How To Be Charming Without Trying

15. april. 2019
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While watching clips from the previous Game of Thrones breakdown, I came across some cast interview clips, and I could not help but notice how effortlessly charming Emilia Clarke was. Emilia displays a number of charismatic habits, though, while seemingly simple, are extremely powerful.
In this video, we are going to break down 4 of Emilia’s habits that make her so charming. These might seem very simple at first, but there are nuances that take them from ordinary basic advice to habits that can make you extremely charismatic if you hit the nuance.

0:38 - Habit #1: ”Smile frequently (and genuinely)”
2:59 - Habit #2: “Build other people up”
5:29 - Habit #3: “Raise the energy in your interactions”
7:21 - Habit #4: “Be an active listener”
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  • Love it! 💗

    Toy Time with Tia!Toy Time with Tia!12 timer siden
  • Emilia is great as a person but she really isn't that great of an actress nor is she really a commanding star performer. Someone should give her a talk show to host. I'd watch that easily.

    irlfc9irlfc917 timer siden
  • How to be charming: Step 1: Smile Step 2: Be insanely attractive

    RozzRozz19 timer siden
  • She is cute and attractive.I like her

    Cyrus JohnCyrus JohnDag siden
  • i dont find her charming? i dont even know her and i dont care about hollywood stars

    Plippy :pPlippy :p2 dager siden
  • Be authentic that's all

    Hritik UgaleHritik Ugale2 dager siden
  • Perfect example of how to be successful in your career by simply being confident and positive.

    Ana SAna S4 dager siden
  • You know these traits remind of an article on Jennifer Aniston of friends. Kind of similar traits.

    Pete SanderPete Sander5 dager siden
  • She’s just so amazing

    Chesca SeastarChesca Seastar6 dager siden
  • bro I thought charming means sexy facial expressions.

    TahsinTKTahsinTK7 dager siden
  • Will SMith would've been the perfect example of this

    Graciela MontanoGraciela Montano7 dager siden
  • Not to brag or anything, but I've seen her naked

    BubbaBubba8 dager siden
  • Oh so that's why Everyone keeps Telling me that they are uncomfortable with me because whenever I smile I look like I'm plotting a murder

    Ich Bin ErikaIch Bin Erika8 dager siden
  • Great video as always thank you.

    Alex TaylorAlex Taylor9 dager siden
  • I'd do it .. if I could make payments

    Big - DesignsBig - Designs11 dager siden
  • Her smiling made me smile lol

    jin Is bestjin Is best12 dager siden
  • During the entire run of the show, I really thought that Emilia’s acting for Daenerys Targaryen was such a flat character. She played the character so stoic, which just made her seem without emotion and no sense of humor. I was always surprised at her bubbly and lovable personality. In interviews. Too bad they didn’t let a bit of that shine through while playing Dany?. I say “they”, because I believe it was the directors that made her drop all of her real personality and charm for the role. She is so lovable every time I see her interviews. When Dan tells the story of how she got the role, it is exactly the traits they had her drop when playing Daenerys? As evil as they made her turn in a single episode, that would have been more creepy had she been using this charm you see here. We would all feel fooled by an outward personality which was hiding such a demon inside. Emilia is so charming in person, I just don’t see why she can’t get some of that into her acting? Her role as Sarah Conners in that Terminator movie was as flat as Daenerys Targaryen. I know that Linda Hamilton is a tough acto follow, but at least get a little of her own lovable personality in there. Why is everything played so stoic with her? You can be a strong leader and still have a lovable personality. In fact, that’s more realistic. Most politicians are very good at charming people,Megan tyrants could be charming when they need too. Look at Bill Clinton? Hollywood has no actor as harming and polished as he is. It’s all part of the game. Such a stoic leader appears more like a tyrant, which was what D&D decided to make her the end with that third reich setup, the bat wings behind her and all of the unsullied locked-step, standing at attention for her Führer-seque speech, they wanted her to look like a tyrant... I hope she gets a role, finally, that will let her natural personality shine.

    Wolverine SmithWolverine Smith12 dager siden
  • And being incredibly hot helps her alot.

    2000sancho2000sancho13 dager siden
  • Great!

    Lorraine CraillLorraine Craill13 dager siden
  • pink

    mollie sullivanmollie sullivan14 dager siden
  • I didn’t realize it was that easy!! I’ve always been like this, but I’ve also been very depressed. Ive always felt secretly distrustful if people who like me bc I feel they’re trying to take advantage of me which had happened before in a few long term situations but I think I was just shy back then while also displaying these traits which did attract a lot of friends in high school with bpd (3 friends had and gone with bpd peeps) or depression. During months of depression I would avoid people completely but they’d still hit me up and I didn’t understand it. It caused me to feel enormous levels of guilt. I guess when someone likes me I suddenly feel obligated. I couldn’t figure out why some people would ask me out or gravitate to me when I felt like I wasn’t funny enough, all though I can be at moments, I see humor easily at least. I’m not the best story telling either, which I thought was more essential to being a charismatic person but maybe just telling the story like it’s interesting works. Never felt I had anything to really offer someone bc I feel like I live a boring life. But BEING NICE AND smiling and laughing at others jokes and bringing other up and listening is all it takes ??? I thought I was lame... I don’t really know how to tease someone properly ( lonely only child also no cousins) without going over the line which I’ve always thought was ultimately lame about myself in gen z . ... also I’ve been told I’m pretty but it’s not in a perfect way, I have crooked teeth and a crooked nose but and overall unique face bc I’m mixed race. Apparently good enough! I thought you had to be perfect like a celebrity to be liked or be found attractive but the world is made up of normal people lmao. I guess my genuine fascination in others lives works. After this vid it clicked with me why I attract people sometimes, and why I’ve been told I have an amazing personality when it doesn’t feel that way. Kindness > all .

