vorhees-Myers Jr.Freddy Vorhees-Myers Jr.4 måneder siden
  • The only thing I hate is eye-contact.

    Awesomeknowledge. Awesomeknowledge.Awesomeknowledge. Awesomeknowledge.4 måneder siden
  • So many suggestions for how to behave is impossible to actually do. I don't know what video I looked at some other time but like how do you fake being positive or energic or exciting or happy about something? Of course the idea likely isn't to fake it but rather just be it but how easy is that? Likely some other things would have to change to make that so but as in my case I'm 41 I guess it may be much harder to change "the being" by now than if one was younger. No idea if stuff like LSD/psilocybin or some other chemical could make the brain more willing to adapt and change and if that together with the right environment could change the personality.

    Johan Krüger HaglertJohan Krüger Haglert4 måneder siden
  • You guys are good.

    Alternate SpaceAlternate Space4 måneder siden
  • Hugh is a legit dude

    GunsAndPokerGunsAndPoker5 måneder siden
  • Make a video about how to be like Ted bundy

    GrunkkiGrunkki5 måneder siden
  • ive met hugh jackman he is a great and really kind guy

    Zynth EditsZynth Edits5 måneder siden
  • Huh? What's wrong with Van Helsing?

    The PlugThe Plug5 måneder siden
  • I easy way to charm be good looking😁 greeny eye's, height, and nice face structure👌

    Kiss SweetKiss Sweet5 måneder siden
  • it's actually rather easy when you're Huge Jacked Man

    Andrew MoncadaAndrew Moncada5 måneder siden
  • Dude, you are killing it this channel has got to be one of the best on youtube for self-improvement. I've now got a girl I've never dreamed of being able to have a relationship with. I want to say thank you for helping me become the person I've always wanted to be. I know you probably won't see this but I just needed to put it out there.

    Ethan CostelloEthan Costello5 måneder siden
  • Thx for the great video! But I always wonder if the fact that all the people you "breakdown" here are famous and successful plays a big part in their charisma... I mean... people treat publicly famous people VERY differently so...

    Yoav HanukaYoav Hanuka5 måneder siden
  • Heard that kids? Being good looking, rich, and famous has nothing to do with it, it's all about hooking people up with your "awesome" stories, you see? even if you are unattractive, homeless, or sick just put on a smile, make exaggerated expressions, and tell everyone you meet, whether they asked you or not, all about your life, that will ensure great interactions with strangers, especially good looking females. They just love a man who can't stop talking about himself. You can also pay for my course for more awesome tips like that, which will 100% work as you can see with to these few samples of hand-picked reviews I have here. No refunds btw, if you fail that's on you. Stay positive friendos :D

    Deutsches VolkDeutsches Volk5 måneder siden
  • I love all the HIMYM clips.

    Kimbo SliceKimbo Slice5 måneder siden
  • A positive to not liking to talk about yourself is that you prefer talking about the person with whom you’re conversing.

    M Roseman41M Roseman415 måneder siden
  • So be someone else.

    free2free25 måneder siden
  • 9:14 he also made her lean forward ;)

    Explicit AnthonyExplicit Anthony5 måneder siden
  • Van Helsing was a great movie

    anthos332anthos3325 måneder siden
  • Emily Blunt... Well she does express things very Bluntly

    Basundhara PaulBasundhara Paul5 måneder siden
  • what a great video! thanks!

    G a r b a g e TMG a r b a g e TM5 måneder siden