How To Turn Awkwardness Into Attraction

23. sep.. 2019
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Aubrey Plaza is pretty well known for her awkward moments. Despite and even because of her awkwardness she is extremely popular, successful and attractive to a lot of people.
Which is why in this video we’re going to break down how to turn YOUR awkward moments into ones that actually make people more drawn towards you.

1:03 - 1A: Introduce yourself with some form of physical touch.
1:19 - 1B: Call out awkward moments when they happen.
2:27 - 2A: Lean into the awkwardness even further.
3:09 - 2B: Call out when you see someone making these social mistakes.
3:59 - 3: Add a sentence to your one word answer.
5:03 - 4A: Flat deliveries work best when what you are saying is outlandish.
5:25 - 4B: Laugh at yourself or simply explain yourself.
6:34 - 5: Introduce a “hard pivot”- Do/say something even more awkward than the situation itself.
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  • Who is this?

    Matthew DeverillMatthew Deverill8 dager siden
  • Physical contact is dangerous now

    Malta Network ResourcesMalta Network Resources8 dager siden
  • Then again you can just avoid awkwardness by not talking at all.

    Maciej WMaciej W8 dager siden
  • I've heard the name Aubrey Plaza before. Obviously she's famous. But what does she do?

    adipsousadipsous11 dager siden
  • Who are you and what is your education to provide analysis on this subject? Or is this just an opinion.

    J SachsJ Sachs11 dager siden
  • The only thing about this video is that I think Aubrey plaza always knows exactly what she's doing. She has very purposefully concocted that awkward personality because it's hilarious

    Lauren JamesLauren James14 dager siden
  • My case is kind of different ‘cause I think and many people find me very funny but in spanish(I’m from mexico n im going to move to the us for college), and a big part of my funniness is because of the relatableness of how I say the words (I speak like a dad but in an awkward funny kind of way) and all the words i use dont have a direct translation so what are youre suggestions 👁👄👁

    Perry TerryPerry Terry21 dag siden
    • PS: For the record i dont even know if the word funniness exists PS 2: kudos if anybody understands my first comment

      Perry TerryPerry Terry21 dag siden
  • No one: Me: clicks video... Then jumps bc i forgot that i clicked the video

    Dusty WalkerDusty Walker22 dager siden
  • Sarcasm is a woman

    João MendesJoão Mendes23 dager siden
  • I don't think she is a good example in this case. She is trying to confuse in order to "charm"

    Kristen CorleyKristen Corley26 dager siden
  • she makes me feel better about being socially awkward😂

    palmer491palmer49129 dager siden
  • You said that "we listen to someones emotional.expression as much as we listen to their words" I respectfully disagree. Studies have shown that words actually dont matter itln conversations. Only 5% words and 95% body language. This is why us intelligent men often have trouble with women because we have a harder time displaying energetic body language because we see risks much clearer than others

    How mathematicians create mathsHow mathematicians create mathsMåned siden
  • She is just annoying

    Hadeer MuHadeer MuMåned siden
  • does this works for men?

    PatmandPatmandMåned siden
  • pog

    ChairioChairioMåned siden
  • 1:04 ... Good luck with that 🍀👍

    Tara WhittingtonTara WhittingtonMåned siden
  • Everyone else saying to be attractive, but I think it's about being ✨confident✨

    민Chirushi민ChirushiMåned siden

      Rohanna BendiolaRohanna BendiolaMåned siden
    • YES THANK YOU i hate how everyone keeps saying that its because she's attractive and whatever. obviously being good looking is something that always helps but you can't just invalidate someone's abilities because "sHeS jUsT aTtrAcTivE"

      isabellaisabellaMåned siden
  • 1:13 Howie Mendel is a famous germaphobe, who doesn’t like being touch

    Fry PhilipFry PhilipMåned siden
  • I'd just like to add that sometimes when a person gives a short answer to a question or doesn't participate in small talk it's because THEY DON'T WANT TO. More people (extroverts) need to pick up on subtle cues that someone is trying to be polite while also trying to avoid getting into a conversation. I have this happen all the time and it's not because I'm awkward or don't understand social cues, it's because other people either don't understand or don't care about the cues I'm sending. The examples here are from interviews where having a conversation is the point, but the advice given here doesn't apply in every situation.

