How To Turn Awkwardness Into Confidence

1. juli. 2019
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Like it or not we have all been awkward at different points in our lives. Sometimes that awkwardness gets in the way of connecting with other people or even feeling confident in ourselves. Awkwardness doesn’t need to be the end of the line. In fact, if you handle yourself well you can turn awkwardness (whether it’s just a moment or a way of being) into confidence. Which is what we are covering in this video featuring Tom Holland.

0:27 - Point #1: Adjust your body language.
4:05 - Point #2: Handle friendly teasing.
6:39 - Point #3: Tell your own embarrassing stories.
9:37 - Point #4: Let go of managing people’s opinion of you.
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    • Is such material covered in the Charisma University? I’m wondering if your NOworld channel has newer and more relevant material than the course.

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    • Thanks for making these videos. Really really appreciate and like them. I watch it every night. Do you hav anything on jake gyllenhaal? Thanks!

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    • Trump v Biden?

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  • My credit score was 571 and I couldn’t get approved for a loan, a car and a house... NOTHING! It was draining in every aspect of my life because I got kids I have to protect their future. A few weeks later, my score suddenly shot up 830, Hackergold02 on instagram he’s truly honest about what I want and what is expected of me to do. He told me it would take a few weeks to get it done approximately a week and he kept to his word. Now I can thank him enough. Get in touch with him today and make a bright future tomorrow. Hackergold02 on instagram, they are really the best trust me you can even message them on WhatsApp ‪+1 (551) 444‑9099‬

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  • Let's you know how much people can really see without knowing it

    No nameNo name6 timer siden
  • I think these are good ideas. What makes me pause a bit is that the examples - in this case Tom Holland - work along the expectations of most people when engaging famous people. There are important variables there. And I commend you on talking about abuse and bullying separately, since those are hardly under the victims control.

    Sage2000Sage20008 timer siden
  • I know my case I would still end up as the laughing stock

    Astral ShelterAstral Shelter11 timer siden
  • How did mark end up here??😂

    I'm a DragonI'm a DragonDag siden
  • Thank you so much for this, I started incorporating these tips into my daily conversations and now I have my own piano.

    EddieEddieDag siden
  • A guy named Ross can make an awkward conversation even more awkward

    Omar X5Omar X5Dag siden
  • Clicked on the video because Tom Holland was there To all the awkward people listen to what this guy says he'll help you

    SireSire2 dager siden
  • Me: Turn awkwardness into cringe conversation.

    Ahmad WahyudinAhmad Wahyudin2 dager siden
  • i just want to communicate man, this is a lot.

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  • Charisma 100

    swamp child da bossswamp child da boss4 dager siden
  • I'm gonna teach yoll how to start a cult so you actually learned something today. I have made three cults before and I'm gonna teach you about how i made one in high school Step one : find a insecure lonely person . So there freinds cannot pull them out of your cult and it makes the lonely person see you as there freinds. Step 2: be likeable and hang out with them and get them use to saying yes to you like asking them if they want a soda or to hang out . Start small Step 3: slowly escalate . Ask if they want to go to the movies then the park then to hang at your house . Step 4: ask them if they want to be freinds with you . Tell them they have to do "what ever your cult is" In order to be freinds with you(you have to had fun with them for this to work). Dangle the prize in front of them. If they said yes congrats you got a cult member if not then Step5: make them feel guilty that they left you or that they need your friendship to be happy . They should cave if they don't then sorry trie again on someone else. Step 6: keep having fun with your cult members dangle the prize when needed and fulfill what ever you needed the cult for . In a way a cult is like a group of freinds following the leader. If one leaves they risk having no freinds at all ;(.

    swamp child da bossswamp child da boss4 dager siden
  • now I wish that I have more sense of humor?

    Annie BaluyotAnnie Baluyot4 dager siden
  • "reveal your palms or they think you are hiding something" me: thinks to donald trump gripping the podium every 5 seconds...

    jovita lijovita li5 dager siden
  • The next thing I do after watching this video is spend time with a group of friends and try to figure out how to charm everyone, then all of a sudden I am changing my sitting style, constantly starring at my friends with no interest in their stories, my palms facing them majority of the time, I feel like I'm desperate to be the man in the room. Did I succeed? oh well perfection takes time.

    Santanu ChandaSantanu Chanda5 dager siden
  • Anthony was tanking tom pretty hard at dat comic con tho

    S. R.S. R.5 dager siden
  • how to be social: 1. be Tom Holland 2. be a gemini

    grande lovesgrande loves6 dager siden
  • I don't think even he knows all these. 😂 it's just naturally comes for him

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  • Thank you

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  • What can I do with my really dry awkward sense of humor

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  • I pray that this guy has everything he’s ever wanted in life because this is awesome! Wife, kids, wealth, happiness......he deserves it for teaching people things like this. I just want to say thank you.

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  • Boys bully eachother... They don't tease😂😂

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  • Thx for the S.P.E.C.I.A.L point lol

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  • I'd rather be awkward because I think it's me.

