How To End A Conversation Without Seeming Rude

19. nov.. 2018
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Picture this.
You're having a conversation, maybe with a friend, maybe with someone you just met.
It might be the case that you actually like the person you're talking to but the conversation is numbingly boring.
You might have something to do or you're just no longer interested in talking anymore.
You know it's time to exit.
But you don't want to be harsh or rude nor do you want to lie and come up with a fake excuse.
What are you supposed to do?
How can you leave the conversation without feeling like a bully or a liar?
Let's talk about it!

0:38 - Part 1: Interrupt And Interject
0:58 - Part 2: Say What You're Going To Do
1:10 - Part 3: Say A Kind And Truthful Comment
1:31 - Scenario 1: Someone That You Like
2:22 - Scenario 2 - You Want To Move Along
3:17 - Scenario 3 - You're Not Enjoying It
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  • This is what i learned in my life: Stop overthinking and just say whatever that comes in your mind. Others will understand that you're trying to have a conversation and help you with that, It won't be awkward and thing like that don't worry.

    Mohamad _9gh9Mohamad _9gh9Måned siden
  • man that mouth is so wide

    Pablo MendozaPablo MendozaMåned siden
  • Those 145 unlikes are from people who got realized that they were boring other people

    H. U.H. U.Måned siden
  • What if I was sitting somewhere and someone loves talking to you... And you want to continue to sit there.... So there is no hurry no where. Do I have to fake going somewhere?

    K SK S2 måneder siden
  • Need this. Thanks!

    Anthony FelicianoAnthony Feliciano3 måneder siden
  • How do you respond to a valuable person that you want to keep as part of the conversation, but they are dominating the conversation by telling their stories/thoughts and not offering opportunities for others?

    Nina UngerNina Unger3 måneder siden
  • They patched it in the new update!

    It's EduardIt's Eduard3 måneder siden
  • Just one more sentence.

    A JA J3 måneder siden
  • OMG I need video

    Funny CloudFunny Cloud3 måneder siden
  • This guy’s mouth is wider than his head

    Madeline Says Trans RightsMadeline Says Trans Rights5 måneder siden
  • Why would I want to stop conversation without being rude? I want to be rude if the other person is not respecting me.

    Filip PoutintsevFilip Poutintsev5 måneder siden
  • What about a negative conversation with a parent?

    GeorgeTheGreatGeorgeTheGreat6 måneder siden
  • There was this weird girl I'm talking to I wanna stop talking but I dont wanna hurt her feeling wht do I do?

    Itz SytcheItz Sytche7 måneder siden
  • This is helpful and should be taught in school to prepare us for networking events and just life in general.

    Paige DPaige D8 måneder siden
  • I played this video by the phone I was calling then on and it worked

    Gaming X100Gaming X1008 måneder siden
  • I searched up “how to nicely leave a conversation” because today this dude from my school kept talking to be and I was trying to leave and look for my freind and I was like “hey I gotta bounce like a check and look for my freind. I’ll see you later .” And he was not taking the hint that I got plans after school with my friend :/ and he was like “oh who ? I can come. I’m not busy . “ and I’m just there like : •~• .... *cough cough* okay sure . Even tho on the inside I’m just like (uhHhhHhhH can I leave now ???? :/ ) but I didn’t want to seem rude so I just let him chill with us.

    Cockatiel BirdCockatiel Bird9 måneder siden
  • In online, I always say, "Welp, it was nice talking to you, but I have to finish something rn." Works everytime

    Ashley PerezAshley Perez9 måneder siden
  • In online, I always say, "Welp, it was nice talking to you, but I have to finish something rn." Works everytime

    Ashley PerezAshley Perez9 måneder siden
  • What if it's someone who sits next to you in and just randomly says things you are not interested about (like feel how cold my hands are, I'm cold, shoes hurt,.) while the teacher is saying something and you can't concentrate 😂

    m bm b9 måneder siden
  • 99% of the time?? Yeah, more like 75%

    NameName9 måneder siden
  • I just say “alright I need to go, so have a great day dude.”

    Just call me MikeJust call me Mike10 måneder siden
  • "Listen, I'm gonna go to lunch. But your touch fills me with even more life than looking into your eyes."

