How To Express An Unpopular Opinion

1. feb.. 2021
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Bill Burr is one of the most popular comedians alive today, despite having said about a hundred things that would get anyone else cancelled.

Today we’ll go over how Bill manages to say these controversial things without hurting his relationships or popularity.
Learning just a few of these habits will let you go into any conversation with confidence, knowing you can share your opinion without losing people’s respect.
Also one quick note, this video is about psychology not any particular belief. So if you strongly disagree with anything Bill says in these upcoming clips, then they’ve been picked well :-)

0:46 - #1:Make people laugh
3:09 - #2: Begin by validating the other side
6:23 - #3: Soften that feeling of being attacked
8:40 - #4: Be willing to back off an opinion
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  • *Hate the censorship but at least silence during the "sinful" word is better than a 1 KHz beep.*

    Warren NZWarren NZ2 timer siden
  • He says what most people are thinking, and he keeps it real.

    Rich HopkinsRich Hopkins5 timer siden
  • The absolute KING of telling the truth without offending , bills podcast's are the best FREE therapy sessions you could want.

  • So..... Be a comedian.

    Daniel AmorDaniel Amor13 timer siden
  • He's not funny ..

    limzog9limzog914 timer siden
  • In other words, how to make yourself validating without actually making a difference. Good job guys, great job at status quo.

    JoseitoEdlVodaoJoseitoEdlVodao15 timer siden
  • Losing Carlin was a big blow to the rage comedy but Bill Burr still keeps the show going on.

    ExMachina70ExMachina7015 timer siden
  • "TUNA CASAROL, and just starts swinging" XD

    ExMachina70ExMachina7015 timer siden
  • 6:57 Uh... ya but it's still good to be skeptical of what organizations or agencies tell you (it's not like they're magically incapable of lying or making mistakes). The point is, don't just believe them authorities with 100% faith right off the bat.

    89792131121607920 math is cool89792131121607920 math is cool16 timer siden
    • It's the same thing with doctors... it's OK to get multiple opinions and also do some research yourself. Doing that doesn't mean you're not listening to a doctor or doctors... just means you're putting extra care into it.

      89792131121607920 math is cool89792131121607920 math is cool16 timer siden
  • You can get away with saying anything you want as long as you smile while saying it.

    MangoHombreMangoHombre17 timer siden
  • So you’re bleeping out “Jesus Christ”? That’s in the same price range as curses? Wow.

    2HellWUtube2HellWUtube18 timer siden
  • self deprecation is only charming when the person is successful. Otherwise its just sad.

    jdogsfuljdogsful18 timer siden
  • if i felt i needed help, i wouldnt buy some course off of youtube. Thats silly.

    Lovers ChoiceLovers Choice19 timer siden
  • this vid only shows how to be a uZeLeZZ human , man up you man gi na

    wakesakewakesake22 timer siden
  • People who put pets in pots o potatos are pricks

    Nuclear Launch DetectedNuclear Launch DetectedDag siden
  • Bill Burr is a comedy GOD

    Andres GAndres GDag siden
  • its like ralph cifaretto comes to real life

    Leonidas the kingLeonidas the kingDag siden
  • In my case I just say with an honest, serious expression for a much more emphasis and so that they'll at least take it seriously enough to kind of relate to even and drop the topic like a log because I'll joke about it and then move on...

    VMMDVMMDDag siden
  • How are these "controversial issues"? I literally agree with almost everything he says, sans his charisma.

    badreality2badreality2Dag siden
    • If you dont see how these things are controversial than im afriad youre a combination of ignorant and narcissistic

      Se7enPr1meSe7enPr1me22 timer siden
  • been a while since i watched a charisma on command video... does he use a voice changer now?

    UmeshUmeshDag siden
  • I liked this video til the end. You Nancy..

