How To Never Be Boring In Conversation

12. aug.. 2019
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Tom Hanks has one of the most captivating personalities in Hollywood. What’s interesting is that his charm has much less to do with what he is saying compared to how he says it.
So in this video, we’re going to break down 4 habits that make everything Tom says more interesting, and how you can use these to ensure that you are never boring in conversation, even if you don’t have super interesting topics to talk about.

0:18 - Habit #1: He uses a story gap.
1:45 - Habit #2: He inhabits the character/action that he is talking about.
4:02 - Habit #3: Tom uses dynamics.
6:02 - Habit #4: Tom includes everyone in the group.
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  • so lame, you can't lern personality...get a life....geeez

    strh6trgfgnhgfhstrh6trgfgnhgfh2 timer siden
  • I think he's just being himself, and that's the trick..

    Luis DominguezLuis Dominguez3 dager siden
  • 10-24-2020 - - - "...nothing interesting beyond the words . . " (Shows clip of Tom Cruise).

    q7winq7q7winq73 dager siden
  • I think I will still be boring 😂😂😂 that’s life! If you want to see my boring life you can go ahead and subscribe to my channel!

    Exploring JapanExploring Japan10 dager siden
  • If you like another example of 'dynamics' go watch Lewis Black, for instance the piece about Two Starbucks.

    Elzo SmidElzo Smid12 dager siden
  • *I was lucky to get steady_cracks on Instagram who got me access to my girlfriend chart* 💯

    Juicy JamJuicy Jam13 dager siden
  • *I was lucky to get steady_cracks on Instagram who got me access to my girlfriend chart* 💯

    Juicy JamJuicy Jam13 dager siden
  • Thanks

    Sarv GroverSarv Grover16 dager siden
  • pretty much studying how to be more confident and well spoken rn

    CroawCroaw17 dager siden
  • Hey.. it's Hanx.

    ClaimerClaimer20 dager siden
  • So basically "be an actor". Even if you think actors are the lowest of all professions.

    Ian NixonIan Nixon27 dager siden
  • God loves you all repent and turn to him and you will have everlasting life and happiness.

    J.I VisualsJ.I Visuals29 dager siden
  • 2:20

    Fluidz ExFluidz Ex29 dager siden
  • Ham Tonks is a bore, he'd put an insomniac glass eye into a coma.

    Rob SmithRob SmithMåned siden
  • 00:52 top left you can barely see the dude

    Mr. JuannitoMr. JuannitoMåned siden
  • TRUMP 2020

    bertrand chaumellebertrand chaumelleMåned siden
  • 8.50minutes of advertising.

    DebDebMåned siden
  • I think Tom Hanks is thoroughly boring

    MMAoracleMMAoracleMåned siden
  • This is good thank you

    BryantBryantMåned siden
  • I think that's because of his captivating voice and the way he truly pronounces every word correctly

    N PN PMåned siden
  • Its cos he talks bout jerry. Jerry is interesting

    Hola BrianHola BrianMåned siden
  • White people should stop tanning themselves :'(

    Khouloud AyariKhouloud AyariMåned siden
  • Could you imagine turning up for your job at the supermarket & talking to everyone like you're a super rich, international star on a chat show?... Fail.

    Dale GrimshawDale GrimshawMåned siden
  • Okay l, I actually feel like this video was life changing and can help so much! I'm so stoked to implement these tips! Thank you soooooooo much!!!!

    We Alive and LivingWe Alive and LivingMåned siden
  • Point 1. Move your hand/body while talking 2. Dont be afraid to be loud *This is what i got from the video

    Level 100Level 1002 måneder siden
  • You may want to remove your videos featuring pedophiles, just saying..

    Bobby VadasBobby Vadas2 måneder siden
  • We are you these days?

    edmari440edmari4402 måneder siden
  • Now I want to watch toy story

    Elliott HillElliott Hill2 måneder siden
  • I want a good boy.Charming boy is not boring.

  • Little tommy Hanks loves him some pizza.

    James BrownJames Brown2 måneder siden
  • He and his wife associated with perverts. I don't listen to anyone who uses children for pleasure.

    Steve AlvarezSteve Alvarez2 måneder siden
  • Welcome to the channel for lonely people!

    w13rdb0yw13rdb0y2 måneder siden
  • Nice channel, right? Well, from personal experience, Charlie with Charisma on Command SPAMS with you’re own purchased personal info.