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  • There is 8m vues watched this vid that doesnt have a good personality like me xD

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  • Hey, that was Grant Gustin doing the karaoke-The Flash, not Spider-man.

    Yellow Flash Of the LeafYellow Flash Of the Leaf12 dager siden
  • Some points are pretty good but I feel some depend on that person's natural charisma as well. Tom is already very likeable himself.

    JohnnyJohnny13 dager siden
  • When you talked about double down on the joke, I instantly remember that episode of the office in which Michael fell on the koi pond, and Jim encouraged him to mocked himself about it too, and that actually worked for a second 😂 5:33

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  • Why is a 3 second rule 11 minutes long? Bruhh

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  • Goddamn this entire channel is amazingly relatable. How did I only discover you now 😭

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  • What's in his fking mouth

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  • I have like, a combination of Aubrey Plaza and Michael Sara awkwardness and it's like a creepy Frankenstein thing🤷‍♂️

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  • *Me when its awkward and I am with someone* : "Well, isn't it awkward?"

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  • My friends and I take that third point to the next level. We literally had competitions to find out who had the dumbest example of their own stupidity.

    Joe ReganJoe Regan20 dager siden
  • how you didn't cite Richard Ayoade in this video drives me insane

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  • 8:37 I've been doing this my whole life and it's my favorite! Everytime I'm telling a story to my friends, family or strangers, and I make the switch from my normal voice to an impersonation of someone in my story it instantly catches their attention and makes em laugh. 💯

    KofiKofi23 dager siden
  • im gonna look like robot copying this tips

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  • And what if you don't have stories to tell‽

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  • So... your tips for being confident is to be confident?😂😂

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  • Imagine being Tom, discovering that he has been analyzed this well

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  • Omg I already do all this!! No wonder I’ve been told I’m confident even tho I have sever amxiety

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  • at 5:11 he said something embarrassing you did in your past and they put tom in billy elliot 💀

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  • Funny thing is that whenever I am talking and looking to someone my eyes become teary when I am nervous

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  • That point about laughing with the group is so true because you need to give credit for a good joke (even if it's about you) - The person making the joke will actually respect you more and so will teh group

    Mark JMark JMåned siden
  • I have no personality like I don't have any interests or passions I'm simply living... Is something wrong with me??

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  • Just dont be awkward

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  • I never knew what all my friends saw in Tom... but thanks to this video I'm starting to 😅

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  • Idk wtf is wrong with me. I don’t feel anything, even when someone insults or says something good about me, I don’t feel nothing, I don’t feel any emotions like sadness, anxiety or depression. I always feel like I have everything I want but at the same time I don’t have anything. It’s a weird feeling.

    Rosie ParkRosie ParkMåned siden
  • I've watched this video so many times and i keep having the same realisations every time. No complaints

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  • i just publicly embarrassed myself 4 times today 😋🤟 so now im here

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  • I just watched this video and understood one thing... I already do everything listed. Nice.

    Undead PhoenixUndead PhoenixMåned siden
  • prefer Tom Holland's body language and gesture than Justin Bieber's 😁 Tom looks more down to earth not bossy, bragging and show much swagge like Bieber😉

    Boaz SchroderBoaz SchroderMåned siden
  • "give everyone 3 seconds of eye contact" Anxiety and ADHD: you know the rules, and so do i.

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  • 330) 419-4042

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  • You know, I have never really cared how people perceived me but I feel as if the older I get the more and more I become awkward. Me from 3 years ago would walk onto the street and say “I love you” to a random stranger just because first Of all it’s funny because of how weird it is and second of all I just genuinely wanted to brighten someone’s day. But the more criticism I got for doing that the less ai did it. comments like “why do you do that? That’s so weird.” So now I actually think before speaking which in a sense is an attempt to have people perceive me differently I suppose but not purposely.

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  • this guy is weird af

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  • that's pretty awkward counting how long you be looking at each person

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  • He's so fluent

  • Whenever I go on omegle people think I'm tom Holland lmao

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  • What if you’re awkward and a certain person laughs at you. Never mentions anything to your face, and makes it seem like she’s laughing with you not at you. And constantly think they’re laughing about you with others. How do you confront those situations? Hahaha I got too specific

    Beatriz OfsuburbiaBeatriz OfsuburbiaMåned siden
    • Beatriz Ofsuburbia take it as a joke. Me and my friends sometimes tease people for fun but not exactly mean tease, but we know when we cross the line. Just look at them straight in the eye and give a confused kind of funny looked face and give a small chuckle. If they don’t laugh back I’d just kind of mock them lol

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  • To put it simple : if someone made a joke about you "just kill the joke"

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  • this is cute, but here’s the thing: I’M NOT FUNNY!

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  • I mean.. i could do this but I’m (for some reason) worried about being noticed for my sudden change in confidence lmao 9:33 yes it’s all about the mindset.

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  • oh yeah, great. now whenever I talk to people I gotta count in my head 1...2...3... look at another person 1...2...3... look at another person...

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