    R BR BMåned siden
  • the comments here tell all, when you ae mindblowingly absolutly HOT anything you say would be considered ATTRACTIVE !!

  • and that is her "character" so ya lol

    TheMitchman55TheMitchman55Måned siden
  • I think she did that w Howie because he’s a germaphobe and hates shaking hands.

    Electro-Shock Blues 42Electro-Shock Blues 42Måned siden
  • How many times has she been on the Conan O’brien show? There was probably close to 10 clips and she was wearing something different in most of them.

    Connor JBConnor JBMåned siden
  • shes doing everything on purpose, its cringy asf

    daniel motitadaniel motitaMåned siden
  • If I master that I’ll be a black belt in social skills

    BradmakesgainsBradmakesgainsMåned siden
  • Give some more examples of the hard pivot please

    BradmakesgainsBradmakesgainsMåned siden
  • what a lady

    Believin KarmaBelievin KarmaMåned siden
  • am i the only one who doesn’t find her that attractive

    AndreAndreMåned siden
  • fax. calling out awkwardness and just being open about it breaks the ice and always gives u something to say

    AndreAndreMåned siden
  • I thinke that is not the real aubrey plaza, she is playing a character

    LonelyPianistLonelyPianistMåned siden
  • 1:13 sorry but she respected the mans OCD. So she did the right thing. Howie does not shake hands, he has severe OCD.

    Samuel Lexi llSamuel Lexi llMåned siden
  • Aubrey is good looking. When I do this crap, people genuinely think I’m ill

    sky peterssky petersMåned siden
  • I love Aubrey plaza she's great

    The King Of Cool DavidTaylorThe King Of Cool DavidTaylor2 måneder siden
  • Sssshhhh, stop talking and let me Soak in Aubrey's Luscious and Hilarious essence .

    Mac BMac B2 måneder siden
  • Pretty sure Aubrey Plaza is my spirit animal.

    Tiffany AllenTiffany Allen2 måneder siden
  • I wonder if anybody ever finishes her sentence. If this was a different time i think she would be friends with Alfred Hitchcock. :-)

    Don BerryDon Berry2 måneder siden
  • Tired of seeing “It’s because she’s attractive.” No. She’s comfortable with being awkward, not self conscious about it. When you own your own perceived insecurities, the energy shifts. When you’re free with yourself, you make other people feel like they are in a “no judgement” environment. I know a bunch of not traditionally attractive people who are awkward, and I love them because they are their own person. All of you are so bitter, maybe that’s your problem.

    Kloe AubriehKloe Aubrieh2 måneder siden
    • Lmao, such a load of bs. If she wasn't attractive, people would call her a creep and not think "it's kinda cute the way she acts". If you're socially awkward and bad looking, you wouldn't be acknowledged like Aubrey, that's facts. That's not bitterness, it's literally the real world

      Luc GermainLuc Germain19 dager siden
    • Being attractive does let you get away with things it's true, however you can still succeed with a good personality. Check out CoC's video on Adele - even when severely obese she charmed with her personality.

      Oliver FordOliver FordMåned siden
    • thank you!

      isabellaisabellaMåned siden
    • And also idk why you’re specifically offended, there was no reason to blow it up like that 😂

      Kloe AubriehKloe AubriehMåned siden
    • Nope, pronouns don’t bother me. And idk what generation you’re from but y’all need to step it up because the constantly offended, whiny baby snowflake safe space stuff is tired. However, People projecting their own insecurities is annoying

      Kloe AubriehKloe AubriehMåned siden
  • nah man shes just attractive

    maddie is coolmaddie is cool2 måneder siden
  • yellow dress, white dress, black dress. All are smokin!

    JayZoopJayZoop2 måneder siden
  • Try being an awkward guy, see how easy that is....

    Nelson GuedesNelson Guedes2 måneder siden
  • My god, she's kinda autistic. This is ALL very autistic XD

    Nelson GuedesNelson Guedes2 måneder siden
  • Step 1: be hot

    Mr. Shepherd's pieMr. Shepherd's pie2 måneder siden
  • She says LIKE so many times that ... sorry... not attractive.