    Rasta MingRasta MingDag siden
  • "How to express an unpopular opinion" Step 1: Be the best comedian alive

    Andreas NorbergAndreas NorbergDag siden
  • 2;49 Is what I do that I am not a serial cannibal killer,

    jim carsonjim carsonDag siden
  • I found a lot of emotional mastery in Bible study. If you want to know what kind if duplicitous, devious, evil people humans typically are, have a go at the Old Testament. Cain had some big issues with anger and self image to want to kill his brother. David sent a man into a losing battle so he would be killed, because David had spied his hot wife bathing, and wanted the husband out of the way to he could make her one of his wives. God took that evil and turned it into good. Their second child was Solomon. As a people, hard headed and hard hearted just isn't enough to describe those 12 tribes. Sometimes, I am asked if, as a Christian, if "I think (fill in the blank)." I always start with, "this isn't my personal opinion, but the Bible says this." This inevitably leads to explaining the God loves His creation, and the Bible is His "owner's manual" for humans. So, I am not attacking anyone, I'm just explaining what the one entity that has the authority in these matters has to say about it. Then, if they reject that idea, it's on them. They have every freedom to reject God's viewpoint. And of course, He has every right to reject their response, as well. I tell people that I feel compassion for those who struggle with certain feelings, but I also tell them that just because they have those feelings, it does not validate them as positive life choices. The community of Psychology often fails in this regard. It's like telling someone who says they are hearing voices in their head that they should do what the voices are telling them. Instead of treating aberrant behaviors and feelings, they are supporting those defective dynamics. I am not sure when Psychology lost its way, but I am sure that this was not in play when I was a Psych student at NYU in 1970. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of interacting with others is the challenge of finding ways to tell the truth in a way that is not mean or aggressive. That can be very tough to do.

    Art HoustonArt HoustonDag siden
  • This NOworld channel, is pointless and the narrator is an annoying Douche Bag!!

    ReconstructedBeautyReconstructedBeautyDag siden
  • Nice to find an INTELLIGENT video on NOworld.

    Miley onDisneyMiley onDisneyDag siden
  • Romans 10:9 "...if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved." Ephesians 2:8 ?For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God" Revelation 20:15 "And anyone whose name was not found recorded in the Book of Life was thrown into the lake of fire."

    John McCallisterJohn McCallisterDag siden
    • What were you thinkin when you posted this lmao youre taking alot of these out of their literary context too

      Se7enPr1meSe7enPr1me22 timer siden
  • My closed captions call him Bilber.

    PalmerWhitPalmerWhit2 dager siden
  • I don't want to see anything about this moron. Why it is always shoved in my face?

    Quentyn73Quentyn732 dager siden
  • Haven't seen much of Bill Burr lately...

    Jesse BryantJesse Bryant2 dager siden
  • Bill does tend to skate around certain topics so his wiener doesn't get cancelled at home.

    BlueEyedDevilBlueEyedDevil2 dager siden
  • i feel like bill burr uses comedy to really just say what he genuinely feels

    mia noelmia noel2 dager siden
  • The thing is Bill Burr is right 99% of the times. the problem is calling "truth" unpopular... popular or not everybody should respect the truth.

    carlos tejadacarlos tejada2 dager siden
  • He did not

    Jim RoundJim Round2 dager siden
  • How to express an unpopular opinion: Just do it.

    Sergio CenicerosSergio Ceniceros2 dager siden
  • Why was there a clip of Joel McHale?

    Corbin MussoCorbin Musso2 dager siden
  • laural and hardy escalating comedy whats NEW

    Robert AndersonRobert Anderson2 dager siden
  • 🤣 made me laugh out loud 🤣 (for real)

    TrenaTrena3 dager siden
  • Not everyone has the talents and experience of a stand-up comedian. The reason he gets away with it is because he has an unstated contract with his audience, and it's all about about laughter. But the motivation of the exchange is humour, not serious argument.

    Chris YorkeChris Yorke3 dager siden
  • There are unpopular opinions which are worth sharing, and then there are unpopular opinions which are not worth sharing. Unpopular opinions worth sharing are the opinions which help make the world a better place for all it's inhabitants.

    Michael ElijahMichael Elijah3 dager siden
  • I can't watch Bill Burr because I have Asthma that starts with laughing really hard! :) I love his comedy as he's SO funny as well as becoming a really good actor as he was recently featured several times on The Mandalorian and did a great job as a former Empire soldier turned rogue pirate/thief.

    James Christopher HillJames Christopher Hill3 dager siden
  • I can't disagree with anything bill says.

    Mark EdgetteMark Edgette3 dager siden
  • You can dissect this but you can't teach this.

