How To Win An Argument Without Making Enemies

28. okt.. 2019
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Sometimes arguments can get heated and spiral out of control. So while we all want to win an argument, not making an enemy in the process can be even more important.

Which is why today we’ll be looking at Trevor Noah and what you can learn from him about coming out of verbal scruffs not only on top, but looking cool calm and collected.


0:28 - #1: Sub-communicate that you're not there for a fight.
3:46 - #2: Ask questions instead of making statements.
6:39 - #3: Confidently defend yourself without coming across as antagonistic.

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  • Bruh, Trevor is a massive douche bag. Should have used a different person to use as an example.

    ShapesShapes2 timer siden
  • my pe teacher assigning us to watch this video and me using it to get out of other assignments

    Abe Bueno de MesquitaAbe Bueno de MesquitaDag siden
  • I love love love Trevor Noah he really carries himself with such poise and intelligence.

    Elia SalamancaElia Salamanca3 dager siden
  • Let's start a debate

    Atharva JadhavAtharva Jadhav4 dager siden
    • Anyone?

      Atharva JadhavAtharva Jadhav4 dager siden
  • Trevor Noah is a bad example. Being snarky and condescending while saying nothing is not winning an argument.

    The Office ShopThe Office Shop5 dager siden
  • Purple eyes for Jehovah and Hades ya!😃😀👑😃

    Leila NambingaLeila Nambinga5 dager siden
  • When Khaled Popped Up!!!!

    Checks CacheChecks Cache10 dager siden
  • Law 9, win though your accomplishments, never though argument. Yes, now the nose looks JuST rIhGt.

    stevenstrumpf7stevenstrumpf710 dager siden
  • Noah is not funny but yeah his trick works good.

    No Chips Only CrispsNo Chips Only Crisps10 dager siden
  • Thanksgiving's coming up, I've gotta be prepared...

    Andrew FitzgeraldAndrew Fitzgerald10 dager siden
  • I actually don't like trevor - I can't remember why - it's something to do with something he said about the french rugby world cup winning team that rubbed me the wrong way - also another thing is past videos touch on eye contact - trevor seems to say things without looking at the person hes speaking to a lot of the time (not always, to be clear) - take home: i guess no on is perfect but still its interesting how these videos cherry pick different things to be important to achieve their narrative. I mean fair enough - they are selling a service here its not altruistic .

    comedyfishcomedyfish14 dager siden
  • interesting video especially after watching the one about trump. So here's a question - who are you arguing with? someone you like or someone you don't care if you make an enemy. Trump in your video was seen as winning BECAUSE he didn't care about making enemies. So who is his video for - interviewers? I'm not going to argue with my friends in this way - or the trump way. Maybe people online? I guess

    comedyfishcomedyfish14 dager siden
  • I searched this up cause my sister keeps roasting me

    Zita DesalesZita Desales15 dager siden
  • Basically Trevor is right everyone else wrong if the don't agree with him, Typical lefty

    T PattersonT Patterson17 dager siden
  • Damnn he lookss soo much like the weeknd

    purpledrnkpurpledrnk17 dager siden
  • Thanks so much. My comms with my sister may improve as I find better ways of getting answers when asking her for examples of her anger and criticisms towards me. 😆

    Dvorah QDvorah Q18 dager siden
  • Democrats need Trevor to lead them in debates, why don't they really know this.

    Maria GarciaMaria Garcia19 dager siden
  • I will now yesify everyone

    Applicable AppleApplicable Apple22 dager siden
  • Love these!

    Skye SeabornSkye Seaborn24 dager siden
  • I'm just a bad speaker in general...

    Suatt38Suatt3825 dager siden
  • I really love "you don't need to be right, you need to get it right"

    Rachel RasmussenRachel Rasmussen27 dager siden
  • Yikes. Trevor Noah has been so indoctrinated. It's scary.

    Rachel RasmussenRachel Rasmussen27 dager siden
  • Trevor is a weasel, hollow, with scant substance! Trevor loses even when he wins!

    timmy changtimmy changMåned siden
  • I was interested until you said Trevor Noah. How could you possibly compare him with intelligence? Terrible video and information and I am unsubscribing. You also did not describe the socratic method as expected and pandered to race. Pathetic.

    Coleman McCurleyColeman McCurleyMåned siden
  • i dont think trevor noah is a bad host, he has a good personality, but i do miss john stewarts point of view

    Kokey TakeO'PvffKokey TakeO'PvffMåned siden
  • I love how you're making videos

    WEBAZE LabsWEBAZE LabsMåned siden
  • Love your channel thanks alot for these amazing vids.

    Fatm A.Fatm A.Måned siden
  • People who are good at arguing are people who know that they have been wrong in the past.

    Rodrick ColbertRodrick ColbertMåned siden
  • I struggle to understand why anyone watches or ever watched Trevor Noah. He has never struck me as funny or having anything true or interesting to say.

    Charlie StokesCharlie StokesMåned siden
  • Thank ku it helps alot u r saviorer

    Mariah SitekMariah SitekMåned siden
  • This is very insightful

    Mbachu BlaiseMbachu BlaiseMåned siden
  • So that's why Trevor looks so good in an argument.

