How To Be Fearless Under Pressure

11. nov.. 2019
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Okay, you guys win. By far the most requested breakdown of the last several months is here: Thomas Shelby.
Today we will dig in to what you can learn from him when it comes to staying cool in high pressure situations and then how you can use your wits to come out ahead.


0:40 - #1: He rarely overreacts in situations of extreme pressure.
7:00 - #2: Thomas gives both the carrot and the stick.
8:48 - #3: His ability to turn trash into resources.

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  • ....But did you serve in France

    lokiloki13 timer siden
  • Let me sum this up. The only way to stop being a p*ssy is to punch that bully in the face next time instead of bottling up anger that can turn dangerous.

    Da DeDa De22 timer siden
  • Somebody needs to make a game for peaky blinders

    Isira AarewatteIsira AarewatteDag siden
  • Why are you talking about someone as if he is a real life person? You see how fearless he is? "It's because we was in war n this n that..." he's fearless because that's how the writers wrote him. Tf?

    _ omarlives_ omarlivesDag siden
  • I developed this now i cant feel a thing

    Unity HasteUnity Haste2 dager siden
  • Step one -be tommy Shelby

    tintin mastertintin master3 dager siden
  • Ooyee No more fighting 😂

    gopal 97gopal 974 dager siden
  • How the hell can I do C when the perspective 95% of the population allows people to give themselves a colonoscopy?

    TheY2AProblemTheY2AProblem5 dager siden
  • Im like this IRL, but it walls off the soul to emotions. Not recommended

    A Pill BottleA Pill Bottle5 dager siden
  • I feel like I can’t get whatever I want now. SPEECH: 100

    Ethan HillEthan Hill5 dager siden
  • Video on Harvey Spectre please

    AqasiaAqasia6 dager siden
  • Right guys off we go we gotta killa some nazis

    Septem / Andrei PascuSeptem / Andrei Pascu6 dager siden
  • The FIRST thing to note is that Tommie is a CHARACTER, that acts in a PRE WRITTEN SCRIPT, and everything he does and says is rehearsed AHEAD OF TIME. Thus, unlike in YOUR reality, you do not have the opportunity to PRACTICE reacting ahead of time! Additionally, Thomas Shelby KNOWS what is coming BEFORE IT HAPPENS. Because he is an ACTOR cast in the part of Thomas Shelby!

    Flannery RedFlannery Red6 dager siden
  • Which firl is that ?

    raeesraees7 dager siden
  • Instructions were unclear, accidentally started an old fashion backstreet razor gang.

    benjumir casirbenjumir casir8 dager siden
  • "Do you know why I pulled you over?" "Is it the red car? Cause it's fn RED." This is my one phone call

    Brad LackeyBrad Lackey8 dager siden
  • Let's make a silent acknowledgement that this channel wouldn't have existed if RSD never existed

    Vidupa SamarasingheVidupa Samarasinghe9 dager siden
  • I girl I asked me how old I am, to frame me as too young for her. My response was a "state breaking question", I said, "why do you like me so much?" Worked like magic

    Vidupa SamarasingheVidupa Samarasinghe9 dager siden
  • Step 1: Play Call of duty

    prince gamerprince gamer10 dager siden
  • he sound exactly like Thor

    Ai ChanAi Chan10 dager siden
  • Step 2: Buy the Charisma Course

    Aakash SoniAakash Soni10 dager siden
  • What’s the name of this series

    Bryan JagmohanBryan Jagmohan10 dager siden
  • Hear a lot of good things about Peaky Blinders. Is it good?

    RichardRichard10 dager siden
    • Yes it’s pretty good.

      John DoeJohn Doe10 dager siden
  • thank you thank you thank you

    SaphiraSaphira10 dager siden
  • Step 1: fight in france and shoot the cavalry officer on a white horse in the head.

    ट्रिप्परट्रिप्पर11 dager siden
  • Step one: smoke heroin

    LoudReCords 57LoudReCords 5713 dager siden
  • I don't even like this type of series. Meaning dramas about mafia without much action, but this actor's performance is something else. I wish he'd be in more movies or series.

    Original BunnyOriginal Bunny13 dager siden

    Khan ! !Khan ! !13 dager siden
  • Step 1: Learn how to smoke Step 2: Practice smoking everyday Step 3: If ever you get nervous, take a smoke Step 4: Just smoke!

    Marcean MedinaMarcean Medina13 dager siden
  • and be the main character so the plot moves around you

    Irfan TariqueIrfan Tarique13 dager siden
  • Three steps to heaven Step 1:- Fight in W.W. 1 Step 2:- Return alive & physically healthy. Step 3:- Live every day as your last.

    winston reidwinston reid14 dager siden
  • Tommy Shelby ... every woman's dream mens

    Living QueenLiving Queen15 dager siden
  • Join *NDA* And YOu Will Be Better Then HiM

    Zishan AliZishan Ali15 dager siden
  • Can you guys tell me if this video contains spoilers? If it doesn't then I'm going to watch the video.

