The Surprising Psychology Of Police Interrogations

14. des.. 2020
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Why does anyone confess to the police? While a plea bargain in court might lower your punishment, confessing to police can only hurt you. Yet people do it all the time.

0:15 - #1: They pretend that they're your ally.
1:00 - #2: The positive confrontation.
3:44 - #3: Interrogators shut down denials immediately.
4:36 - #4: They give you a way out with minimization.
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  • I’ve never been in trouble but a few words will always help me if I ever need to know how to act during an DeNiro said in “Goodfellas”...”never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut”

    JBags72JBags72Time siden
  • I would just burst out crying if they wouldn't let my side of the story out

    CosmoCosmoTime siden
  • Are there any videos of what happens when people pass an Interrogations both guilty and non guilty?

    narsplacenarsplace5 timer siden
  • That guy didn’t shoot no deputy... but what about the sheriff?

    Chevalier LelionChevalier Lelion6 timer siden
  • Always STFU 🤬

    Stirl DemStirl Dem7 timer siden
  • “Nobody talks...everybody walks”

    NSKR 1NSKR 18 timer siden

    Guilherme SausenGuilherme Sausen10 timer siden
  • Not legal in the UK

    David WoodDavid Wood12 timer siden
  • My biggest objection to the police in these situations is none of them ever seem concerned with whether the suspect is innocent. None of their training seems concerned with this horrific outcome, they just don’t seem to care. And yet, cops sit there and go, “gee, I don’t know why the general public doesn’t appreciate us or hold us in high regard?!” Its similar to the incredulity lawyers have when people think lawyers on both sides of the fence are uninterested in real justice, making sure the right people get the right justice. Again, its as if to them, it’s irrelevant. DA’s offices seem similarly unconcerned about imprisoning an innocent person. It’s as if for them, a confession or a conviction is a notch in their belt, “a win.” As simply one example, most judges and DA’s will fight tooth and nail against possible DNA evidence that might clear a person that is currently in jail. You would think they would be VERY concerned that an innocent person might be in jail, has spent years in jail - especially in cases where the person in jail has maintained their innocence from the very beginning. .

    Shannon McStormyShannon McStormy12 timer siden
  • If you're innocent, invoke your fifth amendment every time they ask you a question. Literally every time and ask for a lawyer. Don't say a single word beside invoking the fifth amendment and asking for a lawyer. They can frame you within seconds and ruin your life.

    My ReviewsMy Reviews13 timer siden
  • This is why you don’t talk to the cops ever from the moment they initiate contact you invoke your fifth amendment right

    TheErikaGuyTheErikaGuy13 timer siden
  • ok thanks for the tips

    I_am_a_real_catI_am_a_real_cat13 timer siden
  • I got a dui because the officers lied on the police report.. they weren’t required to have body cam footage, but the dash cam footage “wasn’t turned on” even though the whole thing took place right next to the car.

    petricorpetricor14 timer siden
  • Deny everything, demand evidence, and request a lawyer.

    John Q PublicJohn Q Public16 timer siden
  • These tactics wouldn’t work on me

    Yebo ScreboYebo Screbo16 timer siden
  • In my country if you are from lower class they will beat the sht out of you until you are willing to commit a crime that you didnt do. Dont want to talk? They beat you more. Ask for a lawyer? They appoint "their" lawyer that only push you to just commit. No they wont investigate more about the case, they rather make a fairytale than to reinvestigate the case with no csh behind

    Argi BramantyaArgi Bramantya16 timer siden
  • When your in one of those rooms and know you haven’t done anything or even if you do is be quiet. Let him speak all he wants and then you say I want a lawyer we are done here.

    juaniojuanio16 timer siden
  • There's not much surprising psychology about straight up lying

    Nicolas KleinNicolas Klein16 timer siden
  • You have the right to remain silent. Use it.

    Dark SoulDark Soul17 timer siden
  • DISGUSTING! REVOLTING! I understand that the interrogators need some leeway to catch the guilty but not so much that it entraps the innocent. If you can train them well enough to lie then train them well enough to understand when someone is genuinely confused by the fake evidence that you're presenting.

    Brian WestBrian West18 timer siden
  • I’m going to go commit a crime now

    Andy AhmetasevicAndy Ahmetasevic19 timer siden
  • Don't talk. Shut up. Stay still. Not even "Hello". Say N.O.T.H.I.N.G. and you are golden.