    Jacob cronsheyJacob cronsheyMåned siden
  • How is he upsetting so many people, he's really nice!

    FlappableBeanFlappableBeanMåned siden
  • I low-key use this method (didn't even know it was a thing) and honestly I usually don't have huge arguments because I try to give space to people (who deserve it because I don't let people deliberately offend me time and again either) to talk and state their opinions and I agree with the things I think is acceptable and reply in a tactful way to state my opinions too. I mean, knowledge is all about discussion and learning from each other so what's the point of arguing? This is also why I love Trevor Noah (again, I didn't even know what this method was but I just always thought Trevor was a very smart and understanding person. And he is). Big respect! ❤

    Fariha LubabaFariha LubabaMåned siden
  • Very interesting to watch this video. I’m Japanese and I would take the challenge to translate the videos into Japanese. And I really liked the part “the goal of argument is not to be right, it’s to get it right”:)

    KIProjectKIProjectMåned siden
  • look back at it

    Tom DevonshireTom DevonshireMåned siden
  • Trevor is a comedian right?

    Kenneth IbunaKenneth IbunaMåned siden
  • He's a Pisces they hate fighting lol

    Rebounding from NarcissismRebounding from NarcissismMåned siden
  • I'm inspired! Thank you!

    Jamie BlazeJamie BlazeMåned siden
  • Is Trevor Noah from this planet?

    dmisso42dmisso42Måned siden
  • Trevor Noah is amazing. I have his same belief in using debate or discussion to learn. I am happy to discuss my religion with someone who I know is going to listen. They don't have to change their mind, nor do I but we both need to respect the others beliefs.

    Alicia RobertsAlicia RobertsMåned siden
  • Diminish.

    Tanya G DaviesTanya G DaviesMåned siden
  • Trevor Noah is great of course. But in the videos, the other person knows s/he is on camera so was still adhering to taking turns to talk. If these talks were off camera, these people would just get louder and faster and not stop doesn't matter what Trevor says. These people won't become good listeners in a instant.

    fyliaofyliaoMåned siden
  • I LOVE YOU TREVOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍

    Wella ayasa MadulaWella ayasa MadulaMåned siden
  • Noah is so effective because he tells the same lies over and over again which makes people start to believe him

    Colin ChuangColin ChuangMåned siden
  • Me : *Tries to do all of the things in all of these videos* Also Me : *Becomes a grotesque amalgamation of emotions and personalities*

    Luke AnthonyLuke AnthonyMåned siden
  • trevor noah? really? you see pent up anger in everything he says. He just cuts people off and dismisses them.

    Bruce DixonBruce DixonMåned siden
  • I actually hated Trevor for a couple years but I have in fact amended my views and now I can’t say I hate either side of any conflict. Also being a Christian and in my time following Christ exposing things about myself God has truly humbled me in so many ways and I think Trevor is great!

    Kevin M SmithKevin M Smith2 måneder siden
  • Wish me luck trying to talk to my mom like this when I visit her

    Weird AlienWeird Alien2 måneder siden
  • Are we playing this life thing right?

    PrincessPrincess2 måneder siden
  • Totally became a fan of your work. Makes sense, and I feel many people can seriously benefit from these. Thank you for your awesome content.

    Michelle CrossMichelle Cross2 måneder siden
  • I actually had to learn the socratic method for my job of tutoring in math. Adults don't learn -the same way- .

    AnonymousGuyAnonymousGuy2 måneder siden
  • Whaaaaat? 8:32 that's Agents of SHEILD!!!!!!!!

    shervin anoushehshervin anousheh2 måneder siden
  • Your podcast is on spotify?

    Marcos SaenzMarcos Saenz2 måneder siden
  • Good video

  • he doesn't "win" arguments, he handled them well. well most of the times, but i wont say he "wins" a lot of the times

    PainPain2 måneder siden
  • You are the best channel for self development ever

    Sahil KhanSahil Khan2 måneder siden
  • Trevor is masterful at cultivating everything that is wrong in the world.

    Don MorckelDon Morckel2 måneder siden
  • Trevor Noah? Seriously? :D He is so pretentious that watching him speak hurts! The only reason people put up with his pretentiousness is because he is the host and he invited them. They want to be gracious guests. This does not mean you leave with a positive opinion. And an echo chamber IS a bad thing. It is populist. In the end, he gets away with it because he is not an evil person. And everyone can see it.

    KeelFlyKeelFly2 måneder siden
  • Trevor is awesome. I really enjoy his shows, and generally learn something from him.

    Blue FlukeBlue Fluke2 måneder siden
  • Thank you for this, this Will help me alot❤️

    Atiqa KhanAtiqa Khan2 måneder siden
  • Deep Breath, think.

    Noah F.Noah F.2 måneder siden
  • What if you are arguing that someone should be your enemy? ;)

    technowaytechnoway2 måneder siden
  • Actually, everyone in athens hated Socrates

    Zaratustra ModernoZaratustra Moderno2 måneder siden
  • Yoooooo...yall got a podcast? I'm totally gonna take a listen. Thanks for putting that out there!

