How To Make Small Talk With Anyone

31. aug.. 2020
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We’ve all had conversations that feel forced or boring, or are filled with awkward silences. It can be almost painful. That’s why in this video we're going to go over 5 steps to make small talk with anyone. We’ll do so by breaking down some tricks that Joe Rogan uses on his podcast to connect with everyone from academics to athletes to celebrities.  

The goal of each of these is to either get the person to like you more OR get you off small talk and into a real conversation that lets you form a genuine connection. Some will be mindsets and some will be word for word questions you can steal. They’re all easy to do, but most people don’t do them.


0:00 - Intro.
0:54 - #1: Grease the wheels early with a compliment.
2:17 - #2: Transition between topics using “reminds me of” thinking.
4:07 - #3: Ping for topics of mutual interest.
4:31 - #4: Get other people excited about the conversation.
6:27 - #5: Create a connection with people while listening.

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  • What a great video, I am a huge fan, why did you make it?

    CamCam21 time siden
  • Clicked on the video thinking it was gonna be one of those “doctors hate me for this simple trick” kinda video. Great stuff

    BeastSoundzBeastSoundzDag siden
  • Do DMT

    Hamza CharaneHamza CharaneDag siden
  • I couldn’t imagine not being naturally good at this and having to consciously think of this. I struggle with thinking people don’t like me if they don’t help keep the convo going at all

    RJ KraussRJ KraussDag siden
  • Mirroring seems like a euphemism for manipulating.

    georgecaplan11georgecaplan11Dag siden
  • I was supposed to go to a therapist cuz of depression. Then I said “I’m bad at small talk”. Now I’m gonna walk around and greet random people... What tf is wrong with me?

    Pre-Chewed Bread CrumbsPre-Chewed Bread CrumbsDag siden
  • Lol how to talk to people one o one. People are soo anti social

    JaimeJaimeDag siden
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      Bella JohnBella JohnDag siden
  • Me to the mirror: How you doing? Me in the mirror: Exact same as you, my boy.

    A Guy Named SomethingA Guy Named SomethingDag siden
  • The 'stop and chat'....nah

    Dr. MikeDr. MikeDag siden
  • It’s not that I don’t know how to have a proper ‘small’ conversation, I just really don’t enjoy it. It’s courtesy, sure, but it seems like a genuine waste of time. I suppose that’s my more introverted side shining.

    Nicholas MooreNicholas MooreDag siden
  • I like how they showed a race car driver and called her an athlete. Come on.

    I can’t stand SBMMI can’t stand SBMMDag siden
  • yeah but what if I don't feel like talking to people as an introvert, its sad how others seem to be having fun in conversation, and I can only converse if I'm genuinely interested

    top tiertop tier2 dager siden
  • Very interesting. Looking forward to trying these techniques on my wife and my infant children

    Jonny RossJonny Ross2 dager siden
  • I like the silence. In my head the longer it goes the longer I win. When they speak I've got them.

    trekker bobtrekker bob2 dager siden
  • The volatile gender coherently jump because diploma literally guess out a well-groomed hyena. likeable, abstracted clipper

    Alex PazAlex Paz2 dager siden
  • Anybody reaLize they already do these things? A bit relieving actuslly

    Youre RightYoure Right2 dager siden
  • This is an amazing video, and no offense to the creator but I just want to say that it's kind of sad a video like this even exists. You would think it would be as easy as "Say things to people that you would enjoy hearing yourself." But the real reason it isn't so easy - is because most people don't even know what they truly want to hear.

    Saboo27Saboo272 dager siden
  • 9:00

    head shoulder stinkie toe Stinkiehead shoulder stinkie toe Stinkie2 dager siden
  • I’ll tell you how to make small talk, get off your @#$&$#% phone!

    Leo CiresiLeo Ciresi2 dager siden
  • Joe Rogan: you know monkeys on dmt kill ppl, did you hear about those aliens?

    Whats The HistoryWhats The History2 dager siden
  • There are some people that are just impossible to talk to. If "yes" and "no" are the only answers you are going to get and even a "What would you do if you had a million Dollars?" will result in something like: "Well...I don't know." then there is no way you can keep the conversation going and it is possible that the other person isn't even interested in talking anyway.