    CrocosharkCrocoshark11 måneder siden
  • It kinda worked

    joshjoshÅr siden
  • It's really hard! Especially when you're in a train cart and the person is right next to you and you have no where to escape.

    ✟Aɴɪᴍᴀ✟✟Aɴɪᴍᴀ✟År siden
  • I’m watching this so I can figure out how to stop my dad from talking to me forever ;-; I’m gonna try it next time he does it

    The Lunar WhaleThe Lunar WhaleÅr siden
  • 4:00 is incredibly rude😂😂😂 nah I'd never

    Sumaira T.Sumaira T.År siden
  • Your videos are invaluable.

    K WK WÅr siden
  • I ride the bus and a common theme is some talkative manipulating guy sexually harasses me. What should I do?

    Chenelle TravisChenelle TravisÅr siden
  • *I stop talking* Well I have to go Your breath smells good btw

    Xtro lXtro lÅr siden
  • Women aren't concerned about the 99% of interactions discussed. They're concerned about the 1% outliers who could become aggressive or violent and threaten their safety at being declined. It's why women lie and travel in groups. For their literal safety. Telling them to stand up for themselves isn't inherently wrong, but still vastly unhelpful and does nothing to acknowledge that they face predators because of what's between their legs. It's not some wonderful moment, it's a terrifying moment of considerable and reasonable concern.

    Zack YoungZack YoungÅr siden
  • "I'm pooping."

    Endrank luvs da 4 lokoEndrank luvs da 4 lokoÅr siden
  • I find it easy to just be genuine..that alone works out all things. You don't need to be tricky or clever or have a secret formula..just be real.

    A. C.A. C.År siden
  • Ty Charlie

    Kelvin NguyenKelvin NguyenÅr siden
  • Thanks I am literally having a conversation closing problem here sorry lmao I am autistic

    Biswajyoti DasBiswajyoti DasÅr siden
  • Look at us all trying to be nice people. We have to admit there are some people who demand our attention that aren't kind themselves. Just that stranger that wants to whoever needs to see this. "DON'T LET ANYONE ROB YOUR PEACE. Stay strong" :)

    Tranquilbutterfly28Tranquilbutterfly28År siden
  • I think this is great advice. However I am interested in your take on how this would work or need to change in a situation where you can't walk away. For example: I work customer service and some people don't know when to leave my window. Or they are men being creepy and trying to hit on me or my coworkers. How do I politely hint that they need to leave without losing my job?

    Rhania506Rhania506År siden
  • “It was good to talk with you. Have a good day [night].” It is that simple. It is a polite and friendly way to end a conversation. If you are talking with a friend, etc, you can add an additional warm goodbye, but that is about it. I am not sure why people find this to be such a difficult issue.

    chatterbox11chatterbox11År siden
  • My go to will forever be the Irish exit

    Michael B WhitesideMichael B WhitesideÅr siden
  • I'm so good at this naturally. To the point I do this with people I actually want to hang out with longer. 😬

    Sagi 11Sagi 11År siden
  • How do I end a conversation with my math teacher, I want to just study in peace :/

    CryzmicCryzmicÅr siden
  • How do I end a conversation with my math teacher, I want to just study in peace :/

    CryzmicCryzmicÅr siden
  • Yeah... in the cases where it's a complete stranger I have no problem just being rude. I'll just walk away from someone without a word. If I'm unlikely to ever encounter someone again then I can't be bothered to be gracious or diplomatic. I just don't care.

    Jacky LawrenceJacky LawrenceÅr siden
  • As an introvert, this channel is a godsend.

    Kelsey SkowronKelsey SkowronÅr siden
  • I once talked to someone at an event that kept on talking forever and I wanted to end the talk, so when I saw a colleague of mine passing by, I kindly invited her into the conversation with asking about her opinion on our topic. After expressing her opinion, the other one continued her 'monologue' - now focusing on my colleague - so I grabbed my chance and sneaked out of the talk. I'll never forget the pissed off face of my colleague. :D

    RRÅr siden
  • "Bye felisha"

    e3koe3koÅr siden
  • I actually find it annoying when people are overly nice with their getaway shot. Like "hey I gotta go but I hope you have a nice time". I will have a nice time, just go! Lol. Or when they say it was great to see you, no it wasn't great to see me, we barely know each other. Better to say something like, I'll see you later! It implies that you wouldn't mind continuing the conversation, but later. Whether or not it actually happens doesn't matter. You've at least left the person feeling like the investment in the conversation isn't wasted.