    GeorgeTheGreatGeorgeTheGreat15 dager siden
    • He says that there's spoilers for s1 through s5

      Swift AuraSwift Aura13 dager siden
  • Mom: son u got homework Me: what’s ur dogs name

    Sonam ChodenSonam Choden15 dager siden
  • Snort coke

    Dubstep pharohDubstep pharoh16 dager siden
  • All soldiers need to train to remain calm. You don't panic in war.

    Brent FaizaBrent Faiza16 dager siden
  • First ask them "have you ever been to France?"

    preethampreetham17 dager siden
  • Teacher asks a question .. Me : What's the time ?

    Umakant MahajanUmakant Mahajan18 dager siden
  • This is great advice straight out of the book "How to win Friends and Influence People"

    dashkostydashkosty18 dager siden
  • You can't break a person that already broken.

    Yellow not susYellow not sus18 dager siden
  • READ: How to win Friends and Influence them...

    Actor GamesActor Games18 dager siden
  • He is like the dead man walking in Saving Private Ryan - you must see that you are already dead and then you can function = Tommy Shelby. How can we adapt to that frame of mind?

    Actor GamesActor Games18 dager siden
  • A real gangster doesn’t speak he only lets his mind do the talking.

    c bc b19 dager siden
  • This is the root of the control systems mandatory mask program. Make articulate people mumble, and have difficulty operating. Harrison Bergeron.

    Gary RussGary Russ19 dager siden
  • Acting is the secret

    mood dadimood dadi19 dager siden
  • Dude you should REALLY end all your video with the recap of all the highlights of the video

    Siddharth ShahSiddharth Shah19 dager siden
  • What you do ? Tommy: " I rarely give answers, that's what I do.

    38-SYCM-I-Aditya Pagar38-SYCM-I-Aditya Pagar19 dager siden
  • Doc: You will die in 24 hours Me: whats ur dogs name

    xxxxxx20 dager siden
  • You’ve got to do one for Vito or Michael Corleone

    Thurein Minhtet7Thurein Minhtet720 dager siden
  • Please also make a video on motivating team mates

    Arjun SharmaArjun Sharma20 dager siden
  • EMPATHY!!!!

    Xtreme LegendzzXtreme Legendzz20 dager siden
  • If Step 1 is: fight in WW1, what’s the modern day equivalent?

    kuhmpashunkuhmpashun20 dager siden
  • He's covertly suicidal. Not a hero to be followed.

    Vintage LifeVintage Life21 dag siden
  • Someone smoking.. Tommy: How's your cigarette Lungs?

    Abdullah ShinwariAbdullah Shinwari21 dag siden
  • Can’t be scared if you’re already dead inside

    KingLueyKingLuey21 dag siden
  • Tony robins has a filthy mouth and does not covey positive energy

    Mortgage FinancingMortgage Financing21 dag siden
  • To be emotionless is to get into situations and keep calm. And make sure your face is normal. Actually I’m gonna shut up and you guys can find out yourself

    DaRealAJDaRealAJ22 dager siden
  • Is not the real reason that he is an actor and nows the outcome of the scene and the guns are fake???!!

    GrumpySalmonGrumpySalmon22 dager siden
  • 3:54 until they ask you again lmao

    -Malik--Malik-24 dager siden
  • How to be fearless? Tommy: Smoke 100 cigarettes a day

    axis jsraxis jsr25 dager siden
  • The thing is he isnt scared of dying anymore and lives everyday like it free for living

    axis jsraxis jsr25 dager siden
  • I just wanted to play among us properly and here I am

    N. SudarsanN. Sudarsan25 dager siden
  • Why does he say anti-social like if it is a bad thing ? I am introverted and it is A ok

    My SCHOOLMy SCHOOL26 dager siden
  • What movie is that at 4:41?

    Marvin MartinMarvin Martin26 dager siden
  • What show or movie is this??

    BlottoBlotto27 dager siden
  • -be 17 -wear a black cap -say “yare yare daze” all the time -profit.

    Masked -Masked -27 dager siden
  • The thumbnail makes so much sense

    Read books instead of my nameRead books instead of my name28 dager siden
  • Google topdoctor Yola Education video LoL

    u n peace Dr Albert Einstein sze wei Tan陳士偉博士u n peace Dr Albert Einstein sze wei Tan陳士偉博士28 dager siden
  • So my house is burning down and I'm being held at gunpoint. *What's your dogs name?*

    Kylo Ren OfficialKylo Ren Official29 dager siden
  • Patrick Bateman

    Danny ScrantonDanny ScrantonMåned siden
  • The secret is to put in your mind that you have nothing to live for.

    Maverick FoxMaverick FoxMåned siden
  • "So, Kill me then!" (Smiles Disarmingly) "My Husband's dead, My parents are both dead, my cousin that was the dearest friend in the world to me is dead, I can't even visit any of their graves and you're making my life, and turning my whole country, into a Living Hell! But before I go, (pulls out flame thrower or some other such weapon) I'd like to invite you all to join me in the Otherworld, we can continue this discussion there, in front of the throne of the Almighty..."

