How To Be Popular As An Introvert

24. juni. 2019
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Keanu Reeves has become the internet’s crush, whether he knows it or not. Normally on the channel, we cover extroverted celebrities, who charm in larger, obvious ways. What’s amazing about Keanu (aside from the fact that he’s 54 and looks 34) is that he is massively popular in spite of his reclusive and more introverted nature.
So in this video, we are going to explore why Keanu is so popular, and what you can learn to exude incredible charisma as an introvert.

0:31 - Reason #1: He directs praise towards others.
2:05 - Reason #2: He exudes zen-like presence.
3:15 - Reason #3: He uses enthusiastic hand gestures.
5:12 - Reason #4: He embraces his type.
7:03 - Reason #5: He lives generously.
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  • Keanu is the nicest and sweetest guy with the most painful past.... There's no one quite like him, not by a long shot.

    Tiro MandalTiro Mandal11 timer siden
  • I would like to see your take on Elon Musk

    Citizen BlueCitizen Blue12 timer siden
  • let me tell you the truth HE IS KEANU REEVES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Soumya PanditSoumya Pandit17 timer siden
  • But what if I don’t want to be popular?

    WatTle ProductionsWatTle ProductionsDag siden
  • 4:55 AYYY MY BOY literally i kept thinking bout how he's the polar opposite of Keanu with his energy but damn i love them both

    Jim SwanJim SwanDag siden
  • Sometimes but not always I get uncomfortable with prolonged eye contact. The more I focus on that uncomfortable feeling the worse it becomes.

    Becky NorrisBecky Norris2 dager siden
  • Introverts are those who need their own time they speak themself alot they care others very much but looks like they are not caring in reality they don't feel shy to talk to people they really not want to be in the situation that meeting people,they suddenly become talkative to some particular persons..after practicing and struggling to be like extrovert in their childhood finally they decide it is better to be alone it feels comfort rather than in a tough situation..Am I right?? I don't know why I am seriously talking 😂😂

    Monika ThunderMonika Thunder2 dager siden
  • Lol the title is very broad

    EJL BLOBEJL BLOB2 dager siden
  • Introverts unite. And all join john wick to fight our enemies.

    Maurice drewMaurice drew3 dager siden
  • He has an old soul. That is wonderful 😇

    A SilentEcho91A SilentEcho913 dager siden
  • I would like to spend some time with him 😅

    kim greenleekim greenlee5 dager siden
  • Cool breeze. Fits him perfectly

    kim greenleekim greenlee5 dager siden
  • 😍😍😍😍

    kim greenleekim greenlee5 dager siden
  • Do you have top 10 good books to read about working on conversation skills

    Carlos De La TorreCarlos De La Torre5 dager siden
  • The Matt beach of acting

    Jayme FortuneJayme Fortune5 dager siden
  • Why am I watching this!!

    Hussain M EzzyHussain M Ezzy5 dager siden
  • Can't stand the guy

    maggie Dohertymaggie Doherty6 dager siden
  • Do a video of Lady Gaga! She is also very humble & lifts up the people around her...

    MissNickyPuppyMissNickyPuppy6 dager siden
  • Wow. H2O

    Katya PadenKatya Paden8 dager siden
  • Simple conclusion to this video Keanu Reeves grams the meaning is attention more than any celebrities because they act more; proper, robotic, egotistically carrying them selves. Instead he’s more human more relatable in this every day body language, actions. ***NOTE*** Some celebrities are worse than others. No Name Dropping.

    Batsh*t BaraoplataBatsh*t Baraoplata9 dager siden
  • How to be a cool introvert : 1. Be Keanu

    sun praisersun praiser9 dager siden
  • Contradictory tittle, if you are an introvert you may want to have solid relationships, but introverts do not really seek for popularity or they care less about the opinion of the external world.

    Daniel CespedesDaniel Cespedes9 dager siden
  • What is your secret for always staying down to earth? Keanu: Gravity Only him can pop out a response like that and not get kicked out of the room D:

    Gamer'n'DesignerGamer'n'Designer10 dager siden
  • Introvert don't seek for attention

    eklavya gamingeklavya gaming10 dager siden
  • he is literally me when i try to be social, i just dont like me sitting and someone watching me.

