How To Dominate Any Social Situation

20. juli. 2020
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Ragnar Lothbrok (Lodbrok) is a legendary leader and the main character in the show Vikings. In a time where power and respect meant everything, he was able to rise up from being a simple farmer to a ruler, to a king.
In this video we will break down 5 ways Ragnar is able to command respect from everyone around him and how you can do the same in your own life. You don't have to pick them all, so you can pick the ones that fit you the best.

0:00 - Intro.
0:32 - #1: Pursue ambitious goals that others want to join.
2:13 - #2: Speak in "you" and "we".
4:16 - #3: Project calm in the face of conflict.
5:32 - #4: Lead from the front.
7:29 - #5: See through other people's eyes.
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  • i remember as a kid in high school, i standed up to a much bigger and muscular guy, i wasnt breaking eye ontact, i stated my opinion or whatever that was back then, catn remember, tho i still remember his response: "Hes not afraid".

    Sirgan SSirgan S16 timer siden
  • How to command respect. First live in an era when killing was honorable and legal. Second, lead an army that scares Saxons. Third sail ships lined with the decapitated heads of your enemies

    Big OzBig OzDag siden
  • you also need a beard and an awesome man braid... just say'n

    red manred manDag siden
  • i loved floki, rollo, lagertha, ivar and many more characters from the show. but RAGNAR made it legendary

    Jesse JesseJesse JesseDag siden
  • I like this channel but you can’t exactly compare a movie to real life charisma

    WharramWharram2 dager siden
  • bs content

    Ruben MasalongaRuben Masalonga2 dager siden
  • Living in America and not in rough circumstance, where most people try to be courteous. Makes practice of being like Ragnar pretty hard.

    BruissaysBruissays3 dager siden
  • “Ragnar has compassion” * shows a scene where Ragnar strangles an old man to death *

    MicrowaveMicrowave3 dager siden
  • Bonus reason "the script" xD

    lamebubblesflysohighlamebubblesflysohigh3 dager siden
  • You missed the part where when you have conflict with your leadership challenge them to a duel to the death.

    Shawn AdkinsShawn Adkins11 dager siden
  • In the great words of Ragnar "Power is only given to those who are willing to lower themselves to pick it up."

    Viking ActualViking Actual16 dager siden
  • @THE TRUTH ABOUT DANIEL CORMIER Big Boy bullied Jones every time Jones was at his lowest (trademark of an insecure bully). Daniel mocked Askren who probably isn''t a real friend to him, doubt that they hang out in person or even communicate once every blue moon like friends. One rule is you don't make fun of other men who aren't your friends, on social media!, like Daniel did to Askren since it's disrespect. Friends can pull crazy pranks and "cruel" jokes but not anyone else or it's disrespect. Jake Paul didn't back down from a Bully so good for him. I didn't like Jake Paul messing with respectable family man Ben A. but we all know that was done for the purpose of hyping up the fight and afterwards Jake left him alone mostly, only frustrated that Ben didn't take the fight as serious as Jake Paul wanted, the job he paid him 500,000 for, to put up a fight so people would stop doubting him as a boxer.

    Maestro Nicks Teacher News-and-News NewsMaestro Nicks Teacher News-and-News News19 dager siden
  • Omg, white guys think tv is real life.

    Amy BooneAmy Boone21 dag siden
  • If you wanna dominate any situation then just say I am *monke*

    BimbenseBimbense22 dager siden
  • Simple farmer? Lol. During the viking age. A farmer had high status in norse society because he had land, crops and livestock in a harsh land. They were always had high station and had a say in how things were run in a kingdom or earldom.

    Interrupting CowInterrupting Cow23 dager siden
  • Respect is earned and not demanded

    stone bkstone bk23 dager siden
  • Well, when trying to command respect you might end up intimidating someone by an overt show of strength. People are so insecure that you have to seem dumber and weaker than them to survive, otherwise no job. You don’t want to be a macho, people who act macho are morons. Some of the toughest people keep their heads down, knowing full well their weaknesses and strengths.

