The Surprising Psychology Of OnlyFans Simps

26. okt.. 2020
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With credit card in hand, I signed up for an OnlyFans investigation. What I found surprised me, not only what it said about human psychology, but also the direction that consumerism is taking all of us.

0:00 - Intro
1:26 - #1: Dopamine hooks
3:48 - #2: Recognition, intimacy and community
5:22 - #3: "Guaranteed acceptance"
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  • loved it

    Sushant DubeySushant Dubey5 timer siden
  • OF is very gamification

    Matthew PetersonMatthew Peterson9 timer siden
  • How to turn your OF account to a tax write off

    Matthew PetersonMatthew Peterson9 timer siden
  • onlyfans or how to become undatable

    Cainite VentrueCainite Ventrue10 timer siden
  • Awesome charity effort. MegaKudos.

    eJacob CorneliuseJacob Cornelius10 timer siden
  • Just Google boobs

    wïrêlèss kīllerwïrêlèss kīller14 timer siden
  • I notice that a lot of these sites which help dorks get laid are targeting OnlyFans, mostly because the younger generation is not as interested in online dating and picking up girls as GenX and older Millennials were. It hurts C o C business. Truth is, the younger generation may have a point in their choice to stay celibate. No risk of diseases, pregnancies, and best of all, can focus their mind and energies on things besides picking up girls and being charming/charismatic. Why should they put all of their focus into being something that they're not, run the risk of being rejected, and spend so much energy into playing a girl's mind games so she can test your manliness? All for a relationship that will grow apart and resentful after a few months. Nikola Tesla was chaste his whole life, as he didn't want anything to distract from his science. I don't really see OnlyFans as that much of a competitor to dating sites. People know the difference between a real relationship and online chicanery. It's just easier to deal with the girls on OnlyFans than the ones you meet in real life. Charisma on Command is outdated and past its prime. Sure, it was helpful in the 2010's, but in the 2020's it's no longer relevant. They'd be having this problem even if there were no OnlyFans. Society changes and you have to change with it. If I were C o C I'd focus more on open relationships and life enjoyment rather than charm some girl on some date.

    Dave MackDave Mack22 timer siden
  • Man did it for science

    Skyler Tha CreatorSkyler Tha Creator22 timer siden
  • your better off spending your money on a good escort girl lmao

    bamjam1bamjam123 timer siden
  • Bro I have onlyfans Me: I have no brother.

    javkhlan enkhbaatarjavkhlan enkhbaatarDag siden
  • Being blunt. Adult film actor/actress are the only that has a pass using onlyfans. Regular people dont

    Lawrence PatrickLawrence PatrickDag siden
  • yea no... its just morons that spend money they dont need to

    SuperSaiyan StalloneSuperSaiyan StalloneDag siden
  • ....So it is like religion with naked picture

    Chin JetChin JetDag siden
  • well that was a plot twist i didn't see coming

    Kiara GrouwstraKiara GrouwstraDag siden
  • Watching the downfall of humanity through capitalism I the most amusing thing I was born to witness. Only thing I'd pay a girl to tell me is, "follow the white rabbit!".

    Tyler HTyler HDag siden
  • This content is 100% free and delivered the same way in vrchat. The difference is vrchat has co-op sx toys so you trade photos and ultra short videos that cost you a paycheck for nsfw avatars and automated maturation at no cost to you outside of the gaming equipment and "toy". Ever watch a vrchat video? Its nothing but one large free therapy session where your therapist ends up virtually sucking you off.

    BullFree GamingBullFree Gaming2 dager siden
  • Whos to say you arent actually chatting with some indian call center with a huge database of prepared nudes

    Jpow FEDuchiniJpow FEDuchini2 dager siden
  • You are not so different. Spouting pseudo-scientific bs, gaining "simps". Your dimwit subs treat you as if you are some kind of a prophet while only thing you're doing is being observant and mixing concepts from the pop-psych articles you read.

    Ar OrAr Or2 dager siden
  • What a well thought out video. I've been wondering about the psychology of this for some time now and I think I have an understanding now. Thanks!

    Silence DissentSilence Dissent2 dager siden
  • Charlie’s girlfriend: “Why do you have hundreds of onlyfans accounts!?” Charlie: *Nervous sweating* “Err I’m making a video on my research...”