    ProNiceProNice20 timer siden
  • That cop saying "it could have been an accidental discharge" Sounds like a whole threat. I would confess too

    Frank AndersonFrank Anderson20 timer siden
  • black lives matter

    Crudy BarfyCrudy Barfy20 timer siden
  • If you involved with a crime scene, call your lawyer first, let them call the police

    Daniel TiggesDaniel Tigges20 timer siden
  • Everytime I'm watching a clip of an interrogation between investigator and alleged or a real criminal in an closed door cell I feel worried about the investigator like the criminal could possibly turn to something unexpectedly or even worse strangled him to death .

    Bruce WayneBruce Wayne20 timer siden
  • Thank you.

    AJ HubbellAJ Hubbell20 timer siden
  • why is this video addressing me as the criminal :(

    no. just just no.20 timer siden
  • 4:30 wtf is with her posture

    Riley MerrittRiley Merritt22 timer siden
  • first time getting arrested i learned of the 3 D's Deny Deny Deny

    Chris MChris MDag siden
  • Never talk to police, it will never do you any good. Use the safe word : L A W Y E R

    Hamza CharaneHamza CharaneDag siden
  • In general my advice is usually NO COMMENT at the initial interview stage as will most solicitors..the reason being at the initial interview stage the police are only bound to give you what’s known as INITIAL DISCLOSURE. This is only required to provide you with sufficient knowledge to reasonably explain why and what the charge you’re potentially facing. This means they have no obligation to provide all evidence they posses and will often ask questions they know the answers too in an attempt to trip you up. Therefore in general (especially if guilty) provide no comment interview until the police charge you, at which point you will receive FULL DISCLOSURE and can provide a more full defence to the allegations. That being said in a situation where you’re completely innocent and just happen to be there there is nothing wrong with providing a statement explaining your version of events, it’s often helpful to provide your defence at the earliest opportunity(if it’s one you’re going to stick to) as although as everyone likes to explain you have the right to remain silent, and while this can’t infer guilt negative inferences can be made.

    Andrew BenjaminAndrew BenjaminDag siden
  • Rule 1: Better Call Saul! Rule 2: Rule 1 is the only Rule to follow.

    Karthik SKarthik SDag siden
  • Why would you put this info on the internet. I hope you never become a victim.

    Taco Syndicate OverlandingTaco Syndicate OverlandingDag siden

    Be Kind Be HumankindBe Kind Be HumankindDag siden
  • Look I know deep down your a good person, an honest now be honest with us.. Where did you bury the bodies?

    adam breweradam brewerDag siden
  • So seeing that police do not stop crime before it happens, and they want to send innocent people to prison, Police are completely useless 😒

    Bill BuyersBill BuyersDag siden
  • I never, ever will understand why people ever speak in interrogations without a lawyer present, even if no lawyer at least hit them with the "no comment." jesus.

    j dj dDag siden
  • i gotta tell ya man these folks are experts, they know exactly wot the hell they are doing

    Big DaveBig DaveDag siden
  • What would we do with your points that everybody in the world knows already. Yawn 😩 😒 😪

    paul mcpaul mcDag siden
  • Gerry Conlon R.I.P

    Cathal CathalCathal CathalDag siden
  • 1:29 is so fuckin perfect, "there's a number of witnesses" "great" "and one of them has a video camera" "PERFECT"

    Nick CNick CDag siden
  • Police are the worst.Never believe acop.

  • Remember if you talk to police ask for a lawyer unless you actually murdered someone, then you can easily trick the police

    Vador 1385Vador 1385Dag siden
  • Thats why you apply the: "I don't nothing, I say nothing" and you call Saul

    TBX12 FrλnkuTBX12 FrλnkuDag siden
  • I’m aware now, never speak without a lawyer.

    TrucksAndDirtTrucksAndDirtDag siden
  • Certainly the fear of the unknown outcome is an issue - here's a cop telling you they know you're guilty - so you want the best deal you can get, but I think the fear of *regret* is another. The fear inside telling us, "Man, they're telling you they'll go easy on you if you 'help them out,' if you don't, and they give you 20 years in the electric chair, you're gonna spend the whole time regretting not cooperating, because who knows, maybe they would have let you go instead?" This fear of regret must be ignored. If they have the goods, they'll convict you. Even if they don't have the goods, they might convict you. It is a crapshoot, regardless of your guilt/innocence. But if you confess, you are 100% convicted. No possibility for a new trial, appeal on any grounds, nothing, you are F'd.