    Long JohnsonLong Johnson2 dager siden
  • If you mirror me I will automatically assume you are a narcissist or informant. Just sayin

    Doesnt MatterDoesnt Matter2 dager siden
  • awesome!

    Digi LifeDigi Life2 dager siden
  • this technology age is great. thanks to the internet, millions of people can learn to talk to each other.

    shinshin2 dager siden
  • great, what about conversations for teen to teen, there is a big difference

    Da Hurdz beatsDa Hurdz beats2 dager siden
  • Small talk is for people that are empty and inferior.

    walker hawwalker haw2 dager siden
  • How to make small talk with anyone: Be Joe Rogan

    Joshua CothranJoshua Cothran2 dager siden
  • why I always get my lips dry easily when talking to people.

    Kelvin KpKelvin Kp2 dager siden
  • I wonder what would happen if you learned all rogans techniques, got in a conversation and perposley tried to make a convo as awkward as possible with him

    Matthew NewshamMatthew Newsham2 dager siden
  • Tip to avoid awkward conversation: Do not engage in human interactions.

    S RS R2 dager siden
  • This is like going behind the scenes at disney world and seeing a dude pull of the mickey mouse mask and light a cigarette.

    bo cephusbo cephus2 dager siden
  • This was awesome I think Joe just does it naturally... It's a gift of socializing

    Justice WarriorJustice Warrior2 dager siden
  • Oke what is 🤣😘

    Markutus BritisMarkutus Britis3 dager siden
  • There is one BIG note - he knows everything about his guest and he has studied everything about them.He simply knows that he likes cars or wrestling.

    ŽurkulēnsŽurkulēns3 dager siden

    strong fatherstrong father3 dager siden
  • You broke it down well. Thank you.

    xeyuan xhangxeyuan xhang3 dager siden
  • Crush: You’re really cute Joe Rogan: So let’s say your the president...

    CusoCuso3 dager siden
  • “When the guest doesn’t know what DMT is, it falls by the wayside” *shot of Ed Norton* “ - but if they do…” *shot of Russel Brand* Now that’s comic editing

    dean cerumendean cerumen3 dager siden
  • Golden Rule: “be a comedian!”

    JaY*SpIcEJaY*SpIcE4 dager siden
  • Joe Rogaine feels so fake to me. He knows how to talk non stop though

    pepperachupepperachu4 dager siden
  • I already know everything

    Ed RopperEd Ropper4 dager siden
  • Love how all these videos are just long ads 😂

    Abel TesfayeAbel Tesfaye4 dager siden
  • Watch Joe's interview with Macaulay Culkin bc Rogan clearly hates Mack for some reason and did none of these things. Whole interview was awkward af hahahaha

    Abel TesfayeAbel Tesfaye4 dager siden
  • Video summary in 3 steps: 1. Ask them if they've tried DMT 2. Tell them that chimps are super strong 3. Repeat the last sentence they say word for word.

    Doland RuizDoland Ruiz4 dager siden
  • This is helpful but I can’t think that fast 😂 there will be too much awkward silence while I think and review my notes. 😂

    eloyd angeleloyd angel4 dager siden
  • All I heard was sucking noises and joe Rogan’s name

    Corey RiveraCorey Rivera4 dager siden
  • and if you are gonna use LAHWFTs video at least give him credit

    CalCal4 dager siden
  • still doesn't work for me 😂

    CalCal4 dager siden
  • The right way to make small talk is to ask them if they like hot fudge sundaes.