    Adam LukeAdam Luke2 dager siden
  • i just made a video about OF in order to dissuade people (specifically women) to not make one because of the consequences and i honestly feel like this whole situation is bringing to light just how big of a problem this is in our society

    SoniASoniA3 dager siden
    • The content creators and subscribers may have to learn about addiction the hard way.

      Steven BoldtSteven Boldt2 dager siden
  • So... is that the current "cure" for loneliness and depression ? Look like cheap dopamine is the true modern plague

    The Silver NovaThe Silver Nova3 dager siden
  • The pimp turned into a simp

    Michael sanchezMichael sanchez3 dager siden
  • Or why would anyone go up to the tip rail at a strip club when you can just pay the cover fee and sit back. Surprise guys are more likely to spend on what they like.

    Josh MccartyJosh Mccarty3 dager siden
  • "obscure philosophers"???

    AlexAlex3 dager siden
  • The way I see this topic... Why would anyone pay montly fee on patreon for youtubers/content creators when there is so much free entertainment online?

    Žiga StrmšekŽiga Strmšek3 dager siden
  • hmm, should i buy a subscription with money to onlyfans, or buy myself a healthy relationship with myself?

    Aizakku The WeeabooAizakku The Weeaboo3 dager siden
  • Dude I love your charisma content, convinced it's made me a better person in many ways, but I love that you're going in this direction with more mainstream psychology applications. You do great work and how cool is it that you can write off only fans as a business expense!

    Craig ShamesCraig Shames3 dager siden
  • this guy speak about the psychology of simps but ask for donation not using the same tactics... idk if theres a point to this analzye at this point. i mean if its for the greater good of the world, why not use the same method to garner donations?

    VictorVictor4 dager siden
  • How to buy only fans ? Not the subscription but the stock 👀

    Aadith narayananAadith narayanan4 dager siden
  • Never heard of "guaranteed acceptance" before, but when I watched this video, it became instantly clear to me. Right on point. And the irony of it is that isn't you who gets accepted, it's the money you spend. That's just pitiful.

    Moreno RochaMoreno Rocha4 dager siden
  • I feel like it's worth mentioning that in today's world many women have their nudes released by means of revenge porn and it ruins their lives. OnlyFans lets them their release their nudes on their own terms in a way that doesn't debase or dehumanize them. And also yes money.

    Alexander SupertrampAlexander Supertramp4 dager siden
  • Only Fans looks like Pay to Win

  • The end lmao. I think they know that and that's the sad part. People know that they could be giving money to a good cause but they can only think with their pp so they pay women with no job instead.

    JJJJ4 dager siden
  • Please remember that a lot of these girls have families to feed, aren't always well off and / or were laid off because of the pandemic. Saying it's just manipulation is unfair as so is any other form of sales. At the end of the day there is still another human being on the other side, don't judge everyone based on one interaction you had with one model.

    Delilah DeeDelilah Dee4 dager siden
  • Paying for a fake relationship is like kneeling in front of a robber and plead him to rob you.

    zokidawazokidawa4 dager siden
  • Keeping a-breast of the latest research.

    mikmopmikmop5 dager siden
  • If you love what you do for work, you'll never work a day in your life, lol.

    mikmopmikmop5 dager siden
  • I feel like this video forgets to address the elephant in the room. How can Onlyfans be so successful at turning men into simps if none of the "guaranteed acceptance" and attention can ever lead to actual physical in-person get togethers or relationships of any sort? Most women I've talked to who claimed to have an OnlyFans said they did not meet their subscribers, and I can totally understand why, but I cannot understand why guys would be willing to continually pay for it then. There are strippers, escorts and sugar babies who you can pay who can all give you the physical in-person aspect of connecting with someone, and isn't that the most obvious need here? So why would guys choose Onlyfans over those other such outlets which can also help bypass rejection?

    billny33billny335 dager siden
  • @00:29 did you intentionally do that? the (d)erection consumerism is taking..?

    ironheart191ironheart1915 dager siden
  • Epic, Jesus loves you btw

    Mr. DoggoMr. Doggo5 dager siden
  • If someone is spending money on these sites and they have a disgusting! Either do something to work out the issues or get out. Don't take money from your child's life. How selfish and disgusting.

    JulieJulie5 dager siden
  • It's basically a virtual strip club. If people want to spend their money on it, let them. It's their money.