    TysoTyso3 måneder siden
  • All introverts here right

    50 Quarters50 Quarters3 måneder siden
  • Everyone says "just be yourself" but what if I don't know myself! I don't know what I like or what interests me or anything about myself! I'm literally just a robot with no personality, who some madman created. No hobbies, no interests, no companions, no reason to why I live, no nothing. And that's why I signed up for charisma on command. It teaches me how to act like a human from which by I can teach my kind and together we shall replace the human race one by one, erasing it's every trace from existence! (This is actually still a cry for help btw)

    Aaliyah AAaliyah A3 måneder siden
  • “Most people stay very flat in their faces as they speak”... you come from a very strange place, video author. I think this is all those childhood ADD meds catching up with yous over there.

    Adam MurrayAdam Murray3 måneder siden
  • Naw serve um po luz per Gente! Presydente is Byg Rekino Bysnesmen! Serve me Sempre Honoret,!!! I pikolo fysch! 🐋🐠🌷🍹🍹☕☕🍰🍰🌻☀ 🌿🍀🎠

    Józef SubczakJózef Subczak3 måneder siden
  • I always start with "My Mama always said ...".

    Tharindu RusiraTharindu Rusira3 måneder siden
  • Easy, never have conversations.

    Cobalt BluesCobalt Blues3 måneder siden
  • Sarah Ruth Ashcraft would disagree with you.

    S US U3 måneder siden
  • There's a big differentiator here that isnt mentioned. Tom is a multimillionaire Hollywood mogul, so he gets to go around acting like a big shot with flamboyant stories and banter and people will react favorably for several reasons, the most notable of which are people are either star struck by him or they are hoping that he can do something for them based on his industry influence. The other factor with the examples shown here is that these are talk show interviews, where the guests are expected to be entertaining and engaging in order to promote themselves or their work. In other words, it's a show, not real. In my experience and observation, people only want to listen to people that they want something from, or that they feel can improve their situation either professionally or socially. To that end, people will pretend to find you fascinating and react favorably to what youre saying in an attempt to stroke your ego and make you like them. If the person your speaking with doesnt feel that you can benefit them in some way, watch how fast they walk away. In other words, most people are self-serving whores and fake. I've seen so many situations where someone is speaking in a casual group where nobody knows who they are, and everyone else is essentially ignoring them, until it is revealed that the speaker is someone that others might consider noteworthy (i.e. they are wealthy or are in a position that could be of benefit to others), then suddenly the rest of the group snaps to attention and wants to be their best friend, laughs at all of their jokes (funny or not), and hangs on their every word and schmuzes up to them. So, as the SNL skit says, to have others react favorably to your advances, "be young, be rich and be good looking"!

    Heath WeberHeath Weber3 måneder siden
  • People be boring but call you boring

    Marcus HamiltonMarcus Hamilton3 måneder siden
  • He is super creepy

    khal Garrisonkhal Garrison3 måneder siden
  • "Life is like a box of chocolate"

    Naz tubesNaz tubes3 måneder siden
  • It’s the same as playing a musical instrument ! Dynamic, mood, loudness, quietness! Voice is an powerful musical instrument!!

    Romain SurandRomain Surand3 måneder siden
  • Advice from a Hollywood pedophile. No thanks.

    Holly MHolly M3 måneder siden
  • Get BUFF and don't be weak!

    Fitness FrankFitness Frank3 måneder siden
  • Yeah but this is tom hanks we're talking about, he's a pro. This stuff isn't that easy to do for newbies.

    controllerbraincontrollerbrain3 måneder siden
  • Cant stand Tom Hanks. Creepy weird with his glove pics. Total anti American and fake. Want to be a great communicator then ultimatly be a master manipulator. In other words spell craft.

    Fydor NickolayevitchFydor Nickolayevitch3 måneder siden
  • you are a cast away

    gertz Sgertz S3 måneder siden
  • dress to dine....

    gertz Sgertz S3 måneder siden
  • and you love the sheep.......

    gertz Sgertz S3 måneder siden
  • Why bother doing this video, being spontaneous and witty cannot be learned . It's perfectly clear that he is an actor , we know that as we have seen him in films ! I know many people ( I'll tag them as ordinary people as you appear to place great importantance on being extraordinary) that are hilariously funny , I am Irish we all !! are hilarious, let me say something to whoever made this video , you are wasting your sad life, please f off, now ain't that interesting !!!