    Venus DVenus D16 dager siden
  • Uhm......I'm not Emilia Clarke

    RandomRandom16 dager siden
  • Step 1, be pretty like her

    Rubab Zahra MalikRubab Zahra Malik18 dager siden
  • Most of these people are higher than a racehorse before it makes a race

    Tony GoodTony Good18 dager siden
  • I am doomed... she appears 99% forced/phony to me.

    Chris KingChris King19 dager siden
  • I definitely got charmed by her

    Yukiro GachaYukiro Gacha19 dager siden

    Nunya Mayne actNunya Mayne act20 dager siden
  • _I love Emilia_

    Jane DoeJane Doe21 dag siden
  • The Talented Mr. Ripley must’ve subscribed to this channel

    Olivier R. CantadaOlivier R. Cantada22 dager siden
  • I’m only here because my mental doctors say that eating people is "mean”? I guess It’s only like 1% rude but apparently it’s 100% rude, they deserve to be in a mental hospital,

    CevericeCeverice22 dager siden
  • I watched this video to gain insight on how to charm people in my pageant videos and then Chris Evans showed up. What a bonus

    Mary KeleherMary Keleher22 dager siden
  • No one Me.. Looking for a personality change during quarantine.

    whereare _theavocadoswhereare _theavocados23 dager siden
    • Relatable

      Wutang ClanWutang Clan23 dager siden
  • I'd like to see a charm breakdown of Simon Cowell

    Noah BakeNoah Bake24 dager siden
  • I genuinely smile and laugh and this video comforts me 🤣😂

    shrishti sinhashrishti sinha25 dager siden
  • alternative title, "explaining why I have a crush on Emilia Clarke in the most lowkey way possible"

    odmoeododmoeod25 dager siden
  • be yourself... III

    Melvin Carlton Johnson IIIMelvin Carlton Johnson III25 dager siden
  • Emilia is charming & heart warming😊

    Utajiri YUtajiri Y28 dager siden
  • Thanks for the great video! Godspeed to all who read this!

    Catholic Chroma ChannelCatholic Chroma Channel29 dager siden
  • she is NOT a stuck up PHONEY..but seems warm hearted and genuine.... happy

    DavidDavidMåned siden
  • It's not something you DO or not do, it's something you ARE

    WEBAZE LabsWEBAZE LabsMåned siden
  • She is a tiger woman, that explains everything ;)

    Reniu TuIterazReniu TuIterazMåned siden
  • Honestly, I find it annoying that she laughs so much at everything. I dont think I could hang out with someone like that.

    Jimmy RJimmy RMåned siden
  • if you want to be charming without trying as the title says.... It's too late because you are trying just by watching this video.

    Sofia MartinezSofia MartinezMåned siden
  • I want to be the one to say its okay to not be okay. Be yourself. Be kind. Be whatever YOU feel comfortable with.

    Northern RoamNorthern RoamMåned siden
  • smiling so hard like that all the time does make you seem more likable but imagine all the premature wrinkles

    Natalia de Carvalho P.Natalia de Carvalho P.Måned siden
  • "How to be charming without trying" > be a pretty girl Ah, Y E S .

    JimmyJimmyMåned siden
  • What if I have really bad teeth

    Maya KylnnMaya KylnnMåned siden
  • easy phycology degree at 15

    HavikHavikMåned siden
  • Genuine smile? Nope I lose it since my mom told me I’m ugly when i laughing

    F A ZF A ZMåned siden
  • Someone recently compared my personality to Emilia Clarke and now I feel intensely flattered. She is one charming lady. 😏😍

    Maddy HarveyMaddy HarveyMåned siden
  • First rule, be good looking

    Herng TsuiHerng TsuiMåned siden
  • This works for women. Not realy for men. Us men have to keep a masculine frame, most of the time. Got this from alpha male strategies. Look him up.

    pedro GUNZ ceballospedro GUNZ ceballosMåned siden
  • Eye squinting isn't charismatic. Its a sign that the person doesnt want to be a part of the conversation/party/group.

    KazekageNathanielKazekageNathanielMåned siden
  • she reminds me of melissa benoist. watch some interviews of melissa and you will see how similar they act.

    alexa rayealexa rayeMåned siden
  • Emilia is the sweetest. And very realistic too. I remember the time she followed me back on instagram by mistake 😂 I love her.