    PK AvengerPK Avenger12 dager siden
  • NLP is based on outdated metaphors of how the brain works that are inconsistent with current neurological theory and contain numerous factual errors.

    SHDSHD12 dager siden
    • Yes

      Jameson PhillipsJameson Phillips6 dager siden
  • I find it so interesting how introverts keep getting confused with being publicy shy all the time. I know a lot of introverts that are perfectly fine with behaving extroverted in public. It comes naturally to them. The only difference is they need alone time to recharge from being in public. Their energy gets drained instead of recharged like with extroverts when engaging with other people. 🤷‍♀️

    The OtterwayThe Otterway12 dager siden
  • introverts seeing this title be like: i dont wanna

    Albert KamermanAlbert Kamerman12 dager siden
  • The dislikes are from extroverts

    JAYANT J.JAYANT J.12 dager siden
  • Divided by country United by Keanu Reeves

    JAYANT J.JAYANT J.12 dager siden
  • Did you ever do another video on modalities? That interested me a ton in this video. I’d love to know more!

    heimbach55heimbach5513 dager siden
  • Well He's a virgo like me and Virgos don't like to be in the spotlight.

    MrCameramanJMrCameramanJ13 dager siden
    • Misinformation

      Jameson PhillipsJameson Phillips6 dager siden
  • How to become popular as an Introvert Become Keanu Reeves

    TeenpressionTeenpression13 dager siden
  • Dude is awesome. He's a metal head, conservative, cool.

    Zach RaimyZach Raimy14 dager siden
  • 0:58 not just any reporter. The legendary Maude Garrett

    NRNR15 dager siden
  • Ummm....most introverts don't want to be popular. If they did, that would make them an extravert. The idea of being popular makes me anxious and a bit nauseated.

    J DJ D16 dager siden
  • Well.....I guess it's time to admit it... I am an introvert and I admit that freely. 😁

    Relic ReapersRelic Reapers16 dager siden
  • Such an INFP, like me

    AS WAS W17 dager siden
    • Take the personality test again and see if you get INFP.

      SHDSHD12 dager siden
  • Its Oct 2020. I just found out a new Bill and Ted came out this year.

    Dick FitswellDick Fitswell18 dager siden
  • Basically, he's Canadian. Need to develop this character, have your upbringing in Canada.

    Nick UplandsNick Uplands21 dag siden
  • Also a kinesthetic speaker here 🙋‍♀️

    Jessica CarneyJessica Carney22 dager siden
    • How do you know.

      SHDSHD12 dager siden
  • I think the west way to describe anyone is how they choose to act around certain people. If we feel comfortable or weather or not the person around us deserve our attention. Ive always felt like a sponge around people and can.sence good and bad vibes. Have 0 tolerance for negative or rude individuals but on the plus side I am enlightened to share my thoughts and time with respectdul and thoughtful people. But at the end of the day I have to admit I enjoy my own company the most. Cheers and have a splendid day.

    The Dalton Gang BodybuildingThe Dalton Gang Bodybuilding26 dager siden
  • he gesticulates almost as much as an italian about to eat a pizza

    wεw lαdwεw lαd26 dager siden
  • These videos could help high level aspergers have a normal life

    Big - DesignsBig - Designs27 dager siden
  • Not maintaining eye contact is common when trying to recall memories. It's to minimise the chances of being distracted while you are trying to recall something. You're turning your attention inward and if you look at someone you can get easily distracted and then don't make the point that you're trying to make. It's called "being human".

    Jim ReynoldsJim Reynolds28 dager siden
  • I don't buy that he's an introvert. He's perfectly in the middle.

    FatFilipinoUKFatFilipinoUK28 dager siden
  • People: gets older and older Keanu: wait do you guys get older?