    Edward BlaskoEdward Blasko3 dager siden
    • Anything can be taught. Not everyone can learn

      Se7enPr1meSe7enPr1me22 timer siden
  • what is this? rules for how comedians can be less oppressing and offensive? Its comedy, if you have a problem with how comedians operate maybe laughing isn't your thing. ffs relax

    Tiberius MaximusTiberius Maximus3 dager siden
  • He can say what he wants cause his wife is black, woke mob loves that.

    Pamela OlsonPamela Olson3 dager siden
  • I was really enjoying this presentation until they started their commerical. Then I blew my stack.

    Brad WaltonBrad Walton3 dager siden
    • Dude, if you were really that triggered by commercials youd have killed yourself a long time ago. Stop being over dramatic, Brad

      Se7enPr1meSe7enPr1me22 timer siden
  • 'DON'T POINT THAT GUN AT ME, MANDO!!!' - Bill Burr.

    Locke19901Locke199013 dager siden
  • Bill Burr for president of men.

    Michael BeckettMichael Beckett3 dager siden
  • Those who are Burnt from a Joke they cant laugh as they know it true what some one says in comedy ...IT PERSONAL!!

    MrDeadHead69MrDeadHead693 dager siden
  • I assumed this was going to be a bit by Bill Burr, but it turns out I stumbled onto a very interesting channel.

    LizardoiLLizardoiL4 dager siden
  • it's not despite saying 100 thing that would get others cancelled , it's because .

    R SmithR Smith4 dager siden
  • I'm gonna skip the psych stuff and go out on a limb and suggest maybe people like people like Bill burr and Dave Chappelle and George Carlin etc etc.... because they just simply agree.... the only way you could cancel any of them is kill them

    matthew gillmatthew gill4 dager siden
  • Good analysis

    ArenAren4 dager siden
  • "You just said that!" -- "That was a long time ago!" Scary thought: imagine if Trump had been this skillful. (Able, when confronted over something he'd said, to deflect it *without* resorting to the utterly absurd "I didn't say that".) Even scarier: the "Next Trump" *will* be that skillful. Also, btw: why is Conan a better Interviewer than any of the White House reporters? (Able to cut off an absurd denial: "You *just* said that!")

    voidstarqvoidstarq4 dager siden
  • I know why he still around.. he doesn't give a flip

    Chris SmithChris Smith4 dager siden
  • I know I'm the minority here, but...

    A Guy Named SomethingA Guy Named Something4 dager siden
  • wanker

    Jeffrey LangfordJeffrey Langford4 dager siden
  • They’re not unpopular opinions. It’s just that outrage over an opinion different than your is the norm.. But what do I know?😀

    David GarciaDavid Garcia4 dager siden
  • The other important thing he does is anticipate the criticism he will receive and then say it before they have the opportunity to, and not in a defensive way. Like when he starts "I know I'm coming across as pretty ignorant right now"....

    Noone of ConsequenceNoone of Consequence4 dager siden
  • Been watching a few of these vids... Can someone please tell me if there is anything that the programs he sells can't fix? Seems like its a one stop shop to all your problems in life. hahahahah

    CitrulineCitruline4 dager siden
  • Well you need a few alpha sigmas left in the world to show the obvious absurdity of it all, that's called truth, rejoice. Look how stale SNL has become. It's like we;ve been saved, real comedy lives. It exists to point out the those that are holding unsavory lies about the nature of reality

    No OneNo One4 dager siden
  • In the immortal words of Bet Midler "f*ck em if they can't take a joke"

    Dean HustonDean Huston4 dager siden
  • there is a fun part to it but beside comedy i do not agree that opinions should be popular

    Olivier PireOlivier Pire4 dager siden
  • C'mon, the reason Bill Burr doesn't get canceled is because he doesn't care what the mob says. The minute you apologize its blood in the water to the woke pc babies

    Chris LiaChris Lia4 dager siden
  • Excellent analysis! 10/10!

    junk canjunk can4 dager siden
  • Sure. It takes talent to do what Bill Burr does. Try with your significant other and see how badly it works out.

    DesertScorpionKSADesertScorpionKSA5 dager siden
  • That moment you realize this is an extended advertisement for a psychological program trying to "help". Hmmmmmm

    William KelleyWilliam Kelley5 dager siden
  • ...and that’s why he’s brilliant..

    Leonard HillLeonard Hill5 dager siden
  • humanity is dying

    slapper22slapper225 dager siden
  • humor is lost

    slapper22slapper225 dager siden
  • common sense.

    slapper22slapper225 dager siden
  • Too busy laughing at Burr to learn anything. The guy is the comedic gold of this generation.

