How To Make Someone Trust You

22. okt.. 2018
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Four Emotions for an Amazing First Impression:
How To Connect With Anyone:
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Shane Dawson is an absolute juggernaut right now.
Last I heard our attention spans were as bad as fish, how in the world is Shane able to keep the internet hooked and so engaged with his videos?
The past months he’s been releasing documentary style videos each being nearly an hour long.
At the moment he has nearly 19M subs and his view count on his recent uploads are equal to his sub count, in most cases, they’re more (which is a rarity on NOworld)
How is he scoring more views than full out high budget TV shows?
Here’s why Shane’s videos are so addictive.
02:04 - Point #1: The Exposition
04:54 - Point #2: Fun
05:49 - Point #3: The Interview
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  • This video didn't age well, lol.

    Mr MisanthropeMr MisanthropeDag siden
  • Charisma On Demand: "Why is Shane Dawson trustworthy?" Me: *Looks at Shane Dawson* "Not with those eyebrows"

    AcidDomeAcidDomeMåned siden
  • this aged well

    KlutzkysKlutzkys3 måneder siden
  • “People usually won’t watch videos longer than 10 or 20 minutes-“ **laughs in Sanders sides and critical role**

    G ConditG Condit8 måneder siden
  • 🤮 I can’t even watch the rest of this I’ve never seen any of these people but there’s something so twisted about them all!

    Grace GivenGrace Given8 måneder siden
  • My kids showed me Shane and he is exactly what you say. I couldn't stop watching it just like my teens.

    Nicole GreeneNicole Greene9 måneder siden
  • Hey Charlie and Ben! You guys should REALLY do a video on the celebrity with the best social skills!!! Or you could do a video on the best celebrities of certain charismatic fields as well!?!? This could be great because the audience will be able to study the celebrities and make breakthroughs from their social life. Thanks

    Charlie MigginsCharlie MigginsÅr siden
  • From Shanaynay and made up characters to Conspiracy theories, his content shifted 360. Amazing, Shane 😭

    Don CorLeonenDon CorLeonenÅr siden
  • Only a cancer can do to a scorpio what shane did to jeffree.

    MrunaalJMrunaalJÅr siden
    • Aw

      Edita KalafatićEdita KalafatićÅr siden
  • Shane is an over reactor end of,

    BWBWÅr siden
  • 😮

    Ana CabellAna CabellÅr siden
  • Can someone tell when wich minute he will talk about how to make someone trust me??? Or are we just gonna talk about what shane does? (No hate to anyone but i came for the content the title offered me)

    Pat My HeadPat My HeadÅr siden
  • he said one piece oh my GOD ....!

    Khokon Camera CareKhokon Camera CareÅr siden
  • No matter what anyone has got to say about him. Shane has always been someone very genuine and real. I dont think his emotions and dramatic reactions are fake. Yes there is a attention grabbing aspect because obviously he is a youtuber that want people to keep watching. But i believe in the sincere personality of him. And i enjoy his content a lot.

    Alfred F. JonesAlfred F. JonesÅr siden
  • His voice is just too annoying to watch 45min

    Tirigon TungdilTirigon TungdilÅr siden
  • Could you please analyze Trevor Noah's charisma???

    Eringobraugh771Eringobraugh771År siden
  • These seem like videos I'd close on the first 5 seconds.

    Georgi GeorgievGeorgi GeorgievÅr siden
  • Thanks for the binge tip! Loving Shane's new conspiracy series rn

    Jay GreenJay GreenÅr siden
  • and about people fearing your judgmental reaction: if you're not able to hide it, you can also tell that you're sorry for being judgmental/not neutral/whatever fits in the conversation, it will give them additional trust because you're honest... if they sense something is off and you don't tell them, they'll shut up again

    EadbertEadbertÅr siden
  • shane was always someone i respected even though i never watched him

    EadbertEadbertÅr siden
  • I understand b roles but I honestly don’t like them at all

    AlmostsmartinventionsAlmostsmartinventionsÅr siden
  • thanks for the video.

    Haggard CoopHaggard CoopÅr siden
  • This Shane guy is annoying. I would have loved for your points to have been made faster :D I can't finish it. He seems bent and you couldn't pay me enough to watch his channel

    theCrpldOrphnPrjcttheCrpldOrphnPrjctÅr siden
  • Is this clickbait?