    Darby O'GillDarby O'Gill24 dager siden
  • can you do a limitless review and breakdown, I think it's a great example how short cuts can cause everything to crumble.

    MagmarokMagmarok27 dager siden
  • so i tried your tipps in our office. suddenly we were raiding england...

    tigerpilz1tigerpilz129 dager siden
  • How was speaking in "we" going to help him after cheating?

    methodius uwizeramethodius uwizera29 dager siden
  • Or winning flytes like eivor did

    Mohammed YassineMohammed YassineMåned siden
  • When i saw the spoiler warning i was straight out of the video😂

    ᛏᛁᛗᛗᛁ ᛊᚲᚺᛖᚾᛖᛚᛚᛏᛁᛗᛗᛁ ᛊᚲᚺᛖᚾᛖᛚᛚMåned siden
  • It’s a “movie”

    Cséry ChannelCséry ChannelMåned siden
  • Step one: form the square Step two: beat them into submission 😂😂😂

    TheJPJT1234TheJPJT1234Måned siden
  • Some people are natural leaders... Their personality and charisma alone make others follow them.... Even if they didn't set out to be a leader.

    Hilda OakHilda OakMåned siden
  • 555k views when i saw this video change is coming ❤️ love these videos

    don Oliviadon OliviaMåned siden
  • what a load of crap. what's next? Heinrich Himmler's management tips?

    Paul RoesePaul RoeseMåned siden
  • uf, that is hard, all that great qualities, somehove I was born with them but I forget importance of them sometimes

    Kristina DolganKristina DolganMåned siden
  • He was hisself he never wanted to anybody not even king

    S 93S 93Måned siden
  • Or just take your shark mass muscle to get aggressive and gain all that strength 💪🏽

    This&ThatThis&ThatMåned siden
  • Interesting points ... But these are characters in a TV show ...

    Robert StrachanRobert StrachanMåned siden
  • 1. Be a Badass. Done.

    Andrew SmithAndrew Smith2 måneder siden
  • On the point at 5:30 I use this as a security guard. Someone starts to let their temper get a hold of them? While looking right at them, I simply say in a low tone “excuse me?” (I’m from Texas so bless your heart 😂)

    Mandalorian PatriotMandalorian Patriot2 måneder siden
  • Is Raynor your hero geek?😳

    Gemmao PhillipsGemmao Phillips2 måneder siden
  • So this was one really long commercial?

    Manger SavoirManger Savoir2 måneder siden
  • This whole video is a guide on how to become Griffith from Berserk

    The whaleThe whale2 måneder siden
  • be an INTJ

    lubmiflubmif2 måneder siden
  • I already do most of these

    bloodsord9bloodsord92 måneder siden
  • Those fake accents don't command respect unfortunately :(

    zec2006zec20062 måneder siden
  • You earn respect you do not demand it.

    Louis van ZylLouis van Zyl2 måneder siden
  • be a sociopathic, narcissistic social engineer.

    Sega64Sega642 måneder siden
  • When the channel owner started talking, his weak womanly voice lost me all respect for him and I typed this and left. Fail.

    Cough It UpCough It Up2 måneder siden
  • Oh, I thought that the Vikings series wasn't actually real life. Shocked 😲🙀😂😂😂

    GolfingGoonerGolfingGooner2 måneder siden
  • LOL

    Micheal JacksonMicheal Jackson2 måneder siden
  • When you use a non historical show to teach people stuff from a freaking show. That doesn't even know or uses propper historie. Pleas don't take advice from a NOworldr who is using a TV series. Ragnar was son of the Swedish and Danish king. So the show was just wrong from episode 1.

    dalic24dalic242 måneder siden

    justin A42justin A422 måneder siden
  • Will be super helpful if you add subtitle on your videos..