    Delorean VanceDelorean Vance4 dager siden
  • 4:13 How the hell can you introduce " DMT " in a conv ?! xD

    MiniBomba1995MiniBomba19954 dager siden

    Kaif ShaikhKaif Shaikh4 dager siden
  • Thanks. You’ve turned me into Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

    eLiAseLiAs5 dager siden
  • Probably my favorite thing about working at a grocery store was learning a lot more about small talking with any age and variety of person

    Najji MohammadNajji Mohammad5 dager siden
  • This is how I'm going to get a girlfriend

    Lucas BoytimLucas Boytim5 dager siden
  • I try to bring up DMT acid or other drugs in every conversation I’m in, I have even talked to my grandma about DMT a couple of times

    LHelt464LHelt4645 dager siden
  • But what if small talk is annoying and i feel like its a waste of time?

    growingoaks productionsgrowingoaks productions5 dager siden
  • I think I'm going to be sitting by myself, mostly...

    joe headjoe head5 dager siden
  • This is the dumbest.

    William PedigoWilliam Pedigo5 dager siden
  • King of DMT

    AustinAustin5 dager siden
  • will it be frowned upon if i pull up this video during a conversation?

    Mercury6Mercury65 dager siden
  • Taking notes after this lockdown has turned me into an antisocial person

    BB5 dager siden
  • That was slick. I didn't even realize that this whole thing was an advertisement until it was going down. U just used one of your conversation hypnotizing techniques on me. You sir, could sell sand at the beach, and make the buyer wanna have a conversation. Well played, sir. Well played.

    Andre KlugelAndre Klugel5 dager siden
  • lol when people don’t know how to keep a conversation 😂

    Ethan MarquezEthan Marquez5 dager siden
  • As a barber who small talks for a living, this was cool to see someone else described those little things i see in small talk. Great video!

    Jayton BennettJayton Bennett5 dager siden
  • as an aspie I appreciate this

    Baked BeastBaked Beast5 dager siden
  • This is GOLD!

    Leonardo ValdrichLeonardo Valdrich5 dager siden
  • Well... you could just do something and commit to it. Instead of picking something up, trying it, and putting it down two minutes later. Commit to something yourself and the rest just falls into place. There is the simplified version for all my fellow human beings. Golf is my ticket, what's yours? (See what I did there?)

    Johnny NonnyJohnny Nonny5 dager siden
  • A friend at a party asked me how I was doing with my studies. I told him right now I'm studying a subject called algorithms and data structures. He instantly asked me "And what's a data structure?", so I naturally gave him a quick answer. I can't even finish the answer and he throws me more questions about the subject, but it was still a very enjoyable conversation. The dude doesn't even know about computers yet he seemed very interested in what I was talking about. I can see a lot of this video in him.

    Backward SabotageBackward Sabotage5 dager siden
  • Laughing is contagious because i was laughing when joe was laughing

    WavoWavo5 dager siden
  • i wish everyone in the world spoke 1 language

    Luizio AbayLuizio Abay5 dager siden

    Дмитрий ТереховДмитрий Терехов5 dager siden
  • Yeah joe is really vey good socially.

    RR6 dager siden
  • Before Corona, I didn't need this video. I spent the past year just thinking without talking too much. Learned a lot about nothing

    Isaac HaynesIsaac Haynes6 dager siden
  • I often find myself in a position where I’m tryna have some small talk but the other person makes it awkward and then I don’t know what to do so I become awkward

    Patrick LoniakPatrick Loniak6 dager siden
    • @Sarah Buxton that , and the fact you are female How’s the weather

      Conor FConor FDag siden
    • I’ve met a couple of awkward ppl. They have one word answers and don’t really ask questions so its very difficult to have a back and forth convo. After a while I realise that’s just who they are, awkward rational geeky type who can’t do small talk but they’re actually comfortable not silence. Either you have to learn to get comfortable around them, or find other friends.

      Sarah BuxtonSarah Buxton2 dager siden
    • that sounds like perfect mirroring

      Tim DykstraTim Dykstra2 dager siden
  • Why are u talking to me

    PdrewPdrew6 dager siden
  • i have to meet a friend ive only talked to per text tomorrow and i have no idea what to say im so awkward wish me luck

    buteras bloodlinebuteras bloodline6 dager siden
    • @J K im am not a guy no thanks

      buteras bloodlinebuteras bloodline6 dager siden
    • Just go ahead and do that for me, nnkay?

      J KJ K6 dager siden
    • Just have him hold onto your sack for a little bit.