    GagzGagzÅr siden
  • Too many degenerates...I couldn't take it.

    Sam CSam CÅr siden
  • Da fauqqqqqqqqq.....🥺

    Sarah AbuKhadraSarah AbuKhadraÅr siden
  • I LOVE you using other youtubers as examples of what you’re trying to get across!!!

    Lareina BrownLareina BrownÅr siden
  • you're giving this guy too much credit

    GhoonemGhoonemÅr siden
  • I like how you put an ad right when you started talking about cliffhangers HAHA

    Danny KimDanny KimÅr siden
  • Another great breakdown Charlie! :) Nicely done #Believe

    Evan CarmichaelEvan CarmichaelÅr siden
  • 1:21 OOOH That dem bois ryan and shawn

    pento mentopento mentoÅr siden
  • to be honest, that is an art to make people trust you, to make the conversation keep going, to be vulnerable and connect with others

    Divine DivineDivine DivineÅr siden
  • 4:13 *y e e t*

    Shutting Channel DownShutting Channel DownÅr siden
  • Shane is just doing what reality TV has done for years. I’m sick of his content, but this video helped me understand how it can hook lesser minded folk.

    Bob PicklesonBob PicklesonÅr siden
  • Oh look. Onision

    Just another ArchiveJust another ArchiveÅr siden
  • Shane is **** hence all these views.

    DudeDudeÅr siden
  • Jeanne D’asoon

    I Will Eat Your ChildrenI Will Eat Your ChildrenÅr siden
  • But he and his team worked hard and created a successful series, for FREE. NOworld has censored Shane in the past as well. SO good for him and his team. He's talented and I think he should work on more movies.

    AustinAustinÅr siden
  • Who is Shane ?

    CynicalPlebCynicalPleb2 år siden
  • Shane looks boring, if he is so popular it shows there are more people with bad taste than good.

    O TohoraO Tohora2 år siden
  • how do I deal with false rumors about me?

    AçaíAçaí2 år siden
  • Yaaas

    Sandra ShishaSandra Shisha2 år siden
  • Personally I hate Shane, he makes me no want to watch. But that's just me apparently.

    Dylan M.Dylan M.2 år siden
  • Never heard of him

    Kutaly LKutaly L2 år siden
  • Shane is fake, I mean, just look at the guy, nothing feels sincere when you look at his reactions. He only wants attention, and he goes above and beyond to get it. I didn't like his style back in the day when he was just a little tuber, and I don't like it now, with his fakeness. I don't understand why people fall for this, can't you see it's just an act? Can't you see it's all about him, and he tries to make you about him as well? His entire world revolves around being the centre of attention, I can't stand people like him, but moreover, I cannot understand the people who follow him and somehow can't see all of this.

    JoeyPsychJoeyPsych2 år siden
  • I bet onision is dying bc of Shane’s rising recognition

    orqngriqcrewamorqngriqcrewam2 år siden
  • shane - youtube oprah? i never heard about him eventho he is around for a decade, but what i got out of this video, he is the same like oprah - everyone trusts him, maybe he adopted Oprah's format? well, only difference between oprah and shane are these billions in bank account.

    Erik ErXoNErik ErXoN2 år siden
  • *How come i never seen or know Shane?* It's 2018. Hahahaha

    Jason DelaRosaJason DelaRosa2 år siden
  • People who say he’s not genuine obviously have not watched many of his videos. He has been on NOworld since the beginning and he’s always been an emotional, caring, and real person. He is overdramatic sometimes, but that’s who he is, he wears his sensitive heart on his sleeve. Almost all youtubers are dramatic and over the top. Shane’s emotional drama works because his fans believe the emotion is real. They trust him and believe he’s a genuine, good person. Not many NOworldrs can pull that off, and that’s what this video should’ve been more about.

    DevynnEBMusicDevynnEBMusic2 år siden
  • I totally agree with all what you said. What I would have added is the excellent sound design he uses that you subconsciously hear. It's so good and brings that documentary to a higher level.

    Walter WeberWalter Weber2 år siden
  • wow

    Ariel AlyasAriel Alyas2 år siden
  • I remember shane talking about in his younger day videos that he said he loves cliff hangers. He lives up to his persona. Any of my older generation remember him saying that?