    Anthony LeesAnthony Lees5 dager siden
  • Girlfriends are more or less the same thing as Only Fans except with more headaches, plus emotional abuse. Prostitutes are the happy medium.

    野村ERIK野村ERIK5 dager siden
  • Love the charity water at the end. Its awesome that you're raising awareness

    Kai McGregorKai McGregor5 dager siden
  • I think these points are WAY OFF the reality. People, mostly women, got an opportunity to make real $$$ while not having to listen to some directors. Tech allows creating good quality content, while creators can utilize their imagination and creativity to the max. And people are simply tired of directed, streamline porn.

    InGoodFaithLogicInGoodFaithLogic6 dager siden
  • Great video but a horrible.comment on society! How jaded are we. Really.

    Sam AnthaSam Antha6 dager siden
  • They are simply giving the illusion of connection.

    Sam BlaineSam Blaine7 dager siden
  • Long story short, consumerism, made us so lazy, where you can request anything with a click of your finger. without real connection. kind of like growing polyamorous IRL. Should I blame this weak 4th wave feminism? Aka "woke culture"

    Austin TAustin T7 dager siden
  • I will never look at this guy the same again. His in depth research is OFF THE CHART Follow his advice, don't be a OnlySims Fan, Sim for clean water

    Chubby HuangChubby Huang7 dager siden
  • Nice segway into your donations. "simping for charity"

    Maverick1205Maverick12057 dager siden
  • A porn slot machine??? We are doomed.

    Knight-TimeKnight-Time7 dager siden
  • Did you really think the free first response you have received was written by a human?

    yazicib1yazicib18 dager siden
  • False at first 30 sec. The majority isn't prove of correctiveness. At most of the cases is prove of the opposite. Also this is seems with commerce. I a general directions to make the virtual be more desirable, to seems more functional even better than real life. The fact that we make a mess our real life, doesn't mean that she isn't much much greater and prettier than all this craps.

    Stefanos ChatzistefanouStefanos Chatzistefanou8 dager siden
  • I'm trying not to judge lonely people, but I just don't understand. They must know it's all fake - how do they not think about it all the time? How can they enjoy this? Why would someone need this, if they can meet so many fake people irl and get used? How is this different?

    cyberduinocyberduino8 dager siden
  • You had it right in the beginning, lots of stupidity.

    Venerable VVenerable V8 dager siden
  • I knew nothing about either. It's also a waste of time.

    Shinigami LeeShinigami Lee8 dager siden
  • Someone was asking me what are girls really good at. Here it is😂

    Vihan TagraVihan Tagra8 dager siden
  • Ouch, some guys down bad. Makes me feel bad of the state of things.

    Neko LordNeko Lord8 dager siden
  • Paying for nudes should be classified as prostitution and should be illegal.

    Jirka NováčekJirka Nováček8 dager siden
  • Maybe you should've gone one level higher and ask the question why are there certain guys that enjoy that kind of dopamine pursueing. I myself prefer to substain myself from dopamine rather than becoming a braindead man supporting the destruction of society for the sole reason to please my dopamine cravings.

    MontanaMontana8 dager siden
  • Ok. I understand now.

    Mike SchmidtMike Schmidt9 dager siden
  • I spend money like its going out of style, but i have yet to be compelled to spend money on any OF.

    MarkMark9 dager siden
  • Very few can be called true Man

    AkTheMenaceAkTheMenace9 dager siden
  • And those being milked might be getting responses from the ugly grandma of the star. Ka ching! Here comes your credit card bill. Reality

    Todd KTodd K10 dager siden
  • Wow, Only Fans is terrible to men's development.

    SueHerrSueHerr10 dager siden
  • Wow... its worse than i thought

    RockeroNatoRockeroNato10 dager siden
  • Bro, I was waiting for that massive save, you told me not to sign up to that only fans nonsense, absolutely done. I'm never going to sign up for that, not ever.

    Alexander BrownAlexander Brown10 dager siden
  • the "male hobbies" part had me thinking about the cool girl trope (the take made an interesting video on that)... Porn sells the fantasy of an ideal body and sexual acts, but onlyfans seems to provide the fantasy of an "ideal personality" on top of that. I'm not that surprised many men would gravitate towards the latter...