    MalohdekMalohdek5 dager siden
  • God I love Bill Burr

    KyroblastKyroblast5 dager siden
  • A superior video

    Timber BearTimber Bear5 dager siden
  • Please analyze Burr's constant mentioning of global warming. While flying helicopters for fun, and private jets all over the world. Along with him yelling at people. OUTSIDE by themselves not wearing a mask

    AK 4oAK 4o5 dager siden
  • what i think it is just him being honest again whats your intent if its being honest you going come off that way is it being to hurt or offend then you going come off that way but i could be wrong.

    Fc channelFc channel5 dager siden
  • PC political correctness come fromThe leader of the Chinese Communist Party Mao zadong he’s said if any person that does not follow the communists manifesto to the letter or speak out against. The Chinese Communists Party is not being politically correct!! We need to abolish this kind of language in The United States of America unless you are a Marxist or a Communist!!!

    Troy CrewsTroy Crews5 dager siden
  • Bill is a famous comic, people expect to laugh at anything he says, so they do even if the joke's not that funny

    Diego CofréDiego Cofré5 dager siden
  • I'm not a doctor, but according to the CDC website 99.6% of people who get Covid, fully recover. Does that warrant injecting an experimental v a x x into your body?

    vadermask//mass retaliationvadermask//mass retaliation5 dager siden
  • The fear of an unpopular opinion is that people will literally ruin your life for it.

    Caleb CouchCaleb Couch5 dager siden
  • His opinions really aren't unpopular, just controversial

    Zach WeaverZach Weaver5 dager siden
  • “Getting cancelled” how did we ever let the leftist do this.... bloody nazis

    John JonesJohn Jones5 dager siden
  • The tuna must of course be Star-Kist (Rimshot. Oh wait.... if that stings too much then BumbleBee tuna? Oh wait....)

    GK2003GK20035 dager siden
  • Why do i want people to like me? Why should i like or care about other people? Im happy as i am being a recluse. Lockdown showed me this.

    Steven WallaceSteven Wallace5 dager siden
  • I hate to agree this this thought 'so you guys making a videos of mansplaining now? Can I just watch Bill Burr again? Ok, you got my attention..

    Arias GroupArias Group5 dager siden
  • actually pretty simple, just agree to disagree. No one is totally right or wrong

    jwonwolfjwonwolf5 dager siden
  • I mean Louie C.K. (and most comedians) do the same thing. It's just people didn't like what went happened behind the scenes

    Andrew CortesiAndrew Cortesi5 dager siden
  • Love bill Burr. Speaks what’s on his mind and no apologies

    Ralph pellicciaRalph pelliccia5 dager siden
  • Lady justice ware's a blindfold, she knows the womans point of view and she can't see the mans point of view.

    Cape VancouverCape Vancouver6 dager siden
  • -"You just said it" -"it was a long time ago"

    Антон МихайловскийАнтон Михайловский6 dager siden
  • So, this whole thing is just a sneaky way to stick in an infomercial for some online course. Does Bill Burr get a cut of the profits? Does he even know about this? Your whole credibility has just been shot!

    Allen De RicoAllen De Rico6 dager siden
  • My anger issues (along with a lot of other problems) resolved when my neurologist discovered migraine and seizure activity in my brain, and prescribed the right medication to treat it. I'm like a whole new person, it's incredible.

    SomeGuySomeGuy6 dager siden
  • He lost Nina

    Scott PowellScott Powell6 dager siden
  • Be one of Saul's guys.

    Rasmus TaguRasmus Tagu6 dager siden
  • change topic - NEVER

    chalsfochalsfo6 dager siden
  • No only means no when women say it. If a guy says no in the same scenario, no one takes him seriously.

    5280 Videos5280 Videos6 dager siden
  • Anthony jeselnik as well

    Morris JohnMorris John6 dager siden
  • Bill Burr is going to be Archie Bunker when he gets old.

    XWolvenXWolven7 dager siden
  • OMG....this was a commercial.... f off

    NoPlanPaintingNoPlanPainting7 dager siden
  • Conan wouldn't push back because that's not what his show about.

    Unappreciated TreehouseUnappreciated Treehouse7 dager siden