    Ebby CEbby CÅr siden
  • "I have to return some videotapes."

    kstreetkstreetÅr siden
  • Yay its a video made for me! 😂 One problem I have similar to this is when I'm in a situation like work, on the bus, etc. And the person doesn't necessarily engage me in a full conversation, but they make a comment/ask a question etc. I respond. And I think it's the end of that. 10 mins later. They say something again. I respond. Silence. 5 mins later, they say something again. And it goes back and forth like that. Sometimes i dont respond if they say something thats kind of rhetorical, but that doesnt stop them from speaking again later. Do these techniques still apply? Most of the time that this happens I even have earphones in and people still make an effort to interrupt me. I take out my earphones or pause whatever I'm listening to to be courteous but even when I try and play dumb like I'm not hearing them they will repeat or try to get my attention. On the other hand i have a coworker who has a habit of explaining shit and once he's started he doesn't stop even if you're interrupting him or telling him to stop. I just think some people are persistently chatty lol.

    SheramelSheramelÅr siden
    • Most people understand headphones mean you do not want to be bothered, and only rude or awkward people do not get it. You can usually ignore a comment if you have headphones on, but if the person persists take out your earphones and say, "I am listening to music [or an audiobook]', do you need something?" If you are at work, just say, "I am trying to get this project done, what do you need?" Say these things in a polite tone of voice, but make it clear you are busy doing something else. If the person tells you they just want to chat, simply say, "I am sorry, I cannot chat now," and put your earphones back in.

      chatterbox11chatterbox1111 måneder siden
  • Just start crying and run off. Works for me.

    Mars Argo MusicMars Argo MusicÅr siden
  • Thanks CoC. Great content and you've provided helpful insight on how to effectively navigate these situations.

    Corey MillsCorey MillsÅr siden
  • Hey okay well unfortunately, umm... i was definitely going somewhere with this....

    zounoa azounoa aÅr siden
  • Gosh he's so hot

    Selena HernandezSelena HernandezÅr siden
  • As someone who lives in an RPG, random encounters are the worst. Thanks for these helpful tips, hopefully I can accomplish my quest in less than 100 hours this time. But seriously, thank you CoC. This is something I struggle with so I really appreciate you creating a strategy for dealing with situations like this.

    Chad SchmaltzChad SchmaltzÅr siden
  • That moment when you dispatch from a long conversation and try to get away but then they have to coincidentally walk the same way to get where they're going. Absolutely annoying.

    Facepalm Full O' NapalmFacepalm Full O' NapalmÅr siden
  • Butt

    Alifa AlvitaAlifa AlvitaÅr siden
  • What If you know the person and he/she Is emotional and they are talking to you about something they are really Interested In but you are very bored of the subject and aren't Interested at all?

    TexanGamerTexanGamerÅr siden
  • *girlfriend telling me about her day* Hey babe listen, I gotta go hook up with other girls but it was nice listening to you! Let’s do this another day yeah? See ya!! 👋

    Diablo UchihaDiablo UchihaÅr siden
    • *How to end a relationship within one sentence* Or two rather... Oh well!

      Facepalm Full O' NapalmFacepalm Full O' NapalmÅr siden

    Adriana PerezzAdriana PerezzÅr siden
  • But actual Butt appear

    abdo jamaabdo jamaÅr siden
  • I love how you keep knocking out great content Charlie. Thanks, I needed this one.

    21HeartSong21HeartSongÅr siden
  • "Well, I'd love to stay and chat but I've got really bad diarrhea and I'm about to blow so I guess I should go." They'll never call your bluff on this one.

