How To Be Popular Without Being A People Pleaser

22. juni. 2020
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We all want to be liked and respected while being our unfiltered selves. And one of the fastest ways to make people like you is to make them laugh.
That’s why in this video we’re going to talk about Andrew Schulz, a comedian who’s popular for his ability to make people laugh even while he’s making fun of them.


1:21 - #1: Start by joking about people you obviously like.
2:48 - #2: Answer some questions with purposefully absurd answers.
3:38 - #3: When teasing others, mix in compliments.
5:00 - #4: Schulz will stereotype to get a laugh, but not in a hurtful way.
8:00 - #5: Roast all political parties equally.

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  • I just love Andrew

    prashant choukekarprashant choukekar4 dager siden
  • Andrew Schulz is awesome!

    Syed RizviSyed Rizvi7 dager siden
  • Delivery is everything. Not everyone is funny. It’s often a natural skill that’s hard to learn

    ShayDaleShayDale15 dager siden
  • Omg I'm happy I watched this video, Andrew is a funny guy. 😂

    Sahara Lee BoloSahara Lee Bolo19 dager siden
  • Shoulda used the late, great Patrice O'Neal for this video

    Ked TaczynskiKed Taczynski22 dager siden
  • Hi, can you please do a video on Tekashi 69 and how to be charming when people want to hate you (something like that ). His interviews are very interesting.

    Rocking RondaRocking Ronda25 dager siden
  • I've been wondering how he gets away with his jokes. Nice analysis.

    Jason FJason F26 dager siden

    MasonMason26 dager siden
  • I'm donating to people who have it better than me now.

    JordonJordon29 dager siden
  • yikes

    Nils GrögerNils Gröger29 dager siden
  • That EMT got some nerve smh...

    Jajy 6Jajy 6Måned siden
  • Hey! Big fan of your stuff. Could you do an analysis on Harry Styles?

    Hannah SwansonHannah SwansonMåned siden
  • He's ALWAYS 'ON', though. That gets annoying, after a while, when someone always feels the need to be funny.

    everwisegroup.comeverwisegroup.comMåned siden
  • I really like Shultz, he's awesome.

    Jeffrey Van Den AbeelJeffrey Van Den AbeelMåned siden
  • Rather than saying “nice to me you” say “it’s nice for you to finally meet

    Potenti4lPotenti4lMåned siden
  • Their never gonna get that water qwit lying

    quince Hayesquince HayesMåned siden
  • This video is like a highlight reel of all the Schulz videos I've watched over the quarantine.

    mate53mate53Måned siden
  • I only clicked because Schulz was in the Thumby Nail

    mate53mate53Måned siden
  • The fact that we have to now put warnings on videos over speech is just so utterly sad

    MrSladeMrSladeMåned siden
  • 1. Not everyone needs to be popular. 2. Not everyone needs to be a people pleaser. But(!): 3. Everyone must show kindness when it is needed.

    Mind LessMind LessMåned siden
  • This definitely works for a guy who's already a known comedian. Imagine you doing this at your workplace.

    Reddaboina vivekReddaboina vivekMåned siden
  • To the presenter, if you tell someone they will be offended they will be.

    Jacob NelsonJacob NelsonMåned siden
  • We need to laugh at ourselves. I love old English comedies.

    Olivia MillerOlivia MillerMåned siden
  • This guy is not funny

    JamieJamieMåned siden
  • I'll be honest I don't really find him funny, but thats just me personally. In general I don't see anything wrong with most of his jokes.

    barrelracer121495barrelracer121495Måned siden
  • I have to be honest there were some comments that did offend me a bit but like the narrator guy said, he shows that he really isn’t a jerk, and he makes it so that I’m fine with laughing at myself

    Daniel ZhouDaniel ZhouMåned siden
  • 9:40 Because she's a sociopathic fake hero oppressive sicko dictating fraud, poser wolf in sheep's clothing attention-seeking narcissistic disingenuous fake, fraud.

    meacomefeyoumeacomefeyouMåned siden
  • Shultzey , got featured on COC .sweet.

    Idrees Mohammed SalihIdrees Mohammed SalihMåned siden
  • Trump gave us a lesson on this 4 years ago 🧐

    Freddie RodriuezFreddie RodriuezMåned siden

    Gen PoshGen PoshMåned siden
  • Let’s gooooooo young hezi

    Faisal Al-JabriFaisal Al-JabriMåned siden
  • Totally different in the context of a live comedy show not real life situations

    Nick HNick HMåned siden
  • In which situations do you advice us to behave as such?

    Dan MDan MMåned siden
  • So what if people get offended. They're just jokes

    tsleel escappatsleel escappaMåned siden
  • I mean I personally don't find his jokes funny but that he shouldn't be allowed to make those jokes. Comedy is subjective. What I find funny might piss people off but that's okay.