    Sundays with TimmySundays with Timmy2 år siden
  • Why did you change the title and thumbnail?

    Muhammad WaleedMuhammad Waleed2 år siden
  • Am I the only one who has never heard about this guy? Doesn't sound that compelling tbh

    FnidnerFnidner2 år siden
  • went to his channel for 2 seconds and almost punched the screen ahahha

    ElChe-KoElChe-Ko2 år siden
  • Everyone complaining about the title, did it use to be something else?? I don't get it

    boss ladyboss lady2 år siden
  • I've never actually watched a full Shane video, or find him remotely attention grabbing.

    LunacyDrawsLunacyDraws2 år siden
  • I can tell you I have watched his videos lately purely because he interviews other youtubers that I've heard of but never watched myself. It's a quick way for me to catch up on the who's who of youtube.

    ReticulatingSplinesReticulatingSplines2 år siden
  • Can you do a video on Jim Halpert. Easily one of the most liked characters on the office.

    Kex GamingKex Gaming2 år siden
  • I've been watching your videos and seeing a slight problem, a vast majority of your suggestions tend to involve body language. The problem there is that not everyone can make use of such as some on the autism spectrum not only struggle to read body language, but some also have their own body language be a tad bit fubar meaning it doesn't accurately convey what they feel. Considering the commonality of abuse suffered by people with high functioning forms of autism, it's far too easy for someone who is not able to read the body language of others nor accurately convey their own feelings through their own body language to develop an intense aversion towards developing such as to them that would just be like "Becoming more like their abusers". A further problem comes in when people expect someone on the autism spectrum to read their body language rather than them being open honest and straightforward and when the attempt to read body language results in failure the person attempting to convey something through body language may not remember that they attempted to use body language rather than words in that moment as when their body language conveys something that same something is repeating in their head. People on the autism spectrum tend to often develop a rather intense aversion towards being lied to and being lied about, it's not uncommon for someone on the autism spectrum to perceive the use and reliance on body language to be more of a vice than a virtue as to someone on the autism spectrum such can be rather contrarian to someone being open honest and straightforward. In short, is there any chance you can come up with some kinds of charisma that even someone who lacks both in the ability to read and convey body language can excel at that does not require deception?

    Project KordamyeProject Kordamye2 år siden
  • I thought the video was about Onision.

    florokinolonflorokinolon2 år siden
  • All these people thinking that they are extremely intelligent by saying mean shit to him... there is an actual reason why he is one of the most popular youtubers

    neroxyxneroxyx2 år siden
  • Can you put subtitles in Spanish? That would be awesome

    June BlueJune Blue2 år siden
  • nice move bro

    Kev MattKev Matt2 år siden
  • Really great video. You are a very great story teller yourself, otherwise I wouldn't have watched an over 10 minutes video!

    Elias GreenElias Green2 år siden
    • ~ Haha, thanks Elias!

      Charisma on CommandCharisma on Command2 år siden
  • Do a video on why people don’t like Lewis Hamilton 🤔

    NeilNeil2 år siden
  • I’m a simple person; I see Shane, I click.

    MacrinaMacrina2 år siden
  • Hey! Can you please do a video on craig ferguson.

    Saad AhmedSaad Ahmed2 år siden
  • Came here from Glam and Gore

    DayneeeDayneee2 år siden
  • Do David dobrik. Would be your best one!

    Keoni PicolloKeoni Picollo2 år siden
  • Do a video on Kevin Costner?

    Jack JohnsonJack Johnson2 år siden
  • Hey you, i was wondering if you could do a video about how fear does not let ourselves grow and how it makes us get stucked. The fear of getting out of the confort zone, the fear of what the others Will Think about your decitions, the fear of things not going the way we want to. I would like to tell you in detail why i'm asking for this so if you have an e-mail where i could tell you that would be awesome!

    Luciana TucciLuciana Tucci2 år siden
  • Can you make a video on Gary Vee?