    RedWhiteand BluebonnetsRedWhiteand BluebonnetsDag siden
  • He was accused of killing a cop give him. Medal

    lee Robertslee RobertsDag siden
  • While watching police murdere Unarmed black men on video camera passes me off ... its a whole mother level of fury when I see cops talking to the victims of a murder. The victim of a murder isn't the dead person they are dead they are not suffering . The victim of the murder are the loved ones who survive them who are greiving and trying to wrap there heads around the reality that their parent spouse child sibling friend or neighbor is dead every time I watch a documentary or a fictional TV show where I see a cop talking to someone before bodies buried or at a funeral I want to reach into the TV wallet so I can murder his family in front of him and then take him to a cabin in the woods I'm leaving there and starve to death while he has to listen to a recording on Loop of me asking him why he killed his family

    lee Robertslee RobertsDag siden
  • Don't say unfortunately so much.

    Jaime BordaJaime BordaDag siden
  • This channel watches JCS

    Give MoreGive MoreDag siden
  • If police know when someone is guilty, can't they tell when someone is innocent? And isn't it entrapment to trick an innocent person into a confession? Imagine losing 17 years of your life because of this!

    Arlene Whiteswan's Mysterious DomainArlene Whiteswan's Mysterious DomainDag siden
  • If a cop pulls you over ask him to shoe his id, thrn whrn he does try and take it to get a better look. When asks for yours, do up your window and slap it against the side

    mrwideboymrwideboyDag siden

    Anthony AndrewsAnthony AndrewsDag siden
  • Lmao when they say “I don’t believe you...” “That’s a you problem, not a me problem.”

    ResultsResultsDag siden
  • Why tf would we encourage criminals not to confess to the police. We WANT them to be punished

    D BarrazaD BarrazaDag siden
  • The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. -Sun Tzu

    Sun TzuSun TzuDag siden
  • false memories, read up on Laney et al an asparagus love story. you'd be surprised at how fragile the human mind is...

    izzyfaiizzyfaiDag siden
  • Criminals while watching this video:. NOTE THAT DOWN *NOTE THAT DOWN*

    Bhavya JainBhavya JainDag siden
  • 7:30 movie or series name?

    IbreliciousIbreliciousDag siden
  • Why I have pussas he old hem oh Lord help me he that Gill all they would if you tike a show he

    Marebeth MostazaMarebeth MostazaDag siden
  • America is good at keeping people in prison

    BigfellrBigfellrDag siden
  • 4:20 jesus christ posture check lady siden
  • If you just ask for a lawyer

    Suzette PerkinsSuzette PerkinsDag siden
  • Murder, stealing, etc all deserve jail. Ppl smoking weed and doing life enhancers as good productive members of society should be life alone.

    Ace PurpleAce PurpleDag siden
  • My father is a retired police offer and taught me you never ever talk to the police if you are arrested and immediately ask for a lawyer. Even if they tell you oh you are staying here over night until we get you one. Nope that’s fine I’ll wait for my lawyer.

    MemeMemeDag siden
  • I learned young to never ever talk to the pigsx

    FukdurmomFukdurmom2 dager siden
  • Taking notes for future use

    Lara PalmaLara Palma2 dager siden
  • Ok I did it

    Lara PalmaLara Palma2 dager siden
  • If you are EVER faced with this situation, ask, or point, for a pen and paper and write "I want an attorney." If you are free to leave. LEAVE. Never let these criminals trick you into saying something. Even if they keep you in that little white room for 4 hours. SAY NOTHING. You have the right to remain silent if you are detained. If not. Ask to leave. Never speak without an attorney present!

    Boozy The ClownBoozy The Clown2 dager siden
  • Tips for murders

    Lara PalmaLara Palma2 dager siden
  • i hope that i am never interrogated. i have ptsd and other mental illnesses and the way they interrogate would scare me

    Dolly m1lkDolly m1lk2 dager siden
  • "We can do this the easy way or the hard way. If you cooperate with me, I can help you out, but no guarantees." --every cop, everywhere

    flashfyreflashfyre2 dager siden
  • i wonder how i’d be in that situation since i’m so hardheaded and believe i’m right all the time

    gokugoku2 dager siden
  • I followed the Chris Watts case. That guy is a demon.

    mrenaepmrenaep2 dager siden
  • I didn't realize someone could lie to you illegally

    Depressed GlubDepressed Glub2 dager siden
  • Thanks for explaining exactly how to deal with the police

    YasmeenYasmeen2 dager siden
  • This is solid, pleas make more videos on this kind of subject matter. how sociopathic behavior can harm innocent agreeable people,

    M JM J2 dager siden
  • Me, a foreigner to the States with fairly good English knowledge, walked up to an officer once who stood by my drive away car and asked him straight away for directions. We had a quick chat and then he asked me if I was foreign. I presumed it was because of my accent but he said he noticed because I wasn't afraid of him. Now that was an eye opener to American society.

