How To Confidently Flirt With Anyone

30. nov.. 2020
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Craig Ferguson has a reputation as one of the most fun, charming flirts in Hollywood. Some female celebrities would go on his show just for the chance to flirt with him.
While Craig has clear advantages, like being a famous TV host, a lot of what he does can be done by anybody who wants to be more attractive in conversation. Specifically, Craig has 7 habits that can help you build chemistry with anyone. Learning just a few of these habits will let you go into any conversation with confidence, knowing people are going to love flirting with you.

0:50 - #1: Start your conversations in a fun, positive way.
1:53 - #2: Use over the top teasing.
3:59 - #3: Be playfully absurd.
4:51 - #4: Create a safe environment for people to be flirty and sexual.
10:23 - #5: Flirt with the world.
11:13 - #6: Have leaned back body language.
12:02 - #7: Get comfortable with your worst case scenario
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  • If I did half the stuff that Craig Ferguson does, I'd be told in no uncertain terms to go away.

    1979RayDay1979RayDay2 timer siden
  • When I feel to learn something new..I come to Charisma University. Good job!!

    Irfan QuadriIrfan Quadri6 timer siden
  • Do as thou wilt, not what Fergy does.

    DH SchumannDH Schumann15 timer siden
  • Note that the thing he does when he compliments them is rip up the cards with the usual questions that all those other talk show hosts have... Subtle, but effective...

    K AugustK August20 timer siden
  • wtf did he say at 3:45?

    VictorVictor22 timer siden
  • Im here to update my flirting skills... 2021 flirting is much harder than headbangin to emo songs with some dude and telling I like his eyeliner.

    Isip BejarlIsip BejarlDag siden
  • So this is why people say im flirty/charming.... i do all this but its all in fun and to be silly

    SuperSaiyan StalloneSuperSaiyan StalloneDag siden
  • Over the top teasing huh? So I guess I’m not over the top enough because women get offended.😬

    Jordon LongleyJordon LongleyDag siden
  • 10:00 "..and FOCUS on building.." In the background plays the movie Focus with Will Smith and Margot Robbie

    Aykut SahinAykut SahinDag siden
  • 12:59 My name actually is Ben, so that advice felt very tailored lol

    Ben HahnBen Hahn2 dager siden
  • As soon as I saw the Biden clip I came to the comments.

    Noah TrostleNoah Trostle2 dager siden
  • gotta love lucifer in this

    Kieran HolroydKieran Holroyd2 dager siden
  • Walking up to a girl that’s not expecting a guy to say “you look great, enchanting, etc” will give you different responses depending on the girl. It won’t always work for every girl, the reason it works for girls on craigs show, is because they’re expecting it. A random woman on the street might think “he thinks I look great? So he just wants to sleep with me?” See what I mean?

    Onix JunesOnix Junes2 dager siden
  • Craig is an absolute legend.

    Sir BaderSir Bader2 dager siden
  • Thank you, I am now married with 3 kids a dog and 4 bedroom house

    Grimxhunter21Grimxhunter213 dager siden
  • Don't you think that this whole mentality mentality that Craig, his guests, and the audience hold - knowing there's not only a live audience but an enormous TV viewership, have not only a significant influence on how the interviewer/ee interacts with each other, but also on the audience perceive and laughs at the situation? I do.

    wolfgang16wolfgang163 dager siden
    • Definitely, the influence of the audience cannot be underestimated, especially because the political landscape is ever changing. There are plenty of things that were 'innocent flirting' 20 years ago and would be considered harassment nowadays. It's the audience who decides that, although it still requires emotional/social intelligence to be sensitive to these developments.

      GuidoGuido2 dager siden
  • Too bad I rarely get any human interaction so this will be very difficult to practice

    ThinkTwicePS4 GamingThinkTwicePS4 Gaming3 dager siden
  • The video is saying: be creative ;P

    Martin TomeMartin Tome3 dager siden
  • Lol incel video

    Charles WiseCharles Wise3 dager siden
  • Omg, the Biden clip! LMAO

    Zac MosleyZac Mosley4 dager siden
  • Im not very introverted but... This guy is to much for me😂🤦‍♂️

    Darius HanganDarius Hangan4 dager siden
  • Graigs wife hires a security team to make sure he comes straight home!

    piet skietpiet skiet4 dager siden
  • Very few people can pull off what Craig does. Just having a simple formula is not enough. If it was that easy, there would be quite a few more rich people walking around.

    guitarrista666guitarrista6665 dager siden
  • I’m just gonna shoot myself

    Roosevelt HarrisonRoosevelt Harrison5 dager siden

    roger ciszewskiroger ciszewski5 dager siden
  • Whats the cost of the course?