    EZart2015EZart20152 måneder siden
  • Best piece of content ive ever watched on youtube.

    Coach AndreCoach Andre2 måneder siden
  • The filler videos are cringy. First, they have nothing to do with the point presented. Second, in a video like this, I don't want to see Jordan Peterson's face who talks about physicality in an argument. Jordan Peterson is a half-educated primate.

    Anirban MondalAnirban Mondal2 måneder siden
  • And what to do exactly, when one is already offended when a (simple) question is asked, in order to better understand a person and one's reasoning or their thought process? And if it is not stated at that moment that one is actually offended, by the person itself, that one feels offended.....?

    Stri BakkiriStri Bakkiri2 måneder siden
  • Often it could be good to "crack a joke", but it could be more polite to let a person finish what one is trying to say, before getting the joke in there.....

    Stri BakkiriStri Bakkiri2 måneder siden
  • Trevor is really next level human..

    sharon Kwendasharon Kwenda2 måneder siden

    Deepanshu SharmaDeepanshu Sharma2 måneder siden
  • Putting Trevor as example is an awful way to break down the socratic method. To be fair, Trevor mocked her and was laughing at her, so how is this supposed to be a way to not make enemies? Lol

    Alex MgaAlex Mga2 måneder siden
  • If one is genuinely looking for discussion, understanding and be better, these techniques come naturally.

    sooraj rksooraj rk2 måneder siden
  • I've seen too many points that are contrary to the argument that Trevor Noah isn't there for a fight. His "talk" with Tomi where he curved her at every point with a joke and set the audience up with punchlines to clap at make this video seem dubious at best.

    halfxbreed23halfxbreed233 måneder siden
  • I do all of the things Trevor Noah does subconsciously. Which I guess is why I work as a historical interpreter for the public on the Freedom Trail.

    Andrea AntidormiAndrea Antidormi3 måneder siden
  • Politics 101: You are there to make enemies, otherwise, you are doing it wrong.

    Ioannis KourouklidesIoannis Kourouklides3 måneder siden
  • I discuss politics with opposing opinions pretty often and I have to say this method is definitely effective.

    PtrixlePtrixle3 måneder siden
  • podcast yes!

    Suub CitySuub City3 måneder siden
  • in the beginning when they were showing all those clips all i could think of was "tHaTs mY oPinIoOOOOOONNNNNN"

    Glen CocoGlen Coco3 måneder siden
  • Thank you!

    Alicia MarkoeAlicia Markoe3 måneder siden
  • "deminish" on your slides change to 'diminish' please

    Test-Ed TrainingTest-Ed Training3 måneder siden
  • You are using Trevor Noah who is incorrect and wrong in almost every point. He is one of the worst debators ever. He simply talks about feelings and his beliefs rather than data history or facts. He is the quintessential feels over facts leftist. He is a good speaker but not charismatic, not intelligent and factually incorrect.

    Andrew O'DonnellAndrew O'Donnell3 måneder siden
  • persona 5

    RTA HRRTA HR3 måneder siden
  • ode to joy

    Baylee CrouchBaylee Crouch3 måneder siden
  • i love Trevor Noah

    chaitali awasarechaitali awasare3 måneder siden
  • How To Win An Argument Without Making Enemies : didn't work out that well for Socrates, now did it?

    AbrakedavraAbrakedavra3 måneder siden
  • Trump 2020 y'all

    Mind SevenMind Seven3 måneder siden
  • Me: uses this for an argument with my parents My parents: is that back talk? I gave birth to you! (not my dad, my did did not give birth to me)

    Mike Morton Identity vMike Morton Identity v3 måneder siden
  • I wouldn't say Socrates is more famous than Plato

    AcidDomeAcidDome3 måneder siden
  • Some of our media needs to study this

    Lizz KeiperLizz Keiper3 måneder siden
  • This doesn't work with extremists.

    Cheyenne MondeCheyenne Monde3 måneder siden
  • Whenever I get through an argument, bruh I cry when they say something offensive, and it gets to my anger issues.

    PandicornPandicorn3 måneder siden
  • Is it diminish or deminish? A small but important stumble when trying to impress professionalism.

    blueclue57blueclue573 måneder siden
  • When the comment section is much more insightful than the video

    Muhammad KayzMuhammad Kayz3 måneder siden
  • This was quite interesting, actually.

    Curiosity GuruCuriosity Guru3 måneder siden
  • Trevor is a super-human communicator. He is a superhero. The fact this entire video centers around him proves this alone.

    Nayeli ElyanNayeli Elyan3 måneder siden
  • You can’t teach people how to be like Trevor and expect they even can, because he’s literally had this advantage since birth. His upbringing alone gave him all of this. But, stuff like this does help 💛

    Nayeli ElyanNayeli Elyan3 måneder siden
  • For people who are in a fandom with lots of ship wars-

    estonian_dslestonian_dsl3 måneder siden
  • Needed this so much during quarantine with the family lol

    annann3 måneder siden
  • Who came here after arguing with someone?

    Pinoy BoiPinoy Boi3 måneder siden