    Diego PitbullDiego Pitbull2 måneder siden
  • Looking at the comments section, I'm glad that people now begin to realize and accept the importance of beautiful appearance and not pretend that it's something else. If you're born with attractive features life is on easy mode for you, and not all your "wisdom suggestions" will apply to other less fortunate.

    MaxMax2 måneder siden
  • When I’m awkward I just turn myself into a joke HAHAHHAHAA it takes some humour

    HEY KYUHEY KYU2 måneder siden
  • You forgot that time she got kicked out of MTV Movie Awards

    Ricardo BezerraRicardo Bezerra2 måneder siden
  • Aubrey needs a long hug. Me too

    I'm BoredI'm Bored2 måneder siden
  • I really don’t like her expressionless face. It’s like she is trying to keep a poker face.

    JoelJoel2 måneder siden
  • This overanalysis of Aubrey was awkward. Do Harmony Korine next. Go!

    2bin2bin2 måneder siden
  • Lack of social interaction,who?,me of course

    Supri YonoSupri Yono2 måneder siden
  • Only Aubrey can make Conan himself speechless

    Srishti MishraSrishti Mishra2 måneder siden
  • she is SO HOT

    Ezequiel PrimeraEzequiel Primera2 måneder siden
  • dude her being awkward somehow makes her more sexy XD lmao

    xXMc1ovinXxxXMc1ovinXx2 måneder siden
  • well she is attractive

    Lily WLily W2 måneder siden
  • Just be above a 7 Job done

    Julian PriceJulian Price2 måneder siden
  • Colbert coming back to my NOworld?

    Robert LustRobert Lust2 måneder siden
  • My crush: hi Me: thank you

    dejoranmandejoranman2 måneder siden
  • I'd marry her in a heartbeat

    Jonathan LevesqueJonathan Levesque2 måneder siden
  • The part with Howie wasn't awkward. He has pretty extreme OCD and doesn't like to be touched. Also, it's 2020. Touching is no longer acceptable social behavior.

    RachelRachel2 måneder siden
  • Im a huge hard pivoter... Not a word .. Yeah alright tell your mom i said hey.

    John ForemanJohn Foreman2 måneder siden
  • Aubrey was the perfect choice for this!...she is such a beautiful, strange, interesting woman that it is simply impossible to guess what she is thinking.

    rod928s4rod928s42 måneder siden
  • When you awkward and not funny

    BTS DYNAMITE #1 HOT 100BTS DYNAMITE #1 HOT 1002 måneder siden
  • Wasn't that Howie Mandel? He doesn't like human contact so Aubrey was justified.

    Axton J CranstonAxton J Cranston3 måneder siden
  • Nice channel, right? Well, from personal experience, Charlie with Charisma on Command SPAMS with you’re own purchased personal info.

    TysoTyso3 måneder siden
  • I think this video is the less comprehensive one I've seen on this channel yet. Difficult to clearly assimilate the rules and apply them.

    JF LJF L3 måneder siden
  • I thought Howie mandel didn't like to be touched...which is why she didn't try to touch him in the greeting.

    Carlos DiazCarlos Diaz3 måneder siden
  • With works for cute girls and guys that are at least an 8. I'm a 4 on a good day

    nbalive2408nbalive24083 måneder siden
  • Nah its because she's hot

    Will StricklandWill Strickland3 måneder siden
  • It kind of helps if you're stunningly beautiful.

    Mike FontanelliMike Fontanelli3 måneder siden
  • Marry me is a good one... Lol

    Venkatesh PVenkatesh P3 måneder siden
  • This whole clip is actually an ad hidden as a clip using Aubrey to promote it.

    richard darmstadtrichard darmstadt3 måneder siden
    • Yeah, but it also provides value in itself. I mean, if you take out the sales pitch, it's still a useful video.

      Connor WardConnor Ward3 måneder siden
  • She has a very unique strong character. That could never bails her out of what they refer to as her awkwardness.

    richard darmstadtrichard darmstadt3 måneder siden
  • I like your content mate. Id like it more if i could hear it on the mobile. Its easy to turn it down when too loud, not so easy to turn it up, when youre already at full volume. Thanks

    RedEarthAARedEarthAA3 måneder siden
  • Her awkwardness is not attractive. She's attractive DESPITE being awkward.