    NYTROLNYTROL28 dager siden
  • NLP is a pseudoscience

    Sasha SaganSasha Sagan28 dager siden
  • When fully self aware and happy with your life, you live your life. You don't care about being charismatic nor popular. Those concerns are left for your fans. I guess 😁

    OrcanislupusOrcanislupus29 dager siden
  • He is who he is I am who I am.. I think people that wanting to imitate Keanu because he is popular might backfire instead.. I

    Ishigami Yu Pinoy Anime LoverIshigami Yu Pinoy Anime Lover29 dager siden
  • What an exellent human being

    Nick AfanasyevNick AfanasyevMåned siden
  • Even though I don't know Keanu Reeves personally I feel like I can even take a bullet for this guy. Such humble and kind person. God bless this man.

    Raghav MewarRaghav MewarMåned siden
  • it was very good for listening..tnq

    alireza shakerialireza shakeriMåned siden
  • Fact: If he wasn't famous.........he wouldn't be popular at all. Do the typical Hollywood "babes" throw themselves at him? No they dont.

    Astro MannAstro MannMåned siden
  • This is a great video! I would really love to watch a video on determining which primary modalities of communications individuals are using. The kinesthetic, auditory, visual socio-linguistics you discussed! Thank you!!!!

    DancerFighterBelieverDancerFighterBelieverMåned siden
  • Introvert dont come before camera.

    Amartya SinghAmartya SinghMåned siden
  • Keanu Reeves for President

    Pickle RaiderPickle RaiderMåned siden
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    JeremiahJeremiahMåned siden
  • He's an ideal most people would like to be. What's not to love? If Jesus existed today, Keanu would probably be him.

    VerySeriousUserVerySeriousUserMåned siden
  • I had no idea i was a introvert and i do nice things for people i don't know also i have been called weird countless times now i don't feel so bad about it thanks for this post

    Shaun KogerShaun KogerMåned siden
  • He is such an inspiration♡

    becabecaMåned siden
  • This creator is ignoring the concept that a lot of introverts don’t care to be popular...

    Carter DupuisCarter DupuisMåned siden
  • Bro just put your charisma to 10 when you create your character 😂

    Jacob MckinzieJacob MckinzieMåned siden
  • Keanu seems relatable, like "one of the boys", it exudes an air of sincerity that most "stars" lack.

    Mauricio AguileraMauricio AguileraMåned siden
  • How to be popular as an introvert: Be tall and good-looking.

    Silly Little ThotSilly Little ThotMåned siden
    • More like be an international superstar

      BlackwersusBlackwersusMåned siden
  • I have a crush on Keanu since my teens .... he's mysterious...down to earth and kind. And those eyes 😍😍😍😍

    Nurtured - ChannelNurtured - ChannelMåned siden
  • Is he an INFP? I'm an INFP, and the way he is makes a lot of sense to me. Either way, he's wonderful!

    maybememory1maybememory1Måned siden
  • Interesting analysis but... it seems to me he does not even have a tactic at all. He's just genuine, that's why he's sometimes flawed, and that's why he's so liked. He just trains a lot to do well what he has to do and he is just normal and spontaneous when he has to talk about what he does. Just... like a regular athlete but in front of a camera. An introvert that understands he needs to push himself a little bit further under the spotlight to don't get stuck into being a complete antisocial guy on his own irreversibly. A simple normal great guy, no fancy tricks 🤷‍♂️

    IzunaDestructionIzunaDestructionMåned siden
  • Nobody: Noone at all: Not even Jesus: Keanu: I'Ve BeEn WhUt

    The Chloe PaigeThe Chloe PaigeMåned siden
  • Super 🌟

    Oppo A1kOppo A1kMåned siden
  • would be great if you do one on nick and nate diaz. thanks!

    bikibawsbikibawsMåned siden
  • Honestly, as an introvert I'm not much into be popular. To me, keeping a low profile is more like the 'introvert thing' to do.

    A.F Letras en Español!A.F Letras en Español!Måned siden
  • If he doesn’t wanna compliment he doesn’t have to compliment. that’s like bing a compliment just to do it. It meaningless saying sorry when nothing wrong was executed an gain at anyone. It’s quite irritated how flattering people are. It reflect many lackings in ones life and identity. Wake up people

    Jancey AlamosJancey AlamosMåned siden
  • I think one needs to appear humble and nice so that people would like them, if they don't have that and they're an unfortunate introvert, everyone would hate them because people may mistake them with snobs... Add being ugly to the equation and you get DOOMSDAY!