    Jack StewartJack StewartMåned siden
  • "she just turned 18" lmao i hope that guy didn't get under investigation for dating her while she was underage or something 😂 6:07 please someone tell me what's the name of this movie, i haven't watched it in years & i'd love to but i can't remember the name D:

    Gamer'n'DesignerGamer'n'DesignerMåned siden
    • @jayvng Oh yea! thank you so much

      Gamer'n'DesignerGamer'n'DesignerMåned siden
    • Don't Mess With the Johan

      jayvngjayvngMåned siden

    T HUDT HUDMåned siden
  • I have always tried to be polite with polite people, nice with nice people and honest and tough with aholes. This way, I am true to myself. Integrity is everything. In order to be this way, you still need to know how to throw down with a jerk when you have to. I have no problem being mean when it is called for.

    Sigmund SauerSigmund SauerMåned siden
  • Stop being nice? Bad advice. I don't want to be popular, to an immature crowd. I want my loved ones to love & respect me and I want to respect myself. So I'd rather be rejected by pop-society, for being nice, than accepted for being bad.

    Robert XavierRobert XavierMåned siden
  • Bonus points at 4:47 he does a nice gesture to show its all in good fun.

    David NtumbaDavid NtumbaMåned siden
  • these guys clearly dont know Schulz. Its NOT fun to have a conversation with him because he CANNOT STOP TALKING to save his own damn life! Especially when the point he's trying to make is absurd LMFAO

    egdapoegdapoMåned siden
  • Love schulz but he doesnt make fun of political sides equally. Maybe in volume it comes 50/50 but the inherit bias is seen when you analyze what hes joking about. With democrats its something superficial like joe bidens crazy, but when its republicans it’s policies, ideas, and “actions”. And im not saying he doesnt do this to democrats but its quite obvious which way he leans.

    5kings_saint5kings_saintMåned siden
  • The narrator needs to stop sounding so pc. Sounds like he cares way to much and also sounds like as long as you dont offend people, your doing it right. Which means your delivery is contingent on social norms, not good. Since that means you must always move with the largest group even if they are wrong! Good content, but narrator comes across as "as long as its okay with X then you can say Y"

    Michael Le Chance, LoriaMichael Le Chance, LoriaMåned siden
  • Each time I watch one of your videos I want to buy charisma university but it’s a lot of money for someone living in Poland and poor. Is there some kind of sales or contests?

    PetitLumierePetitLumiere2 måneder siden
  • Only if he was funny tho, but he is not

    cbcb2 måneder siden
  • so... basically, banter wins the day?

    FrozenExplosionFrozenExplosion2 måneder siden
  • Nah nah nah. Making fun of and stereotyping minorities is never funny.

    Adina BAdina B2 måneder siden
  • just wanted to recommend/plea to analyze Andrew Schulz to you, realized that you had already covered him.. then realized that I had already liked the video.. and finally realized that it had been your video all along that made me wonder who this Schulz guy is. Funny, he now is one of my favourite stand-ups thanks to you.. and apparently I have early dementia lmao

    Ryan CastilloRyan Castillo2 måneder siden
  • Are you kidding me? Israel has underwater gas reserves that could keep her running for the next 50 to a hundred years.

    hazzapan hazzapanhazzapan hazzapan2 måneder siden

    Bradly M AdamsBradly M Adams2 måneder siden
  • I'm political and I laughed at both of those :)

    Cameron YoungsCameron Youngs2 måneder siden
  • Some people call me right wing for defending trump at times, but i have to say the trump joke was way funnier than the Biden joke

    David ElenduDavid Elendu2 måneder siden
  • Hmmm I'd like to see him roast black people now...

    skyclaspskyclasp2 måneder siden
  • I'm offended that some people are offended by him.

    Dominic CommissoDominic Commisso2 måneder siden
  • I think a person can be funny without even the hint of anyone being the butt of the joke just harder to do.

    MikeMike2 måneder siden
  • I love Andrew.❤

    808Bunny808Bunny2 måneder siden
  • So pretty much pay attention to the reaction of your audience?

    Quan NguyenQuan Nguyen2 måneder siden
  • You gotta do Jordan Schlansky and Conan O'Brien

    Rey Cesar CariñoRey Cesar Cariño2 måneder siden
  • We know it's you Shulz paying for this

    Like a complete unknown / Like a rolling stoneLike a complete unknown / Like a rolling stone2 måneder siden
  • Offensive? SOLD!!

    Pumpkin FacePumpkin Face2 måneder siden
  • Please tell about the BTS(boy band)'s charisma. Why are they popular?

    Melissa DiasMelissa Dias2 måneder siden
  • Please tell about the BTS(boy band)'s charisma. Why are they popular?

    Melissa DiasMelissa Dias2 måneder siden

    AlexAlex2 måneder siden
  • Hey I am Jewish too

    leon zrihenleon zrihen2 måneder siden
  • YOUNG HEZI!!!!!!!!!

    Sad boy SollySad boy Solly2 måneder siden
  • The only thing that is offensive about this video is that some people supposedly find the jokes in this video offensive.