    Endrank luvs da 4 lokoEndrank luvs da 4 lokoÅr siden
  • The thing you said at the end is something I value a lot. Doing nothing when the other person is being toxic to you, don't hate them, just sit through whatever they spouting at you does build self-esteem. Tremendously. When I was dealing with some hateful racism, I would normally just exit the room, but later I decided Not to run away and just stand there and take it. Normally they will leave on their own, but at the end of everything, I felt this overwhelming confidence and respect for myself. It was a very empowering feeling.

    DalaiLamaNYFDalaiLamaNYFÅr siden
  • There are two times when I need to end a conversation. when I hate it, and when I like it way to much and it has been a hour and I need to do things with my life XD

    Evan DugasEvan DugasÅr siden
  • One piece of advice to end a conversation that's been going on too long is to find a way to interrupt yourself. "Bla bla bla, I could go on but I just remembered I need to go..." Supposed to make it seem that any rudeness in ending the convo is towards yourself instead of the other person. Any truth to this?

    JaywaiiJaywaiiÅr siden
  • I'll remember this. Thanks!

    Buddy BoerkoelBuddy BoerkoelÅr siden
  • Bro well done for being such a lovely human being

    Gary Williams UKGary Williams UKÅr siden
  • This video should be called: "How to end a conversation in... 8 minutes" PS! Good video and my bad joke!

    Terje SkuggenTerje SkuggenÅr siden
  • I just do steps 1 and 2. And maybe add a smile. I only do 3 if I absolutely feel up for it. Most of the time 3 comes off as fake.

    LonnieBLonnieBÅr siden
  • My girlfriend is Socially Awkward and so i'm I... it works out i guess

    Calvin RyanCalvin RyanÅr siden
    • I know the feeling, ha. Typically looks and feels weird but me and my gf usually just laugh about it when things like that happen.

      Facepalm Full O' NapalmFacepalm Full O' NapalmÅr siden
  • an introverts antidote

    Orson RodgersOrson RodgersÅr siden
  • Truth ??? More like Avoidance and sending mixed signals. The truth maybe that responding with Avoidance tactics and being "kind" is due to a fear response and lack of how to deal with reactions you don't like/you can't handle. So, if you're on the receiving end of someone sending mixed signals, know that they have immature communication skills/lack of confidence.

    Free ThinkerFree ThinkerÅr siden
  • Did anyone notice a "but" at the corner of 0:08? xD

    GO _GO _År siden
  • When someone brings you a gift that you don't want, it ends belonging to them. When they bring attitude you don't accept, especially when you've been kind, they are stuck with it.

    Grimm LibertyGrimm LibertyÅr siden
  • **PRO TIP!!!** *_"I wanna touch myself so I'm gonna go..."_*

    shook vkookshook vkookÅr siden
  • Yo whys his mouth so big

    pooper pantspooper pantsÅr siden
  • Advice for people who never leave their house.

    O TohoraO TohoraÅr siden
  • I just say, minnesota guy has left the chat.

    Northern Ninety7Northern Ninety7År siden
  • I've been doing this subconsciously for some time but I've always switched steps two and three and they work well like a sandwich especially in customer service.

    DemiGod StatusDemiGod StatusÅr siden

    Voodoo Magic 101Voodoo Magic 101År siden
  • Hey, I’m not sure if you’ve put a video up on this, but what are some places where I can meet people specifically girls that arent stuff like a bar scene

    William Marty BristowWilliam Marty BristowÅr siden
    • At the gym, parks, skating rinks, stores, libraries, anywhere! Naturally you have to be careful, seeing as how they might already be taken. Just get out a bit and meet new people everywhere you go, from random people in line to people who often run in the park. They'll remember you as much as you remember them and it's always delightful to see them again.

      Facepalm Full O' NapalmFacepalm Full O' NapalmÅr siden
  • Okay, but what do you do if your grandmas hospice social worker asks you and your sisters if “all three of you have the same mom”?

    sophie gebertsophie gebertÅr siden
  • He's right. When you've bent over backwards to be nice to someone and they he/she treats you like garbage, it's a great feeling to know you're in the right, just standing there smugly.

    Mat CimboMat CimboÅr siden
  • 👍🥧

    Comfy Cozy Are WeComfy Cozy Are WeÅr siden
  • An ex spotted me at a bar and tapped me on the shoulder. Gave her a “what the fuck do you want” kinda look and walked away. Good charisma, yeah?