    FantasticMrNickFantasticMrNick3 måneder siden
  • She's just herself

    Oceanic MayansOceanic Mayans3 måneder siden
  • all tose good tips!!! It also helps if you are gorgeous ...

    Helias FylactosHelias Fylactos3 måneder siden
  • Really like Aubrey but only a moron would say these are awkward moments (like they're genuine) . Aubrey is extremely funny but being "awkward" is her shtick

    Shane GShane G3 måneder siden
  • Not gonna lie she is adorably awkward

    Rodney PompeyRodney Pompey3 måneder siden
  • If you have a natural beauty, you can do whatever you want. If you are ugly, does not matter, what you do. This is how people work.

    Tibor ReszegiTibor Reszegi3 måneder siden
  • She has a Norm MacDonnald way about her..

    bluewaves overfujibluewaves overfuji3 måneder siden
  • this was a big commercial so you could sell me on the idea of turning me into a star like Aubrey Plaza!!! BTW she can say whatever because she is cute and has a cute smile... she could make no sense and say "sushi corn chips monkey pooh.." and everyone would go ...LOL you are so funny!!!

    xpezxpez3 måneder siden
  • Okay so the answer to the title is confidence. Really the answer to any type of attraction is confidence

    Koi AKoi A3 måneder siden
  • okay, i know everyone is saying it’s not awkward because she’s pretty, and that’s funny and all, but it really would be. so seriously, thank you for making this video

    sofia moreheadsofia morehead3 måneder siden
  • Thanks. This one's actually useful as a girl on the autism spectrum. I'm probably similar to how Aubrey comes across in these interviews. Some people are into it somehow! I just gotta capitalize on what I can do. lol

    ShiChelleShiChelle3 måneder siden
  • How is this relevant for most of us? We are not actors for one. Also, most of these situations are either "scripted" or "planned" with an idea of things to talk about and do...etc. So, I would discount the title of this video as it pertains to us regular folks. Still, fun vid, and she is funny/cute/talented...but that is it. Enjoy.

    RembrandtRembrandt3 måneder siden
  • Y’all ugly lol

    RayRay3 måneder siden
  • Step 1. Be physically attractive.

    C DC D3 måneder siden
  • when you are female I have found that to be attractive there are a few steps...... #1 be physically attractive and have great genes that make you so .. #2 Okay... there isn't /really/ a step 2 just keep doing step 1 and if you weren't given step 1 by birth you should do whatever you can to make step 1 a reality! lol

    Emi ExcelsiorEmi Excelsior3 måneder siden
  • i saw this... and it hit so close to home

    Myst BSMyst BS4 måneder siden
  • I love this chick. I would be honored to help her kill and dismember someone 😍😍😍

    Charon ChristCharon Christ4 måneder siden
  • Be beautiful and you can have as much personality as a banana peel and you'll still be attractive.

    Kh PkKh Pk4 måneder siden
  • The sound on this video is so low

    MohitMohit4 måneder siden
  • If your eyes are opened and you play it flat, guaranteed a crack or clap

    ZX FullgrandZX Fullgrand4 måneder siden
  • Half the time people "call out" something awkward it wasn't awkward to start off with, but then makes it awkward

    Mads HyrupMads Hyrup4 måneder siden
  • Where's the summary guy??

    Otaku SanOtaku San4 måneder siden
  • Me talking to my crush: *Conversation becomes awkward Me to her: Mary me Her: *Ignores me and cringes Me: *Naruto runs full speed

    Jesus ChristJesus Christ4 måneder siden
  • Am I the only one who doesn't know who this is? I suspect it has something to do with throwing out my TV 20 years ago...

    Nick ElliotNick Elliot4 måneder siden
  • Howie Mandel doesn't share hands

    Dave RinoDave Rino4 måneder siden
  • I like to purposely be so so sooo awkward, ie. falling when going on stage etc 😆 (and yes, I go to stages, biggest one was 1500 ppl plus 80 000 on internet) And it's even more awkward because I'm not so attractive and I'm actually a bit overweight, but for me it's just funnier to see the overwhelming awkwardness from peoples faces, they are so shamed :D

    SaKaRiSaKaRi4 måneder siden
  • This only works if you're attractive ... 😒

    Billie EyelashBillie Eyelash4 måneder siden