    Kim KimpaKim Kimpa2 måneder siden
  • so glad they talked about this guy, he is the goat.

    aidan waldenaidan walden2 måneder siden
  • Noice choice mate! Andrew Schultz IS charisma

    Brian MBrian M2 måneder siden
  • I don’t mind if my Friends or Family make jokes about me(Most of the time)! But I ain’t gonna let some random person roast me!

    Dragon Ball DBDragon Ball DB3 måneder siden
    • Vortex I just personally don’t take being made fun of lightly!

      Dragon Ball DBDragon Ball DB2 måneder siden
    • Why would you care about it tho

      VortexVortex2 måneder siden
  • How many people here listen to these videos, totally agree but still forget all this advice in the real world because life isn't so rule oriented?

    Bill BarretBill Barret3 måneder siden
  • Your website is down man, I cant get in there

    Evan WEvan W3 måneder siden
  • Stop being nice? Bruh. No.

    CherrysnowwCherrysnoww3 måneder siden
  • It's hard to be popular when you have to explain everything cause youre worried about offending a person. Can be just only one of them, man. So you have to put in all that "I'm not sayin'" stuff. It kinda lost the whole point of whatever this video was supposed to be about. In fact isn't this just a reaction to the comedy dude vid? anyway. Comedy with a disclaimer isn't comedy. It's probably a government run admin thing. Like car tax, or planning proposal. Some hoop jumping exercise so some guy, given an ounce of authority, can run it on you..

    David BainesDavid Baines3 måneder siden
  • Andrew Schulz is perhaps the only comedian who becomes significantly less funny whenever he uses scripted or pre-written material.

    blue_pearl_22blue_pearl_223 måneder siden
  • i really like that. if you complain but dont help, then youre the problem

    Jonathan VeeJonathan Vee3 måneder siden
  • I'd never heard of Schulz before, he's brilliant 😆

    Chelsey WatsonChelsey Watson3 måneder siden
  • In summary, if you're making a joke about a minority, take a neutral or positive stereotype and make a clever observation about it.

    111 111111 1113 måneder siden
  • is that chillintit on the thumbnail????

    HaidenHaiden3 måneder siden
  • Something about his humor reminds me of daniel tosh

    Jassmen RobinsonJassmen Robinson3 måneder siden
  • What a way to wrap this up. "We complain, but we don't help." A lot of complaining these days and I am not gonna lie. I am not part of the helpers but damn.

    Tittums McSprinklesTittums McSprinkles3 måneder siden
  • joke's on you i worked this out already

    Comment SpaepanionComment Spaepanion3 måneder siden
  • What it really means is stop seeming nice, be nice behind their back and act normal in front of them.

    VarunVarun3 måneder siden
  • I don’t find him funny at all and I don’t think not being a people please means offending other people

    Beatriz HelenaBeatriz Helena3 måneder siden
  • WHO IS THIS SHULTZ GUY? hes kinda hot

    Mutable AirMutable Air3 måneder siden
  • You're Jewish?

    mnimiaa nekomnimiaa neko3 måneder siden
  • 9:01

    Mr AceMr Ace3 måneder siden
  • I hate this guy

    John BaileyJohn Bailey3 måneder siden
  • Never, never, never let people reject you. You don't have to let it in.

    Wouter MandersWouter Manders3 måneder siden
  • can you please do Lin- Manuel Miranda next

    Crown BritishCrown British3 måneder siden
  • Somebody trying to imitate my accent makes me proud, not offended.

    Liberty BibertyLiberty Biberty3 måneder siden
  • man i wasn't ready for how funny this guy is

    carlos dangercarlos danger3 måneder siden
  • Or you could just be lucky enough to be born with a built-in loophole, like me! I’ve discovered that you can get away with just about anything, if you’re under 5 feet tall. 😁👍

    Last of the Albino MexheecansLast of the Albino Mexheecans3 måneder siden
  • Still waiting for that breakdown of Harry Styles, damn

    AnichaAnicha3 måneder siden
  • im dying at the albino guy

    wyatt breymeymeyerwyatt breymeymeyer3 måneder siden
  • "We complain, but we don't help, cause we thing that's enough." The man was speaking pure truth right there.

    Elizabeth BennetElizabeth Bennet3 måneder siden
  • You should really do one about Raymond Red Redington (Blacklist) I think James Spader is pretty interesting.

    Amzi CollinsAmzi Collins3 måneder siden
  • i love schulz but this ad is so poorly executed that it could be on tv.

    Yiğithan ZirekYiğithan Zirek3 måneder siden
  • this video is bassicaly about why Andrew is the greatest.

    zmkzmk3 måneder siden
  • Brooklyn nine nine or Andy samberg breakdown

    Ans GondalAns Gondal3 måneder siden
    • *Andy

      chirag bhardwajchirag bhardwaj2 måneder siden
  • Norm would’ve been great.

    Molo SkateMolo Skate3 måneder siden