    Guineith IsaacsGuineith IsaacsMåned siden
  • SWAT team shows up with a no-knock warrant... Me... "What's your dog's name?"

    Guineith IsaacsGuineith IsaacsMåned siden
  • Im here after losing codm ranked games

    CodeeeCodeeeMåned siden
  • after reading the comments on a seriouse video i leaned that life is nothing but a meme :)

    Sakib NavilSakib NavilMåned siden
  • So. This is about an actor that people can’t emulAts unless they want to go to prison? Weird man

    Chris DanielsChris DanielsMåned siden
  • Step 1: Lose everything so you have nothing else to lose,then you stop feeling fear and stop overreacting in any situation cuz you just don't care anymore :)

    LadLadMåned siden
  • If james chalrles was str8

    Mohammed KMohammed KMåned siden
  • My wife: are you cheating on me Me: what's your dogs name

    resident simonresident simonMåned siden
  • Why TF am I watching this at 3 am?

    BOT PLAYsBOT PLAYsMåned siden
  • My mom: *Starts shouting at me* Me: *Stays calm* My mom: tHiS iSnT hOw U aRe sUpPoSeD tO bEhAvE tOwArDs eLdErs!!!!!!

    Roshan PremnathRoshan PremnathMåned siden
    • Ikr😂

      slipperypizzasslipperypizzas10 timer siden
    • @harry taylor she said roshan

      Praharsh DubeyPraharsh Dubey7 dager siden
    • That’s pretty accurate. They want a response to fulfill their itch of control.

      Aandy HerrAandy Herr10 dager siden
    • Ikr😂

      everything sucks and i'm dyingeverything sucks and i'm dying11 dager siden
    • just ask what her dogs name is 😂

      harry taylorharry taylor22 dager siden
  • Hey sir, this is reality not a movie, whether you calm or scared you will get killed

    Celiwe SheziCeliwe SheziMåned siden
  • November 2020: Aliens invade the earth. Me to Alien: ayy...what's your dogs name?

    unusualmoose 2201unusualmoose 2201Måned siden
  • its insane how we talk about a fake character that has been rehearsed, filmed and edited. its different in real world

    Platinum phones & computersPlatinum phones & computersMåned siden
    • well, you can still pick up valuable lessons you can apply in real life :)

      Aina LicodineAina Licodine18 dager siden
  • This video is the reason I watched the series, and now Peaky Blinders is one of my favorite shows ever.

    J.HJ.HMåned siden
  • Hi everyone does anybody know the movie name ? 4:16

    Alperen YenigünAlperen YenigünMåned siden
  • The best way to be like Tommy be emotionless

    Nathan GamingNathan GamingMåned siden
  • To all 3k plus people who dropped a comment. Yall do realize that this IS a movie and he is acting.

    Clayton MannClayton MannMåned siden
  • Can someone give me the TL:DR verison of this video/thumbnail? This dude is wayyy too long winded... even for me. Thanks, bye!

    Reality ChallengedReality ChallengedMåned siden
    • I honestly try watching these videos but am distracted by all the non-sequitars you use between the points you try to make... and then there are all your random edits, like, is that a wordless exchange from "The Breakup?" Why shouldn't people issue threats @ 3:58 when the example you're giving relies on making threats? Your videos have no teeth, all bark and no bite. Work on transitions, please.

      Reality ChallengedReality ChallengedMåned siden
  • Look Charlie I like books. Audiobooks, like your sponsor offers. Why not make a charisma book and id be happy to pay. But i don't have time in my busy schedule for a charisma University. Ido however listen to Audible daily. Gain customers and money or let others make books with your ideas in the future and loose both. See what i did there? Carrot and the Stick

    L vVL vVMåned siden
  • Accept death as a fact. Now you’re a bit stronger.

    Best BitsBest BitsMåned siden
  • K9 officer: Do you have any contraband? Tommy: What's your dog's name?

    D ShawnD ShawnMåned siden
  • *at the job interview* - Tell me about your experience and why do you wanna work for us ? - What's you dog's name ? Alright, got it

    A regular dudeA regular dudeMåned siden
  • do raymond reddington

    MDoodle playzMDoodle playzMåned siden
  • The problem isn't maintaining calm demeanor but a calm mind. For example if somebody's frightened by the other gender, more exposure won't necessarily help if the experience is bad. Confidence is a mindset that's founded on realizations, not instructions or achievements.

    Ahilan PalarajahAhilan PalarajahMåned siden
  • Just play some Call of Duty and learn from the campaign, that's how i got fearless.

    JoleoPlaysJoleoPlaysMåned siden
  • In the case of Thomas Shelby he dosen't care if he dies..he saw death on the battlefield abd death would be for him like a delivrance

    Toni PranjicToni PranjicMåned siden
  • Its a serie ofc he have stone face when a gun pulls up on him.....

    ReiiZReiiZMåned siden
  • Where is the summary guy