    Jutta MaierJutta Maier2 dager siden
    • Wow

      StormboxerStormboxerDag siden
  • Pretty much no matter what you are go “I invoke my 5th amendment and I want a lawyer and a phone call” if they keep talking to you ask them to leave until your lawyer gets there

    C guy !C guy !2 dager siden
  • How can this be legal???

    Jutta MaierJutta Maier2 dager siden
  • even if you're innocent, there's absolutely zero benefit to speaking the police.

    Michael ThompsonMichael Thompson2 dager siden
  • Haha I like the guy at 1:27 reacting to their lies. "We got witnesses" "Great!" "We got video camera." "Perfect!!"

    Soul ShartSoul Shart2 dager siden
  • If police officers have to coerce someone to confess, and then they are truly innocent And convicted, I think the police officer should have to do the time. There are way too many innocent people in prison

    Duh123 Duh123Duh123 Duh1232 dager siden
  • This is sad story and truely crimes

    Freddy CantilloFreddy Cantillo2 dager siden
  • Police ask me anything only thing they will get is NO COMMENT

    EBMEBM2 dager siden
  • This is cool and all but ... are you teaching potential criminals the tactics investigators use to get the truth out of them? I feel that this video could do that

    Claudia T.Claudia T.2 dager siden
  • Id like to see legal eagle react to this

    Matthew ColemanMatthew Coleman2 dager siden
  • The first guy was in the Canadian Air Force and the police actually didn’t have hard evidence on him. Only tire marks and shoe prints

    Flying Guillotine 1999Flying Guillotine 19992 dager siden
  • Do not talk unless you have a lawyer! period. Taking a criminal justice class and that’s one of the first mistakes people make. A confession is an admittance of guilt over a situation and if you falsely confess they can use it

    xXJust_TXxxXJust_TXx2 dager siden
  • Best way 2 end an interview, call 4 lawyer specially on tape.Interview ended.

    Stephen JamesStephen James2 dager siden
  • Here's a big reveal.Cops think your smart when you only talk 2 a lawyer.NOT GUILTY.

    Stephen JamesStephen James2 dager siden
  • if you are interested by this. Watch Jim cant swim. He has an awesome channel that breaks down the psychology of police interrogations.

    Brosef42Brosef422 dager siden
    • @forgetaboutus I think he might of changed the name. Its use to include it his channel name

      Brosef42Brosef422 dager siden
    • How did you know JCS stands to Jim can’t swim, I’ve never heard that before and always wondered what it meant. Not what I expected it to be 😂😂

      forgetaboutusforgetaboutus2 dager siden
  • This information is crutial for everyone to know

    Anthony SanchezAnthony Sanchez2 dager siden
  • Never talk to the cops. They’re NOT the good guys

    Krissy DKrissy D2 dager siden
  • In the UK it is NOT legal for the police to lie.

    Alex SmithAlex Smith2 dager siden
  • Lawyer lawyer lawyer Even if you aren’t technically under arrest, demand a lawyer for any questioning by law enforcement.

    Debra BlouinDebra Blouin2 dager siden
  • Cause they are the authorities. psychology game.. man. They are bullies and criminals. Not just to blacks.

    Armando GarciaArmando Garcia2 dager siden
  • I just learned that there are many US states where it is not a requirement to record police interviews. That blows my mind. I'm an ex cop in Australia and every interview was audio recorded and many video recorded as well. Little chance of coercion, which is great. And very strict rules on photo boards as well. If the suspect was, say, a white man with red hair, several other photos on the photo board also need to be white men with red hair, or as close as possible. You cannot have only one white man with red hair on the photoboard because that is the one the witness will pick, whether it's the right person or not. And that identification is usually video recorded as well. Blows my mind this is not standard procedure everywhere.

    chris kellychris kelly2 dager siden
  • No. Spit bite scream and violently attack. Don't let societies spiders pull you in to the web.

    Austin BiresAustin Bires2 dager siden