    N PN PMåned siden
  • Keanu is like no other. I’ve worked in the industry for many years along side other actors and celebrities. Quite often I find that many of these people are very rude and self centered. However, there are a few gems like Keanu that are very down to earth, and friendly. I have never met Keanu but I have met and worked with other wonderful actors like Hugh Jackman. He is another wonderful person who will go out of his way for another person no matter who they are. Just remember, a person doesn’t have to be a celebrity to be nice or be a jerk. I find the best way to get people to like you and show interest in you is to show interest in them and what they have to say first. This channel is full of such great info, I suggest everyone subscribe to it and watch and LIKE ALL of the videos. Take care all, Dee😁👍

    DeeEll86442DeeEll86442Måned siden
  • nice

    gothsorrowsuffergothsorrowsufferMåned siden
  • like

    gothsorrowsuffergothsorrowsufferMåned siden
  • Well not saying it's the reason but... he's famous so a lot of people are gonna listen to him

    Exilary GAiM3ZExilary GAiM3ZMåned siden
  • How to be popular as an introvert: 1. be Keanu Reeves 2. ... 3. profit

    TheDolphinGuy70TheDolphinGuy70Måned siden
  • simple fact he was just brouth up has a bla bla

    beez.beez.Måned siden
  • This vídeo is breathtaking

    ExmortisExmortisMåned siden
  • Introverts will never stand on a stage biggest fear ever! Introverts don't make friends with strangers or anyone... Introverts just don't talk much.

    Samantha SmithSamantha SmithMåned siden
  • I Love Keanu He is The Man! My Distant Introvert Brother! Whoo!

  • Being and introvert myself I can say that I want to avoid being popular at all costs. The less people I know and know me, the less people will engage conversation with me.

    Abril PérezAbril PérezMåned siden
  • 34? He doesn't look that old.

    CommentCop Badge#666CommentCop Badge#666Måned siden
  • Dude Your Videos Are too much informative and has been deeply analysed on the topic great work

    Animal KingdomAnimal KingdomMåned siden
  • Hey do you know if at some point you could do a video on Robert Pattinson and how he acts in interviews? I think that would be an interesting topic because along with Keanu, he is one of the most interesting people to listen to imo. I also think the way Robert acts is pretty unique because it seems like he acts like an extrovert while also sometimes being shy, and also acting weird and saying weird things that sometimes are pretty funny, especially things that are so weird you'd think he'd have to be lying. But I think that would make a cool video! 👍

    The Darth KnightThe Darth KnightMåned siden
  • I love Keanu 🥰

    Michelle PereiraMichelle PereiraMåned siden
  • Being genuinely appreciative is wonderful. Not being able to take a complement is a weakness. "Just say thank you" ~ Garth, Waynes World.

    LucisFerre1LucisFerre1Måned siden
  • This has become my favourite channel.

    Athul .T.SAthul .T.SMåned siden
  • superr

    ANA MANA MMåned siden
  • Thanks

    AbouAbouMåned siden
  • All these videos of celebrities is not helpful to real people....

    HBHBMåned siden
  • "well i mean...gRAvity!"

    hannah • 6 years agohannah • 6 years ago2 måneder siden
  • People like Keanu Reeves is liked because he likes us

    CybersorcererCybersorcerer2 måneder siden
  • I don't think Keanu Reeves knows he's a celebrity

    LuisTheBestLuisTheBest2 måneder siden
  • I heard that Keanu is incredibly generous.

    Janie MooreJanie Moore2 måneder siden
  • An open introvert ladies and gentleman :D

    Lorenzo Von MatterhornLorenzo Von Matterhorn2 måneder siden
  • The handrub is so much Neo before the jump. "free your mind"

    TheHighway78TheHighway782 måneder siden
  • the ability to let that which does not matter, truly slide

    justabumjustabum2 måneder siden