    Gunnar McfallsGunnar Mcfalls6 dager siden
  • Lol, at the Biden clip. If you ever feel like a creep, just know you were never that bad, and he became the president

    tristan flodintristan flodin6 dager siden
  • In other words, fake is until you make it? Craig Ferguson is an insufferable lech.

    Ocean HedonistOcean Hedonist6 dager siden
  • I take issue with the fact that this advice is based on celebrities on talk shows. To be clear, I understand the advice provided, and see its value at the general level. I just have questions as to of how legitimate the translation from Hollywood show to reality stands. There are expectations for both genders, and while I've watched more of these types of videos than I'd like to admit; I can't help but think that these are not communicated in advocatory videos similar to this. My curiosity also extends to how this sort of video is perceived to a female. I am open for conversation and reconsideration on my perspective here, and I genuinely mean that. I don't comment much on videos here on NOworld, but this is something I'd like to dive into.

    GavenGaven7 dager siden
  • Crap, I didn't realize how I've mimicked my flirting to this wonderful man. Thanks for pointing this out! Lol

    gropesthagropestha7 dager siden
  • But I feel kids going to college today are taught to be so politically correct all the way to the left side that anything you say will automatically get you canceled even if you're just trying to be funny with nothing ill conceived. You have to have some Street sense generally nice personalities for all this to work. Today just saying hello to someone can get you kicked out of the bar...

    DWYS WYSDDWYS WYSD7 dager siden
  • I really thought Craig was going to be stuck in a corner when he asked about the mouth organ back at Craig, he's like how do you think I got this job ! He's fast witty

    DWYS WYSDDWYS WYSD7 dager siden
  • Wow that dude is seriously funny. That will get you the world. Looks like it has

    Steve MarlboroughSteve Marlborough7 dager siden
  • rather be alone than play a game with another human being that I had to learn from someone else. humor is natural. not contrived

    john anonjohn anon8 dager siden
  • I legit have talked women into my bed in the course of a few days. Not a lot, but a couple for sure. Def works and helps your interaction skills

    Lodus MusicLodus Music8 dager siden
  • Not Biden sniffing girls!

    FalkorFalkor8 dager siden
  • Craig was best Night Show Host.

    AllSmilesX0AllSmilesX08 dager siden
  • These points are basically all the things I ACTIVELY avoided gearing my mind towards or making a habit of because I thought they were undesirable/obnoxious traits. And now it turns out they're what actually achieve positive female attention? I'm going to need a few minutes to pick my various jaws up off the floor.

    eXDaxeXDax8 dager siden
  • I don't believe there are so many actress in Hollywood come to the show to flirt with him , they are just so overly done sometimes it's obviously staged

    Jay RaiJay Rai8 dager siden
  • Step 1: Host a talk show that is well known for flirtatious fun conversations in the pre-'Me too' era.

    eJacob CorneliuseJacob Cornelius8 dager siden
  • I’m a women and THIS ISNT CHARMING. Some of those girls might’ve missed it at the time. But those are smug remarks said in a nice way. The viewers laugh and think it’s okay bc women pretends everything is ok or we’ll be told we are emotional,over reacting and hysterical. One comment towards a women might work bc we aren’t used to be treated like that by someone who is a potential spouse but that is for sure not how you keep a women around.

    allyiah simonallyiah simon9 dager siden
  • So many levers and buttons to get laid. "Sigh" hahah.

    Jason GoodmanJason Goodman9 dager siden
  • Nah, in this day and age you get arrested for sexual harassment.

    AkbarAkbar9 dager siden
  • People are treating these interviews as if it's all ad lib but I think there's a lot of planning that goes into this. I wouldn't say it's scripted, but I'd go as far and say that it's so well coordinated beforehand that both the interviewer and the person interviewed know exactly what's coming and how to respond.