    Cooking artCooking art2 måneder siden
  • Respect is earned not just given @!

    Viking AdventurerViking Adventurer2 måneder siden
  • Elon Musk called a totally innocent man a pedophile because he save the lives of children before he could try out his minisub. The man has zero respect from me.

    ConcreteowlConcreteowl2 måneder siden
  • A leader who stays in the rear takes it in the rear

    naelis veganaelis vega2 måneder siden
  • Do Ivar

    Vojtěch MixanVojtěch Mixan2 måneder siden
  • 1. Be Travis Fimmel. 2. See 1 3. See 2 4. See 3 5. See 4

    Dark DesiresDark Desires2 måneder siden
  • The last kingdom over Vikings. Any day.

    Sad KangarooSad Kangaroo2 måneder siden
  • And then you have the ambitious goals that other people try to take credit for or put you out of and you literally have to break the law the Alpha up on them to get it back in your hands I’ve done it once and I spent 10 years in jail because of it in an involved a woman so it’s not always a good idea to let people know what you’re thinking Good news is that guy won’t be trying to pull rank on anyone anymore LOL I did society a favor but I still feel bad about it

    Victor HarveyVictor Harvey2 måneder siden
  • Comparing Elon to Ragnar... Love it

    Travis BoslerTravis Bosler2 måneder siden
  • He looks a bit like PewDiePie

    vinay aaroonvinay aaroon2 måneder siden
  • Using the history Channel to tell us about Ragnor is the dumbest things I've seen today.. Yeah

    Jonny GJonny G2 måneder siden
  • The thing that I find interesting is that, while yes, an older man who is played off as weakened by age can be a liability in battle, but the interesting facet about their way of battle is largely that they're spread out on a field of battle, not exactly committing a great plan. As long as he's out there slaying, he's doing good for everyone. If he dies out there, then he dies and it's merely one more thing fated to happen to that man. I only state this because the loose tactics of the older vikings in the start were so rapid fire. They weren't like, say, Rome where everyone was part of a solid, machine like unit.

    DevinNationDevinNation2 måneder siden
  • Problem is that it is frowned upon to invade England nowadays :)

    KaneKane2 måneder siden
  • Do you have the course in Spanish?

    Hawk EyesHawk Eyes2 måneder siden
  • So you mean the t.v Ragnar not historical Ragnar

    Newfoundland vikingNewfoundland viking2 måneder siden
  • Muslims actually lift their boats up in the siege of Constantinoble, carrying them just like in Vikings.

    Frank KulmahuikkaFrank Kulmahuikka2 måneder siden
  • Or take NZMT. 🤣🤌🏽🤌🏽

    Madara RebornMadara Reborn2 måneder siden
  • Respect my authoritah!

    xcho20xcho202 måneder siden
  • Lot of useful informations which I will use in my life. Thanks man!

    Sport Moves ManiacSport Moves Maniac2 måneder siden
  • Wonder if LowthBrok is worse than Jer-alt

    SibusisoSibusiso3 måneder siden
  • I just can't with Pääkkönen's (Halfdan) awful Finnish accent.

    Jaz NoughtJaz Nought3 måneder siden
  • I naturally avoid eye contact. There is odd discomfort when I attempt eye contact. Possibly either a fear of connecting with people or a reluctance. Most times I am in a social mood because I had a few drinks. I am constantly on the fence when it comes to what I want in my life when it comes to social interaction: do I want friends, do I want a romantic relationship, do I want to be alone? I have no idea.

    ᚻᚪᛗᚱᛁᚳ ᚩᛋᚹᚪᛚᛞᚻᚪᛗᚱᛁᚳ ᚩᛋᚹᚪᛚᛞ3 måneder siden
  • Ragnar also had something else going for him, he was played by an exceptional actor.

    jess-jess NZjess-jess NZ3 måneder siden
  • This video: Go Viking mode - get respect. Me: Goes Viking mode - gets restraining order.