    Fariha LubabaFariha LubabaMåned siden
  • I keep smiling watching her in this video seeing her smiling 😂

    pc22 hmkpc22 hmkMåned siden
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    Ирина ШульгаИрина ШульгаMåned siden
  • My smile is way to ugly :/

    Hisokaleft ArmHisokaleft ArmMåned siden
  • When she laughs, she doesn’t have eyes

    2oo8Mehta2oo8MehtaMåned siden
  • Well... if you are watching this video is that you are actually trying to be charming ;)

    Andrea GJAndrea GJMåned siden
  • sitting here at 37. So this is how to emulate human emotion. *writes notes*

    McKMcKMåned siden

    Akankshya BaruaAkankshya BaruaMåned siden
  • I imagine it doesn't work as well if you're an uggo (me)

    ThereIsNoTry VThereIsNoTry VMåned siden
  • Well she has a gorgeous smile. I don't 😀

    1miller i1miller iMåned siden
  • You need cheekbones for this.

    AlexayAlexayMåned siden
  • i think charisma skills was introduced to attract liked magic potion just anyone😄.

    Kheyvin AlviarKheyvin Alviar2 måneder siden
  • He mentioned Chris Evans 🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️. Such a deserving mention!!!

    urvashi rahatekarurvashi rahatekar2 måneder siden
  • Using a super hot celebrity is the WORST example. 1. Be hot 2. Smile.....

    HBHB2 måneder siden
  • Could you make a video about Harry Styles????🥰

    Marta MartinezMarta Martinez2 måneder siden
  • She's so gorgeous in and out.

    Eva GSEva GS2 måneder siden
  • Boring smiling at the time also very tiresome seeing her my face is paining

    Pepe MumuPepe Mumu2 måneder siden
  • This video raises a wholly different question, namely how to not try to not try to be charming? Or something...

    Vetle TollaksenVetle Tollaksen2 måneder siden
  • actually i did this butttttttttttttt omg my worst eye bags

    punnoose joshypunnoose joshy2 måneder siden
  • emilia, chris,RDJ,keanuu must be thinking right now "My tricks are revealed "

    Mohammad FaisalMohammad Faisal2 måneder siden
  • and that's why I loved her ❤️

    Bendiktus RichardoBendiktus Richardo2 måneder siden
  • "People have learnt to fake smile to their advantage" - shows Kanye's photo😂😂😂

    regine phalangeregine phalange2 måneder siden
  • Komol tata Video. I love this video Excited Happy

    Roxanne HigaRoxanne Higa2 måneder siden
  • Happy Video. Excited. Video. Happy. Video.

    Roxanne HigaRoxanne Higa2 måneder siden
  • Naomi scott is probably like that too!! Her energy is contagious!!

    Prerna GuptaPrerna Gupta2 måneder siden
  • I am feeling like a alien who is studying how to behave like a human by watching these videos.

    jurakpreet Singhjurakpreet Singh2 måneder siden
  • How to be charming? Just cast Marin Karin and you won.

    WiZZyWiZZy2 måneder siden
  • Cool Best Video. Komol tata. Video smile video Make me feel smile. Happyful. Smile.

    Roxanne HigaRoxanne Higa2 måneder siden
  • Emilia clarke is kawaii

    Dr. hipoDr. hipo2 måneder siden
  • I feel you made this video because your crush is Amelia Clarke JKJK

    Gisselle PGisselle P2 måneder siden
  • This video is like a book!❣❣

    Josephiline D'souzaJosephiline D'souza2 måneder siden
  • “How to be charming without trying” ....uhm...

    lily nicole.lily nicole.2 måneder siden
  • "How to ... without trying" sounds wrong to me... How can I follow instructions without trying? 🤔

    Corinna DiersCorinna Diers2 måneder siden
  • I can bet She cries a lot.

    Santosh RaniSantosh Rani2 måneder siden
  • Hi, excellent video ty so much, Emilia has a glowing personality with a million dollar smile, she’s absolutely amazing and extremely confident, love her, regards, Bob,

    Robert FrateRobert Frate2 måneder siden
  • She's stunning in every way possible ❤️✌️

    H PH P2 måneder siden
  • Never have I seen someone so successfully smile with their eyes

    Huw PickeringHuw Pickering2 måneder siden
  • I love this channel and realy try to think about stuff like this when meeting people but its hard to change after 30 years

    GeekpotionGeekpotion2 måneder siden
  • so i'll prepared my skills to do my best self to attract any bodies.

    Kheyvin AlviarKheyvin Alviar2 måneder siden
  • Me watching this to get my ex back LOL

    Lilac PibbLilac Pibb2 måneder siden
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  • I think dude has a crush on Emilia

    Au Expeditions / Adventures UnitedAu Expeditions / Adventures United2 måneder siden
  • Do you think there is a big difference is what makes a woman charismatic than a man? Be interesting to have a video on this. Are we preprogrammed to expect woman to always smile?

    L TL T2 måneder siden
  • Smiling is easy? Doesn’t feel that way

    DunnyZedDunnyZed2 måneder siden