    HawkfandanHawkfandan10 dager siden
  • my way of doing things, misinterpret something they say, ask them about it, they usually respond by asking me the same question, to which you respond, only on the weekends.

    James MiddletonJames Middleton10 dager siden
  • The big difference here is that those women are actresses and are showing off in front of an audience and cameras. So they're willing to go a step further in a conversation than in private life to get the attention and popularity

    MrPanSzymonMrPanSzymon10 dager siden
  • I dont have brain fast enough

    J_RandomJ_Random10 dager siden
  • Don’t do any of this unless you want to go to jail.

    Cut wir3Cut wir310 dager siden
  • The fact that he's pretty attractive doesn't hurt as well...

    Bart RouwBart Rouw11 dager siden
  • The red dress makes you look stunning!

    Paladin 38-40Paladin 38-4012 dager siden
  • could someone simplify so i could put these steps on my notebook?😹

    Joseph SosaJoseph Sosa12 dager siden
  • I tried it with my neighbor’s wife and now she’s pregnant I don’t know who for.

    samson renesamson rene12 dager siden
  • Caption: Confident Flirting. Video: Brainwash yourself to be Craig Ferguson.

    Pirate CatPirate Cat12 dager siden
  • Great, now serial killers will all be like Ted Bundy, funny, charming, and then “GUUUACKKKK!” It’s over.

    Duke MackeyDuke Mackey13 dager siden
  • i usually find flirting advice cringy but this was a breath of well advised fresh air. This reminds me of the the greatest thing I've ever realised about having good chemistry with women. The song Girls Just Wanna have Fun by Christy Lauper. If your fun to hang out with lots of laughs and absurdity the same way you bond with a male. Once you can laugh together you'll also realise if you just this person physically attractive or if there is is a real connection.

    steve antonsteve anton13 dager siden
  • I'm 16, lookin for tips on talking to people, just now realizing, to have a conversation is a 2 way street everyone at my highschool is dry and only responds in 1 words, so can't really have "conversations" still gonna try

    All KidsAll Kids13 dager siden
  • Taking Craig Ferguson as a role model for flirting is like trying to be as fit/muscular as a bodybuilder on steroids. It's just a whole other level, not attainable by many people.

    AirFoulyAirFouly13 dager siden
  • Wrong. How can you possibly think that being in front of an audience, filmed live on TV, and being a CELEBRITY/actress/musician is producing genuine responses. These 'interviews' are scripted. Topics are discussed and agreed upon beforehand. It's a TV show designed to be entertaining. They do practice runs before even. There is nothing real here. How do you not know this?

    xFirstAidxxFirstAidx14 dager siden
  • Ferguson is a legend!

    Turd FergusonTurd Ferguson14 dager siden
  • hes the nxt bill cosby

    Waxxfanatic WaxxfanaticWaxxfanatic Waxxfanatic14 dager siden
  • I have one habit " mis interpretation, Now I will practise the others. Great video, thanks a lot.

    johny rynjahjohny rynjah14 dager siden
  • I do most of these lmaoo, no wonder every girl stopped talking to told me they had a crush on me 💀

    TarbotTarbot14 dager siden
  • Most people don’t realize that 90% is his accent and that he is rich and successful

    Frozen EuropeFrozen Europe14 dager siden
    • Yes this Is true , but You can be confident without being ultra rich

      Sal 808Sal 80812 dager siden
  • flirting has only been around for like a couple hundred years and mostly in the western world

    Michael TomMichael Tom14 dager siden
  • Fing Biden. Classic loser

    T ShermanT Sherman14 dager siden
  • Be fun, not creepy. Craig is witty and fun.

    T ShermanT Sherman14 dager siden
  • Theres no formula to charm lol you either got wit and internally happy or miserable and not really a healthy partner

    Steve JonesSteve Jones14 dager siden
  • I am a huge Craig Ferguson fan. Props.

    Raven BurnsRaven Burns14 dager siden
  • Double entendres are one of the best ways to be flirtatious.

    OuijaSTiOuijaSTi14 dager siden
  • Which actress is in thumbnail..