      J KJ K6 dager siden
  • In any conversation the first impulse I have is to compliment said person, especially any and all women, for me, it's very easy., perfume, shoes, clothes, broch, necklace, etc.

    Richard BranamRichard Branam6 dager siden
    • Squat down on my sack and then sneeze on it...and then breathe on it...and kinda lean on it.

      J KJ K6 dager siden
  • Me: oooh yay a video on how to seem more normal, I hope the advice wor-“ Autism: No

    Elite GamerElite Gamer6 dager siden
  • I wonder why he laughs all the time 🤣🤣

    Hawk KyeHawk Kye6 dager siden
  • Gonna ask my crush "Why do you exist". Thanks.

    SpicyBoy 46SpicyBoy 466 dager siden
  • No ones talkin about how this guys program is $600. I’m sorry but who tf is actually paying for that?

    Leif HusemollerLeif Husemoller6 dager siden
  • Fun fact: if you just listen and respond honestly then you will be fine. People that try things like this are narcissistic and impossible to be around

    •SEF••SEF•6 dager siden
  • Lol why do these videos jump to random clips of meme actors like Mark Wahlberg

    soundsidecoloursoundsidecolour7 dager siden
  • What is that ryan reynolds film?

    Marc MalanaMarc Malana7 dager siden
  • Why are u gae?

    quicksilver opquicksilver op7 dager siden
  • Lmfao this has got to be, by far, the cringiest channel on the internet. 🤯🤯🤯🤯🥶🥶🥶🥶

    Victor ZehanVictor Zehan7 dager siden
  • Dale Carnegie: How to Win Friends and influence People is the best book you’ll ever read if you want to overcome social anxiety.

    Eugene NicenessEugene Niceness7 dager siden
    • @Victor Zehan I know, that title is deceiving but you're probably not familiar with the book. It's actually a great book and is taught in universities. Written in the 20's I believe, still relevant today. Human condition doesn't change.

      Doland RuizDoland Ruiz4 dager siden
    • Bro do ppl not have ANY humility 🙄

      Victor ZehanVictor Zehan7 dager siden
  • 1. Grease the wheel early with a compliment. 2. Transition between topics using "reminds me of" thinking. 3. Ping for topics of mutual interest. 4. Get other people excited about the conversation. 5. Create a connection with people while listening.

    • 7.) cover yourself in oil

      Nazar AndroshchukNazar Androshchuk2 dager siden
    • Too much work.

      B HeB He3 dager siden
    • 6. Mention DMT and the snake goddess

      SmeeSmee3 dager siden
  • In Australia, all this method does is alienate you from the rest of society, people here only want to talk about themselves and their issue with anyone who doesn't have white ancestors from the settler days

    Send ItSend It7 dager siden
  • As much as I like Joe Rogan, there are much better sources for this kind of thing than Joe.

    99SamIAm9999SamIAm997 dager siden
  • You know you’ve watched a lot of Joe Rogan when almost all the guests he used in the video you watched that podcast lol

    Wiz_Philifa - Apex LegendsWiz_Philifa - Apex Legends7 dager siden
  • somebody show jimmy fallon this video for god's sake....

    AiykAAiykA7 dager siden
  • That was a friggin smooth transition to the selling point of the vid, Ill give you that! ^^

    Nick J.Nick J.7 dager siden
  • Im gonna watch this video when i need to laugh.

    Dick WhiteDick White7 dager siden
  • Takes 2 to have a conversation.

    Benjamin BiondiBenjamin Biondi7 dager siden
  • These are fine and all, but when "it reminds me of..." trails off into a subject the other person doesn't know or care about either you just come off as a weirdo.

    SpaceCouncilSpaceCouncil7 dager siden
  • Most of the clips being shown are completely irrelevant to the video lol

    Michael MannucciMichael Mannucci7 dager siden
  • People making jokes about this, -> me here writing and taking tips. Because I am really bad at smalltalk and making connections 😳

    EnvoyEnvoy7 dager siden
  • Complimenting someone's "energy" hahahaha

    QuaverQuaver7 dager siden