    WildanWildan3 måneder siden
  • Travis Fimmel made Ragnar immortal with his brilliant acting and charisma

    Jacob BenderJacob Bender3 måneder siden
  • A person can only be a true king if he view it as a burden -definitely not me tho

    Edman GomezEdman Gomez3 måneder siden
  • Even better than coming up with an idea, sharing it and pushing through to accomplish the goal, just tell no one. Telling will make your brain think you already did it and you could abandon the project altogether because of that.

    NoizeaousNoizeaous3 måneder siden
  • You're a legend

    WCKDGamingYT ChannelWCKDGamingYT Channel3 måneder siden
  • Why do I pay for NOworld premium when every video has a bunch of ads in it.

    Zoobie LoobieZoobie Loobie4 måneder siden
  • Ragnar uses the same method I do

    Jack MayerJack Mayer4 måneder siden
  • Skoll brother 🍻🍖

    YashYash4 måneder siden
  • i wonder that tywin lannister was not seen here. he is like the definition of respect

    skowollon84skowollon844 måneder siden
  • All hail ragnar ✊🏽✊🏽

    R I V I AR I V I A4 måneder siden
  • Ragnar also had Kathryn. I don't.

    Gator 'Gator '4 måneder siden
  • So im doing point 2,3 and 5 all my life guess thats why people of all types of income/knowledge/old and young actually do respect me

    HoundofJusticeHoundofJustice4 måneder siden
  • 7:54 the old man is KATTAPPA of Hollywood

    Sunny KumarSunny Kumar4 måneder siden
  • You don't "command respect", you invite respect. And in this case, some of the examples are not respect, but security. you lost me at Charisma University... up until that point, the video was great. 😀

    Mustafa MullaMustafa Mulla4 måneder siden
  • Kiij8kv kviihob icjcgkx kcycbub lbhviychccku kvigcjlhstsk0ñvtew dwndwkohbk lgjfkcuzk7dhovyc ncgctzmvkd j lh yhh ytxkg

  • Its a TV show........

    Everything batman collectorEverything batman collector4 måneder siden
  • Is your course aimed at men only? I've got a daughter that could benefit from more charisma.

    Wade GrantWade Grant4 måneder siden
  • in meeting, the loudest is often the most insecure don't trust people who talk only with I, me, my and myself

    *Hérétic*Hérétic4 måneder siden
  • Ivar next please

    Ivar PacinoIvar Pacino4 måneder siden
  • Ivar the boneless i beg u

    Ivar PacinoIvar Pacino4 måneder siden
  • For Honor if it was a MMO 🔥 😭‼️:

    Curry ChapoCurry Chapo4 måneder siden
  • Thanks for the spoiler warning might come back as soon as i finished season 4 😁💪🏼

    LucasLucas4 måneder siden
  • 6) Blood eagle your biggest foe in front of everyone. That's guaranteed to bring you respect

    Miguel DíazMiguel Díaz4 måneder siden
  • Leo characteristics.

    ManasManas4 måneder siden
  • 💙🤖💙🤖💙🤖💙🤖💙🤖💙🤖💙🤖💙

    Paul SkiPaul Ski4 måneder siden
  • 5:17 I'm confused if he's Ragnar or Ubbe

    Gay LordGay Lord4 måneder siden
  • Vikings commanded respect through fear. It works.

    Steven LoweSteven Lowe4 måneder siden
  • yeh he's not perusian. it's francia. or france

    Ethan LeahyEthan Leahy5 måneder siden
  • How to command respect viking style? Ease, kill your enemies and if doesn't work, kill your friends too and buy them all. Needless to say that the saga is just a fairy tale, hum?

    Ricardo BlancRicardo Blanc5 måneder siden
  • incredible this channels videos are free. Guess the post-modern society has some benefits after all.

    Ethical HydraEthical Hydra5 måneder siden