    M JM J15 dager siden
  • Too many rules, way too much effort for something I don't actually care about. Just not worth the time.

    daboys1215daboys121515 dager siden
  • Why do these videos always seem like a robot trying to teach a human how to be more robotically human?

  • What if you're an introvert that doesn't want to connect with others? If you don't care what people think of you? Hmmmm, I wonder, can you make an ok living as serial killer? You know, maybe not get rich but a decent wage?

    kelly walkerkelly walker15 dager siden
  • Start hosting a talk show?

    Space vs PitchSpace vs Pitch15 dager siden
  • Anyone else going to do this a very thick man in his Middle Ages that is currently 6 feet away because I just farted and don’t want him to smell fish when we are no where near the sea and he has black hair very nice dark hair. NO HOMO

    skipsenskipsen15 dager siden
  • I’ve been binging your videos and I’m confused.. is this a Craig Ferguson Fan channel? Lol.

    Armani ManningArmani Manning16 dager siden
  • Exactly, flirt with everyone. My car was in the shop, so I took an Uber to work. Going back home, I took public transportation, and met this cute blonde At the bus stop. I was already primed and in The zone. She came back To my place for a drink, and well, you know the Rest 😏

    Justino CastilloJustino Castillo16 dager siden
  • just talk to people. point blank.

    SnupeDawg Internet TrollSnupeDawg Internet Troll16 dager siden
  • Down voted for being made watch a Lenor Eurooe!

    Mark BrowneMark Browne16 dager siden
  • Woman at 2:07 and 2:35 are wearing the same outfit. Hmm I wonder who got the idea from whom 🤔

    RobinsonRobinson16 dager siden
  • So basically I’ll never be able to do anything like this I’m not sure why I’m watching.

    NunyaNunya17 dager siden
  • i feel like if i did these no one would laugh and it would make me seem rude in a way

    Fat AmyFat Amy17 dager siden
  • On word describes CF: Obvious. Edit: Guests scripted.

    Stan ClarkStan Clark17 dager siden
  • Amazing video learned a lot btw can you please tell us movies name which scenes you used in between thanks in advance

    Vedant pandeVedant pande17 dager siden
  • Oh so since I'm naturally communicating like this, it concretes the fact that I'm just plain ugly.

    DigitalV3DigitalV317 dager siden
  • Walks up to a new person, *shouts* "Hey, look at you, yeah you, you look stunning"

    H2LOzH2LOz17 dager siden
  • Fucken Joe Biden, wtf was that.

    Josue DavidJosue David17 dager siden
  • I find this man is very annoying!

    Geopolitics : ভূরাজনীতিGeopolitics : ভূরাজনীতি18 dager siden
  • 6:05 who's that?

    Nome SobrenomeNome Sobrenome18 dager siden
  • Bruh I'm so far away😭

    Knight OfNightsKnight OfNights19 dager siden
  • How curious that a video with this title assumes the viewers are MALE and looking for someone.

    Mary MorrisMary Morris19 dager siden
  • Just save your bank account health and stay single.

    ArselingArseling20 dager siden
  • 1) He’s rich. 2) He’s famous. 3) He’s got a classic accent. Ok cool, so I need his money to impress the gold diggers and learn to imitate a Scot? Sure

    First LastFirst Last20 dager siden
  • How did you know all this ?

    bfhcorpbfhcorp20 dager siden
  • Lol the Biden clip. Perfection

    Matt NguyenMatt Nguyen20 dager siden
  • Craig bangs a lot!

    Christopher Philip ReyesChristopher Philip Reyes20 dager siden
  • be yourself and you won the game (unless you're a serial killer)

    TheMarcoyoutubTheMarcoyoutub20 dager siden
  • Creepy joe

    Isaiah MaderaIsaiah Madera20 dager siden
  • That Joe Biden clip was discussing I can’t believe he’s our president.

    FrankFrank20 dager siden
    • I couldnt believe Trump was president

      00Z00Z14 dager siden
  • Could you do a video discussing how to flirt with someone on a social media or through text messages. (If they live in another country, or just in general with the whole corona situation)

    Ben HewelBen Hewel20 dager siden