    Carolina AleixoCarolina Aleixo11 dager siden
  • yeah right "investigation"

    Ash HAsh H11 dager siden
  • This old dude told me "anybody that leads you to porn isn't your friend." Just walked up and said it completely randomly. I'm thankful now bc yeesh that's a bad place to be

    RaernianRaernian11 dager siden
  • Awesome insights!

    Christopher YaksicChristopher Yaksic11 dager siden
  • is this just an excuse to use only fans

    Jason WeiJason Wei11 dager siden
  • What’s even more sad- most of the time they aren’t even talking to the girl they are looking at. They are talking with someone who helps to run the account.

    Reed HardinReed Hardin11 dager siden
    • Noooo, I've been in argument(s) with the same girl because of her Instagram stories told me she lied to me.

      Advent616Advent61611 dager siden
  • I gotta do some reserch myself

    nighthawk entertainmentnighthawk entertainment11 dager siden
  • So, prostitution has embraced the digital era and evolved with it... bunch of morons.

    five two-one 4 five onefive two-one 4 five one12 dager siden
  • The scary thing about onlyfans is that 99% of the interactions are run by men. The women don’t and can’t run their own accounts, too many simps at once. They’re literally sexting dudes

    Rogue Gonzo ReviewsRogue Gonzo Reviews13 dager siden
  • Who will pay for these crap mybe labile lonelly people and simps ..all popular stuff also leak almost next day ...

    A AA A13 dager siden
  • This video must have been created by a GenXer... "WE WERE THERE!!!"

    GregJoshuaWGregJoshuaW13 dager siden
  • If she helps you function in the real world 🌍 she’s a keeper

    Aftercare BearAftercare Bear14 dager siden
  • So it's an experience only rich powerful people had before, someone accepting you without needing actual virtue.

    Michael PriceMichael Price14 dager siden
  • Our society is doomed

    selashv1selashv114 dager siden
  • "you rely on cash to maintain relationships that are comfortable and pleasing to you" 🔥🔥🔥

    Rose LinkRose Link15 dager siden
    • Men pay for marriage too... lol

      野村ERIK野村ERIK5 dager siden
  • Great video! I had no idea about OnlyFans till just now and you're making me wonder how quickly Black Mirror is coming to life. Love your quote at the end about Simp-ing for charity! Rock on!

    Jacqui MwangiJacqui Mwangi15 dager siden
  • It's pretty easy though... people don't want what's free- or rather they've seen that too, what they want is to see something they've been teased with. People want what they don't have. I'm sure some of those users are people having pseudo-relationships with girls that don't know their name but mostly it's just a new way to nickel dime people. I don't get it, just as I don't get Clash of Clans purchases either- when you can buy a AAA game and spend less for a better game (in the end).

    PolydynamixPolydynamix16 dager siden
  • this man paid for an only fans subscription and was ACTUALLY doing it for research purposes

    ElectrisomaElectrisoma17 dager siden
  • We need an philanthropist onlyfans model.

    Matt TejadaMatt Tejada17 dager siden
  • it really easy to see blurred out content......just search for the name of account holder in google

    akash chetryakash chetry17 dager siden
  • High quality Active Hobbies that you LOVE, is where you meet high quality friends. Not online and not at the nearest poa "get-laid bar".

    epseps17 dager siden
  • All of you viewers are the real simps watching Charisma On Command finesse you. Cya at the Charisma University.

    XeroXero18 dager siden
  • A lot of mister Robot clips, I assume symbolizing "broken" onlyfans customers, beautiful!

    Tigran KarakhanyanTigran Karakhanyan19 dager siden
  • This is one of your best videos. A true reality check on how crazy the new generations are.

    FarmerBennyFarmerBenny19 dager siden
  • SMH to all the dudes feeding the OF monster

    Miguel FajardoMiguel Fajardo19 dager siden
  • This is similar to Twitch's model as well. Doesn't just have to do with X-rated content.

    DSDS19 dager siden
  • Can’t be a simp if I have no money😎

    Robert LongRobert Long20 dager siden
  • Is it just me...or does all of this seem like a lot more work than an actual relationship?

    Gomez1915Gomez191520 dager siden
  • Do u pay for only fan I watch that too for free 😂

    Vinaz T.VVinaz T.V20 dager siden
  • I still thing that it is horible hov weak the todays man are

    Viktus skViktus sk21 dag siden
  • God this generation needs deep counseling. But you can only help those who seek it. Unfortunately the simps don’t.

    KorusionKorusion21 dag siden