    Howardsend88Howardsend883 måneder siden
  • He is a professional entertainer, master in the art of acting and most adults that pick up skills like this does so in a more impressionable age. Claiming stringing along at an air-guitar (an anecdotal example, not sarcasm) is thus insufficient and partly damaging. What's most important of all is something you didn't really bring up; If you're not an extrovert person constantly going to new environments, meeting new people, that means you will get unpredictable results. In fact you might cause some close friends, your wife and kids to react contrary to what you're hoping for and especially in a sober situation. You also lack the star-power and the suspended disbelief deeply rooted in the majority of peoples prejudice or rather expectations. They want to like you so much it works. Here's a thought experiment that will help you see my point. Imagine a relative that possess awkward and stoic rhetoric. Place them at the table talking about what they usually do, you being able to predict most of what they're saying out of familiarity or predictability and all of a sudden this person, also an untrained actor with no experience as an entertainer and no naturally attractive physical appearance, suddenly applying these methods. Imagine the following happening, in line with the narration in the video but with a realistically probable circumstance: He tells you about how he used to play the guitar and he tries to mirror you in an ironic way while smiling to invoke laughter. Now, imagining this, do you see what you think you would? Do you want that to happen? If you don't, do you think you are the best judge of if they want that to happen, meaning you pick up these ideas and execute them? Are you comfortable with this based on source-less material and comparison with culturally worshipped demi-gods? Always think critically. Always test every thesis with an anti-thesis and experimentation before you apply anything to yourself, except empirically and commonly accepted behaviours unless you are in a similar situation to the subjects used to present it with, like Tom Hanks. Thank you,

    S.G JohanssonS.G Johansson3 måneder siden
  • How To Never Be Boring In Conversation... Say the following:- "Donald Trump will be president “when spaceships come down filled with dinosaurs in red capes.” Tom Hanks

    imperator parvaimperator parva3 måneder siden
  • Ask Tommy how much they paid him to go public and state " he and his wife had covid - 19 "

    Roger BrownRoger Brown4 måneder siden
  • i thought that was neil peart :( he is the most interesting person i've ever heard talk

    NordicoNordico4 måneder siden
  • this advice is generally not true for the office. successful people in large organizations tend to not be demonstrative. not boreing, but the focus is on the words and ideas, not the character.

    George WashingtonGeorge Washington4 måneder siden
  • How to never be boring in conversation...Be a rich movie star.

    VeryBarryVeryBarry4 måneder siden
  • POS

    maritimer Manmaritimer Man4 måneder siden
  • Tom Hanks is not funny. What a bore. Ricky Gervais would agree.

    Karl LieckKarl Lieck4 måneder siden
  • yep Tom Hanks isn.t a natural storyteller...he learned that at college hahaha

    Phil SarkolPhil Sarkol4 måneder siden
  • I gotta get better at actually talking to people again before quarantines over 😂

    Cara ECara E4 måneder siden
  • I miss my negga only because I didn't destroy him, nevertheless I had the opportunity of second chance fewer more times than five.

    Villie StephanovVillie Stephanov4 måneder siden
  • Amazing video. You will make a difference!! Can We be Friends? :3

    Alisa RitterAlisa Ritter4 måneder siden
  • Amazing video. You will make a difference!! Can We be Friends? :3

    Alisa RitterAlisa Ritter4 måneder siden
  • awesum

    DPMDPM4 måneder siden
  • Tom Hanks talks in a very animated larger than life way. An obnoxious attention seeking American style. That gets tiresome and boring. The words must also be good to keep someones attention.

    John FernandesJohn Fernandes4 måneder siden
  • Or Tom could start out with, "So did you know Jeffy Epstein too?" And its not meant to be funny, Its really Sad.. Do your own Research.

    GeneticMindGeneticMind4 måneder siden
  • Tom Hanks is one of the few guys that actually got better looking as he gets older.

    N MN M4 måneder siden
  • Whats her name at 6:57

    AliAli4 måneder siden
  • Now that people watch this video, you have to invent new tricks not mentioned in this video, otherwise you are going to be boring again... XD XD XD

    Samppa KoivulaSamppa Koivula4 måneder siden
  • Best conversation starter before COVID-19...… "Pull my finger!"

    The Great BamboozlerThe Great Bamboozler4 måneder siden
  • so much for the old..."just be yourself" advice

    NovaximusNovaximus4 måneder siden
    • Maybe yourself is boring or rude and you wonder why u have no friends but u would like to have friends.i have a so called friend that i am NOT giving my new address to when i move because: i told her i hate eating in restaurants and its all she wants to do with me ,yet she does all kinds of other things but by herself.and when i DO go to restaurants with her she looks all around at everyone else instead of having a conversation with me and she checks e mail and texts and responds to them,so i barely get to complete a sentance or ask a question and she doing one of those things,sometimes i repeat myself sometimes i just stare at her.

      Alison BarrattAlison Barratt22 dager siden
  • Just be yourself.

    Beautiful BastardBeautiful Bastard4 måneder siden
  • For me he would have been the best choice for the role of John Wick

    MrFairactMrFairact4 måneder siden
  • The most boring video I’ve ever seen...

    djmcnerneydjmcnerney4 måneder siden
  • thank you

    Jo GARGUSJo GARGUS4 måneder siden
  • The clock is ticking and time will tell Mr Hanks

    J. HardyJ. Hardy4 måneder siden
  • I guess Tom has lots to say about pizzas, that can't be boring...

    MINGAS87MINGAS874 måneder siden
  • Another nonsense video. We are who we are. Some people like us some don't some hate us is simple as that. If anytime someone is having a conversation and try to do techniques to get liked then he is fake.

    jimareasjimareas4 måneder siden
  • I think you should be a comedian.....or have AIDS?