    SoapSoap2 år siden
  • I thought I was the only person who never watched or followed Shane but I see other people comment about it too, I tried to watch the jake paul documentary 5 mins, but did not like Shane, he is basically like a women, very weak personality , the way he talks, I would never waist 45 mins watching Shane and I dont see anything special about him telling stories, he gets views cuz of video titles and people who make documentaries about, I was interested to watch Jake pauls documentary just to know more about how a young kid became successful

    Michael GoldMichael Gold2 år siden
  • Could you do some examples? Good stuff!

    Evan Van CampEvan Van Camp2 år siden
  • well you were 100% wrong about why I watch shane but you did a good job analyzing

    Djerelle WilliamsDjerelle Williams2 år siden
  • For some reason I don't like Shane he's looks give me the chills

    Fardin KhanFardin Khan2 år siden
  • Wonderful video!

    The BohobemeisterThe Bohobemeister2 år siden
  • I absolutely hate these "tricks" kinda content if you compare it to content kinda content. I want something interesting not something boring and useless brought to me on a silver plate. I love the rest of the points mentioned though. They are exactly the opposite of what I said above: they help making a conversation authentic and meaningful

    bamischijfje123bamischijfje1232 år siden
  • I used to watch Shane when I was 13-15. I'm 22 now. I hadn't heard of him for years but now he's completely reinvented himself, a few times it would appear.

    Patrick WaynePatrick Wayne2 år siden
  • Hello, please, make a review about Ragnar Lothbrok charisma. You are the best!

    Denis MironovDenis Mironov2 år siden
  • Shane is incredible. You can’t notice his expertise until you dig deep and realize not everyone can do what he does.

    mguest1020mguest10202 år siden
  • What's the song after 7:30?

    davidgrutydavidgruty2 år siden
  • Being able to tell stories is one of the most underrated skills that exist. Works extremely well to engage people and even build attraction!

    Betterment BossBetterment Boss2 år siden
  • I had to sub to shane during the JP series. Amazing work

    MicoolaMicoola2 år siden
  • omg!!!!!!!!! i can die happy now!

    Calvin McdonaldCalvin Mcdonald2 år siden
  • do steve harvey

    DEEGSDEEGS2 år siden
  • This is a rather blatant advertisement.

    Blacknred BomberBlacknred Bomber2 år siden
  • Generally I like CoC videos but I know how fake all those 'reality tv' shows are, so it's hard to take seriously any analysis based on them.

    AdamAdam2 år siden
  • I strongly disagree

    Joey BonesJoey Bones2 år siden
  • Can you breakdown Harry Styles charisma please?

    Sexy LoveSexy Love2 år siden
  • mainstream TV is a relic of the past and being replaced by online platforms like NOworld

    blazer070269blazer0702692 år siden
  • I feel like Shane isn't bad to watch, but it does feel like..there's some sort of underlying superficiality to his content. Despite the interesting questions, I don't care if Jake or Logan paul are mentally unstable, maybe I just want to see what he's like off camera? Perhaps that can be captured just by hanging out with them??? Maybe you don't need to be a cross dresser to chill with one and see how their life is? The dramatization of things has become a massive pet peeve for me. However, there are quite a few genuine moments in his content spread through out. It also feels kind of formulaic and akin to traditional reality tv shows.

    Tyler GutierrezTyler Gutierrez2 år siden
  • Shane = Queen 👸

    I have Patrick!I have Patrick!2 år siden
  • Honestly in my opinion he’s one of the least captivating story tellers out there

    OX XYOX XY2 år siden
  • •Add creepy background music •Be overdramatic •Make this expression whenever someone says something :0

    Adrian PriceAdrian Price2 år siden
  • Shane is also very likeable because he's really honest with himself and those around him. You also have a bunch of videos with his group of friends that are very fun, warm and lighthearted, but most important that don't feel fabricated at all. I think this "background" also makes people trust him a lot

    AnaAna2 år siden
  • Who ?

    TestosteroosterTestosterooster2 år siden
  • Honestly I cannot stand shane dawson's videos. Why's that?

    AxelAxel2 år siden
  • Charlie! I have a hige request. How does one stay charismatic if theyre often tired? I sleep well, eat well and all that but there are still times im slumped. How do you avoid being a grump about it and turn it around instead? I really hope i got your attention i think this would be a very creative video idea, ive never seen anything like it, best of luck man. :)

    itsmolly 00itsmolly 002 år siden