    VoltaireVoltaireÅr siden
    • Eh, no. Not really.

      Facepalm Full O' NapalmFacepalm Full O' NapalmÅr siden
  • I usually just turn 180° and leave mid sentence. I found that people appreciate the honesty and boldness

    Fredrik RiiseFredrik RiiseÅr siden
  • Disagree with "people think they need a good reason", if you would like to preserve someone's feelings and maintain a friendship or other relationship the reason is important. You don't need a reason if you are a total a hole, in which case don't even interrupt, just walk away. Saying that you need to leave because you have "a thing you need to be at" sounds bogus and would likely change the perception of your personality to others.

    e ge gÅr siden
  • what animation program does he use?

    Luciano Ramírez gareaLuciano Ramírez gareaÅr siden
  • Thanks soooooooooo much for this Charlie. This is a lifesaver. I have a job where I'm always interviewing people and the one thing that gets in the way of me moving on to another assignment quickly is this same thing. I struggle with cuting long winded people off. I usually use the terms "in a nutshell tell me..." or "briefly explain" and it's helped somewhat but some people still tend to run on. So I will try this advice and be brave with it. Thank you!

    Crystal DCrystal DÅr siden
  • I found "I'll be right back" works well.

    Dan WilliamsDan WilliamsÅr siden
  • Hi, Charlie. I saw your video translated into Russian and I noticed in comments that many people write: “I am very frightened by his smile, why does he smile at the whole video?”. What do you say to that? It is very interesting to know what you think.

    SunshineSunshineÅr siden
    • ​@Anil Palan I think there is no difference. Shouldn't people accept a smile as a positive trait?

      SunshineSunshineÅr siden
    • In American culture smiling is looked up upon. Most English speaking Westerners are intimidated by but admire a strong smile. This is not the case in most of northern and Eastern Europe where smiling is frowned down upon and such a wide smile may be scary.

      Anil PalanAnil PalanÅr siden
  • Eh... At best some of the lines sound just like a polite 'Fuck off' to be honest xD

    Emil FilipovEmil FilipovÅr siden
  • I employ about 60 people. If one of my employees used "the technique" on me, I would not forget it. Just sayin'. If you want to maximize YOUR self esteem, expect the person you dismissed to do the same. But he'd probably do it without you ever knowing. The gentlemanly way to handle it is to sacrifice and just continue to talk, at a cost to your own time and efficiency. THAT will pay off in the end. Quite different from this artificial charisma that is being touted. Yes, yes, even a gentleman would need to end a conversation at some point. This is rare. It would NOT happen in order to talk to someone (anyone!) more important at the same event. I'm afraid that the Charlies of the world will reach their success around age 32 and then it will go down hill, unfortunately. It will be a fun ride filled with self esteem and enough cash (save while you can). Eventually people like this are found out and it crashes.

    Ryan KolarRyan KolarÅr siden
  • Lmao catch me watching this video with speakers on full blast in the middle of a conversation gottem

    Miraculous LadybugMiraculous LadybugÅr siden
  • I'm russian and I watch it Upd: hello guys) Отличный канал)

    привет хайпривет хайÅr siden
  • What if I’m the case of the person u like, u actually have nothing else to do, but just wanna get off the phone our out of the convo

    HewhomustnotbenamedHewhomustnotbenamedÅr siden
  • I’ll be inching away from my dad for so long that I’m 20 feet away and he’s still talking. Then I say hey I gotta go! And he says okay bud blah blah and we’ll talk for another 30 minutes before I’m finally able to leave 🤦🏻‍♂️

    YougotyourjagerYougotyourjagerÅr siden
  • "Hey listen, so I really need to go take a shit now but it was wonderful meeting you"

    DocZeroDocZeroÅr siden
  • I had the third option recently and I just shouted "He is here to talk to ME" well it worked but it was weird xD

    MrsNojiMrsNojiÅr siden
  • I love your editing skills bro, simple but clean. Keep it up!

    CooldbgCooldbgÅr siden
  • I love ur vids and your advice is good, but that smile scares me.

    TylerTylerÅr siden