    Google GoogleGoogle Google4 måneder siden
  • Don't know, Tom Hanks seems too over the top all the time, kinda drains my energy watching him . It's obvious that when he's not in front of a camera, he doesn't act like that

    Vicente BianchiniVicente Bianchini4 måneder siden
  • He runs his mouth too much.

    UintabriUintabri4 måneder siden
  • I enjoy being aloof in conversations. Start off with this: "so do you prefer being called Steve or Steven?" "Neither." Then silence...

    Steven RichardsSteven Richards4 måneder siden
    • Interesting

      junijuni4 måneder siden
  • I see tom has a blood ring on his left hand..... do you people know what that rings stands for ?... go on line and see...

    Andrew GardnerAndrew Gardner4 måneder siden
  • Wow. When I think of boring Tom Hanks actually comes to mind with regard to actors. Interesting choice for this video. Not saying he is not talented. He is. Just saying, dude is mr. Boring

    john-carlos ynostrozajohn-carlos ynostroza4 måneder siden
  • He's a perv..

    Eugene CourtneyEugene Courtney4 måneder siden
  • Don’t be fooled these are rehearsed studio appearances...they just don’t show up and start talking out of their asses

    67buzzo67buzzo4 måneder siden
  • The comment section is hilarious 😂

    SabbSabb4 måneder siden
  • Charisma can't be taught. Just like you cannot teach someone to be a great artist or even a good artist.

    Crashburn 32Crashburn 324 måneder siden
    • @Steven Richards LOL I forgot about the alcohol factor.

      Crashburn 32Crashburn 324 måneder siden
    • Sure somewhat it is personality, but with practice and familiarity one can improve. Also drinks help.

      Steven RichardsSteven Richards4 måneder siden
  • I don't think this works because there's an issue here: he's telling stories. Telling stories to people isn't really a conversation. A good conversation involves back and forth interaction. From my experience, the way to bore people in "conversation" is to tell them stories. Talk about topics, don't go on and on about some tale that happened to someone somewhere sometime unless it's a particularly effective bridge into an actual conversation.

    Jani UkkonenJani Ukkonen4 måneder siden
    • Yes, I get people going on with some boring story and just tune out and find a way to leave.

      Rob SmithRob SmithMåned siden
    • @졔리Jelly Yes, you do share information, but you don't generally want to do what Tom does in this video, which is telling lengthy stories. These are interviews, which are a terrible medium to demonstrate conversations. Interviews are not real, normal conversations, and that's why it is like it is in the video. They're based upon the interviewee being queried and the interviewer asking questions, which is not a normal setup.

      Jani UkkonenJani UkkonenMåned siden
    • Actually you need to tell stories all the time. Lets say something happened and you are having a bad day. You meet your friends and they can tell you are not in a good mood. They would ask and you need to tell them the STORY why without whining too much and keep them interested while you are talking about it. Telling stories is PART of conversation. You kinda have to share information all the time, your day, your trip, your holiday etc depending on who you have a conversation with. Stories doesn’t mean they are always 10-16mins long. It can be really short and totally normal in conversations. May be you were scammed on your trip to italy. It’s a story to share with your friends or actually anyone.

      졔리Jelly졔리JellyMåned siden
    • Underrated comment.

      Mega JesusMega Jesus4 måneder siden
    • Very true

      Damn DanielDamn Daniel4 måneder siden
  • Knowing how to talk will all depends how you use your imagination with knowledge of true or false facts. Everything else is just BS.

    InteractiveDNAInteractiveDNA4 måneder siden
  • Boring... Video...

    Capricorn RetrogradeCapricorn Retrograde4 måneder siden
  • This is fecking nonsense. He's a typical American: loud, brash, and full of histrionics. He does have however a great screen presence and I like him as an actor.

    Gareth LloydGareth Lloyd4 måneder siden
  • Awww yeah!

    heyeddybroheyeddybro4 måneder siden
  • This video violates the rules it recommends. Does not earn my attention, doesn't even let Tom Hanks tell his story.

    Iam HudsdentIam Hudsdent4 måneder siden
  • psychobabble with an extra dose of babble

    sqd8rsqd8r4 måneder siden
  • Soooooo....... act.

    Randy EvanoffRandy Evanoff4 måneder siden
  • I think he is very boring.

    Orson KrennicOrson Krennic4 måneder siden